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Check out the below video on how you can make $300 per day in the baseball niche.

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Do you want to know how you can make up to $300 per day talking baseball? Stay tuned? As I tell you in this video, how you can make $300 per day with baseball.

[00:00:14] Hello, YouTube. It’s Alston. I hope you’re doing well because I’m better than I’ve ever been in classes. Welcome to my channel, where I discuss affiliate marketing, passive income, and make money online. Be sure to like, subscribe and ring the bell to learn tips and tricks and affiliate marketing. All right. So today, we are going to talk about how you can make up to, or at least $300 per day just by baseball.

[00:00:35]So if you’re familiar with baseball, obviously, it’s America’s pastime. It’s played worldwide, which means it’s a great opportunity to make some perfect money and the way that you’re going to. Is with affiliate marketing. And if you’re not familiar with affiliate marketing is basically where you recommend a product or service.

[00:00:53] If a person clicks on your affiliate link and purchases that product or service you recommend, you can actually receive some income called commission. And so if you stay with me, I’m actually going to tell you the best site to do that. I will actually show you how you can up to or at least $300 per day.

[00:01:10]So hang with me and as I walk you through the steps on how you can take advantage of this game, all, so we know what baseball is. We know what affiliate marketing is. Let’s talk about how you can go about making that $300 per day. So the first thing that I definitely urge you to do is to pick a niche.

[00:01:25] Now, in this case, we’re talking about a sub-niche. So when you think about basics, tons of different sub-niches are out there. You could talk about major league baseball. You could talk about T-ball, softball, Wiffle ball. You could even talk about literally minor leagues.

[00:01:41] There are just so many different ways that you can approach it. Memorabilia is a hall of fame. Sports apparel, in general, there are just several ways that you can approach it. And so the first thing that you absolutely need to do is pick a sub-niche. So the niche is what you’re going to focus all of your content around and what I like to call a content ecosystem.

[00:01:58] And so that’s the first step pick a niche. The second step is to pick a platform and what I mean by platform? Are you going to blog? So basically, are you going to write content about basically? Are you going to create YouTube videos like I’m doing now, providing helpful information and content? Are you going to do podcasts, or are you going to do social media?

[00:02:16] Or are you going to do something else? So number one, pick a niche. Number two, pick a platform. Now you can blend a few different platforms, but if you’re just getting started with affiliate marketing, I recommend that you stay with one platform to begin. All right. So we’ve got those two things taken care of.

[00:02:32] And then the next thing you want to do is you want to create content. What I like to call the content ecosystem. So you are going to pick a problem. Or a series of problems, and you’re going to answer that problem. So think about it. If you’re thinking about baseball, what do people want to know? Maybe they want to know how to hit a curveball.

[00:02:48] Maybe they want to know the best training to help you hit a curveball or feel the base head or angles who box scores who won last night between the Cubs. So all the different things that people will be asking you will create content around questions or comments people are going to be searching for.

[00:03:06] And so basically what you do then. Yeah. You create this content, and then you actually put your affiliate links associated with the content ecosystem you’ve created, and people click those links, and they buy the product. So again, thinking about it, we’ve picked our niche. We have picked our platforms.

[00:03:23] So, let’s say YouTube videos. We will create a series of pieces of content about learning to play the game of baseball. So let’s say you’re going to tell. Five-year-olds how to play baseball. So think about that. You’re going to need to teach them how to field, how to hit, how to throw, how to catch a. So you are going to create. I would say probably at least 20 pieces of content per area.

[00:03:47] And you’re going to put your affiliate links in the description. And so, I’m sure you’re wondering how you can make $300 plus per day just by creating content on YouTube videos. And that’s where affiliate marketing comes in. Now I found this website that actually pays you a 10% commission on it. Products or services that you sell.

[00:04:07] That’s a pretty good amount for actually selling products. If you look at Amazon associates, they only pay between four and 10%. So most likely, it’s going to be towards that lower end. But this website is called baseball plus And I’ll put a link to that, a website in the description, but they all have their products pay 10% commission.

[00:04:30] In addition, they have a longer cookie window. If you’re not familiar with what a cookie is for affiliate marketing, I will leave a card up here right about now to help you understand what a cookie is and how that can affect you as an affiliate marketer. All right. So I’m going to put some numbers on the screen here, and I’ll show you how you can get to and through $300 per day.

[00:04:49] So I took a look at this website again, it’s called baseball plus, and their prices range between four. And I’m just going to break this down for bats between 38, 99, and $449 and 95 cents per item. So if you’re doing the math, 10% of 38, 99 is $3 and 89 cents, but 10% of 4 49 95 is 44 99. And so you can actually see how you can, these numbers start to add up.

[00:05:19] Obviously, if you’re playing baseball is an expensive sport. And you’re going to need a bat. You’re going to need to go up. You’re going to need probably a helmet. You’re going to need a ton of baseballs. You’re probably gonna need some training equipment, cleats, clothing A baseball bag.

[00:05:33] I knew I needed to have them when I played baseball. In addition, if you are serious, let’s say you’re getting up there and you’re looking to get in, get drafted, or get into the minor leagues. You’re going to need training equipment. So there are differences. Different types of equipment that someone could purchase, or if you’re starting a league and you’re going to, or if someone’s starting a league, they’re going to need these different types of training equipment.

[00:05:54] Now I went and looked. Some training equipment will automatically shoot out the baseballs for batting practice that actually costs $3,599. 10% of that is $359. Suppose you hold one of those a day. You would make over $300. That’s probably not practical or logical, but it is practical and logical for you to sell maybe a couple of bats per day.

[00:06:18]A couple out gloves, catchers, mitts, first baseman mitts. It’s very logical for you to sell maybe one or two protective equipment. So if you have a cat. The catcher protective equipment actually ranges between 39 99 and 1549 to $1,549. So if you just sold one catcher’s protective mask and maybe the chest pad and the knee pads, you could get over $200 just by that.

[00:06:44] Again, you’re going to be selling bags and Excel accessories. Apparel, all of these things together. If you just sold one or two of each thing, which is not improbable for baseball because they’re all needs, you could get well over $300 per day. So you must decide on the platform and maybe the type of content you’re going to create.

[00:07:04] So if you’re going to create instructional videos for, let’s say, five or six-year-olds, you need to make sure that you have the products and services that you recommend. They target five and six-year-olds, actually their parents, but you can see how you could make $300 plus per day with affiliate marketing?

[00:07:22] If this makes sense to you, I want you to comment right now. Make sense continuing if you want it to. You can do a re-review video. So you’re comparing two different bats. That’s another option you can do the review. You can do review comparison videos. There are just so many different options learned to play professionally.

[00:07:40] You could even record yourself playing. And one of the great ideas that I actually came up with and told a friend is to record yourself, playing a game, and then give yourself feedback on YouTube, criticize, critique, tell how you could get better. And that actually could apply to many different sports.

[00:07:57] So if you play tennis or basketball or whatever, set up a camera. I have someone to film you and record the entire game or record maybe the first three innings. And then you could say, okay, here I should have taken a better angle, or I swung at a bad pitch, whatever people are going to watch that content because they want to learn how to play and get better.

[00:08:17] So if this is making sense again, I want you to comment right now, make sense. And also, if you haven’t done like common inception, So continuing, I’m going to leave a few links in the description. That’ll help you get started with affiliate marketing. The first link that I want you to check out is a wink towards a free email guide.

[00:08:35]If you know anything about me or know anything about this channel, I recommend email marketing. If you are brand new to affiliate marketing, the reason for that is email marketing actually converts at twice the braider, twice the percentage as any other marketing type out there. And so if you can start collecting.

[00:08:51] Emails and start following up with people with autoresponders. You are going to see your affiliate income increase. So that’s linked. Number one, link. Number two is called project 24. Patch 24 is a course that helps you create content. Success online. The cool thing about project 24 is it started as a blogging course.

[00:09:10] So you would learn how to blog the right way since then. They’ve actually added a YouTube component. So if you wanted to get started with YouTube videos and didn’t want to worry about blog posts at all, you could still take advantage of project 24. That’s the second link in the story. The third link is actually towards ClickFunnels.

[00:09:25] ClickFunnels is the email software that I use to follow up with my customers or potential customers with email marketing. I recommend click funnels because it does everything that you need to do for email marketing in one place. Sure. You can actually go over here and go over there and go up there to find, do everything as far as creating lead magnets, and yeah.

[00:09:48] And landing pages and opt-ins and autoresponders, but ClickFunnels do everything in one place, and they actually do so much more. So definitely check out ClickFunnels. There’s a two-week free trial, and the description, all of the links that you see, you can assume they’re affiliate links. If you have any questions, make sure that your comment is below also. If you haven’t done so already, like subscribe and ring the bell so that I can keep bringing you great content.

[00:10:10]If you have any questions, let me know. I’ll see you in the next video.