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I’ve got four side hustles that no one is talking about that can earn me as much as $900 or more per day with basically no skill. All you. So first things first, let’s give a credit to this video in this channel. This video has over 2.4 million views. That’s crazy number to think about. My whole YouTube channel just recently went over 1 million views.

So this one video has. 2.4 million viewers. Okay, so the premise of this video is four side hustle, side hustles that no one is talking about for 20 23, 4 side hustles that no one is talking about for 2023. Remember, that you have to do is choose one of these ideas and then execute a. Americans throw away almost five pounds of trash per person every day.

And so this first one I actually really like. Um, after he talks about it, I’m gonna talk about some other opportunities I think that are in there, but I actually like this idea. This one’s kind of gross, but, but I like it. All this trash ends up in your trash cans where a garbage truck then comes and picks it up.

That’s true. Trash ends up in trash cans, but after the trash has been taken to the trash can, there’s always something left over Gunk smell. That’s nasty. Really garbage juice that attracts cockroaches, ants, rats, possums, and other rodents and pests that could then even, he should give a disclaimer cuz that is nasty.

That’s not something you wanna watch while eating breakfast in the morning. Eventually find their way into your home. And this is where you come in. You’d be really surprised to learn that a lot of people will pay you really good money to pressure wash their trash cans once every month or even as much as every week.

So, so this is a really cool idea. You just basically get a pressure washer and you. Garbage bins. Um, now this will, you know, this will work if you live in a middle to high income class. People that are struggling. Um, when I was growing up, we weren’t, we weren’t struggling. We were just like, kind of on that line.

Uh, we wouldn’t have purchased someone to wash our, our garbage bins. It would’ve. I would’ve done it for free and I would’ve had to do it with a smile on my face. So, yeah, like I said, I think this is a really cool idea. Again, you have to have the right market, and one thing that you have to consider when you’re doing these, these side hustles is you’re gonna have to think about overhead.

For example, he’s gonna talk about cleaning supplies in a second, but you’re gonna have to go travel to these neighborhood neighborhoods. So that’s gonna require gas. That’s gonna probably require some maintenance on your vehicle. Uh, I guess you could walk there. It would be kind of a, a long walk to, to be lugging around a pressure washer.

You’re gonna need supplies like a pressure washer. You’re gonna need a cord. You might need hoses, depending on, you might actually need like a water tank. If people don’t want you to use their water again, you’re gonna actually need, um, uh, I used a, um, it was a foam cannon. When I washed my car, you’re gonna need something like that as well.

So he’ll talk about the startup costs in a minute, but also be aware that, you know, this isn’t going to be a no overhead thing. Maybe like starting an online business. Now again, this is going to work well in a mid, middle, middle to high income class neighborhood. If people are struggling, if people are working multiple jobs, the last thing they’re going to do is they’re going to want to pay for a luxury.

Like having your garbage cans cleaned out. Um, like I said, when we were growing up, I would’ve been that and I wouldn’t have gotten paid for it at all. Oh, the other thing I want to talk about is I saw on TikTok, a guy, uh, kids would actually make money pulling in the trash bins every every week. And so what this kid did and his neighborhood is, he went around and said, Hey, look, I’ll pull your trash cans to your, your garage for 10 or $15 and.

We have to realize that people will buy stuff if you can save them time or save them money. Okay? And doing something as little as pulling in trash cans, having them pulled in by the time you get home from work will save them time. Um, And eventually, and again, this is from middle to high income neighborhoods.

If you can save them time, they will pay you money for it about the service. And the best part is that getting started is incredibly cheap and easy. The first thing that you’ll need, obviously, is a pressure washer. And the best part is you don’t even need an expensive commercial pressure washer that’ll.

Yeah, you can get a pressure washer, maybe 200 bucks. So you also have to consider the, those attachments, the, um, different pressure for the pressure washer. Those little knobs that they tip, they will break, they will get lost. Um, so that’s something that you’re gonna have to consider as well. You might wanna think about insurance with this simply because let’s say you, you scratch somebody’s car or you know what I mean?

Y they people will sue you for just about anything. So you wanna make sure that you are thinking about that stuff before it happens. That allows you to spray soap onto the trash cans before you actually pressure wash them for the soap. You can either buy some cheap solution from a hardware store or Amazon or simply use a water down mixture.

Like I said, when I used to pressure wash my uh, car, I used something called a foam cannon. It worked really nice. You just added it to the end. and, and it makes life much easier. It makes it look cool when you’re washing the car. You can use something like that as well. Uh, a foam can may run you another a hundred to $200 depending on where you purchase.

You do want to check for your local rules and regulations when it comes to spraying stuff and chemicals, because again, you don’t wanna run into issues. You don’t wanna be doing your job and the police pull up and say, what do you got in? And you, you know, you run into some issues. You wanna make sure that you, you’re in a well-ventilated area.

Just make sure that you are looking all of that stuff up before jumping right into this. But I really like this idea. When I ran my web hosting company, I printed off oversized postcards and I sent them out to all the businesses. You could start there if you are limited on cash. I would try going to networking events and just kind of building relationships that way.

Um, I would also just go door to door every, every day. If, if you’re serious about this every day, pick a. And walk the entire neighborhood and see if you can drum up some business and jump some support. Um, again, another really cool opportunity, what you may wanna do too, is if you’re really trying to say, Time and money and try and get up and running as quickly as possible.

Try and have them mass printed at like a FedEx so that way you’re not paying for shipping and you can actually get this up and running. Um, I would just print off regular flyers or maybe do like half sheet flyers and stick them in the door. Or what you could do is find out when the trash collection days are.

And, um, go around and stick them to the top of the trash bins on the day. So, for example, our trash collection day is Thursday. If I wanted to hit my subdivision, I would, after the trash has been collected, go and put. Little, uh, pieces of paper on top of the trash bin, say, Hey, look, I can, let me clean this off for you.

You know, come up with some really cool marketing thing and that might be a better way to go. Use half sheets of paper. You get double the output. Yeah, go get some bright pink or fuchsia. Um, paper from OfficeMax or, or Walmart. Print ’em off, cut ’em in half, have your kids cut ’em in half and then just go door to door on trash collection day.

Get some, some tape, some of the strong tape, put it right on there and, and move on. One thing not considered is the time investment, uh, to get your first client. So you may spend a hundred dollars, you, you’re probably gonna spend closer to $500 with this method. And how long will it take for you to get your first client?

Again, you want to think about things like overhead if you’re going out to these different neighborhoods. How much time is going to be invested, how much money you’re gonna spend on gas to go out to these different neighborhoods. But like I said, I like this idea. Um, also pulling in garbage bins, like I mentioned, uh, you could also, you could set up a whole little thing, trimming hedges.

If you just look at this, you could trim hedges, you can p pressure wash driveways and, and sidewalks. Now again, you wanna make sure that you are targeting the appropriate clientele or else this won’t work for you. Yeah, that’s a, that’s a good day’s. I wonder how much, and, and the other thing that maybe you’re not thinking about with this is if you are using a gas powered pressure washer, how much gas are you going to spend every single day?

Um, again, you wanna make sure that you’re considering overhead because while it’s $1,100 per day, How much time are you going to invest in the other aspects of it? Um, are you going to need to buy separate clothes because you’re going to be cleaning out nasty garbage cans? Uh, in the previous shop, he showed a picture of a guy wearing a mask and wearing gloves.

You also have to think about when your stuff breaks because it will break. I agree 100%. It is easy to. It’s relatively cheap. Not as cheap as maybe starting an online business, but the number of people that will be interested in this might be a little bit overestimated. Again, you have to think this is going to be a luxury people that are struggling to get by people that might be f.

Facing the pinch of expensive eggs, cuz apparently that’s a thing over on TikTok. I didn’t know eggs were so expensive. But if you are worried about the cost of eggs, you might not be interested in paying for an item like someone to clean your trash bins. A couple of years ago when I first started my YouTube channel, I bought a couple of pieces of artwork for Etsy.

This is a stock market bull and a stock market. Now remember, it’s foresight, hustle. That no one is talking about for 2023, remember that bear and I paid roughly $200 a piece for this canvas artwork. Now, the interesting part about this, and what I later learned is that while, yes, this is original artwork, the seller isn’t actually the one producing these large canvas paintings and shipping them.

Instead, they’re using a print on demand service. So in 2023, nobody’s talking about print on demand. If you jump over on on TikTok, that’s basically all they’re talking about. When it comes to print on demand, I never tried it. I looked into it and I just really didn’t understand the process of it. Um, I didn’t understand why or really how you could set up a shop maybe on Etsy, maybe Facebook marketplace, something like that.

And then you would, people would come to you and buy. And then somebody else would chip it out, you know, where’s, where’s the, the difference there? How much do I pay printy or printable, whatever it is, and then what’s my cut? So I, I never really got deep into it, I just didn’t kind of understand it. But again, um, print on demand in 2023, that’s the other issue.

I have no eye for design. I’m not an artist at all. What I’d wind up doing is hiring somebody to do it. Um, now in 2023, you could actually. Go over to like, I think it’s like Wally or something like that. And you could have AI design art for you and then do arbitrage that way. Or you could hire someone over on fiber, but make sure that if you hire people on fiber, they, that they are creating unique pieces of content.

Uh, one of the issues unfortunately with type with fiber is people are in such a rush to get these jobs because really that’s how they make the money. Um, that they will actually just give you the same thing that they’ve created. They’ll give it out multiple times, and then you will end up running into issues where you’re selling the exact same thing as everybody else.

Now here, this makes me nervous simply because you’re gonna run into copyright issues, the monopoly. Guy or the game Monopoly is copyright in trademark. So it’s very possible that if you start selling a lot of this stuff, you’re gonna get an email, you’re gonna get a phone call. Your Etsy listing is gonna get taken down.

Now I know you’re gonna go over to Etsy right now and say there’s a bunch of ’em up here, but you don’t want to take that risk. Let somebody else take the risk of listing copyrighted, trademarked material. You can find a million other ways to make money. Just it, it’s not worth it to risk it. Um, one of the things out there you’ll see is people doing like Disney stuff, uh, people doing logos trademarked and copyrighted logos.

That’s a huge risk that I personally am not willing to take. Yeah, I would be very, very careful. We’re doing this stuff because again, a guy like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant’s estate, they’re going to be, um, they wanna make sure that their brand is being elevated and not reduced or diminished $19 and 94 cents.

That’s not, that’s not something that I feel comfortable playing with. Definitely read the terms of service of using Unsplash. It’s free, but I don’t know that it’s free. like monetize in that way. You can use Unsplash and put it in your blog posts and your YouTube videos. Because it’s already online. I don’t know if you’ll be able to just take it, put it right on Etsy, and, and then sell it that way.

That actually looks really cool. Um, again, be careful always. Whenever someone tells you to do something online, make money online. Always read the terms of service, even when I’m telling you this is what works for me. Read the terms of service, the terms of conditions, um, so that you are compliant. The last thing that you’d wanna do is spend all your time, energy, and effort setting something up.

And I’m not just talking about this in general, uh, spending all your time, energy, and effort to set something up. And then, you know, you start making a few dollars and then your Etsy listing comes down, or Etsy accounts get, get shut down, or, you know, you’re in violation of some, some, some way. Make sure that you’re always reading the terms of service.

I think you could be successful with it. It’s gonna take a lot of trial and error. and you also have to show up every day. Don’t just think you’re gonna post one thing, one motivational quote, and $900 is gonna follow the sky. Now, I’m not claiming that that’s what he’s saying at all. What I’m saying is most people when they try and make money online, and in fact I had a comment saying, this will take a lot of work.

I uploaded a video yesterday that shows how I earned $130 with the Blue Host affiliate program. The comment, the, the guy commented, this is gonna take a lot. Well, yeah, if you wanna be successful, if you want to earn $900 per day, it’s gonna take some work. The people that are really successful online and offline realize that you are have, you have to show up every single day.

Like this guy, I’m sure he didn’t just roll outta bed one day and say, I’m gonna make one video. And. I’m gonna be, I’m gonna have 2 million views. He put in some time. He put in some effort. He was very thoughtful. If you look at his, if you look at his background, everything is intentional. Okay? The, the lights that he has on the tree are intentional.

The bowl and bear that he talked about intentional, actually the bowl and bear look like, uh, I think that’s a bear. The bear matches his clothing. Everything that he has is intentional and that’s how he’s been successful. That’s how he’s been able to g grab 2 million views on his on. YouTube videos. If you think you’re gonna just show up one day and $900 is gonna fall out of the sky because you uploaded one Etsy print on demand thing, you are sorely mistaken and you’re going to be frustrated.

This next side hustle is extremely unique and I’ve personally never seen anything else like it. So I’d like to thank facial for showing me this because honestly, and this is really saying a lot, this might actually be the easiest way to make money online with very minimal effort. So I want you to think about every single time that you go to. and shop. Sometimes you’re just browsing through products because you’re bored, and other times, if you’re like me, you’re always kind of searching for a specific product. And when you find that product, you see the image, you see the price, and you may go down and read the product description or the reviews.

And oftentimes what I’ll do, especially if it’s a bigger purchase, is actually go to the videos and I’ll watch a video review for the, what he’s talking about is the Amazon influencer program. I made a video about, In 2022, maybe three months ago. There are tons of videos out there on this, uh, on this side hustle.

It’s really easy. One of the biggest pushbacks that I get with this method, and people are always looking for ways not to do something instead of ways to do it, is you’ve gotta go out and buy all these products. No, you start with products that you already have. Walk around your house, look at the products that you’ve purchased.

Um, you can also. You can also look at, uh, your recent orders. So if you purchase something from Best Buy, for example, look and see if that product is being sold on Amazon. You don’t have to buy the product from Amazon, it just has to have a listing from Amazon. And so basically what he’s gonna say is you’re gonna create videos.

Review videos, unboxing first impressions. I’ve talked about this a few different times, and again, the premises, foresight hustles that no one is talking about for 2023. There are tons of videos out there about the Amazon influencer program, and the cool thing with the Amazon influencer program is that you create a video, you put it on Amazon, and if someone watches 30 seconds of your video and they purchase a product within that niche with within that, that area, you can earn a commission.

I get questions all the time. I’m giving clicks, but no buys. Probably getting clicks, but you’re not the last click, you’re not the last view. It’s important to know that with Amazon, the last click gets the commission. And basically what that means is, let’s say someone watches my video on this DeWalt dryer, uh, do drill, but then they watch another video after.

By somebody else because they watched that video last, that person’s gonna earn the commission. You can be really successful with this and you can be successful with this, with stuff off the beaten path. Uh, you don’t just have to do tech, you can do dishwashing liquid, you can do literally anything. You can even do something like, um, iPhone coverage, iPhone cases.

There are literally millions of people out there that are looking for it. And again, the premise is foresight hustles that no one is talking about. The next iteration of. Is Amazon’s actually come out with like a TikTok version of the app. I watched a video about it last Friday where they’ve come out with uh uh, like I said, it’s like a TikTok version, but it’s right in the Amazon app.

I think it’s called like Ignite or something like that. And there are some people that are affiliates of Amazon and they’re creating content earning commissions. There are some people that aren’t, but that’s probably going to be the move for 2023 Ignite App. If you want me to do a video on that, let me know.

And. Do a separate video, but that’s gonna be where the opportunity is in 2023 and 2024 in my Amazon influencer video. In addition to creating a video to putting on an Amazon, also put it on YouTube, also put it on TikTok so you can double and triple dip. That’s fine. Buy it, review it, and then return it.

If you do that a bunch of times. Amazon will probably block your account. What you should do is start off with products that you have, and then over time you can reinvest in your business. Not a huge fan of, of buying and returning, uh, as a person that sells stuff online that can, uh, you know, a business owner.

I don’t recommend a, and if you wanna be a business owner, I don’t recommend that you buy and return what you could. As you could find cheaper versions on eBay, maybe go to the uh, thrift store. In my personal opinion, not a great. Business method to buy and return. I think Amazon would let you do that a couple times and then, um, would actually shut it down and not allow you to do that.

So I recently spoke with somebody who started a successful six figure Etsy shop by finding a product on Ali Express, buying it for super cheap, and then selling it at a marked up price on Etsy. And the crazy part is that it only took her six months to do this. You’re gonna buy stuff cheap. At Ellie Express and then resell it, you know, Amazon F B a, I don’t know exactly what it’s called when you do it on Etsy, but again, the premise here is foresight hustles that no one is talking about for 2023.

Um, a lot of people are talking about Amazon, F b A, basically with Amazon F B A, you’re buying something cheap on Ellie Express. You have it either shipped directly to you and you do the packaging, or you can have it shipped directly over to Amazon. You put a listing up and then you walk away. One of the concerns that I have with this method in general is that Amazon’s tracking all of these purchases, they see what works really well, and then they’re gonna come out with an Amazon Basics version of the exact same thing, and they’re going to undercut your price.

Or they’ll, they’ll de delist you. There are many stories out there where people were selling great, they were having a great time with Amazon, Amazon fba. Then the next thing you know, they have an Amazon Basics version of the exact same thing, and they, they push you out. The Amazon Basics version will always be boosted a little bit higher than the, um, stuff that they’ve gotta pay.

and so that’s always something that you have to consider as well. The cool thing about making money online is literally anybody can do it. You don’t have to be a genius. You don’t have to be smart. You just have to go out and be willing to put in the work. If you put in the work, you will see some results.

Um, also too, you have to be willing to get out of your own way. A lot of people. Don’t want to be uncomfortable, and if you don’t want to be uncomfortable with starting an online business, you shouldn’t start an online business because it’s going to be uncomfortable every single day. Yeah. Like I said, this is a really cool idea.

It works really well. It worked better probably a year or two ago, maybe even a bit more. But again, the issue that you’re gonna run into is Amazon’s gonna come up with the exact same thing called Amazon Basics, and then they’re going to undercut you and they’re going to push you out. And eventually you’ll get to a point where your margins are so tight.

Either you have to find a brand new product all over again, or you have to close up shop. There are tons of stories out there, um, about the exact same thing happening. I’m not just making this up. You can do the research for yourself where Amazon undercuts you or you know, other business owners under undercut you as well, because there are research tools that’ll tell you what’s selling.

People that have deeper pockets will come in, undercut you, and then, um, and then, you know, raise the price or, or, or whatever. That’s such a cool opportunity if you can find one. Um, and, and you’ve got enough cash on hand. You can buy, you know, a hundred of ’em, ship ’em over at Amazon, make a click, buck, you know, 10 times, whatever that is.

Um, it does require a decent amount of money upfront because you’re going to have to be testing in most instances. The first iteration, the first attempt at doing this either doesn’t work or, you know, you don’t make the amount of money that you. And so, um, you will be required to test this a few different times.

What I will say is, any side hustle will work. All of these side hustles will work you. It, it depends on what your tolerance is for the online business. For me, It made me nervous having a bunch of products that I would send over to Amazon and not necessarily know that they would work for me. What works a little bit better is either creating and selling a digital product or affiliate marketing because you know, you create the digital product once.

Maybe you take a weekend to do it, and then you go out and try and sell it. If people buy it, you make your money back. With affiliate marketing, you don’t have to worry about a product at all. I can just go out and partner. Different organizations or companies and I can promote their product and if someone buys, I earn a commission.

If they don’t buy, you know, I’m kind of out of that time. However, if you are creating content, Where you can get paid for your content. You’re not really out of that much. You’ll just have to do some research to figure out what products people are buying. That’s the challenge. You gotta do the research to figure out what people are buying.

That takes a lot of time, and you’re actually going to create the competition. Where it’s gonna be a race to the bottom, where people are going to be lowering and lowering their prices, which could make it difficult for you to turn the profit of $17. What I guarantee you happened is someone watched this video, they copied down the name of Ellie Express.

They went out and bought a hundred of them, and they’re following this exact process. The other issue too is, is people don’t wanna be creative. They’re gonna. You know, he talked about this product, so I’m gonna do this product. And whoever is selling that product, the original person is probably under some pressure to change their price because they’re losing sales.

Now this is a good idea. Use Google Trends, use the other tools that are out there to help you find something. Uh, the other issue with this method, Is if you’re gonna use Etsy, Etsy doesn’t have a warehouse, and so you’re gonna have boxes and boxes and boxes of stuff. Let’s say you buy 500 of these, you’re gonna have 50 boxes of gold, Mickey Mouse ears, and if nobody buys them, You’re out of however many how, whatever it costs to, to purchase those.

And you’re gonna have boxes and boxes and boxes of, of Mickey Mouse ears. All right, so overall, I think this is a really good video. I really like the first side hustle that no one’s talking about, because no one’s actually talking about it. The other ones are, you know, kind of picked over. And communicated, but one thing that you have to be aware of, and I said this a few different times, be aware of the overhead.

These overhead is usually like the hidden costs that most people don’t think about when they’re getting into business. For example, you know, pressure washer, you gotta buy the gas, gotta buy all of that stuff. If you are doing the last method that he talked about, Uh, with Etsy, you’re gonna have to buy those, those things and you’re gonna have to store them in your home or your apartment, and then you gotta make sure that they sell because if they don’t sell, you’ve got a bunch of junk.

Overall, I think this was a really cool video. Um, and 2.5 million views in one month is insane. Uh, I would be over the moon if I had just a fraction of that. Now, if you. Free affiliate marketing planners. These planners will help you grow and organize your affiliate marketing business so that you can make more money online.

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