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What if I told you that the reason why you’re struggling with affiliate marketing is simply because you are over complicating it? Yes, you are making it way more difficult than it needs to be. In this video, I’m going to remove the confusion, frustration. I’m gonna simplify it so that you can actually start earning commissions with affiliate marketing.

Hi, my name’s Sten Gobot with sten I create content to help you make money online and not just to put money into my own pocket. And if you want to be added to this, Simply reply or comment on below with your city, state, province, country, and I’ll get you a pin. All right. So as I mentioned in this video, we are going to simplify affiliate marketing.

We’re going to help you earn your first or next commission, and I’m just gonna make it painfully simple for you. It’s something that anybody can do. Anybody can start. And I’m actually gonna use the example of a brand new product to help you get up and running so that you can do a tube. So what I want you to do right now, real simple, real.

Go find a brand new product that is on the marketplace that’s been released within the last two or three months that people are talking about. In this example, I’m going to use ClickFunnels 2.0. Yes. ClickFunnels recently came out with an upgrade. It’s been much anticipated and quite frankly, It has been talked about.

There have been a lot of people sending out emails about it. There have been a lot of ads about it, and it can be a great place to get started, but you don’t have to use Click Funnels. You could use any product that’s new. That’s how we’re going to enter into our market or niche. In my example, we’re gonna use Click Funnel.

So the first thing that you wanna do is find a product. I’m gonna use ClickFunnels, and then you need to understand the questions that people are asking. Yes, it’s really as simple as that. Uh, I recommend that you use YouTube or TikTok or anywhere that allows you to upload video. If you don’t want to be on camera, you can do this without being on camera.

You can do this without showing your face. If you wanna do this with a blog, you can do this too. This works for literally anything. So we’ve identified a, a solution. ClickFunnels is a solution. Now you have to think about the questions that people are typing in to get to ClickFunnels. Now what we’re gonna do is I’m gonna use Google for Ex.

I’m gonna use. YouTube as an example, and I’m gonna just type in Click Funnels 2.0 and you’re gonna see that people are asking all sorts of questions when it comes to Click Funnels 2.0. Now again, you can apply this to any product that is brand new to the market. Anything that’s been. New or released to the market within the last three months.

This will work for, so what we’re gonna do, for example, is Click Funnels review. If we look at this, there are a bunch of people that have created review videos about ClickFunnels. Look at this. 17,000 views, 7,400 views, and builder Premier is actually a large YouTuber. Look at this one. 7,000. 3,170 subscribers.

So this is a teeny tiny micro channel, and he’s getting more views than build entrepreneur who has over 152,000 subscribers. The biggest push pack that I always get when it comes to affiliate marketing is people say that you have to have this huge following, and this is a perfect illustration of you don’t need to have a huge.

This person, 17,000 views, has more views than builder premier. If we scroll down here, look at this one, uh, 4,500 views, 6,000 subscribers talking about ClickFunnels 2.0. If we look at this 111 views from two weeks ago, 1000 subscribers. So literally anybody can do this. And the reason why we’re starting with brand new products is because there is less competi.

There are a bunch of people talking about it, but there is less competition. Another example, I’m just gonna go on a side quest here. Another example is the Apple Mac Studio, right? This is a brand new, relatively new desktop for the Mac, and you see it’s been released about six months ago. And it gets tons of views because it was new.

People are always interested in new, and there’s less competition in things that are new. So if you wanna get into the tech space, you wanna look for new tech. Okay? But if we go back to ClickFunnels 2.0, what we’re going to do, ClickFunnels 2.0. What we can do is we can do different videos. Now think about the questions that people are going to be asking.

If they are considering ClickFunnels 2.0, just to give you an idea of what people might be asking, I’m gonna bring up an online whiteboard so that you can see exactly the different types of questions that I would be asking if I were interested in ClickFunnels 2.0. You want to do this too? You wanna put yourself?

And the mind frame of your consumer, the person that’s going to buy from you, what do they wanna know? And when you aim those questions, you can make money online with affiliate marketing. So I’m just gonna quickly draw an inverted pyramid or, or a funnel based on consumer habits. So if we come here, this is how people buy stuff, all right?

At the very top, people are. At the very bottom, people know what they know. They, they know the problem, they know the solution. So what we can do down here is we can create review videos. So we’re gonna do review, um, unboxing, unboxing, first impressions, and even someone with the the Mac Studio. Uh, six month.

Six month review. All right, so this is what you’re gonna create at the bottom of the funnel. And this works because this is a new product. What we can do is we can move up a level here. If I grab my pencil like this, we can think about alternatives. So if we do alts like this, so what we can do is come back over to ClickFunnels 2.0 and type in alternatives.

Like this, hit enter. And then you could put together a list of the five or six best ClickFunnels 2.0 alternatives. Now look at this. Um, ClickFunnels 2.0. Cheaper alternative, 224 views, 45 subscribers. Guys, if you don’t believe me, take a look at this for yourself. You can go do the research for yourself.

The best Click Funnels 2.0 Alternative in 2022. 13 views from 12 days ago. Look at this teeny tiny. 2,640 subscribers, 3,900 views on ClickFunnels 2.0 alternatives. This is brilliant because you could put together a list of the five or 10 best alternatives and you could make money. You could also say, ultimately, ClickFunnels is the best solution for your your needs.

We can also do. Comparison. So what I like to do here is X versus Y, right? So we can come back over here and we can do Click Funnels 2.0 versus, as you can see here, click funnels Go high level, let’s do Click Funnels 2.0 versus Kajabi. Now as the product ages, there’s going to be more comparisons.

So what you could do in this instance is get rid of ClickFunnel. 2.0 like this. And if we look, I’m just gonna clean this up a little bit. If we did verses like this, you could actually do click Funnels 2.0 and do comparisons against all of these. Okay. And then simply create the content. You could put together a list of the five or 10.

Pros and cons of each, and then ultimately make a recommendation. And then you can actually be an affiliate for both and put your affiliate links in the description of your content. So if we come back over to our whiteboard, we’ve done X versus Y. So we would do, we could do best X four Y. So if I come back over here, we could do best, uh, best x.

For why. All right, so this comes this. With this you need to understand what ClickFunnels 2.0 does. We could do something like, uh, best landing page builder. Look at this best landing page builder. We do four. You can see four. For the marketing for lead generation, you can simply create this content best landing page builder for affiliate market.

Once again, you’re gonna see that there are channels of all sizes. You create the content. We’re gonna talk about that in just a moment. Uh, 830 subscribers, 2,100 views. People say to me all the time, how do I get views? How do I get, how do I earn affiliate? The commissions? Well, you gotta create the content to get the views, I’m telling you and showing you right now.

How to get the views. Now again, this works for ClickFunnels 2.0. You can do this for a product that you recently found. Again, it should be released within the last three months. That’s gonna give you the best chance of, of getting traction in a crowded market. So what I would do is scroll through here, look and see what ClickFunnels does, a funnel template.

So we could say best funnel templates, best uh, best funnel templates like this. Hit the space. And then see what pops up. But scroll through the webpage, the main page, and see what pops up. Why So why a funnel? Okay. The funnel, they talk a lot about funnels. You could come back over to YouTube or TikTok, wherever, and you could search Best Funnel four and you can see, um, all of the different options.

Best membership. Let’s come back over here like this. We could type in best, um, member membership, site builder, best membership site platforms. Hit, hit enter. And once again, we’re gonna see that there are people that are looking for this information. You create the content to help them out. 342 views. 152, uh, 1000, two 1000 supplier.

1,500 views, 119 subscribers. You put together a list of the five best membership site platforms. You get traffic, and then you can put your affiliate links. We’re gonna talk about that in just a second, but if we come back over here, we could do best X under Y. That might not work for every situation, like for.

Uh, we could do best. Let’s do best, best landing page, landing page builder under. So that might not work under $500. This may not yield, may not work for everything, but if we were doing like best desktop computer under a thousand dollars, that works out great. But what I recommend that you. Is start here at the bottom and then work your way up.

Work your way out. Um, a huge pushback is gonna be what if I don’t have the product? You don’t need to have the product to do a review video. You need to consume what other people are saying. You need to consume what the customers are saying in order to put together a very good review video. It helps if you have the product, you don’t necessarily have to have it.

Okay? Uh, so we did best we can do best x. Under why like this, and excuse my handwriting, but up here we can do who, what, when, where, why, how so, uh, who, what’s when, where. Why and how now this is gonna be the most competitive, okay? It’s the most competitive because it’s the widest group of people. This is going to be the least competitive because it’s the smallest group of people.

This is also gonna be the closest to the money. So if we come back over here, we could say something like, uh, how to build a sales funnel. Hit intern. You’re gonna see there’s lots of views, but there’s also lots of, uh, bigger brands. Look at this, uh, how to create a sales funnel for. 28,000 views, 632,000 subscribers, 253,000 views, 8, 630 2000 subscribers.

It’s a bigger grouping of people and it’s more competitive. So we could say like how to build, how to build a uh, sale, how to build a landing page like this. But you see there are. Other options within that, uh, 251,000 views. But if we hit the space bar here, how to build the landing page, there are additional questions that people are, are asking.

So, uh, we’ll come back to this cuz it looks like it’s taking a little while, but if we look at this, this is how I would go about starting affiliate marketing. Okay. Start down here. First, find a product that has been recently released to the market. You wanna make sure this is a larger product, a more well known brand.

You don’t want to do this for your cousin’s new, new, you know, thing that he created in his basement. You wanna make sure that this product has marketing behind it. For example, click Funnels has a ton of marketing. The Mac Studio by Apple has a ton of marketing behind it. The new iPhone, the new iWatch, the new iPad, all of that stuff has a ton of marketing behind it.

And so you can piggyback off of the, the trend and the interest that is already there. So you’re just going to create content. Now, when you create the content, what I recommend that you do is include bonuses. Yes. One of the best ways to secure the affiliate. Is to offer bonuses. For example, if I’m recommending ClickFunnels, I’m gonna say, Hey, look, if you sign up through my affiliate link, I’m going to give you a free course where that shows you how to get started with ClickFunnels, step by step, yes, you’re gonna have to put together a course, or you could give them five free landing pages if they use your affiliate link, and then you can verify that they signed up using your affiliate.

Then you can send them the landing pages. Think about what this customer needs in order to make their life easier. Okay? If they’re getting started with Click Funnels, maybe they’re brand new to it, you give them a 30 minute step by step tutorial on how to get started with Click funnels, they’re going to sign up with you.

So think outside the box. Think about. Think about what else your customer will want, need, and then you can provide that for them. If you are promoting a new camera, for example, you could give away the best settings for outdoor photography or the best settings for YouTube vlogging. Think about what the customer is going to use it for.

And then you can create that as a bonus and give it to ’em. Now, don’t get crazy with the bonuses. One of the things that I see are people give away $95,000 in bonuses, and it’s a $5 product. That’s overkill. What you wanna do is make sure that the bonus is worth something. It’s valuable, and it’s actually related to what the product owner wants and need.

So think about. Customer. Think about the product owner. Think about ways that you can help them, and they’re going to sign up with you. Description in the training that shows you a mailing mailing list. Click the first link in the description. Watch this video next, because YouTube says it’s going to help you grow your online.