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It is always desirable to look at the statistics in a niche before you enter the market. First of all, marketers should consider the potential audience size of the niche market. In the scenario of our program, we should look at the products that are sold through Christian Affiliate Program.

The main activity of the program would be servicing wholesome Christian products and services. These services would be provided to the Christians. In this way, you can make lots of money ethically utilizing the Christian Affiliate Programs. 

10 Best Christian Affiliate Programs

 Following we have written down the 10 Best Christian Affiliate Programs:

1. ChristianSource

The ChurchSource has been operating in the market for the last 20 years. The business hoards the products that are dedicated to the congregation’s services. It has lots of bibles, books, and DVDs that help church leaders and pastors. In addition, they have many products that are suitable for academics, clergy, and other average Christ-followers. 

Clergy can find the most popular books of Christian authors. It also has the most excellent products that may not be available locally. ChurchSource works as the Central Source of Christian Shoppers. The website of the Church Source is also modern. But the interface of the website has too many cluttered options as it offers a large number of products in a large stock. 

The eCommerce Platform offers a 60-Day Warranty for products that offer peace of mind to people. So, Christians should be ensured that they will receive exemplary and excellent customer service from Christians. In addition, you can register with the referral program of ChristianSource and make a great amount of money. 

Details about the ChristianSource Referral Plan

  • Commission Rates of the Plan: 10%
  • EPC: 55.8
  • Cookie Duration: 60 Days

2. EHarmony Affiliate Program – Best Strategic Program for Making Great Amount of Money 

You are probably wondering what eHarmony means for the Christian Referral Programs. The EHarmony offers dating services that are faith-specific. They are ready to serve the Christians by finding the love of their life. Not many people reveal their true identities online.

But the faith-specific category of the EHarmony makes it easier for people to discover serious Christian people. There are thousands of Christian people online that are ready for committed relationships. So, do not find love in the café bars or churches.

There is also a user-friendly interface of the EHarmony. Christians can find the best mates through great finders. 

The EHarmony offers many lucrative benefits to affiliate marketers. Small websites do not offer large payouts and EPCs. However, eHarmony offers 20% and 50% of the referral payments for a monthly plan.

It may also have a multi-month plan that offers increased chances of generation of revenue. So, it is the best opportunity to make a greater amount of money using the Christian Affiliate Programs

Details about the Eharmony Source Referral Plan

  • Commission Rates of the Plan: 20% to 50%
  • EPC: $93.8
  • Cookie duration: 45 Days

3. DaySpring Affiliate Program

Greeting cards are the biggest business that gives greater chances of making money online. DaySpring is the largest supplier of Christian Greeting Wishes Cards in North America. The Company began with printing Christmas Cards on a small Commercial Workshop in the year 1971.

Since then, Company has grown to offer full-range occasion cards, journaling bibles, Christian Greeting Cards, and more. In addition, they have a large inventory of Christian gifts such as jewelry, clothing, tableware, home décor, and more. 

There are 7500 different products to work with. 2,000 of these products are made available online. It is always best to wish your loved ones on the festive days of the year. This is the best referral plan that offers flexible and great commission rates for people.

The DaySpring is a stable company that is a subsidiary of the Hallmark Company. They are not going anywhere sooner away from the market. The Company offers 13% of commission rates on all the products. Considering its huge number of products, the commission rate seems sufficient. Besides this program, it also offers a healthy rate of EPC and a good return policy. 

Details about the DaySpring Referral Plan

  • Commission Rates of the Plan: $13
  • EPC: $31.78
  • Cookie duration: 30 Days

4. Bein Harim Tour Affiliate Program

The surrounding areas of Israel and the country focus on Christian devotees for an extended period of time. The places are famous for millennia now. These places are also a large part of the Christian world that feels drawn to the basics of their faith founder –Jesus Christ.

It is the dream of Christians to visit the premises of Israel one day. If Christians would like an organized group to arrange their tour, Bein Harims is the best consideration for the suggestion.  

The Bein Harim can also organize the tours privately to other important sites, including Nazareth, Garden of Gethsemane, Sea of Galilee, and more. In addition, most Christians would like to visit the Masada, Bethlehem, and visit the Petra in Jordan. Bein Harim Tours features a government license that gives them the authority to guides them to travel across Christian countries. 

All Christian devotees are in safe hands when they sign up with the Bein Harims Tour Guide. Then, you can start marketing the travel plans of the Bein Harim. The Christian communities would love to travel to these sites. So, there are greater chances of making money by marketing the Bein Harim Travel Company. 

Bein Harim Tour Company offers great information about Christian sites. So, connect with them, sign up and start making money online. 

Details about the Bein Harim Referral Plan

  • Commission Rates of the Plan: $13
  • EPC: $31.78
  • Cookie duration: 30 Days

5. S&S Worldwide Affiliate Program 

The S&S Worldwide has a family-run business that has survived two world wars, the Cold War, New Cold War, and Several Economic Recessions. This company also supplies families, kids, and schools with arts and craft products, sports equipment, educational tools and supplies, party and games, learning products, and other novelty supplies.

It is always great to see the feature products aimed at the maker space audiences and the STEM. However, S&S Worldwide takes a price in offering people to play and learn worldwide since the year 1906. 

S&S had categorized a section for the Christians who can keep on buying arts and crafts, games, novelty supplies, party and others. 

You can provide ease to Christians by increasing awareness regarding the S&S Worldwide Affiliate Program. Christians would love to purchase products that are specifically made and crafted for the people of their faith. 

Details about the S&S Worldwide Referral Plan

  • Commission Rates of the Plan: $13
  • EPC: $31.78
  • Cookie duration: 30 Days

6. Ivy Robes Affiliate Program

Ivy Robes supplies Christians, choirs, and churches with Christian accessories and religious apparel since 2003. The Company also offers christening outfits for babies, confirmation robes for the children, judge robes, religious accessories for adults, and baptismal robes. Multiple things make Ivy Robes unique and different from other retail stores.

First, the Company does not outsource its produces or resell its Company’s products. Instead of adopting unethical practices, the Company manufactures all religious items related to clothing under the supervision of in-house designers and workers. They take care of all the little details about the purity and cleanliness of the program. 

These are some of the finest details that benefit customers for a longer period of time. As an affiliate program, you can register with the Ivy Robes Affiliate Program. It would allow you to reach the billions of Christians ready to purchase these products now and then. 

Details about the Ivy Robes Referral Plan

  • Commission Rates of the Plan: $7
  • EPC: $81.78
  • Cookie duration: 30 Days

7. Fontanini Store Affiliate Program

There are hand-printed figurines as well as dioramas that have a special place in the hearts of Christians. The Fontanini store product offers greater opportunities to people to buy hard-to-reach products on its platform.

It has amazing products to offer to Christians. Anyways, the Christian-themed figurines are also the biggest blessing for Christians. In addition, the Christians have hand-painted crucifixes, glitter domes, and nativity ornaments. 

The platform of Fonatinini also offers a flexible yet beneficial affiliate program. It enables people to make a good amount of money by offering their products to large audiences of Christians. Moreover, it does not include any restrictions that limit users from making money. Thus, the Fontanini offers good chances to affiliate marketers to market their products on a wide range of platforms. 

So, Fontanini is the best platform that offers Christian-Specific products. So, choose its affiliate program and benefit the Christian community at large. The affiliate program of Fontanini offers bigger chances for marketers to make instant money. It can also work out as the best second-income source.

The affiliate program of the Company pays 10% commission rates per sale. It means that if you sell an average product worth 150$, you will make $15 from its typical sale. It also has large 70-inch figurines. So, if you happen to sell one piece of 70-inches figures, you will earn a $600 commission. So, make as much money as you want by promoting the products of Fontanini. 

Details about the Fonatinini Referral Plan

  • Commission Rates of the Plan: $7
  • EPC: $81.78
  • Cookie Duration: 30 Days

8. PureAflix Affiliate Program

How amazing would it be if there was a Christian alternative to Netflix? The Christian Alternative Netflix would show the religious content to the people belonging to this faith.  Luckily, there is PureFlix that is the family-friendly, advanced, and Christian-Focused movies and seasons.

You would get everything on the website on this platform, such as documentaries, hobby channels, sports, cartoons, movies, and other fitness shows. It offers a wholesome entertainment package to Christians. 

It also has an affiliate program through which it increases awareness regarding its plans. It offers brilliant chances to marketers to make a great amount of money through referring visitors. 

Details about the PureAflix Referral Plan

  • Commission Rates of the Plan: $7
  • EPC: $81.78
  • Cookie Duration: 30 Days

9. Mozaico Referral Program

The Mozaico offers greater chances to people to make a great amount of money. Multiple niche types of research are conducted at the Mozaico platform. It also offers high-quality hand-crafted products that consist of glass and marble tesserae. Finally, it offers the most authentic finish that looks chic. 

So, refer the Christian customers to Mozaico and start creating a great second-income source. The best thing about this plan is that it has a plan for people having different budgets. 

Details about the Mozaico Referral Plan

  • Commission Rates of the Plan: $15
  • EPC: $75.78
  • Cookie Duration: 90 Days

10. Judaica Webstore Referral Program

It is quite a difficult task to summarize this Company in one sentence. They hoard, sell, and represent the best of Israeli products such as cosmetics, home décor, food, and wines. In addition, they offer the finest artwork and a range of other artistic works of famous artists. It offers products over 20,000 products in total. You will be able to use the affiliate links depending on the type of traffic of your website. 

So, it is the most flexible and beneficial affiliate program that has multiple audiences. So, you can target the Christians and make a good amount of money with it. 

Details about the Judaica Webstore Affiliate Program

  • Commission Rates of the Plan: $10
  • EPC: $64.64
  • Cookie Duration: 30 Days


The Christian Affiliate Programs exist to increase the awareness of people. The majority of people may not know which Company offers Christian Products. So, use your platform for increasing the awareness of people regarding Christian-Specific products. It would help in enhancing the generation of revenue of the Companies as well as yours.

There are approximately 2.4 billion Christians on Planet Earth. 246 Millions Of these Christians reside in the United States of America. It means that 75% of Polled Americans have recognized themselves as Christians.

A congregation spends 25% of their annual income on the local congregation or church. Tithing is a voluntary organization that donates to churchgoers. The donated amount equals hundreds of billions of dollars every year. Some people estimate that the total value of this amount is equivalent to US$1 Trillion. The main point of this discussion is that you can spend a considerable amount of energy on making money through Christian Affiliate Programs