page title icon A Guide to Using ClickFunnels Tools

Technology has advanced its arsenal of entrepreneurship tools to succeed in the virtual environment, one of them being ClickFunnels.  More people are working from home and embarking on entrepreneurship than ever before.  These new ventures demand a streamlined process to captivate users’ attention and drive traffic to their sites, putting the emphasis on the features that click funnels supply.

ClickFunnels act as a stand-alone sales and marketing platform for your online business.  You don’t have to be tech-savvy to launch your online product or services, and they offer easy set-up with templates to engage your audience and convert lead generation to sales.  The low-cost investment gives a large return.

To assist you in making the most of ClickFunnels pages, below is how you can capitalize on using ClickFunnels.

How to Use ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels consists of one focused page to sell your product or service with a Call To Action (CTA).  There is:

  • One message
  • One product
  • One action

This one task provides for a more targeted audience that needs the product or service you are selling.  This is something you will want to keep in mind when designing your funnel.  Once you have decided what product or service you want to promote, you need to decide what type of funnel you wish to use. 

Choosing Your Sales Funnel Type

Several sites offer ready-made template designs and different types of sales funnels that are user friendly and quick to launch.  Some different kinds of funnel templates are:

  • Lead Generation Funnels:  These are lead generation and conversion pages for lower-cost products and quick sales.
  • Sales Info Funnels:  This refers to video or text with a focus on selling products and services through an introduction.
  • Launch Funnel:  Product Launches announce your new product or service online to the masses.  This is for a new item that you are selling.
  • Live Meeting Funnels:  Webinars sound just like what it is.  You promote your product through a conversational and informational production that is a live event.
  • Auto Video Funnel:  This type of funnel utilizes Evergreen.  Evergreen is another name for broadcasting your webinar 24/7 rather than live.
  • Data Forage Funnel:  This page collects data from prospective leads, such as contact information, long before they hit the buy button.
  • Vetting Funnel:  The Application Page serves to ensure that your prospective lead is appropriately vetted and qualify for exclusive product or service lines.

There are other funnels, but these are the most prominent and are a good launching point to introduce you to the ClickFunnel world.  Once you have selected the appropriate funnel for your product or service, the next step is to design your page.

Options to Design Your ClickFunnels Page

There are a few options for your funnel page creation.  You can:

  • Select a template from a service
  • Design your own
  • Hire a professional to create your funnel page

If you are not a tech-savvy person and want fast results, a template service or a hired professional may be ideal.  If you have expertise in graphic design and marketing, designing your own may be the way to go.  Most people tend to select templates for:

  • Ease of use
  • Speedy launch
  • List of features

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A few different services can be utilized that are relatively inexpensive or even offer free templates, with the list of features provided.  Some of them are:

The main advantage of using a template is that these templates have been designed and tested to convert sales leads.  If you create a template on your own, you may need to play with it more in an adventure of trial and error for what works and what doesn’t.  Also, using a template is usually much less expensive than hiring a graphic designer. 

However, you choose to create your page, the page created should showcase your product or service in a way that intrigues your audience and inspires them to act.  Remember, the goal of your funnel page should be:

  • High exposure 
  • Prospective leads 
  • Sales conversion

So, your funnel page should follow the sales acronym AIDA:

  • Awareness – Create a catchy title to bring them into your page on a social media post.
  • Interest – To create interest, you don’t shove the product or service at them; you educate your audience and intrigue them as to why they need it.  You will also want to capture information about them.
  • Decision – This stage is where the consumer will make their decision, so you want to entice them with a specific special offer from free shipping to a special discount.
  • Action – This is the buy button and, most importantly, the follow-up.  Staying in touch with your new buyer and offering services that they can use in the future is of paramount importance.

Creating your funnel page with all of these things in mind will increase the probability of your success once the customer has landed on the page.  The design of the page itself should be simplistic in nature and easy to navigate with:

  • A call to action
  • Easy on the eyes with a clean design
  • Simple forms with 1 to 2 questions such as name and email

The more you know your audience’s behavior, the more likely you are to captivate their attention.  Observing your audience’s buying habits serves to facilitate future sales and targeted funnel pages.  The only way to monitor behavior is to start driving traffic to your page.

Drive Traffic to Your ClickFunnels Page

Social media is, by far, the top tool for driving traffic to your funnel page.  There are several ways that this can be done:

  • Create an Instagram Presence:  If you aren’t on Instagram, you should be.  Make sure you capitalize on your posts with Hashtags.  Using a Hashtag creator will afford you optimum exposure.  Find influencers and interact with their posts to generate an audience.  Instagram is another ideal platform to launch your funnel page.
  • Promote Your Content:  Create a blog of informative posts for your product or service and refer to authoritative sites.  Content can provide an excellent platform to drive traffic to your funnel page by introducing useful, educative information in blogs that point traffic to your funnel page for action.  This includes serving as a guest blog on niche websites.
  • YouTube Channels:  Educational and How-To informational videos on YouTube can create brand awareness and educate people on why they need your product.  Follow up with a direction to your funnel page.

A hefty social media presence is the ideal way to make your brand known and drive traffic to your funnel.  Once traffic is visiting in droves, observe their behavior, so you learn how to engage them with your ClickFunnel pages properly.

ClickFunnels Testing and Analytics

If you decided to use a service for your funnel pages and their templates, testing and analytics are usually one of their features.  Being able to collect data on consumer behavior is extremely valuable and should be closely monitored.

Analytics will allow you to track your page’s activity and follow up with automated text messages, email, or various other things.  Analytics will tell you:

  • How many people are joining your list
  • Which funnels they are buying from
  • Where potential leads are leaving the site (drop-off)
  • Learn what people are searching for on your site

There are other things that analytics can tell you, but these are the most prominent things you will want to pay attention to.  Analytics help you visualize each step that occurs before the consumer purchases the product or service.

This process tells you what is working and what is not.  This information is crucial in developing a sales funnel that maximizes the conversion from lead to a sale.  If you are having a high amount of drop-off in a specific area, you will want to focus on what is working and adjust the drop-off point to one that keeps intrigue to final action.

Keeping a keen eye on your analytics and testing different pages is vital in growing your business and capitalizing on the traffic that visits your page.  Ideally, you should set up marketing sequences within your funnel page to address these issues.  Such as emailing or texting a consumer when a cart is abandoned, or when they join your mailing list, or when they purchase from your page.

Your page should be dynamic and interactive.  It should also be continually monitored and updated.  Creating a sales funnel is hard work, but it will be well worth the effort you put into it.  Once you get into the groove, it is all about:

  • Understanding your audience’s pain points
  • Presenting how your product or service is the solution
  • Informative content
  • Test, test, test again
  • Observe & adjust
  • Social media advertising
  • Follow up

Understanding Your Audience’s Pain Points

Knowing the specific areas where your audience is struggling to perform is understanding their pain point.  For example, if your target audience are businesses that have large scale payroll operations, their pain point is being bogged down to get W2s to employees at the end of year.  Maybe they are paying thousands in overtime.

You understand this pain point have a product or service that would streamline the way they process the W2s to cut their time in half and get rid of the overtime.  The burden of time and money are their pain points, the service you offer is the solution.  So, your service would be of value to them and you would promote the reasons why it is valuable.

Presenting How Your Product or Service Is The Solution

As discussed above, once you understand your audience’s pain point, you inform them why your services are the solution.  Take an educative stance on exactly how your product can help them to achieve the desired outcome.  Present the value to your service as the solution to their pain point.

Informative Content

You want to present your solution in a way that specifically addresses their pain point.  Enlighten and intrigue your audience with why the features of your product or service are of paramount importance to saving them time and money and how your service does it.  Talk to your audience like you are giving advice to a good friend.

Test, Test, Test Again – Observe and Adjust

Read your analytics and see what is working and what isn’t.  Be creative and try several different approaches.  Always be monitoring your audience and where the drop-off of interest is in your campaign so you can improve the engagement.

This process never stops and is continually being improved on to convert your leads to sales.  Observing your audience and testing how they react to your click funnels is a daily event.

Social Media Advertising

Once you have achieved a decent conversion rate, you will want to take some of the money you are making and put it into social media advertising.  This is not the same as posting on social media.  In this case, you would hire a digital marketing firm to assist you in promoting your pages and gaining higher exposure for more traffic.

Social media companies can alleviate your pain point of ranking in searches and getting high exposure, leaving you to focus more on what you do best, and that is handle your business.  With the new income you are bringing in, it should pay for itself.

Follow Up

Always follow up with your audience.  Set your click funnel strategy to send emails and texts when a lead drops off or when a sale is made.  It is important to remind them that you are there.  A good way to do this is through newsletters and memberships through a Data Forage Page.  Maximize on the information that you collect.

If you are not getting the desired results from your pages, make sure that your potential customers will not drop off due to technical difficulties.  Check your links and make sure they are working and responsive.

If they are, then review the simplicity and instruction of your page.  Are you following the best practices of a landing page illustrated above?  If you feel everything is perfect, there are some other things that you could try doing in order to get some feedback as to why your pages are not performing well.

Solutions for Adjusting Your ClickFunnels Pages

One solution to help adjust your page to your audience if you are struggling would be to create a simple survey.  One-page surveys with simple questions can provide valuable insight into why you and your audience are not connecting.  Some basic questions such as:

  • Why did you leave the site?
  • What are you looking for?
  • What are we missing?

Could gain you the solution to your problem and tell you what product or services you should be focusing on.  Another solution that isn’t as abrupt is the placement of Heatmaps.  Heatmaps will show you where users hover their mouse pointers and scroll, so you see where they are losing interest.

These tools can help you create the ideal sales funnel that will entice and engage your audience.  There is a lot of trial and error in discovering your optimum click funnel procedure, but you will see that it was well worth it once you do.

In Summary

ClickFunnels are an exceptional tool for entrepreneurs in meeting the challenges of a sales and marketing strategy.  ClickFunnel allows you to present yourself as a much larger entity and optimizes your target audience by catering to their specific needs and wants.

One of the hardest things in entrepreneurship is multi-tasking.  ClickFunnels satisfy several of those tasks while helping you grow your business.  Remembering your funnel page’s key functions in its creation is essential in the success that you will have in using this tool for your business.

ClickFunnels can bring awareness to your brand and expose your service or product to a vast population.  It does take some time and practice to create the ideal formula for your audience.  Using a ClickFunnels template that is tried and true will help with that as well as observing your audience’s behavior on your funnel pages.

Follow-up cannot be stressed enough.  Engaging and interacting with your audience lends a sense of personal investment and develops a loyal customer base.  The features available to entrepreneurs from ClickFunnels sites are inexpensive and offer a high rate of return, proving well worth the money spent.  Finally, investing time and resources into a social media platform will keep traffic flowing to your funnel page and keep those leads coming.

If this post helped. get started with a two-week free trial to start ClickFunnels today.