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Did you know that we are just over three months away from January 1st, 2023. And what is the number one thing that everybody does when they intern to the new year? They create a New Year’s resolution, and one of the top New Year’s resolutions is to lose weight. So what I’ve done, Is I’ve actually put together a list of nine fitness affiliate programs that you could start and get into.

Start creating content now so that you can get in front of those highly targeted people that have created brand new New Year’s resolutions, and you can actually make some money. Hi, my name’s Sten God with sten I create content to help you make money online. All right, so as I mentioned in this video, I’m actually going to reveal nine.

Fitness affiliate programs. I’m gonna talk a little bit about how you can get started. The best way to get in front of those targeted buyers and why I like these nine. So let’s go ahead and get right into it. The first thing that I recommend that you do if you’re getting into the fitness niche is I recommend that you niche down.

So don’t just talk about fitness, don’t just talk about weight loss, or you know, weight gain even. You wanna make sure that you are tar, you are speaking to a targeted group of people. For example, women over 50, they’re gonna have different weight loss needs or fitness needs. Then male and their 20 that want to gain weight.

So the first thing that I recommend that you do is get very clear on your target audience so that you can speak directly to them. You can create content for them. The other thing that I recommend that you do is go out and pick the appropriate traffic source. If you’re targeting women over 50, it might be better suited for you to create content on Facebook versus if you’re targeting men in their twenties, they’re probably all on.

Watching Andrew t videos. So without further ado, let’s go ahead and talk about these nine different opportunities, why I like them, and why you should consider entering them into your affiliate Rolo Deck. Number one is what Nord Track. If you look here, Notre Track offers home gym equipment, everything from treadmills to elliptical and exercise.

Spikes and everything in between. If you look here, they are a part of Commission Junction. Commission Junction is an affiliate network and, but if we look at this, their average order value is almost $1,500. So if you’re getting 5% of $1,500, that can be a really good opportunity. One thing that you can do with Nord Track is you can simply create review videos.

You can create best. Best treadmills for, and you can actually get in front of highly targeted people. So if we look at this, you could create content on like the commercial 1750 treadmill. Talk about the strengths of weaknesses. You can break it down and talk about incline trainers as well. But what I really like.

About this niche is you could actually create an entire dedicated YouTube channel or even Tic-Tac account talking about the best treadmills under $1,700. For example, if we jumped over to YouTube, you’re gonna see that there are lots of people searching for the best treadmills under a dollar amount. So if we take a look at this, you can see.

Best treadmill under 1,002 thousand 1500, and then you can put together a list of the five or 10 best treadmills under that dollar amount. And then you could actually recommend a few over uh, Notar Track. But I really like Notar Track. It has a very strong brand name. Everybody knows Notar Track when they see it and where they hear it.

We even had a Notd track back in the day. I think we even have an Nord track now. But everybody knows and understands and is aware of the quality that comes with Nord Track. So after Nord track, we are looking at Nike. I really like Nike because this actually can go for a wide array of people. Uh, once again, they’re a part of the A one affiliate program, and you can see that you can earn up to 11% commission also.

I like that they have a 30 day cookie window. And the cool thing with Nike, like I said, is there are a wide array of people that you can target. You can target sneaker heads or people that like, Shoes, you can target, uh, people that want to run marathons and people that are interested in different, uh, NFL teams, and you can really, really target anybody in between.

But I think Nike is a really cool opportunity and you’re simply going to get paid a commission. Now, what you can do once again, is you can create content about individual shoes. For example, if we come up to these men’s shoes and we go basketball, for example, Basketball shoes. We could actually grab the product name and paste it right over into YouTube and you can create content about these shoes.

For example, KD 15, If we jump over here, we could do KD 15 review like this and hit enter. And you’re gonna see that people are looking this up. Lots of views of people asking about these new Katie, Kevin Durant shoes. You can do the same thing. You can do like, uh, best running shoes for men like this. And you can see best running shoes for men’s marathon.

That’s very highly targeted. But these people need these shoes. If we look they’re 56,000 views from just five months ago. 38,000 subscribers, 33,000 views, 31,000 subscribers, and you can just do best shoes and delete men’s marathon, and you can create content in any one of these best running shoes for heavy guys, that’s one that I’d be interested in.

If we take a look, 90,000 views from a year ago. If we look 5,500 views from seven months ago, very, very targeted. And if we look, these actually have less than 10,000 subscribers. So 90,000 views, 5,000 subscribers, 5,000 views, 1000 subscribers. Simply helping people out with figuring out the best running shoes for their needs.

But I really like Nike. I’ve always liked Nike because they actually paid a pretty good amount, and their shoes can be relatively expensive depending on the ones that you. And again, up to 11% commission. After Nike, we have Total Gym. Now Total Gym will pay you. Let’s get rid of this. Total Gym will pay you a 7.5% commission up to 7.5% commission.

Once again, they are affiliate with the Commission Junction or affiliate program, and they have a 45 day cookie window. That is a pretty good length of time. Uh, for a competitive niche, like, like gym equipment. But if you look here, you can see these products are fairly priced. Um, and these are, uh, uh, very popular products that you could get into.

But if we look at this, uh, we could do total gym fit. And again, you’re gonna get paid 7.5% commission up to, I should say. But look at $1,700 product. And you can actually create content and make money. But if we copy this name here and we paste it right over into YouTube once again, but you can do the same thing for TikTok.

But if we look at this Total Gym Fit Review, the top result here has 68,000 views, only 17,000 subscribers. Look at this second one, 162,000 views, only 371 subscribers. And you put your affiliate link in there. Let’s assume 1% of the 162,000 views make a purchase. You’re making a decent amount of money. So if we just did the math here real quick, 160,000 views, Let me just make sure.

Uh, that’s one too many zeros. 160,000 views. We multiply that by 1%. You’re looking at 1600 people. Okay? So 1600 people and let’s say a 7% commission on a $1,600. You’re looking at, you’re looking at $112. So if we did one 12 by, I forgot my original number, let’s say, uh, one 12 by 200 people, uh, that’s $22,000.

Now I’m sure that’s more than that because I forgot my original number. But you can see that just simply with promoting this one product, you could see a very good return on your investment. And then you just go through, uh, you can do reviews on all of these other products. Um, you could also. Create content about workouts and then send people to these products to purchase and you can make money after Total Gym.

I still really like Amazon. Not a lot of people are sold on Amazon, but I like Amazon simply because everybody buys from Amazon, or 90% of the population buys from Amazon, and there’s all sorts of stuff that you can promote. What you can do is you can come down to the departments here, click on all Go to, If we scroll down a little.

See all, then we can go to, um, sports and outdoors and then we can actually promote products within here if we go back a little bit. And, and the other reason why I really like Amazon is cuz you can do what’s called or what I like to call stacking commissions and basically what stacking commissions. And, and what I mean by that is people will come to Amazon to buy.

I don’t know. They’ll, let’s say they wanna buy this halo rise and then they wind up adding in a treadmill and then they add in, you know, a weight trainer and then they add in 10 other things. And before you know it, your. Commission your average cart value could, but could be well over 200, $300. And so I like Amazon.

Even if they click on your affiliate link and they don’t buy the, the treadmill or whatever it is that you’re recommending, they buy something else. You can still earn a commission. The cookie window is still really low with only it only being 24 hours, and ultimately you can receive up to a 10% commission on the products that you buy.

But I still really like it. Believe it or not, after Amazon, I have Dick’s Sporting Goods. Now I like Dick’s Sporting Goods because there’s a bunch of locations locally, so you can have people buy online and then pick up in store, and that satisfies their instant gratification. But with Dick’s, they have everything from running shoes.

Trail hiking backpacks. Um, they have fitness equipment, fit fitness apparel, and they have team stuff as well. And you could promote all of that stuff and earn a commission. Now the cookie window for dick’s is only seven days, so it’s not terribly long, but it’s still better than Amazon. But you can see lots of opportunity to promote all sorts of stuff.

If you’re into football or soccer, you can promote that coolers. There’s just lots of stuff that you can promote. Now, again, I like that you can buy online and pick up in store. And you can earn commission. So if you’re looking for a decent alternative to Amazon and you want to promote things that have Nike, maybe you can’t get into the Nike affiliate program.

Under Armor, things of that nature. Look at Dick’s and promote, uh, the Dick’s affiliate program. After Dick’s, we have Ace Fitness. Yes, ace, ACE Fitness also has an affiliate program, and they will pay you pretty well. Now if we look at Ace right here, as you can see here, they actually specialize. and certification.

So if people were looking to become fitness trainers, you can help them with that and you can actually get paid. So this is a different angle on the health and fitness or or fitness niche, but this is a great affiliate program as well. But you can see there’s different careers. Um, look, if we look at this certification, Um, there’s different levels of certification and you can promote those and you can make money helping people get, get certified.

So that’s actually really cool. Another one that I really like is gnc. Uh, GNC actually offers different supplements. So if people are, are looking for like creatine, they’re looking to, uh, gain weight, there’s all sorts of different, um, supplements that you can purchase. Also, people are looking, they have health conditions.

There’s another opportunity there as well. And if you. Commission Junction is the affiliate network, and you can earn up to a 5% commission. Now, if we click on shops, the cool thing is, is they actually had it broken down at one point by the, the target audience. So if you were targeting women, for example, if we go to weight management, we look at fat burners.

At one point they had a target by women. It looks like they, they changed a little bit, but you can see that there’s different, different, um, subes that you could get into. For example, pre-workout, you. talk about different pre-workout, and you could get paid a 5% commission. For example, if we just click on, let’s click on this one, this creatine here.

You could talk about the strengths and weaknesses of using creatine or the best types of tine to use. We copy this, we paste it right over into YouTube. You’re gonna see that there are tons of people that are asking and they wanna know. This Tine supplement, does it work? How does it work? 42,000 views, 6,000 subscribers, 3,300 views, 8,000 subscribers.

And you just put your affiliate link in the description, and before you know it, you start earning commissions. And again, it’s 5% off of the entire cart. After gnc, we have Lulu Limit. Now Lu Lemon is more like Nike than anything else where you are going to be recommending different fitness apparel. They do.

Men apparel, but most people probably are familiar with it, with women’s clothes. But tons of different opportunities as you can see here to promote. And one of the best ways to go about it is to do, in my opinion, the best X four Y. So maybe the best athletic jackets for running or the best athletic jackets for.

You know, going for a hike or something along those lines. And once again, we can just copy this and paste it right over into YouTube and see that people are looking this up. So I typed in best athletic jackets and you can see there are lots of people that want to know about the different types of athletic jackets.

And you can create this content and you can make money as well. And the final one that we’re going to cover today is actually with. Under Armor. Under Armor does have an affiliate program, and just like Nike and just like Lululemon, it’s for a wide range of people. You can target people that are into playing basketball or you know, men that want to go running, men that want to just lounge big and tall.

There’s lots of sub niches as you can see. If we look at the different sports, baseball, basketball, fishing, football, golf, hockey, and quite honestly, a lot. Men like to wear the Under Armor stuff for like military and tactical. That’s another niche that you could focus on as well. Now that you know more about these nine fitness affiliate programs, there’s still more that you should learn about affiliate marketing in general.

Go ahead and watch this video to learn everything that you need to learn about affiliate marketing.