page title icon 28 Ways To Make Money Online As A Nurse

Do you want to make money online or start an online business as a nurse, but do you lack ideas and guidance? If your answer is yes, please refer to the 28 ways to make money online as a nurse below.

We live in an age of change in the workplace. Many industries are shifting the workplace from the office to remote to save employees’ operating costs and travel costs. Nursing is also one of them.

Traditionally, nurses had to be on duty at the hospital or serving patients. However, with the advancement of modern technology, making money online as a nurse is entirely possible.

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Although nursing is an industry with 16% potential to grow in the future (According to a 2016 US Census Bureau report), there is a division of nurses who want to switch to making money online to be work-life balance. They were tired of long nights, long shifts. If you are a nurse and want to convert your work to online to balance your life, these options below can help you.

1. Start Your Online Career With Medical Transcriptionist

Why did I mention this job might be suitable for nurses? Because not all conventional transcriptionists can do this. And no modern AI software can replace this job. However, nurses that are fully equipped with basic medical knowledge can do this completely. Usually, the audio you need to the transcript will be medical reports, medical reports such as patient records, consultation activities, evaluation charts, etc. And with the experience of a nurse, these jobs can be completely solved.

Outside nurses who have basic knowledge of medical terminology must also equip some skills such as active listening, writing, computer proficiency, know how to use Word processing and voice recognition software. In particular, the job’s specificity requires nearly 90% accuracy with the ability to manage time to handle the job.

Before coming to work as a medical transcriptionist, you should learn a training course for a transcriptionist, to master the technical skill. You can then find these jobs on Upwork, Fiverr,, LinkedIn, etc. The average salary for this job is around & 16.05 per hour and $ 33,380 per year.

But personally, I see no potential for this job in the future. According to a U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics report in 2019, projected growth (2019-2029) for a medical transcriptionist is -1% lower. So this is not something you should develop in the future.

2. Become A Blogger

Blogging is also one of the most popular ways to make money online today. For businesses selling online, investing in websites will create a bigger advantage than their competitors in the market, because the majority of potential customers often turn to Google and Facebook. This job does not require you to have any difficult specialized knowledge, as long as you can write, express in words to attract readers. Content is the core factor for you to attract readers.

So how do bloggers make money?

First, you must either start with a topic you love or have knowledge of to develop your website. Then, you conduct keyword research using Google Trends. Most importantly, you should blog on a topic that makes you feel confident when writing.

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For example, you could write a nurse’s work experience, or if you want to write blog posts about health and beauty care, you have a huge advantage. One advice from a nurse will build more trust among many readers.

You can then create your own website or hire a third party to create it for you. If you want to create a website with templates, you can use WordPress, Wix, Bluehost, Shopify, etc.

After a certain audience is attracted to the content, it will be time to take advantage of the blog I built to make money online. You can promote your own services or products. If you do not have the product by yourself, don’t worry. You can still sell other people’s products and get commissions through affiliate marketing (A form of income generation online by advertising products or services of others through links).

If your blog gets a steady traffic, you can use Google Adsense or Mgid to place ads on the website. In particular, if your website traffic is high and steadily specializes in a certain field, someone will actively cooperate with you to co-advertise.

3. Write An eBook

According to statistics from Statista, net trade eBook sakes revenues alone in the US has reached more than 1.02 billion US dollars. Having said that, e-book publishing is a potential future industry that you should embrace.

This is also an effective way to make money online for a nurse who can write and have great ideas.

Unlike blog posts that revolve around a few topics, writing an eBook requires a lot of in-depth knowledge, creative imagination, and professional language expression.

First, choose a topic that suits your audience’s tastes as well as your capabilities. For example, you want to share nursing’s true experience or specialized knowledge related to health, healthy lifestyle, etc. You then choose to give your eBook a title that will impress and engage with the reader.

Next, you should write an outline, divide the different chapters in the eBook effectively and reasonably. Gradually, as you complete the outlines in your essay, design your ebook to look beautiful and streamlined. Your eBook cover is very important because before buying an eBook, readers will look at and read a few pages first. Remember to design your eBook with the right colors for your theme; convert it to PDF.

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Finally, you should choose a suitable platform to sell your eBook. Some of the platforms you can refer to like Amazon – the most preferred eBook marketplace.

4. Dropshipping

One of the most effective and safest ways to make money online today is not to mention dropshipping. In simple terms, dropshipping is selling without shipping. It is a retail method where you do not need to store royalties in stock. Instead, you pass your customer orders and shipment details to another manufacturer or supplier. In general, you buy a product at a low price and sell it for a higher price to make a difference (profit).

First of all, you should choose the supplier with the right price and negotiate the supplier’s price and the shipping method. Some wholesale e-commerce floors you can refer to are Aliexpress, 1688, etc. Then, you select your sales channel like Amazon, eBay, or your website through Shopify.

5. Create / Sell Digital Products

This is also a form of online selling, but this is not a product you pay money to buy from the manufacturer, but you are the producer. If you are a nurse but have a great eye for design and creative thinking, please start this job.

To have a smooth digital product business, you need to list potential prospects and interact with them through social media. You can create relationships with free content through your blog, website or posts.

Of course, you need to equip your design skills with digital tools, or software in Adobe Creative, PowerPoint, etc. Once you have mastered these tools, get ready for the next step. Many online courses provide you with templates or logos; you will easily see them on Google.

Then, please determine which product you want to design? It can be a printable, report template, checklists, presentation template, eBook template, infographics, icon, WordPress Themes, logos, etc., as long as it’s your forte.

Then, try drawing your product design drafts, elaborate and beautiful design ideas. One trick to make your digital product attractive to buyers is to design according to a certain theme and not go wild. Otherwise, your design will look like a mess.

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Once the design is done, you can sell them on sites like Canva, Etsy, ThemeForest, eBay, or even your own website. The starting price for each of these products is about $ 5 or more, depending on the product’s originality and complexity.

6. Become A Web Designer

To design a simple website, you just need to choose a reliable web hosting and based on the template available. However, to sell web templates, you must have a lot of other knowledge and skills to create a professional and unique website with a user-friendly web interface. If you don’t have in-depth knowledge of web design, it’s a good idea to take a web design and development training course. Once you have mastered the skills, plan for yourself to become a web designer.

Web designers are the most promising jobs in the digital age, with an average salary of about $ 35.46 hourly. Of course, you must master technology skills such as database management, software management, domain names, web platform development software like JavaScript.

You can sell your products on Theme Forest, ActiveDen, 99Designs, etc. Or if you are looking for a job, a contract to receive regular payments, then look for web designers jobs on LinkedIn or freelance recruitment sites like I mentioned above. Or you can also promote your products right on the website you create.

However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind when designing the web. Firstly, depending on the client’s requirements, you choose your design to be artistic or its usefulness. Good work done is measured in terms of results, so take a look. Besides, you need to know how to advise customers, show them your professionalism and conscientiousness. This is extremely important because when you build trust with customers, your online business has the potential to grow.

7. Voiceover Actor

Some videos or presentations, webinars need a good voice to re-interpret the video or seminar’s content.

This job is not too complicated but needs a standard voice to speak fluently, not stumble, no lisp, clear, easy to hear. This job can be found on many job search websites or freelance. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? But you need to carefully prepare the recording and processing sequence, including devices such as microphones, accessories, computers, software, headphones/speakers.

To do voice recording, you have to find a quiet room, not too loud, nor too small. Your bedroom will be the ideal place. You need to open the recording software, set the levels, find the right position for the microphone and start recording. After the recording is complete, you can listen again, correct, cut errors, adjust voice volume, use noise ports to eliminate noise. Finally, you publish the recording as an audio and send it to the client.

8. Sell Physical Products

With technology booming along with point-of-sale exchanges, it is possible to sell physical products. But, before starting to work online, you should consider choosing which products to sell in the market.

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First, you need to determine the needs of your buyers. What products are they really interested in? How much are they pricing to buy this product? What competitors do you face in the market, and how do you gain competitive advantages in the marketplace? Then, you need to choose the product you understand best. Deep understanding of the product makes it possible to find cheap sources, or talk to wholesalers. In addition, you can advise customers and create articles about product functionality.

For example, you are a nurse, and you are proficient in medical equipment. You decide to enter the market selling medical supplies to households. With the nurse’s knowledge, it is easier to persuade customers to advertise products with more weight. In particular, the buyer will trust more and decide to buy from you.

Once you’ve chosen the product, you can sell it on a social media platform or e-commerce sites. Remember to create revenue and expenditure tables, plans and revenues to consider investing and giving direction to your small business.

9. Create An Online Course

The convenience and efficiency of online learning have made it a prominent trend in recent years, especially since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is also when you realize valuable ideas and knowledge in your mind, not only spreading knowledge but also a useful money-making tool.

Before building an online course, you need to choose a topic, and of course, you must be really knowledgeable about it. Are you an experienced nurse? So let’s create an online wellness course for young nurses or apprentices. Pay attention to your own experiences and experiences that will interest students. You also have to select and collect course-related content to create effectiveness – an important factor in increasing your revenue.

You then structure and plan your courses in detail. The more detailed your plan, the more it will assist you in implementing the course. But, how to transmit knowledge to learners? There are countless different teaching forms, depending on your creativity, such as images, games, etc. Finally, you record video, record audio and edit. This is an important step in the quality of your course.

You can sell the course on platforms like Standalone Online Course, Thinkific, and Zippy. However, if you already have your own website, then sell online courses on it.

10. Online Tutoring

Some many students and students need extra classes to prepare for the upcoming exam. Therefore, they need an online tutor to coach them and help them pass their school tests. You can find online tutor jobs on Preply, Udemy,, etc., to do your teaching work.

You should choose the subject that you do best, or you can also teach a foreign language. Then, make a video to introduce participants to stars to engage them.

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However, becoming an online tutor through platforms, you have to pay a commission for them. You can create your own website where you offer courses. You should offer courses tailored to current needs and simplify materials to avoid students getting bored. Therefore, you need to have good communication skills, be able to inspire learners. If they feel like you and your teaching method is helpful, they can disguise others. From there, you will earn more money.

11. Medical Translator – An Online Job For A Nurse

If you’re a bilingualism nurse, check out online medical translator work. Usually, as an online medical interpreter, you will have to translate forensic documents, epidemiological reports, medical records, analysis, etc. Or, in online meetings, you will be a meeting interpreter. This job requires language proficiency as well as active listening and office skills.

Medical translator for written text will be much easier than speaking because when you translate, you will have many different translation tools (and very easy to use).

Medical translator jobs can be found through popular freelance sites like Upwork, Fiverr, etc., or LinkedIn. One tip for you to quickly get this job is to get a language certificate, or a sample translation for clients to reference and evaluate your performance.

12. Telehealth Nurse – A Good Online Job

With the flexibility to work from home and remote nursing, the Telehealth Nurse is becoming a popular choice. A telehealth nurse’s job includes receiving calls from individuals in private-medical problems, situations that need to be solved.

Telehealth is extremely helpful for patients who do not have a physician to care for them or live in remote locations. What’s more, it’s a high demand profession because it eliminates stress in the healthcare system.

To become a telehealth nurse, you need confirmation of training from a nursing program, passing the NCLEX exam, and some experience. And to work from home, nurses have to set up computers, office lines and headsets.

The average salary of a telehealth nurse is between $ 68,000 and $ 85,000 per year. Some centres you can apply include the American Nurses Association, the Emergency Nurses Association, or some local health care centres.

13. Medical Virtual Assistant

Medical logic skills include word processing skills, computer skills, oral communication, and quick thinking. So, before you apply, learn a little about office skills and computer skills. These jobs can be found on search engine bars or job recruitment pages. The average salary of a virtual medical assistant is about $ 40,000.

14. Medical Equipment Instructor At Home

Some patients have special conditions that require the use of medical equipment at home. Since they cannot hire a nurse to provide care or teach, this is a big challenge. You can offer to help familiarize the patient with the medical device. Or you can make your own youtube channel, specializing in instructions on how to use medical equipment at home. If your channel is popular and has many views, you can include the product link below for sales or marketing.

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For example, you make a clip about using a blood pressure monitor, a blood glucose meter, and putting the product link under the description. Each click from the viewer will help you earn a fair amount of money. You must always give top priority to the quality of your content.

If you don’t feel like shooting and uploading videos is right for you, you can do this on social media sites and blogs and include the link below for more commission.

15. First-aid Instructor

A nurse can also raise extra income from home to become an independent first aid instructor. In the past, it has been recognized that some nurses have made more money doing this than their full-time nursing jobs. The average CPR Instructor is around $50,000 per year. You need to visit and let them know about this new program you are providing to small healthcare providers.

You need to complete a training program as practice for the teacher training to become a first-aid instructor. The requirement is full co-teaching (up to 3 attempts) effectively in a Regular First Aid and CPR level C/AED course with a Teaching Experience Supervisor (lesson plan required). The best CPR online course belongs to the American Red Cross, which the quality can’t be beaten. 

You must arrange workshops as a First Aid Instructor to train individuals to act first in the face of an injured situation. Once you have the qualifications to become a First Aid Instructor, you can create an online course on your own website. Or if you have a lot of experience. First aid coaches are expected to demonstrate specific ability to act, respond, call for assistance and pay attention to minor injuries. You will also be expected to test applicants in their First Aid training qualification courses.

16. Medical Coder

According to the US Census Bureau, by 2030, one in five United States citizens will be of retirement age or above. The aging population will have a huge effect on several other sectors, including the health care system.

Although this implies more physicians and nurses, it is not a job for anyone in health care. You can consider a career as a medical coder if watching blood is too much for you.

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A medical coder, basically, is an interpreter. The medical coding team looks at the patient’s report as part of the medical community and converts everything from the record into a common code required by insurance providers. It is the duty of the medical coder to ensure that the correct coding is used each time. That is the best means of guaranteeing that insurance providers are properly paid.

However, the path to becoming a medical coder is not as smooth as some of the online advertisements that you would believe. There is a decent amount of preparation you need to do. You should know that you will need to obtain any advanced education before choosing a career as a medical coder. There are several types of medical codes you will need to study since the government needs them to be included. After all, you will be able to work in many healthcare settings and work flexibly and even remotely after you have finished your education program.

Based on where you work, fees to the programmers of the medical code differ. In 2018, a medical programmer’s median income was between $ 35,520 and $ 43,470.

17. An Online Wound Consultant

Wound treatment can be a complex aspect of nursing. When the wound has not healed, several nurses do not know where to turn. You can give wound care instruction to physicians, hospitals and wound centers with a wound care nurse license.

The greatest part is that you can become a trainer for online injuries. Stay up to date on the new medications and methods for wound healing such that the right treatments to find can be prescribed. You should also teach wound care classes and wound management classes. To be eligible to perform this service, you must obtain a certificate for treating wounds.

18. Become A Legal Nurse Consultant

The study and assessment of evidence, testimonies and educated views on the provision of nursing care and outcomes and services are Legal Nurse Consultant. The legal nurse consultant is a professional registered nurse who performs a critical review of clinical matters in several legal sectors. Nursing practitioners are trained to determine compliance with relevant requirements and clinical criteria for nursing practice, with good training history and experience.

Legal consultants have to become registered nurses first (RN). To become an RN, often in addition to professional practice, needs an associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree. In their state, the RN must have a nursing license as well.

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Depending on the type of job, the payment for a legal counsellor typically varies. Legal nurse consultant often set up consultancy programs of their own and bill law firms for their services by the hour. The Bureau of Labor Statistics does not provide legal nurse advisers with detailed information, although it states that in 2018, registered nurses receive an annual salary of $ 71,730 a year.

19. Case Manager

Some businesses employ nurses on the internet at home to do clinical impairment case management. These nurses assess the patient’s condition needs to provide early intervention in procedures for treatment care and return to function for disabled workers. As a case manager, they have to collaborate and prepare and assess health treatment for patients, clinicians, physiotherapists and occupational therapists, nurses and produce cost-effective outcomes and optimize pros for medical change.

You must have a minimum of three or five years of clinical practice training and previous experience in disability treatment to serve as a case manager. You can also have insurance sector insight, emergency care training, home wellness, and recovery skills.

Candidates must have an RN license, and nurses must have strong computers, patient service expertise, and time management, in addition to excellent clinical and assessment skills, since work is frequently conducted from afar.

20. Remote Care Coach Supervisor

The nurse-managed nurse care coach team is the remote care coach supervisor, to ensure the group’s goals are reached, quality of teaching, report review to manage the group’s results, etc. One must be a licensed nurse with three years of nursing experience to fulfill this role. With your presence required only occasionally, this job can be done from anywhere.

21. Become a Clinical Research Associate

A career as a clinical research associate could be suitable for you if you have an interest in the medical industry but do not want to work with patients directly. This career can be incredibly rewarding, with a high-income power and the opportunity to affect millions of lives by focusing on clinical trials.

A healthcare professional who does medical studies, conducts clinical trials to assess medications for their safety, and ensures that they are safe to bring on the public market, is a clinical research associate.

For clinical research associates, some of the main roles include:

  • Establishing trial sites to perform test studies
  •  Designing research materials and ensuring that there are plenty of materials available for all the testing centers
  • Training the trial site workers on business practices
  • Designing the ways of data processing

For a clinical research associate, the annual salary is $85,999 per year. For those with one to two years of service in that position, the average salary is $71,989, and those who have been in that position for more than six years receive an average salary of $109,541.

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22. Remote Patient Trainer

The nurse will guide the unit’s use and treatment, examination results, medical history, etc., to patients and families in this remote job. You can connect with your patients on the phone or the internet and offer health advice only when appropriate.

23. Utilization Review Nurse (UR)

A Utilization Nurse Practitioner’s main job is to closely examine each patient’s health and determine whether the patient wants to live in the hospital or be sent home. They negotiate with families of patients, physicians and individuals from insurance agencies.

Utilization appraisal is a comparatively recent theory that has grown with the definition of managed care since the 1980s. Since they have comprehensive knowledge of patient care, medical services and hospital protocols, professional nurses are especially well qualified for this role. To make responsible decisions that promote patient wellbeing and well-being while offering services for those most in need, they rely on their professional judgment, honed over the years in the acute care environment.

On matters of registration, length of stay, imaging scans, surgery, medications, referrals, and a number of approaches, UR nurses advise insurance providers and health care services, therapy and other methods. 

They review medical reports to formulate these guidelines, speak to patients and clinicians, and perform additional testing as appropriate. In order to assess whether patients meet the requirements for coverage, UR nurses paid by the insurance industry follow stringent guidelines. They also reassure individuals about medically appropriate treatments and hospital admissions in advance and visit patients and providers from time to time.

24. An Insurance Claims Specialists

A normal thing that will give you more stability in the job along with a salary of about $64,000 if you move from nursing to working as an insurance claims specialist. Insurance providers require an inspector or auditor responsible for investigating allegations and determining if they are protected under those procedures.

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They also work to determine how much cash per demand the insurance provider needs to pay. In the best interests of your patients, service professionals and insurance agencies, a nursing experience will help you make better choices. It is possible to fulfill much of the tasks as a claimant remotely.

25. Nursing Informatics

In general, IT work can normally be performed at home. Still, in specific fields, both medical IT and IT typically involve long working hours in an office setting and a high degree of expertise in advance before moving to work at home.

Careers of healthcare informatics concentrate on how collaboration and knowledge processing in the nursing profession can be enhanced. The aim is to increase performance, reduce costs and improve the standard of care for patients.

To properly organize and communicate documents, data, and expertise in nursing practice, Nursing Informatics combines nursing science, computing science and information science. To help serve patients, nurses and other healthcare providers, nursing IT experts combine documentation, information and expertise.

In this position, entry-level jobs start at $75,680 annually, while most seasoned employees earn up to $89,885 annually.

26. Paid Online Surveys

From the beginning, you’re going to have to do some work online to register for as many places as possible. The e-mails will start appearing after that, inviting you to complete surveys or attend focus groups. People say that this way they will produce good extra cash, even if it’s only that you don’t pay upfront to access various pages, it’s worth a try.

This is an online market analysis, and you will have success in it if you are diligent with it. You should focus surveys relevant to your experience because you are a nurse. By signing up for the Brand Academy, which focuses on healthcare studies and receives input from healthcare providers such as nurses, you will assess the water.

27. Nurse Advocator

Nursing advocators/ supporters, in a nutshell, help their patients appreciate every type of care, from condition education and recovery plans to insurance concerns. For their medical costs, you can support patients or show them how to escape medical debt.

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Your position is to provide your clients with as many tools and options as possible to make the right choices for themselves and their loved ones. It’s part of being a wellness advocate just to be someone’s spiritual help, and you can do all of this in your own house.

28. Establish A Nurse Recruitment Agency

Around the country, private hospitals and medical centers are actively competing for the best possible nurses. These companies can pay a premium to recruit the best healthcare practitioners, as any nurse knows.

If you’re prepared to do a bit of manual business, starting a company that introduces skilled applicants to desirable positions can be very lucrative, as all of the work is available. Online, it can be finished. If you’re an extrovert, communication skills, and have many relationships, don’t miss this chance.

One tip for you to succeed in the recruitment industry is to advertise through websites or other media like social networks.


With the article 28 Ways To Make Money Online As A Nurse, I hope to help you find your work orientation. Opportunities to make money online always exist; it’s important to know the trends and think outside the box.

Thanks for reading this post, if you’re ready to get started, click here for a 6-day training to make money online


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