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Today, I’m gonna give you six of the most underrated side hustles for 2023. These have, all right, so here we go. We’ve got underrated and untapped side hustles for 2023. Let’s see how underrated and untapped they are. My name’s Als Godbold, and I like to help you actually make money online and not just put money into my own pockets.

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What do you think if we called ourselves Team Bolt? If you like it, comment Team Bolt. If you don’t like it, I guess you could say don’t like it. But let’s go ahead and get into this video of the six Untapped Side hustles for 2023. Let’s have the potential to earn you anywhere from a hundred to over a thousand dollars a day.

All you have to do is pick one and get started. So let’s. On average, produces over 1.3 billion a day in sales, and you can get a piece of that without even having to start your own business by leveraging a trick called Amazon retail arbitrage. All right, so basically Amazon fba, untapped. In 2023.

Um, let’s quickly run through what he’s going to suggest. What we should do. We’re going to go to stores like Walmart, target Best Buy. We’re gonna find products on discount or clearance, and then we’re going to check them to see what their current price is over on Amazon. You gotta download an app for that.

And then if it’s. Cheaper in the store, you’re going to buy it, and then you’re going to ship it off to Amazon and they’re gonna do the rest, which is a cool opportunity if you consider all of the factors. Okay. One thing that a lot of these videos don’t consider is the cost of driving around to get gas.

I watched a video a couple years ago where a guy found that a bunch of Barbies were on. And he was going to, uh, buy them and then send them over to Amazon for Amazon, F b A. And so what he had to do is he had to drive around to all of the different Walmarts in Alabama to buy these Barbies. Unfortunately, when he got to some of the Walmarts, they didn’t have the Barbies or he could only pick up one or two.

So he wasted hours of time and he wasted hundreds of dollars on gas and, and getting food to find these untapped opportunities. So what I recommend that you do, you can definitely do. Start with stuff that you already have in your house. Everybody has a bunch of junk lying around that they don’t use. If you’ve got something sitting in a closet, something that’s been sitting around for weeks, months, and even years, list it on Amazon listed on eBay to see if you can make some money.

Another thing that people don’t consider when they look at this method, especially more with eBay is. You have to pay for things like, um, envelopes and shipping labels. Now, when I first started selling my stuff on eBay, I didn’t factor in the cost of envelopes. I didn’t factor in the cost of shipping, and so I actually wound up taking a loss on some of those.

Those are things that you wanna make sure that you are considering when you are following these methods. So this is gonna take a lot of time. If we’re thinking about this, you have to go to the store, you have to go through and scan. You’re gonna probably want to pick a niche and at least something that you’re familiar with, and you’re gonna sit there and and scan, and scan and scan and hope that you find things.

There’s gonna be some times where you go to the store, target Best Buy, Walmart, and you don’t find anything, and that’s time wasted. This side hustle definitely can work. Um, but it’s gonna take a lot of time, energy, and effort and that’s gonna be a challenge. If you have kids, you’re definitely not gonna want to lug or, or bring kids with you to target so that you can sit there and scan.

The list is endless. And if you went out spending a couple hours looking for deals every week, all it takes is one great find to easily make a hundred to $300 profit off of just one product. Like I said, you. Make very good money with this if you have the time. Um, also, there’s gonna be something that you have to factor in.

People are gonna be looking at you weird. If you’re standing there scanning every single, every single thing, uh, people may look at you weird. That’s not something that I’m concerned about If my end goal is more important than how other people feel, but just know that you’re gonna go to the store, you’re gonna be scanning stuff, you’re gonna be in people’s way.

And that might cause a little angst among people that are around you. To take this business a step further, you can apply directly for wholesale accounts with big brand retailers to do bulk orders of name brand items at wholesale price. So here’s the thing. All online business opportunities work and none of them are easy.

You have to find one that works best for you. What I like to do, and what I like to talk about is affiliate marketing, but affiliate marketing might not work for you. This service arbitrage or or retail arbitrage might be your thing, and I encourage you to go out and try and find your thing. Don’t feel like you’re forced or you have to find, you have to do affiliate marketing because that’s what somebody talks.

Go out and try these different side hustles and find one that works best for you. Amazon is great, but if you’re looking for something a little more hands-on, I highly recommend that you recommend that you check out gutter cleaning. With this, you can easily be making 500 to a thousand dollars per week within the next 30 days if you don’t, so this is another cool opportunity I like.

That he’s talking about doing the actual, you know, the side hustles that where you’re going out somewhere. Now this is kind of like what I talked about in last week’s video. This is only gonna be for a certain level of clientele, okay? Not everybody’s going to be interested in hiring somebody to clean their gutters, okay?

Um, you have to consider this is only gonna be for medium to high. Income households, people that live at or below the poverty line aren’t going to pay someone to clean their gutters. And again, when you’re thinking about this side hustle, think about everything that’s going to go into it. Now, I made a quick list of some of the things that are required.

For example, here, o here’s some overhead that you have to consider when, when it comes to the side hustle, you’re gonna have to consider gas to get to these locations. Um, a car or. A payment processor because most people don’t have cash on hand or they may not feel comfortable just handing you cash. Um, you’re gonna have to get a ladder.

Um, most pl most houses are, you know, the gutter’s gonna be 10, 15 feet in the air, so you’re gonna need a ladder. Um, you’re also gonna wanna get some insurance and people that work with you, people that hire you. Uh, we’re now savvy enough to ask, Hey, are you bonded? Do you have insurance? Simply because there’s a lot of people out there, a lot of grifters out there that will do this work or say they can do this work and then magically fall off of the ladder, and then they’re gonna try and sue the customer or the homeowner.

So people are going to start asking or have asked, Hey, are you bonded? Do you have insurance? Um, you’re also going to need to create flyers and purchase gloves, so you’re going to. In the negative. Um, if you don’t have these things, you’re gonna probably gonna be in the hole, maybe 300, $400 before you even get out there.

Now you can do this, and I encourage you to try it if this is something that you’re interested in. But again, when you’re thinking about these side hustles, think about the positives and the negatives before you jump right in. Another issue that I thought of when. Trying to get your foot into door, into the door with this is, a lot of people have ring doorbells now, and so it’s easier to say, no thank you.

In, in the old days, back, back in my day, you, you had to, to ring the doorbell, someone had to come to the front door and say, no, I’m not interested. Then you could, you know, kind of talk your way into getting whatever you wanted with regards to cleaning. But now I have my ring video doorbell or, or you know, um, a video doorbell and I can just say, not interested and I don’t have to get off the couch.

I don’t have. You know, I, I, I can be remotely, I can be at, at basketball practice or whatever it is, and I can say, not interested, and then kind of tell them to go away. So going door to door is going to be infinitely harder than, than it was five, 10 years ago. And starting this side hustle is relatively easy and cost you next to nothing.

All you need next, nothing. As we mentioned, gas for driving out there. Uh, depending on where you live, gas can be a pretty good amount of money. Um, car truck. Payment processor because most people do not have cash on hand. Um, and you probably have to go buy one of those little card readers that you connect to your smartphone.

Uh, a ladder, especially a ladder that gets up to 10, 15 feet, maybe higher depending on the area that you live. Uh, insurance is gonna be very important. Flyers, gloves, and I’m sure I’m even missing some tools you probably want. Couple handheld spades or something like that so that you can, if, if it’s as difficult as these shows in this video, um, you’re gonna want to scoop some of that stuff out.

So I, I think next to nothing is gonna be about $500. And, and that’s just me kind of throwing numbers out there, that if you do a good job, they can refer you to their friends and come back again and again for more work, I do like the opportunity of creating repeat clientele. So, uh, you get your foot in the door with gutter cleaning and then.

Uh, window washing and then maybe, uh, power washing or pressure washing. There, they’re siding. I do like the opportunity of repeat clients because if you just go to a house and you collect $65 and then that’s it. You gotta keep finding clients the best way to make money, and this is marketing 1 0 1. The best way to make the most amount of money is simply.

With repeat customers and not trying to find new customers every single day. Now, if you’re looking for something a little more scalable that you can do from home, I highly recommend reselling more specifically, finding free items that you can flip for a profit. And I know this works because I just did it a couple weeks ago.

I started over from $0. And worked my way up. So again, the premise is untapped side hustles of reselling. I, I would much prefer you sell your stuff that you’ve got lying around to me, this is much like retail arbitrage, which you mentioned early on. Um, again, if you’re going to follow this method, basically he says, You know, you’re going to download an app where you can find free stuff.

You’re gonna go get that free stuff, and then you’re going to sell it to someone else, maybe on Facebook Marketplace, maybe on eBay, or even Amazon. Again, I like you starting off with junk that you have lying around the house that you haven’t touched in literally weeks or months. We tend to, you know, , we, we tend to have a personal connection with something that we don’t even use.

If you can pack it up and sell it on eBay, that’s a good way to start bringing some cash in the door that you could reinvest later. Um, if you’re going to pick up other people’s junk, again, you’re gonna have to think about gas, excuse me, postage envelopes, the time required. And then in this video, he also mentions renting a truck.

And so if you have no. Renting a truck is not going to be feasible for you. Um, and, and then you also have the issue of collecting stuff and then not being able to resell it. A lot of people these days are savvy about trying to sell stuff on Facebook marketplace. If they are giving away for free, a lot of times it’s because they weren’t able to sell it.

You don’t want to get in the, you don’t have the problem of you’re collecting other people’s junk and now you can’t resell it, cuz then now you just have more junk. So, um, this method could work. It’s not untapped. A lot of people talk about it. There’s a guy by the name of Gary Vande Truck, Gary V. Talks about, you know, basically selling other people’s junk.

And so again, you wanna make sure that you’re thinking about the pros and cons before just jumping in to any of these side hustles. You’re gonna have to sift through some listings, but every once in a while a gem will pop up from using this. I ended up finding a, also think about the time required when you’re doing something like this.

Um, it may not seem like a lot of time, but this time adds up. Finding listings, uh, going get, going, getting, getting the product, uh, re-listing it, maybe cleaning it up if. And then taking this product somewhere because you don’t want people coming to your house. Uh, that’s always a, a recipe for disaster. So maybe you wanna meet them at a target, but that’s gonna require time as well.

Once you find something good, you have to be quick to, so he says he bought some, bought a couch sold at a couple hours for a hundred dollars. I’d wonder how much money he would actually bring home if he had to rent a truck. The gas required, cuz he, he mentions that rent. Renting a truck is like $19 a day, but you also have to pay for mileage.

So after subtracting the $20 for renting a truck, maybe he spends. You know, $20 on gas, depending on where you live. That’s $40. So he made $60. How much time did he invest in in doing this? I don’t know that this is gonna be the best use of your time. Quick to go and pick it up, but with a few hours of research, you can easily find a couple of good flips every week.

Without a doubt. The best thing to look for is furniture, because when people are moving out, they’re going to end up giving away great stuff for. Just to help get it off their hands. And as now, people usually will only give away this great stuff if they live in middle to high income areas. And again, that’s gonna require you to drive out there, pick that stuff up.

You also wanna check it to make sure that there aren’t any bugs, traveling bugs with, with them, uh, so that they don’t travel with you. And, you know, there’s, there’s a. Stuff that you want to consider. And during my challenge last week, I actually met someone who’s making over a thousand dollars a week, met someone that was a weird handshake.

So it goes to show what’s possible even if you do the, again, this side hustle can work. , any side hustle can work. You have to be dedicated. You have to understand the risks. You have to understand your opportunity so that you’re not spending more money than you’re making, especially on an per hour period.

A lot of people don’t factor in the amount of time that they spend on a side hustle. If they factored in, you know, I’m, I’m, I’m spending five hours trying to do this and I’m only making. A hundred dollars, then, you know, maybe that’s not the best use of my time. Do this on the side. Nearly 50 billion pieces of litter are scattered around the world every year, and you can actually get paid 20 to $50 per hour to fix this problem.

This is Brian. He’s making over a hundred thousand dollars a year simply by picking up trash and parking lot. So what this side hustle suggests, and this is untapped, that I’ve never heard of this opportunity before. He suggests that you partner. Different property management agencies that, that have, uh, shopping centers, for example, like Walmart’s, usually a part of a shopping center, targets a part of a shopping center.

You partner with the property management or owners of those shopping centers, and you clean up their parking lots. That sounds like. A job . That sounds like getting a, a part-time job, which, you know, we basically, you’re gonna be a subcontractor if they allow you to do it on weekends or, or evenings, which could be kind of dangerous, especially, you know, when the sun goes down sooner, but you know, you’re basically picking up another job, which, you know, could help you make some money if there is opportunity.

A lot of these people, a lot of these, uh, property management companies or, or owners, will subcontract that out already to other businesses. Again, I don’t know how much opportunity is really out there. This is something that’s untapped that I really haven’t heard of because quite frankly, a lot of these guys have, uh, a team of people, employees.

I spent some time study. Now this could work in shopping centers that are a little bit smaller. I’m just trying to think, you know, the shopping centers that have like four or five smaller mom and pop, small owned businesses, that could work. But when you’re thinking about the larger retail centers, usually they have property management people that take care of all of that.

So to do this, all you have to do is create a list of 10 to 20 big parking lots in your city. Then do I think going after big parking lots is, is wrong? You want to go after like the small and medium sized shopping centers. The next one is something you could start on the side that can eventually turn into a full-time income.

Now it might not be as easy as the others, but it has the highest growth potential by far, and I know because I did it myself. I’m talking about drop drop shipping, which is still undeniably one of the best ways to make money in 2020. All right, so six untapped side hustles for 2020. Uh, he lists drop shipping.

We could do a Google search right now, and we could see that drop shipping has been talked about in blogs and YouTube videos in on TikTok. Drop shipping, once again, can work If you learn the skills to be a good drop shipper and you know, you’ve gotta find products, you’ve gotta create listings, you’ve gotta create stores, and then you know, you’ve gotta send traffic to them.

So can drop shipping work. Yes, it’s gonna be a skill that you have to learn. Anybody can be successful. If they’re willing to put in the time, energy, and effort to learn the skill. Three, I actually started my first drop shipping store with less than $2,000 to my name while I was a full-time college student.

And within the first year, I sold over $700,000. So the, the other thing with drop shipping, and it sounds like you may need some money, um, for this opportunity now, again, I’ve never actually done dropped it shipping because I didn’t understand the process. I didn’t understand about finding suppliers and then getting the product to the, the end.

and then collecting the money. I didn’t understand the, the whole process and how to drive traffic to my store, and so I never actually tried drop shipping, but those are things that you have to consider. You’re going to need to spend money for a store. A lot of people ask me, how do I get started without spending any money?

Drop shipping doesn’t sound like you could do 100% for free to succeed with drop shipping. You only need to learn three skills. Product research, website design and advertising. And as I’d also say that you have to learn how to. Good suppliers. There are a lot of horror stories out there where you find somebody and they don’t fulfill your request or the parts that they, the, the products that they send aren’t what was advertised.

So I think there’s a fourth dimension in there as well. As you can see, all it takes is just one successful product to turn this side hustle into a full. The issue though is how many failed product. Will you have to sift through until you find that one successful product? That is, a lot of that, that’s something that not a lot of people can stomach, is dealing with repeated failures.

You know, building a, a store out running traffic, let’s say paid ads, Facebook paid ads, and not getting any buyers, and then you gotta do it all over again. So you know, how much money do you have to go through, how much money do you have to spend to figure out. That, that winning product full-time business.

But for now, let’s move on to the last one. Commission-based sales jobs are the most lucrative jobs by far because you get paid directly in proportion to how well you perform. And typically you can do these part-time. Now, there are many different things you can sell, but I believe for 2023 selling solar is one of the best opportunities to make some extra cash.

All right, so let’s talk about commission-based sales and selling. Right now everybody’s talking about a recession and recessions usually last for maybe a year, year and a half. And so people aren’t going to be want, aren’t going to want to spend money on a luxury item like solar. Solar’s expensive.

That’s going to be something that you target high. Income, high net worth people that are interested in, in solar. And so it’s gonna be commission based, so you only make money when you earn a sale. Um, another issue that I, I see there is you’re probably gonna have to be available when people are available.

So that means working nights and working weekends, doing cold calls, um, trying to get cold introductions. You might have to go door to door. And you might have to deal with a lot of rejection, can, can commission based selling work? It, it didn’t work for me. Let me say that I, I just remembered the story.

Back when I first graduated college, I used to go door to door selling at and t. To commercial companies and people either loved at and t and already had it, or they hated at and t and I would get cussed out. And so I did that for maybe a month down in Milwaukee and I only made $50 going door to door trying to get people to buy at and t I wasted so much money driving around from place to place, commission didn’t work for me.

Um, it’s a lot, it was a lot of rejection at the time and it was absolutely frustrating. It was. It was annoying and, and my feet hurt from walking door to door. All right, so my favorite side hustle is actually affiliate marketing. If you want to get started with affiliate marketing, I have included free affiliate marketing planners.

Go to sten to download those planners today to help you get started with affiliate marketing. Watch this video next because YouTube says it’s going to help you grow your online business.