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In this video, I’ll be laying out our plan. Yes. Our plan to go from zero to $10,000 per month with a brand new YouTube video, we are going to cover everything. We’re gonna talk about traffic sources, different ways to monetize. We’re gonna do the whole shebang so that we can start building something together.

And I’m actually gonna give you an opportunity for your. Input. Hello, my name’s Sten God with Sten I create content to help you make money online with affiliate marketing. All right. So a few days ago, I talked about how I needed your help to get my YouTube channel and TikTok account back up and running because I was banned.

Anyway, I got a lot of great feedback, positive responses in that video about starting a YouTube channel, different niche ideas, different ways to go. And so what I’m going to do is I’m going to go from $0 to $10,000 per month in one. I’m gonna need your help doing it. So let’s talk about it. The plan is to go from zero to 10 K in a variety of ways, we are going to, uh, promote other people’s products with affiliate marketing.

We are going to sell our own digital products. And hopefully if this goes well, we can look at getting brand deals and sponsorships as, as well. And I want to, uh, bring you along on this journey. Of hours so that we can see what it really takes. Now. Obviously I’d like to get to 10 K as fast as possible.

Hopefully we can do it in six months, but I’m thinking maybe a year is a, is a good, a good way to go. A good goal to set for ourselves. Uh, what I need from you is niche idea. So tell me a niche that you wanna get into. I’ve considered maybe like cooking on the Blackstone or, or griddle cooking, cuz I’d really like that.

However, the drawback to that is I live in Wisconsin and so in the winter, in February, It’s gonna be a challenge. I don’t think that I want to be out there in like negative eight degree while they’re trying to cl cook on the Blackstone. Maybe it, maybe I will. That’s something that I need to consider as well.

So let’s talk about the, the plan, what I’ll be doing. Um, I will be updating you every week for free on this YouTube channel. Every Saturday. I believe talking about things that I’m working on, challenges that I’ve encountered. I’ll also be recording everything that I do. Uh, I’ll build, be recording myself as well as my screen.

And I’m actually going to put that. I’m gonna put that in two places. One, I’m gonna put that in my membership course. So if you are a part of my membership community, You’ll have access to those videos and I’m also gonna put it in a discord as well. Now the discord will be a paid discord, but it’s only to keep the RRA out and what I’ll actually do at the end of the 12 months, I’ll actually give away all of the money that I incur from that discord.

So if I make, you know, $10,000 from that discord, I will be giving that back to the people. That have followed me. I’ll do a drawing where I do maybe 10 winners or 15 or 20 win minute 20 winners, depending on how much money is in that pot. And I’ll keep that pot separate, but we are going to build a YouTube channel.

I’m gonna show you the STR the, the positives, the negatives, the hurdles, all of the problems that that can encounter when starting it. Um, if you join the discord or if you’re a part of my mentor coaching community, you will see everything that goes into it. Building. Um, sales funnels building out email autoresponders, you’ll see the stats, things that are going well.

You’ll see, um, how I build out digital products to sell. You’ll actually get a look at how I work with different brand deals and sponsorships as they come along. Any new ideas that I get as well. So the point of this video is to a. Invite you to either join my coaching community or join the discord.

There’ll be a link down below for the discord. Again, it is a paid one, but it’s really just to keep people from stealing the ideas. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of people that aren’t creative or unique and they feel it’s easier to just steal the ideas and try and do it for themselves. But like I said, any money that I make from the discord, it’s gonna go right back to you guys.

So if I. $3 million with the discord. You guys will get $3 million. Um, and, and I’ll be incredibly transparent. You’ll see how many people join it. Um, I will update the YouTube channel for free every single week on Saturdays telling you, uh, traffic, how many people, how many visitors I’ve gotten over the last week?

Um, things are going well, things that aren’t going well. So it will be really community driven. Couple notes here. I just met in this video. So the free YouTube content, you will not see the channel name. You’ll not see the videos that actually go up. We’ll just kind of update you about the, the strengths, weaknesses problems that we’ve run into and, you know, numbers per se.

If you are a part of the discord, if you’re a part of my membership and coaching, you will actually see the channel. So you’ll see the channel grow right before your very eyes. Also, I will invite your input down below things that, um, things that I can improve or numbers that you wanna see, um, money that you want to see.

You’re gonna. You’re gonna see it all. Okay. And this is really designed to help you see that you can be successful with a YouTube channel in 2022. So here’s some things that I’m going to do to help my YouTube channel grow. I’m going to start a completely new Pinterest account and I will post pins to my YouTube channel and pins to my TikTok account as well as YouTube short.

To help grow faster. I’m also going to upload YouTube shorts to this new channel, and I will DOAC videos as well. Everything pointing back to this YouTube channel to really grow it as fast as possible. In addition, I’ll be starting a brand new blog. Now I’m not gonna be writing blog posts per se. I’m just going to have the YouTube videos transcribed.

So actually help me get another push and it’ll actually help me create more Pinterest pins. So I’ll have Pinterest pin. Pointing to my YouTube videos, to my blog and to TikTok. And everything’s gonna be pointing back to the YouTube channel and in the YouTube channel, I’ll have a link to, for people to go to my, my mailing list.

Okay. So the goal is to go from zero to 10 K in 52 weeks, starting this week coming up, uh, the next Saturday, the 17th will be week. And this is going to be an ongoing thing that we are going to do together to see that it’s really possible to generate a full-time income with, with YouTube. And I invite you guys to come along.

If you’ve been hesitant to get started with your YouTube channel now is the perfect time. Um, if you started a YouTube channel and you stopped for whatever reason, Now is the time to get back up because we’re gonna do this together inside of that discord. If you wanna share your wins, that’s gonna be more than encouraged.

If you wanna talk about the struggles that you are encountering, if you want people to take a look at, at, at what you’re doing, maybe like a third party, um, a second set of eyes, you can do that inside of this discord. Now the purpose of the discord, isn’t obviously to make money. It’s more of to keep the riff RAF out and to encourage other people to keep.

Okay. So again, one more time, just so that we are all on the same page. I am starting a brand new YouTube channel where I’m gonna show you behind the scenes of going from zero to 10 K in one year. Okay. Obviously I wanna get to it as fast as possible and some ways that we are going to monetize, I’m going to sell a little front end product for maybe.

You know, seven to $20, uh, we’re going to monetize it with affiliate marketing. We’re going to obviously monetize it with the YouTube partner program and we are going to get brand deals and sponsorships, if possible. What I need you to do is comment down below with different channel ideas. Okay. I mentioned, like I said, I’m interested in doing maybe Blackstone or griddle cooking, but I don’t think it’s gonna be that fun out there in February in Wisconsin.

Now, one way to get around that is to batch out my content. Also while I’m talking about content. You’ll get to see how I do keyword research. Okay. Um, you’ll get to see how I create the content. Obviously I’ll be recording it and I’ll show you both the raw unedited as well as the, behind the scenes, the actual finished video as well.

Um, you will get to see everything. I don’t think there’s really a channel out there that is going to show you behind the scenes of going from zero to 10 K per month with a YouTube channel. So if that is something that you are interested. Obviously follow this channel, join the discord so that you can be a part of something special and unique, and you can actually grow along with us.

So we’re gonna do this int and we’re gonna do this together, and that’s really all I have for you today. Uh, go ahead and watch some of my other videos where I talk about starting a YouTube channel and starting affiliate marketing. Thanks for watching. And we’ll see you tomorrow.