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Another question that I’m asked pretty often when it comes to YouTube, automation is how do I actually find content ideas? So in this video, I’m gonna show you five different ways that you can find content ideas relatively quickly so that you can make more money with your YouTube automation. Hello, my name’s Sten God with Sten

I like to help you make money online with. Internet marketing, YouTube automation and affiliate marketing. Let’s go ahead and get right into it. Like I said, I get a ton of questions on my YouTube channel. People also send me messages on Instagram, as well as in Facebook, all about finding content ideas.

They don’t know where to look. They don’t know actually what is the best content to create. And I’m gonna answer those questions for you. So the first way is right here on my screen with Google trends and with Google. It’s And you simply just go here and you type in your niche. For example, if we wanted to look at, um, let’s you make money online, and there’s a few ways to use Google trends, we’ll talk about a few of those ways so that you can find trending topics.

Uh, so make money online. What we’re looking for is we’re looking for things that are happening now that are happening in real time. So we’re gonna change this from the past 12 months to maybe the past 30 days. And we’re gonna see that we’re gonna find tons of questions and, and search queries related to making money online.

So like how to make money online with that site here, TaskRabbit task, take surveys for money, how to make a lot of money in GTA five. Ways to earn money online. So these are getting a ton of searches over the last 30 days, and this is just one way to use tr Google trends. So we look at this how to make quick money, Amazon mechanical, Turk surveys, surveys for money.

You can create this type of content, or you can use this to help you get ideas, which you can apply to in later steps, which I’ll cover in just a moment. But this is just one way to use Google trends. Now, another way that you can use Google trends is to take a look at their trending searches. Now, if we look here, There’s two types of training searches.

There’s the daily search trends and there’s the real time search trends. So this is what’s happening or what’s popular for the given day. Um, if you are in the sports niche, you could create content about, uh, so soccer. So that could be a great opportunity. Um, other things that are going on around the world.

And the cool thing is, is you can actually change some of the metrics, but if we scroll down iPhone update, that’s been popular over the last 24, 48 hours. You can see there is tons of content. For you to create, but this is just another way to use Google trends. You can also use Google trends for real time searches.

These are things that are important right now. And so if you are creating content daily, if you’re looking for fast traffic, you could create YouTube automation videos. Here. You’d have to be in constant contact with your team. And I recommend using, um, a website called online I’ll. I’ll leave a link down in the description for it, but you can see here that these are things that are important right now.

And you again, can change this based on categories so we can change this to business. If we want to, if we are in like the make money online space, you can see. That there are different opportunities depending on your niche. And so you can actually take advantage of Google trends in at least three different ways.

That is number one, a second way is actually with Google news and you can use Google news in kind of the same way that you use Google trends up here. We can type in, make money online. Now with these ideas, do not just rip. The content creator. Okay. You wanna make sure that you are putting these into your own words, but if we look at this 11 best skills to learn, to make money online, how to make money online with personal brand, I can’t believe I make money online, uh, earn extra cash with 11.

These 11 lucrative side hustles says millionaires. So you could take this and this is done by CNBC. Also give them credit, say, Hey, look, I found this article on CMBC, um, linked to the article so that they can check it out for themselves, but you can see that these are things that. Are have been released recently.

And so these are gonna be new ideas. These are gonna be potentially untapped ideas and almost unlimited ideas. So this is another great way to find content ideas for your, um, for your YouTube automation channel. That is the second way. Really? I think it’s like the fourth or fifth way, but after using Google news, we can use simply YouTube videos.

Now what you’re gonna do here is you are going to go find. YouTube YouTubers in your space. For example, we can type in something like make money online, like this hit enter, and you are going to look at the YouTubers who are in your space. And what we’re gonna do here is who is the best. We’re just going to.

Uh, let’s find a large channel here. Uh, let’s look at incognito money. For example, we’re gonna open this up and this is what most people do is they’ll just go and take content ideas from other YouTubers and basically just repurpose it as their own. But what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna open up the YouTube channel that you want to, um, model, for example, we’ll do wholesale Ted as well, open that.

And we can come back over here to incognito money. And once that pops up, I’m gonna show you the next two things that you need to do. We’re gonna click on videos here, just like this. And then after videos, we have to make one other change and we’re gonna start looking for the best content content idea.

So we’re gonna sort by, uh, most popular. And then eventually you can see, you wanna find videos that have been uploaded in the last six to 12 months. Okay. We sort by most popular, you can see get paid $2 and 40 cents every two minutes. Uh, you could potentially use that as a content. Get paid 24 cents, every 60 seconds.

These are all kinds of ideas that you could potentially use if you are in the same niche and you want to model this, you wanna try and find things that are as recent as possible. Like this 1, 230 4,000 views in the last three months. Get paid $28 and 18 cents. Every 10 minutes. You’d wanna model that one because we know that it’s working within the last three months.

Now, believe it or not, this is stuff that people are paying good money for these tips that I’m providing are people, people are paying very good money for this. So if we go over to wholesale Ted, we can also do the same thing. We’re gonna click on videos. Once again she has, Hey Brent, today, I thought I would she repeat the story?

She has almost a million subscribers. So you know, her content is really. But while that’s working, let’s look at another. Oh, let’s see. We’ll switch to most popular. And once again, we’re looking for videos that have been created more recently, the more recent, the better. Uh, so for this one, we’d scroll down a little bit, maybe one year ago, start a t-shirt business for free.

Um, that could be a good one, but it looks like a lot of her videos you’d have to scroll down a little bit, but you can see one year ago, a hundred websites. And apps to make money for free. So you could do maybe 101, or you could do 500 whatever, whatever it is. I actually might try this. I might try and do, um, a video that says like 500 websites and apps to make money online for free.

That would be really interesting to create, come up with that kind of, uh, content idea. Uh, so if we look, you wanna look for ones that are, um, are within the last six months to a year now, even though this says that it’s a year, it could be. 2020. And it’s just that it hasn’t hit the two year mark. So it’s somewhere between 1.5 and two years.

Make sure that you actually click on this video and take a look and that the actual date it was uploaded, but that is another opportunity as well. Another thing you can do is you can jump on Twitter and look for trending topics there because most likely if it is trending on, on Twitter, it’s also gonna be important on other platforms as well.

For example, if we come here and we look at explore, like. You’re gonna see all sorts of things that are trending. Uh, today for example, is the NFL opening. And so you could create content on the NFL opening day, like the 20 weirdest things that happened on opening day or 20 things you didn’t know about the NFL.

It’s going to get a lot of views because today’s the NFL opening day. And a lot of people are going to be searching for it. A lot of people are going to not work at all today. They’re gonna sit at work, but they’re not gonna do any work because they’re thinking about football in the NFL. And the final place that you could go to is simply with Reddit.

Now with Reddit, you’re gonna find a subreddit. Is within your niche. For example, let’s talk about, let’s do, uh, relationships for this example, and then within relationships, I’m gonna go to communities now, my Reddit, for whatever reason doesn’t ever render correctly. But if we go to relationships and then we can actually sort by within the last week or so that are getting a ton of view.

So right now we can do top. And then sort by, uh, let’s sort by the last week, and this is how people create those red videos by the way. But we could actually, if your niche is relationships, we could look at this and this could actually give us some content ideas for YouTube automation. You simply would pass this off.

So just to recap real quick, we’ve got Google trends. We’ve got Google news. You can piggyback off of other YouTubers success. We can use Twitter and we can also use Reddit now that you know where to find content ideas. There’s still a lot left to be known and understand about YouTube automation to learn more about YouTube automation.

Make sure you watch this video next so that you can learn everything that you need to know.