page title icon 8 Tips to Help You Think Like an Entrepreneur

If starting your own business is your dream, the idea of whether you can pull it off can be daunting. But it’s not impossible. You just have to know how to start—and that’s by thinking like an entrepreneur.

Becoming an entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart, but with the right mindset and actions, you too can become worthy of the title. If you’re ready to leap into business ownership, read on; we’ll cover ways you can start thinking like an entrepreneur to improve your chances of success.

How Do I Become More of an Entrepreneur?

As we suggested above, to become an entrepreneur, you’ll have to think like one first. The following are eight ways you can start:

Focus on Specific Goals

Entrepreneurs are focused individuals. They set goals and do everything within their power to reach them. Thinking more like an entrepreneur means that you must take a deliberate approach to the things that you want in life. Whether that be getting started on your innovative idea or pitching your freelancing skills to online businesses, you need to focus on something that’ll propel you towards your goal.

Everyone wants a start-up business, and everyone wants the chance to negotiate millions of dollars on Shark Tank, but none of that is specific. You need to think about the intricacies of what you want. If your goal is to start a business, how do you accomplish that? Starting a business can look like designing your very first landing page or setting up a drop-shipping store.

Take some time to think about what it is that you want to achieve from your entrepreneurial journey. Focus on an achievable goal and figure out how to accomplish it. It can feel overwhelming at first, but many free resources can help you find your way.

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Stay Motivated

Once you’ve started pursuing entrepreneurship, success can and will feel so far away. While undoubtedly difficult, maintaining a sense of motivation is essential during the process. It will drive you to create the reality that you want. When things inevitably get tough, your motivation will help you overcome setbacks.

To start thinking like an entrepreneur, learning to stay motivated is crucial. You can stay motivated by celebrating the small victories of your journey and surrounding yourself with other entrepreneurs.

If you’re practicing a craft, exercising, or learning how to start a business, working on it every day, regardless of how little, is a victory in and of itself that should be celebrated. It gets you that much closer to your goal, and tracking that progress can give you a powerful sense of motivation.

Surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals is an irreplaceable source of motivation. The reality of someone expressing distaste in your entrepreneurial proclivities is unavoidable. Still, if you don’t take care to distance yourself from the hate, it can dampen your sense of motivation.

You can find like-minded entrepreneurs in many ways. A great way to interact with people who share your passion is to take an online course that offers an online group for students to interact with one another; this can look like a members-only forum or private Facebook group.

Take the First Step

While a vision is nice to have and can serve as an empowering source of motivation during your entrepreneurial journey, ultimately, that vision alone isn’t enough. Nothing in life is possible if you refuse to take the first step to get there.

If you’re going to be an entrepreneur, there’s no way around doing what must be done. The path to success is paved not just with failure but also with a willingness to try. You can start by making a business plan for yourself. Do market research; learn about copywriting. Get some clarity about what you want to accomplish as an entrepreneur, and take the first imaginable step towards that goal.

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You don’t need to commit to taking a considerable leap, but starting small helps you build momentum for when you are ready to make that jump.

Prepare for What is Ahead

When having larger than life ambitions, it can be terrifyingly easy to become paralyzed by the uncertainty of which direction to take and the possibility of never reaching those ambitions.

Entrepreneurs are resilient. In the face of setbacks, they stomach it and keep going. Preparing yourself for the hardships of owning a business is a great way to start thinking like an entrepreneur. You can do this by getting comfortable with self-doubt.

Self-doubt, like all emotions, is just a feeling that manifests in unhelpful thinking patterns. Through mindfulness, you can learn to stop identifying with these feelings and thoughts and triumph through the work you need to accomplish.

Take Calculated Risks

No one successfully got to where they are without taking risks. Becoming a successful entrepreneur requires you to be comfortable with the prospect of making decisions that you’re not always certain will benefit you in the long run.

By becoming an entrepreneur, you’re abandoning the security of a steady paycheck. While risk-taking is necessary for anyone interested in entrepreneurship, you don’t always have to take huge risks. Instead, you can take calculated risks.

Calculated risks can provide a helpful cushion in case your plans don’t work out. For instance, you may be tempted to take the chance of quitting your job to pursue entrepreneurship full-time. Instead, you can start a business while you’re employed and work at it in your free time until it takes off.

This can look like starting that online business that you’ve been thinking about after returning home from work each evening.

Listen to Others

Entrepreneurs need to listen to their customers for feedback on the quality of their products, employees on the quality of their leadership, and clients on the quality of their services. There’s so much room for growth as a professional by listening to others.

An excellent way for you to polish your skills as a listener is to engage in active listening with the people in your life. Active listening is the skill of entirely focusing on a speaker without judgment and comprehending the totality of their message. Active listening means that you listen first and then ask questions to understand after.

You can practice this by listening to your friends and family without mentally rehearsing lines or urgently taking your turn to speak.

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Collaborate with Others

Reaching success as an entrepreneur is impossible without collaborating with others. Collaboration is a tool for bringing out the best in everyone involved for the collective benefit of all parties involved.

An excellent way to collaborate is to join focused social media groups that are involved in your industry. In those groups, there are plenty of opportunities for collaboration. By promoting someone else’s online business, your own can be promoted as well.

Entrepreneurs are always working together to generate leads. You can help bring exposure to another blogger by writing a free guest post, which will, in turn, bring traffic to your brand. You can offer free website copy to a local business so that they promote your services.

Think about which businesses have similar audiences to yours. You can make a list and start reaching out to them for collaboration.

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Find a Mentor

Making mistakes is a natural component of entrepreneurship, but sometimes mistakes can cost you years of progress. Mentors mitigate this by offering you invaluable advice, keeping you accountable, and making it so that you’re even more likely to succeed.

Here a just a few places you can find a mentor: 

  • Social Media: The first place to look for a mentor will always be your own network. Beyond that, platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter offer you the chance to connect with more experienced professionals in your niche or industry. 
  • SCORE: SCORE is a nonprofit organization that facilitates the connection between you and volunteer, expert mentors across 62 industries. Mentors are available to work remotely, but you can also be paired locally.

Final Thoughts

Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy; however, you can take concrete steps towards thinking like one and ultimately becoming one. You can start by having specific goals you’d like to achieve and then taking the first step towards reaching those goals. Learning how to stay organized and motivated throughout the process will prevent you from giving up. Finally, if you need accountability, consider getting a mentor and collaborating with others.

Thinking and becoming an entrepreneur is entirely achievable, and your successful entrepreneurship doesn’t have to remain a fantasy; get started creating your business today!

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