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In the past few years, I’ve spent a ton a money on the learning website Udemy. I have purchased a little of everything, including courses for my current job, courses for certifications, and others. While I was completing the courses I began thinking, “I could teach this better than him.” After a little research, I realized that ANYONE can teach for Udemy.

There is no educational or work-related requirement for teaching on the site. After discussing it with my wife, I decided I should attempt to teach a course on Udemy. The only problem: I had no idea what to teach. The website already has a ton of courses, what can I teach that will generate interest? I decided to start with AWS courses.

Once I decided on the courses I’d teach, I developed a plan to work on the courses after work. Often, I would stay up until 1 in the morning working on these courses. While the courses are only two hours long, you can easily put in 3 or more months of work into them.

I have three courses (3 paid, 1 free). Below are links to these courses. If you follow the below link, you will receive a discount not offered anywhere. I have plans to return to teaching these courses, but for now, I have other post work interests.

Below are my 4 courses, check them out!

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