page title icon A Guide To Using ClickFunnels For eCommerce

For anyone who is just starting their own business or already has a successful business, online sales can make or break the success of your yearly profit margin. Knowing how to utilize ClickFunnels for eCommerce is an imperative way to ensure that once putting your business online, you will be successful in the majority of your sales.

In order to be a success when using ClickFunnels for eCommerce:

  • Build an understanding of ClickFunnels
  • Choose the right eCommerce template
  • Choose your main sales category
  • Understand your clientele
  • Establish your merchandise online
  • Follow the proper ClickFunnels eCommerce how-to steps.

For those needing to improve their online store’s visitor base wanting to sell on a more consistent basis, ClickFunnels of eCommerce is a strong and useful tool, regardless of one’s experience level. To learn more about using ClickFunnels for eCommerce and how to choose the perfect ClickFunnels template for your eCommerce brand, follow our in-depth guide below.

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What is an eCommerce ClickFunnel?

When attempting to sell a product online for your business, it isn’t difficult to get swept away by the feeling of hopelessness if your website isn’t getting enough visitor traffic.

That is where ClickFunnels for eCommerce come in.

Though customers are often drawn towards purchasing whichever goods and services offer the most value for their dollar, it is important to first attempt to lead your customer to your actual product in a more effective way before offering any type of price cuts for the sake of making the sale.

How Does an eCommerce ClickFunnel Work?

ClickFunnels, otherwise known as sales funnels, are a series of carefully placed and selected websites that allow for the encouragement of visitors to your website.

Rather than just sending them to your eCommerce site and letting them figure out the rest, ClickFunnels are designed so that visitors visit specific pages in a specific order.

This careful funneling leads clients to view information about your product or services in a way that will encourage them to become clients.

Once a visitor has been turned into a customer by your eCommerce ClickFunnels, they are far more likely to return to your site to repeat the sequence of events again.

In other words, using ClickFunnels will encourage your buyers to become repeat customers, effectively increasing your yearly business sales amount.

What does an eCommerce ClickFunnel Include?

First thing’s first. You have to be familiar with the anatomy of an eCommerce ClickFunnel before you can leverage all it has to offer.

A Landing Page

A landing page is the first page that your visitor will see once they come upon your website. A landing page usually includes the name of your business or company, the company logo, and a simple design, description, or image that hints at what your eCommerce business has to offer them.

An Informational Page

An informational page is often the second page that your website viewer will be funneled to once they have spent enough time on your landing page.

An informational page describes in further detail the items and services that your business offers, as well as how they are offered and to what locations. If your company ships goods worldwide, this would be an excellent page to display that information.

A Testimonial Page

A testimonial page is not for every business but can be a very impactful page for businesses that offer customer-tailored services. A testimonial page is often seen as an optional page in terms of eCommerce sales funnels and can include positive quotes or ratings or before-and-after photographs from happy past customers or repeat patrons.

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Additional Visually Intriguing Pages

Depending on your client base, ClickFunnels can also offer additional artistically driven and visually intriguing pages to create further interest in your website’s visitors. This will allow them to spend more time on your website and feel at home before traveling through to the checkout page.

The Checkout Page

The checkout page is a self-explanatory page that brings your customers to the purchasing part of their experience on your website. 

Once the viewer has made the decision to purchase, the checkout page is where they will input their private information such as credit card number, name, email, and shipping address in order to purchase from your eCommerce website.

A Page That Allows Customers to Opt-In

This page allows for your new customer to input their desire to join your email list or newsletter, therefore exposing them to future sales funnels via their email inbox.

An opt-in page is one of the most important pages when it comes to eCommerce ClickFunnels

An opt-in page also almost always the precursor to the upsell page. If a patron chooses to opt-in to promotional materials, they will also often decide to join in on what the upsell page has to offer.

An Upsell Encouragement Page

An upsell page, or an encouragement page, is the page on your website that always comes directly after the opt-in page. Once your website viewer has made the decision to make a purchase and join your newsletter or email subscription service, they are asked if they would like to add to their eCommerce order.

An upsell page lets you and your business offer one-time deals and additional promotions that would otherwise not regularly be offered on your website.

This creates the sensation of exclusivity and allows your customer to add to their order without re-entering their personal information.

An Additional or Back-End Offer Page

A back-end offer is an additional offer, very similar to an upsell offer. A back-end offer page asks your customer if they would like to increase their order by a particular percentage while offering a one-time-only discount, or sends them an email address after the fact which offers them a sale on similar items to those they have recently purchased, but for a reduced price.

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This eCommerce ClickFunnels method encourages repeat buyers without keeping them directly on your website.

The Major Importance of eCommerce Sales Funnels

ClickFunnels for eCommerce is a very important online business and marketing tool for both brand new online business owners and successful, seasoned business owners wanting to transition to online sales because it:

  • Encourages visitor flow to your website
  • Dictates which pages your visitor will see and in which order
  • Displays information clearly and in an enticing way
  • Helps you to create beautiful and visually interesting landing pages
  • Assists you in turning website viewers into customers
  • Creates checkout pages, opt-in pages, and other important follow-up pages for your customers 
  • Encourages first-time customers to become repeat customers
  • Allows you to offer one-time-only sales, offers, and discounts to your client base

How to choose Funnel Templates for your Business

When making the leap and choosing to use ClickFunnels for eCommerce, it is important to know which ClickFunnels template will be the most beneficial to use for your business.

While there are great free sales funnel templates available for you to use, it is imperative to remember that not all eCommerce Funnel templates are free. Before choosing the template that you will use for your online store, you must know the answers to the questions below.

Who Is Your Customer Base or Clientele?

Understanding your client is the number one most important step when creating an online business of any kind.

If you can figure out who your client is, you will know exactly who you need to market to.

This will dictate the way in which you present both your business and your services, as well as the language you use and the imagery you present along with your merchandise. Knowing your customer base will allow you to cater your ad campaigns and sales pitches towards the right people, creating a larger chance that they will become interested in your products.

What Is Your Customer Looking For?

Knowing what your customer is looking for will allow you to adjust your offerings in order to suit your customer’s needs. If a customer that you are targeting is seeking something you do not yet sell, you may consider adding that item to your catalog or sales offering list.

If a customer is interested in something you already offer, you might consider raising the price or adding variations of the already in-demand item.

What Category Does Your Ecommerce Store Fall Into?

Understanding yourself as a business and as a brand is important in dictating the future success of your eCommerce store. Once you have an understanding and a grasp on what category your sales belong to, you will be able to select ClickFunnels, which allow you to target customers of similar categories.

How Will Your Products And Services Compare to Others on The Market?

Having clear knowledge of who your competitors are and how their products and services are faring in the eCommerce marketplace will give you the upper hand when deciding what to offer and how to price.

If you see that others offering products in the same categories have priced their items low, you will know to start on the lower end and build from there. Creating competitive pricing margins will make your eCommerce brand in-demand by those looking for excellent value online.

The Two Best Free eCommerce ClickFunnel Template Options

The Tripwire Funnel

A Tripwire Funnel is a Clickfunnel for eCommerce that gets your customer to first buy a smaller product and eventually leads them into purchasing larger and larger products.

The trick to a great Tripwire Funnel:

  • First, it begins with a very low price point that the customer cannot refuse due to its great value. 
  • Secondly, it offers a second, slightly higher one-time offer
  • Next, it offers an even higher mid-range priced product. 
  • The last step is a thank you and confirmation page that includes an opt-in section followed by a back-end offer page.

A Tripwire Funnel eCommerce template is a great sales funnel for new businesses and established businesses offering physical goods that must be individually packaged and shipped to their customers. A Tripwire Funnel allows for multiple purchases made by the same client to be packaged together and conveniently shipped all at once.

The Product Launch ClickFunnel

A typical Product Launch ClickFunnel for eCommerce is a four or five-page website funnel that often includes multimedia and videos to entice your viewers into becoming purchasing customers.

Here’s how the Product Launch ClickFunnel works:

  • The start includes teaser content and user testimonials that shed a positive light on your product. 
  • The next page describes your product in an educational way and allows the viewer to see how your product can alter their life for the better. 
  • The third and fourth steps in the Product Launch ClickFunnel include pages that offer the viewers a look at how a problem they might have will become solved with your product. 
  • The last page at the end of the ClickFunnel involves the final product offer as well as the checkout page for those who have decided to make the purchase.

A Product Launch eCommerce ClickFunnel is the perfect way to market and sell digital goods such as educational courses, certification training, digital products, and online classes. Products that cannot be shipped and sent out to customers, also known as digital products, benefit from the testimonials and quotes given by others.

A helpful tip for businesses selling digital products is to add a digital certificate of completion or downloadable PDF document so that the client has additional educational material to accompany their purchase.

How to use eCommerce ClickFunnels to Create an Online Store

As mentioned above, knowing your eCommerce business’s category, as well as your customers and their needs, is always the most important part of a successful online sales and marketing strategy.

In order to use eCommerce ClickFunnels to create a vibrant online store for your brand, you should first have a firm grasp on the basics of your business so that you can design your online store accordingly.

Your Category

Knowing which category your eCommerce business falls into is paramount. When you figure out which category you belong to, you will be able to start building your online store.

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Whether you are selling physical goods or virtual and digital services will dictate how your online store should look and be set up.

It will help you decide which eCommerce ClickFunnel you will use to draw virtual traffic to your website. When you learn your category status, you will be able to use ClickFunnels to design creative website funnel pages to feature your products.

Your Customers

Learning who your customers are will allow you to create an online store that caters to their needs. If your customers are young and trendy fashion-forward shoppers, you will need to create a store that appeals to the modern trends of design.

If your customers are large law firms looking to purchase software for their fleet of business laptops, you will need to cater your online store to show the dependability of your product. Knowing the likes and dislikes of your customer base can help you cater your online store presence to their preferences, encouraging sales.

Your Products and Goods

Understanding the benefits and limits of your products is paramount when marketing them in an eCommerce setting. When you know how your goods can benefit your clientele, you can use ClickFunnels to guide your customers through your website to feature the best of what your business has to offer.

ClickFunnels will help you feature the most positive aspects of your products by showcasing testimonials and any educational materials you have available.

Your Very First Online Sale

ClickFunnels for eCommerce will make getting your first online sale simple and hassle-free. Once you use ClickFunnels to create your online site’s landing page, educational pages, and additional click through pages, you will be able to use it to create checkout pages as well.

The checkout pages will record your customer’s personal information and make the purchase easy for both you and your client. Once you have made your first online sale, you can then begin to use ClickFunnels to send additional offers to the client in hopes of having a return sale.

The Best Software Application for your Online Store

ClickFunnels for eCommerce is arguably the best software application for your business’s online store. When selling online, ClickFunnels allows you to brand your business so that it markets towards the customers of your choosing. ClickFunnels and its remarkable ability to encourage your website’s visitors to become customers can help even the smallest business meet its yearly profit needs.

Not only does ClickFunnels for eCommerce help you narrow in on your client base’s needs and desires, but it will also help you discover your eEcommerce category while creating an impactful eEcommerce website with which to wow your viewers.

By utilizing ClickFunnels for eCommerce, you will not only make more sales but create repeat customers that will appreciate your products time after time. You will have created a positive experience not only for yourself and your business but also for those seeking valuable products during the technological age of eCommerce buying.

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