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Watch the below video to learn how to make passive income with affiliate marketing on Instagram.

In the below video, you’ll learn:

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  • How to create content that converts on Instagram
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Unedited Transcript

all right. It looks like we are alive. Let me just fix my backdrop here so that you can’t see behind the curtain and the man instructing me as to what to do. Hello. My name is Alston Godbolt, and welcome to my channel. If you’re, if this is your first time here, I create YouTube videos. I create pieces of content to help you start generating passive income.

[00:00:29] With affiliate marketing in just one hour per day so that you don’t have to quit your full-time job. Basically, what I do is as I learn new pieces of information, I learn how to do something. Then, I like to share it and pass it on to my fellow YouTubers and marketers. The reason I created the channel is that I started creating content consistently because there’s a lot of bad information out there.

[00:00:52] There’s a lot of partial information out there, and I want to make sure that I’m giving you—the correct information. I want to make sure that I’m adding value to your life so that you can get started on the right track with creating content, making money online with affiliate marketing, so that you can potentially retire from your full-time job and make money passively.

[00:01:08] And so I want to do everything that I can to help you out with that. And so, thank you for subscribing, and thank you for joining. If you haven’t subscribed yet, definitely consider subscribing, but I’ve been doing live videos every day this week. And we’ll see if I continue because I kind of. It’s like having a radio broadcast, but you guys can see me, and I can just talk and ramble on. So if you have questions, feel free to throw them out there at any point.

[00:01:33] But in this video, I will show you how to get started with affiliate marketing. Instagram now Instagram, as it’s a social media platform. Facebook owns Instagram, but it is a good opportunity to start generating passive income. And I will show you step-by-step how to do that. So this is my channel page Alston.

[00:01:52] Godbolt is probably the easiest person to find on the internet. Let’s head on over to Instagram, and let’s take a look at a channel that I have been working on for some time. Actually, let me rephrase that. I’ve been working on this channel for about a month. Yeah. This channel is basically like an example test channel that has had some pretty good results.

[00:02:10] And I want to show you those results, show you what I’m doing so that you can model copy, potentially steal what I’m doing and start generating passive income. So the first thing that I want to show you, and the first thing that I want you to do is I want you to go over to the Google Chrome store.

[00:02:26] If you haven’t already done it. And I want you to search Instagram. The first thing that I want you to do is I want you to download the desktop for Instagram. It’s right here. If you can see that, and the reason why I want you to do that is so that you can actually. Be active on Instagram from your computer.

[00:02:44] In most cases, people expect that you will be creating content with your mobile phone. Usually, you can only do it with your mobile phone, but this desktop application, offered through Google Chrome, excuse me, let’s plugin will allow you to participate in Instagram from your desktop.

[00:03:00] And let me just show you what that looks like. So once you click desktop for an Instagram and you download it, you’ll get this little icon at the top. Of my screen. You’ll click that, and then you’ll get this mobile version. You may have to create an account on Instagram if you haven’t already done. So it takes a couple of minutes.

[00:03:19] But this is what it’ll look like. You can do a cell phone version, or you can actually do a tablet or iPhone version. And so this will allow you to work on Instagram for your car from your computer, but I’m going to show you everything that you need to do to get started right away. And it doesn’t take that much time.

[00:03:35] You can get started with Instagram. Affiliate marketing with Instagram in just maybe a half an hour to an hour every single day. And you can really start growing your business and seeing some real results. So the first thing that we’re going to do is we’re going to download the desktop for the Instagram plugin or extension Chrome extension, which you can see here.

[00:03:52] It is simply desktop for Instagram offered by PIP incorporated. And it has right now, 673. Review. So look for that install that’ll take a couple of minutes. Once you do that, what you’re going to want to do is obviously picking the niche the largest niches, health, wealth relationships, and technology. Still, you essentially could create an insecure Instagram account about anything.

[00:04:16] And I certainly urge you to explore something that you’re interested in. Obviously, you can do the big four, the core four is what I like to call them, but you can do it with just about any niche. So that is step number one, step number two. And one of the cool things about this Instagram. A plugin that we can take advantage of or an Instagram extension that we can take advantage of will enable us to download Instagram images that are already on the web.

[00:04:44] Now, the reason why you want to consider doing this is if you don’t have images already saved up, you don’t have images already lined up. You can download these and then re-upload them to your account. Now, this is a good way to get started so that you can start building up a. Building up your account relatively quickly, you don’t have to go out and try and recreate the wheel.

[00:05:03] You can go out and see what’s working and simply do that by clicking the search button and then typing in a hashtag of your niche. So, for example, I will do a hashtag we’ll say passive income, and I’m going to click obviously on the hashtag. And what I can do is I can just go through and download if I want to. So I can download this to my desktop.

[00:05:27] To my computer and then go back to my desktop where we’re downloaded and re-upload it again. You want to do this on, on, on images that have a lot of traffic that have a lot of thumbs up and hearts and likes because you know that it works. So this is a good way to get started. If you have no idea what to post, you want to model what has already worked so that you can.

[00:05:52] Grow faster so that you can go really quickly. So I would do this. Maybe I would create maybe two posts a day, just like this. Find things that it was working, download them to your computer, and then re-upload them. And obviously, you want to add hashtags, and you want to add a little bit of text.

[00:06:10] To find hashtags. What I recommend if you’re just getting started, or maybe if you’re looking to change niches, I recommend that you find 30 hashtags in your niche and post them on every one of your uploads and the find hashtags. You can simply type in Google Instagram hashtags, or you could go to this website it’s called.

[00:06:28] Hyphen, and you can get a list of the top 100 hashtags for today. So if you want to piggyback on what’s working already, you can grab some of these hashtags and put them right into your Instagram upload. So that’s one way to get there. And you can also do a Google search for hashtags in your niche.

[00:06:47] That only takes a couple of minutes, but this is a good way to get started. And I recommend that you start with 30 hashtags right away. That may seem like a lot that may feel like hashtag stuffing, but it’s a good way to start growing your business. Now, what I recommend too, is that you use a combination.

[00:07:05] Yeah. High-level, upper-level hashtags and what I’m going to call long-tail hashtags. And basically, what that means is, let’s say a competitive, trending, the popular hashtag will be affiliate marketing a long tail or not so popular. So now it’s will turning hashtags may be affiliate marketing tools for beginners.

[00:07:22] Now, the reason why you want to use both of those is so that you allow yourself to show up in both algorithms. If you go after. Search engine optimization. If you go after long-tail keywords a long-tail hashtags, you have a greater chance of showing up in the search results. You have a greater opportunity of showing up in the algorithms.

[00:07:40] So I certainly recommend that if you haven’t done so, or if you’re just getting started, if you are switching your niches, use a combination of both short and long-tail hashtags for your keywords. So that’s very important. When you’re getting started, I would also encourage you to do when you’re first creating an account, go up to, as you can see here with my profile, I’m going actually to expand this here.

[00:08:03]Let’s see if we can increase this. All right. So if you go up right now, I only have 12 followers 63 following 209 posts. So one thing that I recommend that you do is add some emotion. And there is the way you can find emojis as you go over to Emojipedia, and you want to, again, you want to model what is working.

[00:08:25] So, find Instagram accounts that are in your niche and do a little bit of what’s working. I’m not saying copy them directly. I’m not saying copy it word for word, but I certainly recommend that you model what has worked. So for my niche, I’m in the affiliate marketing niche I have here, creating your own brand.

[00:08:43] On a mission to help people, help others make money online, passive income, click the link to learn how, if you’ve watched any of my other videos, that I’m big on the call to actions because if you don’t tell people what to do, they’re not going to know what to do. So I certainly recommend that you add click the link to learn how to click the link and direct them.

[00:09:01] Nowhere, what you’ll see as you’ll see, like a mini link of many that link, and I’ll get into this in just a little bit, but a mini link enables you the opportunity to have multiple—links on one page. Now, if you know anything about Instagram, if you have experience with Instagram, they will only allow you one link.

[00:09:19] But if you add a menu, you can have multiple links on a page. So if you have multiple affiliate offers and congruent affiliate offers, you can actually create a mini link to have people go to multiple offers. Now, I would recommend no more than maybe three or four; if you have an entire page of affiliate offers, that kind of gets excessive, and make sure that they are congruent to whatever your account is talking about.

[00:09:46] So now that we’ve talked a little bit. About Instagram. I want to show you how to create pins relatively quickly or excuse me. I want to show you how to create images relatively quickly now to do that. And I’m just going to scroll down to show you what I do is I do a combination of a few things, I find I’m losing the word here.

[00:10:08] I find popular quotes in my niche. So basically, what I do is I’ll say marketing quotes.

[00:10:17] And then I’ll take those quotes, I’ll copy them. And then I’ll go right over to Canva, which is completely free software, and I’ll upload them that way. So let me show you how to do that. So I’m going to Canva, and I’m just going to type in, as it’s already here Instagram posts. So I’m going to click on the Instagram post, and basically, I just go blank.

[00:10:40] And to be perfectly honest with you, I don’t try and recreate the wheel. I go over to templates, and I look for free templates. Now, the thing with CAMBA is they have both free and paid templates. So you want to make sure that you are choosing the free one, or else you will be charged when you click download.

[00:10:58] So what I do is I’ll let’s say I’ll use this one. I’ll jump over to my inspirational quotes. I’ll click 50 inspirational marketing.

[00:11:08]Let’s see. And then I just copy and paste. Copy this copy. Or throw this over here, and we’ll paste it. And then after that, what I do then is I just download it, and I do this over and over again. What I do is I actually upload six Instagram. Posts per day. I have six uploads per day that I do.

[00:11:30]And there is a combination of calls, action quotes, and actually images that I can download. And then re-upload. Hey, how’s it going, Marshall? I’m sorry. Mar my horrible. Did I pronounce that correctly? I’ll probably butcher your name forever. So I apologize in advance. Do you have any plans? Anyway, while I’m waiting on that, basically what I do is I download it.

[00:11:53] And with Instagram, you have to download it as a JPEG file. If you do a J, if you do a PNG file, it will not upload it. It won’t work. You’ll have to convert it over to your JPEG file. And simply to do that, you just clicked on it. Change it to JPG, and when you click download, and then once you click download, you’re able to re-upload them.

[00:12:16]As I said, with my Instagram account, if I go back here to my account, actually let me go over to this one. Right here. I do a combination of inspirational quotes or motivational quotes. I do calls to action, and then also images. They are already popular on Instagram. Now, if you do this, you can do this.

[00:12:37] Like I said, probably half an hour, 45 minutes per day. Every day. I would recommend that you take one day, take an hour, and just download and create all of these images so that you can come to your computer and just upload them. There are several software out there that you can take advantage of where they do auto-scheduling.

[00:12:56] Most of them are paid services. I haven’t found a good one. That’s free. I did find one that was free, but it only limited you to seven days of uploads at a time. And I think you can only upload two days or two times every two times a day for seven days. So again, what I’m, what I would do step-by-step is create a free.

[00:13:17]You want to ensure that everything on your account is relative or congruent to the niche you selected. So again, go up to search and find popular hashtags in your niche. So we could say let’s say woodworking because Ted’s woodworking is huge in the cookbook. Circles. And so you could actually do stuff within woodworking.

[00:13:40] If you look here, you basically, all you need to do again, if you jump over to that Instagram for desktop, and I’m going to click search again and actually let me expand this year. All right. So that looks a little bit better. Again, you just type in, we’ll say woodworking.

[00:14:00] quick word. Once you find something that you’re interested in, you can download it. And then re-upload it. I recommend doing somewhere between. You could do three to six per day. I like doing six per day because it helps you get traction faster. As I reiterated, you want to make sure that you are uploading or having at least 30 hashtags.

[00:14:22]If you have any questions, let me know. I’d be happy to answer them. And let me actually jump into the menu. Link, as you can see here, I have many links personally. I recommend having a link to my landing page here so that I can collect emails for email marketing, but I’m testing this to see how well this is going.

[00:14:43] I’m getting hits. I’m getting traffic to my individual offers. So if I click this link, You’ll see there are. I have what? 5 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. So normally, I would recommend somewhere between four and five, but I have six on here for whatever reason. But if I click, each one of these goes to a different affiliate offer. As you can see, all of these offers are related to the niche. The answers guide the insider’s guide to affiliate marketing project 24, a content marketing site.

[00:15:13]The a hundred-day plan to become a super affiliate through click funnels, no more copywriting, and so on. And to create these, you just go over too many clicks. Where is it here? I opened it up with many clicks. The website is many click. This link you to create a free account to get started. I’m just going to slide this over to log in log in.

[00:15:43] Actually, I don’t remember my email address. I don’t remember my email address for this, but let me see, I will click sign up just because I don’t remember. I’m going to create an account here quickly.

[00:16:00] All right. So I’ve created an account with many clicks really quickly. At this point, I would add my Instagram account. Let me see if I can do this. I don’t remember. Let’s try this. Oh, God bolts. Let’s see, continue.

[00:16:18] And then the next step would be to copy this URL over into your Instagram profile, where you can only add one link. And again, many clicks can be used to add multiple affiliate offers. So that when someone clicks on it, they can see all of the offers that you have. If I click on links, I have no links, and there’s simply add a link.

[00:16:39] You just click, add a link. You can add a title. We’re going to say click funnels two-week free trial. I am going to add a random URL, and I’m going to click save. Then from here, you have a few different options.

[00:16:59] From here, you have a few different options when it comes to your clicks or your link, excuse me. Let’s see, where am I at here? Go a profile two-week free trial. As you can see, when you click on it, it takes you to an affiliate link. I’m not sure why that is that, but here we go. So if we go to links, Click on the gear here.

[00:17:27] One of the cool things with what many clicks is, it does offer a little bit of tracking so you can see exactly how often it’s getting clicked, which is a great feature, click edit. Let’s see, where is it?

[00:17:40]There is a way you can change the color, the background color of mini click. So if I go back over to my Instagram test account and go to my profile, and I click this link.

[00:17:59] As you can see, my background is different. You have the option of changing your background. There are, I believe there are four different colors, and this is all free. You don’t have to pay for any of this. And so it’s a good option. If you’re looking to get your affiliate links out there, and again, this is 100% for free.

[00:18:14] And so this is definitely something that you want to consider. If you have any questions, feel free to throw them out. Comment. If this is making sense, if this isn’t making sense, if I’m going too fast, certainly let me know. Suppose you want to edit your content here. If you want to edit your profile or simply click edit profile, and again, you want to look and model your Instagram profile after what’s working.

[00:18:38] And so really, that’s it. This is a pretty easy process. It’s a pretty hands-off process, but I certainly urge you to. Where is it at here? I certainly urge you to download this desktop for Instagram. It’ll make your life much easier. You can actually get going up. You can actually get up and running much faster.

[00:18:55] And so you can get going, but I certainly urge you to if Instagram is the way you want to go, I certainly urge you to take action. Do these steps. You can, obviously, you can do Instagram through your mobile device or your smartphone tablet, but if you. White me. And you’re not a huge fan of being on your cell phone.

[00:19:13]Or if the images are too small or whatever, it may be. Definitely look into doing Instagram for desktop. It will save you a bunch of time, and this can be basically what, another way you could use this. As you could use this to send traffic to your primary platform, let’s say you’re using Instagram as your traffic driver to get started.

[00:19:33] Instead of having people go directly to your many link links, one of your links could actually be a YouTube video or YouTube channel. Teaching people how to make money or how to lose weight. This would be a great way to get up and running, to get started pretty quickly that. Believe it or not, this is probably going to be my shortest live stream ever.

[00:19:53]Which is good because. That’s really all you need to know. It’s not difficult. It’s not overly complicated, but this is a very effective strategy. I’m sure the question will come up. Hopefully, the question comes up. Hey, you only have 12 followers. Are you making money? Yes, even though I have 12 followers, I still get traffic because I’m using a ton of hashtags.

[00:20:14] I’m using 30 hashtags that are all congruent. Look at all of these different hashtags and people because the quote resonates with them. They want to know more about me. They want to learn more about what I’m talking about. They want to know about what they want to know what I’m selling or what I’m promoting.

[00:20:31] And so people are naturally going to click the link, and they’re going to say, yes, this resonates with me. The book he’s giving away, the book that he’s selling, makes sense to me. And I want to take action. I want to make some money. So regardless of the size of your team, It’s not. It’s not the size of the channel in the fight.

[00:20:49] It’s the size of the fight in the channel. Regardless of the size of your channel, you can make money now, just like with my YouTube channel. Do I make money with my YouTube channel? Yes. Even though I’m not monetized, I can still make money with my YouTube channel because I’m providing. The value I’m adding value to people’s lives.

[00:21:05] The content that I’m providing resonates with people. And so they want to take action. They want to start making passive income. They want to learn more about affiliate marketing. They want to learn how to build an online business. And so they’re taking that next step. And I certainly urge you if you want to learn how to actually build an online business so that you can generate passive income.

[00:21:24] I would urge you to click that first link in the description or go to Allston forward slash start. But if we continue. Any channel of any size can make money. So don’t be discouraged if you don’t have any followers right away, don’t be discouraged. If people aren’t clicking on your links, it happens literally overnight.

[00:21:45] One way you can help boost the performance is to start following people similar to you. So what could you do if I jump back over to my Instagram for desktop? I’m going to search once again for affiliate marketing. Philly up marketing. And what I want to do is simply find people, just.

[00:22:13] find people that are about the same size as you. Now, this will take a little bit longer to do because you’re going to be checking out basically everybody’s profile. So you want to start following people that have a low subscriber count because they’re more than likely going to want to follow back now for whatever reason; this isn’t working.

[00:22:31] So let me jump on over to the record. Clicks, affiliates, marketing. All right. So

[00:22:44] I wonder if my internet is going down. Let’s see. That is where we go. All right. Top posts. We’re going to scroll past that. I’m going to click this link here. And I want to learn a little more about this person if they have about the same size. Okay. So 17 followers and therefore following 49 people, you can do to help spur growth is to follow this person in hopes that they follow back.

[00:23:09] Now, obviously, you don’t want to say things like follow for following or follow back Fridays or whatever it is you want to follow them and just hope that they decide to follow you back because they’ll probably get a notification. That someone new is following you. And when you have a low number of subscribers, you get excited that someone has found your content and wants to join your world essentially.

[00:23:34] And so basically, you could just do this a couple of times every day. What I’d recommend is probably. If you’re going to go this route, if you want to spur growth faster, I’d recommend joining maybe 20 people every single day if you start joining a lot of people. That is going to be a red flag of sorts to Instagram algorithms.

[00:23:53] Quite possibly get flagged as a spammer. So I would recommend keeping that number pretty low and just trying to follow people in the same ballpark. Now, obviously, it could range, but just try and follow people that are, have a relatively low follower count so that you can start making money that way.

[00:24:11] I don’t know why this isn’t working on here. Refresh it here. I’ve sold the benefits of this application here, and it’s not working. Yeah.

[00:24:25] All right. So affiliate marketing. There we go. So I’m going to scroll down again. I am going to click this link click here. And this person has 115 followers. So this might be a good person. Obviously, you want to make sure that the account is aligned with your values and belief system but then follow them again because you have such a low number.

[00:24:49] People are going to follow back one benefit. This person only has a post they’re going to want to learn a little bit more about you. But, essentially, they’re going to want to click the links that you’re offering them. So it’s a good opportunity. You don’t have to do this. You can do this to make your growth happen a little bit faster.

[00:25:07]But this isn’t a requirement for this process. You simply create an account, download the Instagram for desktop or desktop for the Instagram plugin that I showed you or the Chrome extension that I showed you. Pick your niche. Download. Download popular images from Instagram using this desktop for Instagram, then re-upload them.

[00:25:27] You only have to do a few uploads per day. What I recommend, depending on your niche is using inspirational or motivational quotes. Inspirational or motivational quotes work really well for health and wealth. Relationships could work well too, but they work really well to get people to like favorites and comment on your posts for whatever reason; providing inspirational quotes really gets people going.

[00:25:52] So I mix in a, I mix in two posts, two reuploads two inspirational quotes, and then two calls to action because you just never know what’s going to happen. And what’s going to get people to click right. And so what I would recommend is just testing different colors, testing, different types of posts. So that way, you can find out what works and what doesn’t work, and then you can just keep doing what works.

[00:26:17]So again, if you are interested in learning how to generate a passive income, And just one hour per day, there will be free training. If you go to Austin, forward slash start, the link in the description will actually take you to free training. It’ll actually take you to a landing page, quite honestly, where I can follow up with you and make sure that I can answer your questions, but eventually, you’ll get to a free training or where you’ll get to learn a little.

[00:26:41] The great thing is this is probably my shortest video, but it is packed with content information and value. So be sure to like subscribe, ring the bell if you have not already done. So once again, I appreciate you taking your time out of your day to come to sit with me for however long you sat with me. And thanks for watching.

[00:26:58] Have a good night.