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Customer Relationship Management systems (CRMs) are vital tools for business growth. While ClickFunnels has a built-in CRM known as Actionetics, the startup package doesn’t include it. Therefore, you may have to integrate the sales funnel with third-party CRMs.

ClickFunnels allows you to use many other CRMs available on the market, but some integrate better and have more benefits than others. Continue reading to learn about nine of the best CRMs for ClickFunnels; you’re sure to find the perfect CRM for your needs!

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Hubspot Offers a Free CRM

Hubspot CRM is one of the most positively rated CRMs on the market. Its customization features are extremely impressive for a free product.

Hubspot CRM is best for:

  • Intuitive automation for anyone to operate successfully
  • Smarketing (Sales and marketing combined) integration
  • Incredible insights to lead you to your goals.

A recent article in Tech Times touted it in the number #1 position of the best CRMs. It also won the Best CRM Software Award by Finances Online In 2019.

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Agile CRM is Excellent for Small Businesses

Agile CRM is one of the easiest CRMs to use. It’s built mostly for sole proprietors and small businesses.

Some impressive Agile CRM features include:

  • A thorough 360° Contact View for viewing contact information from different perspectives
  • A reliable Autodialler to reach more leads
  • Multiple telephony integrations for diverse customer needs

Agile CRM impresses customers with unlimited resources for setting up and using their products. They even regularly create webinars for that purpose. You can install and integrate the free version with ClickFunnels and check it out.

Zoho is a Brilliant Web-based CRM

Zoho is a prestigious name most internet entrepreneurs have heard of. Although featuring a competitive price, this CRM provides fundamental features most businesses need – even in the standard version.

Zoho features:

  • A lightweight yet high-quality service package
  • Robust REST API for extensive automation
  • Compatibility with numerous marketing software

Zoho earned the Best Overall CRM Software in 2020 position in Business News Daily. It integrates well with ClickFunnels and is brilliant for anyone who doesn’t want a self-hosted CRM.

(Sources: Business News Daily)

Salesforce CRM Provides the Best Premium Services

Anyone looking for the best ClickFunnels CRM and has no budget limitations would be wise to choose Salesforce. Being one of the most popular names in the SaaS market, this CRM offers some of the best premium customer management solutions.

Notable features of Salesforce CRM include:

  • Adaptability, which is one of their main Unique Selling Propositions (USPs)
  • Innovative Analytics separate from their thorough basic analytics
  • B2B industry-specific features like Pardot B2B Marketing Automation
  • Interactive resources in the Salesforce Trailblazer Community

Some big companies like Unilever and Virgin Media rely on Salesforce for their CRM needs. It has been ranked as the best small business, mid-market, and enterprise CRM by Destination CRM for many years.

(Source: Destination CRM)

Freshsales CRM is Easy to Use

The Freshsales CRM is fitting for a small business owner with a desire to operate with no technology hassle whatsoever.

Here are Freshsales’ unique perks:

  • Intuitive user interface with the diverse Custom Fields feature
  • Highly-efficient Freddy Deduplication for identifying and eliminating useless contacts
  • All-round tracking with Audit Log and Check-In features

Using the AI technology plus other assistive technologies this CRM offers, any beginner can integrate it with ClickFunnels in a matter of minutes.

Pipedrive is Exceptional for Scaling Your Business

Pipedrive CRM focuses its great qualities on pipeline management, making it a great tool to use when growing your business through ClickFunnels. It’s popular among real estate business owners due to its custom fields relevant to the industry.

Pipeline key features include:

  • Great sales pipeline view ensuring sales-focused operations
  • Extensive multilingual and multicurrency setups
  • Codeless integration to ensure easy connections

While providing growth insights, Pipedrive keeps you productive with key operations to focus on. That’s why it’s highly recommended for scaling companies.

Insightly CRM Caters to Your Project Management Needs

Hubspot recommends Insightly for your business. It’s one of the best CRMs for project management and delivery, with integration features compatible with ClickFunnels. It’s web-based and has no free version.

Insightly is great for:

  • Task management with Opportunity Reports and streamlined workflows
  • Easy contact information management with its Auto-Detection feature
  • Multiple integrations with the Google Suite and productivity tools like Slack

If you do not need extensive automation features, Insightly will serve you well.The features it provides and its prices suit small to mid-sized businesses. Professionals from all kinds of industries praise this CRM’s dependable services.

(Sources: Hubspot)

Streak is a Great CRM for Gmail

Streak CRM is also recommended for your business by Hubspot and could be the most suitable addition to your ClickFunnels tools. Whether you’re looking for a trial Gmail CRM or wish to get professional tools to scale your business, you can make it possible with Streak.

Streak’s key features include:

  • Smart Gmail Integration, which maximizes most Gmail-Streak capabilities
  • Business Dev for maintaining various business relationships
  • Product Dev Channel Discussions for improvement insights

It’s free forever for individuals trying it out. But as your business grows, getting a pro or enterprise plan would be more fitting.

Keap Has Incredible Tailored Growth Packages

Formerly under the popular name Infusionsoft, Keap CRM provides customized features for businesses of different levels to grow more efficiently.

Excellent features of Keap’s CRM include:

  • Organized automation for plan-specific growth
  • Robust contact management to ensure streamlined information storage and retrieval
  • Adaptable tagging system for growth adjustment

They also provide expert coaching for each plan at an added cost. This would be an excellent addition to your ClickFunnels arsenal if you’re looking to expand and maintain your business systematically.

Sales Funnel vs. CRM Funnel: What’s the Difference?

A sales funnel can take a customer through automated emails and other pieces of content designed to drive their purchasing journey until they reach the closing stage (buying decision).

However, the purchasing journey is somewhat perpetual, and closing the deal isn’t the end of the customer relationship. Any smart business owner needs to retain customers so that they can establish loyalty. And that’s where CRMs come in.

A CRM funnel is focused on tracking and interacting with potential and existing customers. Using conversation, sales histories, and overall customer behavior records, a business can deliver more of what their clients need most effectively.

By incorporating good CRM software into a sales funnel, businesses can retrieve, record, and use the customer insights to grow their business. It’s that simple.

Is ClickFunnels a CRM?

ClickFunnels isn’t entirely a CRM. It’s a sales funnel that facilitates systematic processes that take a customer to the buying offer you plan to profit from. However, it has an in-built CRM known as Actionetics.

Is Actionetics Better Than Other CRMs?

Actionetics gives you loads of benefits. It saves you time, energy, and in some cases, money that you could use to install third-party CRMs. Also, since the in-built CRM was created to match ClickFunnels’ features, it’ll work more efficiently than external types.

Furthermore, when you use Actionetics, you’ll also get Backpack, ClickFunnels’ affiliate program and marketing tool.

Although Actionetics is among the top CRM software available, it’s exclusive to Clickfunnel’s premium plans. Therefore, if you’re using the startup plan, you will have to consider using one of the best ClickFunnels CRM software in the above list.


ClickFunnels is compatible with numerous CRMs on the market. It’s easy to integrate with the ample instructions they provide on-site. If you’re using the startup plan, the third-party CRMs recommended above would be the best to choose from.

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