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Have you never heard of the affiliate programs of binary options beforehand? Unfortunately, the binary options are not a commonly used word and subject. Therefore, not many people would be aware of the binary options plan. Only people – belonging to the financial field – understand the binary options, their importance, and functionality. 

It is high time in this digital age that common people should also understand this. However, the increase in the e-commerce platforms online had made it imperative for everyone to understand the binary options.

Every e-commerce platform owner can benefit from this program online. For instance, if the predicted outcome price is right, you will get paid instantly. On the other hand, if it is not right, you will lose your entire investment.

Are you finding some of the best online marketing plans? Look no more. Following, we have enlisted the 10 binary options plans that will help you in making instant money online:

1. Binary.Com Associate Program

The Binary.Com offers the most comprehensive and beneficial associate plans. It permits people to use its assets. People can work out their problems with varying contract options. Therefore, this is a great associate plan, allowing users to trade various binary options assets. It helps them in selecting their strike and dealing with a variety of contract choices.

The program also offers higher commission rates to affiliate marketers for all the hard work. The cookie period is also satisfactory, allowing marketers enough windows to make easy money online. So, join this plan and spread awareness regarding the program to a greater extent. 

Commission Rates: 45% per Sale

Cookie Period:  Not Known 

2. IQ Option Marketing Plan

IQ Option is one of the most popular trading sites in the world. The fan base of the Company is also the largest – with around 7 million registered customers. They’re also not newcomers to the game in the market. They have been working hard to achieve their goals for the last decade. The Company is approaching its tenth year in operation.

IQ Option Company offers a lot of innovative tools to marketers. The Company allows people to invest their savings in trading activities that benefit them. The IQ Option Program assists you in controlling your trading activities, such as ‘Stop Loss’ and ‘Trailing Stop,’ and traders will receive returns of up to 91 percent of their investment. 

The IQ Option also has a beneficial commission structure that benefits people to a greater extent. Thus, it is an ideal affiliate plan that offers a great number of advantages to its people. This is indeed one of the best binary options plan available in the market. 

Commission Rates: Above $1200 Per Lead

Cookie Period: N/A

3. High Low Affiliate Program

This is another high-paying and most beneficial affiliate plan. It pays its clients highly because it demands focused and emphasized services of its clients. Therefore, you can trust the commission structure of the program. Therefore, the Company pays you a sufficient amount of money greatly. 

High Low is an Australia-based trading platform regulated by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission. It is a verified and certified Company that offers widely accepted programs to the people.

The first thing you’ll notice about them is the trader interface is a little different in that it uses a tabbed layout. The layout is user-friendly, which makes it easy for the traders to market the program.

In the beginning, the customers must make a minimum investment of AU$10. The $10AUS is not a hefty amount that would cause loss to the people. The turbo trading options distinguish them from the competition; some trades can be programmed to expire in as little as 30 seconds.

High Low provides a $50 payback on new accounts, which you may leverage as part of an affiliate pre-sell.

It is also a safe and sound plan as CySEC (Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission) regulates the plan. Furthermore, your visitors can deposit safely with them as there is no security issue. 

Commission Rates: Till $400 per lead

4. Ayrex Binary Options Affiliate Plan

Ayrex is one of the few reputable trading brokers available online, and it’s an award-winning Company that had made brokers’ life a lot easier. There are at least 60 different assets to pick from, which should keep most predictors occupied.

You can also choose from lots of short-term trades that expire within 5 minutes. So it would be best if you made decisions instantly. Then, in an instant, you become rich. 

The Company also offers a demonstrator account to the visitors. Of course, nobody is forced to join the Ayrex. However, once they use it, they would understand the benefits offered by the Company. Ayrex currently boasts 200,000 active traders and pays out up to 85 percent of profits.

The platform is also offering higher commission rates and a satisfactory cookie period. So, this is indeed the most beneficial affiliate program to join online. 

The management team of the Company also supports the registered users. So, affiliate marketers can boast about the main features. In addition, the organization also markets the offers and services of the Company. 

Commission Rates: 55% Revenue Share 

5. NADEX Affiliate Program

NADEX stands for North American Derivatives Exchange. This Company is an exchange that was established in the United States. The establishment of such companies is a rare sight that does not take place commonly. Binary contracts predict the different types of assets such as stock indices, currency as well as commodities. 

On Nadex, for example, there are 10,000 such deals every day. You can use their desktop app or NadexGo for accessing the services of the Company. 

Nadex is not an unknown or weak country. CFTC had licensed the Nadex that verifies the authenticity and professionalism of the management team and the Company. As a result, the visitors can deposit cash with complete confidence.

There are no brokerage costs because this is an exchange, which is a bonus. To open a fully working account, you must deposit $250. However, you do get a demo account to experiment with.

The Company is ready to pay a handsome commission rate to affiliate marketers. If you intend to join this ideal affiliate plan, we recommend you use all the energies. So, devote your time, collaborate with the team, and spread awareness regarding the company’s products and services. In return, the association would pay you a sufficient amount of money. 

They do mention that they use a CPL commission plan and that payments are made every month. But, aside from that, they remain tight-lipped regarding average commission rates and other such details.

If we can get further information from them, we’ll update this site.

Commission Rates: TBC

6. Binary Cent Affiliate Plan

First and foremost, marketers should confirm whether the firm has a license or not. If you promote the services of an unlicensed firm, it would only ruin all your performance. Not only will you lose time but also money. So, it is always a good idea to double-check that your trading firm is licensed and regulated.

The Financial Services Commission of Vanuatu governs binary Cent. The offices are situated in the Financial Services Commission of Vanuatu. This plan is extraordinary because 99 percent of these platforms and brokerages are located outside of the United States.

This is one of few plans that are situated within the boundaries of the USA. So there has to be something extraordinary about this plan. 

The Binary Cent boasts about having a web-based application. Your visitors will have access to a web-based application that will allow them to trade across many platforms. 

The program also pays the commission sufficiently. The Company offers 60% on all the products initially. Then, later, they offer a 20% commission on all the sales made later on. All of the plan’s features make it one of the most profitable and amazing affiliate programs available online. 

Commission Rates: 60% on initial investment and 20% on subsequent purchases

7. Optionfield Affiliate Plan

The founders of the Company had a motto for the creation of this Company. The main vision objective behind the establishment of this plan is that it offered a fair and transparent platform to people. Now, customers would work on a fair platform. Option field started as a brokerage in 2018 after realizing that this industry was experiencing its toughest times. 

They intended to provide a level playing field for traders by establishing the user-friendly and most amazing affiliate program. This plan is based upon the MT4. In this world, the great majority of people rely upon stocks, options, and contracts. So, many people are already familiar with it.

This affiliate program has a sliding commission rate and payment schedule. The commission structure and payment method are satisfactory for the customers. First and foremost, you can only upgrade to a “partner” account after referring three new traders. Then it’s a simple case of the more they spend, the more you earn.

Commission Rates: Varies According to the Different Plans

8. Binomo Marketing Plan

It may be one of the lesser-known binary options trading platforms. However, Binomo is a reliable, credible, and trustworthy platform. It has received various honors for performing highly. Though it is a lesser-known platform, it hasn’t prevented it from collecting numerous honors.

Whenever a user registers with this plan, they can gain access to wider resources. Registered users have access to a large number of assets. These assets are over 70 in the numbers. The platform also has successful binary options transactions. The plan can result in payouts of up to 85%.

The platform offers a demo account to the newbies. Newbies get a demo account with US$1,000. The platform offers the demo and fills it with the demo money to practice the skills and earn expertise. The virtual money helps in practicing the investment in an easier. If you would like to join the affiliate plan, you can open a ‘Standard Account.’

Commission Rates: Changes According to the Agreed Plan

9. Olymptrade Affiliate Program

This is a widely known and famous platform, but it offers a trustworthy and reliable scheme. However, the Company makes up as the undertaker of the highest trade volume for the Company every month. You can test the quality of services offered by the Company by investing only USD10.

The entrance to the scheme does not require any extensive information. So, there is little information available regarding the scheme online. So, spread the information regarding the program and invest your time in marketing the products of the Company.

They also offer up to 90% payouts on in-money binary options.

Commission Rates: TBC

10. Race Option Marketing Plan

Race Option is a relatively new player on the binary options scene. But, despite being new, it has established itself as the most proficient, productive, and professional Company online. So, the Company has already made a strong impression on the minds of the customers and clients. 

This website, which is based in the United Kingdom, offers around 150 different binary options. Marketers earn a great amount of money by marketing the features of these schemes. In addition, it has a great payment structure; they reach a maximum of 85%. This is very standard in the binary options industry.

The Company offers several advantages for joining this binary options affiliate network. The first is that you will get access to a dedicated affiliate gateway and a dedicated affiliate manager to work with.

Then you get a generous compensation rate, but you also get a commission for sub-affiliate sales/referrals. This makes it one of the best binary options plans available online. 

Commission Rates: 2-% on all the deposits


These are some of the best binary options plans available, which are real—every binary options program help in marketing the services and products of the Company. You will gamble with your business if you do not understand the binary options.

The binary options awareness is increasing day by day. As a business owner, you can also add to the program’s popularity and make lots of money by availing of affiliate commissions. 

So, choose the best affiliate program and market the offers of the Company to a greater extent. 

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