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Hello, YouTube. My name is Alston. And today, I’m going to show you how to make money with affiliate marketing in the gaming industry. Hello, YouTube. It’s Alston. And welcome to my channel, where I discuss affiliate marketing, passive income, and making money online. Be sure to like, subscribe, and ring the bell to learn tips and tricks and affiliate marketing today.

[00:00:18] I’m going to give you everything you need to know to become a successful affiliate marketer in the gaming industry. I will cover which products to promote, when you should promote them, where you should promote them. Also, stay till the end of this video. So you can get my special gift for affiliate marketing in the gaming industry.

[00:00:36] Question of the day. Are you a gamer that is looking to make a couple of extra dollars with affiliate marketing? Or are you an affiliate marketer looking to break into gaming? Make sure that you comment below with your answer. So let’s get started—just a quick story about my background. I am a retired gamer.

[00:00:56]The last game that I purchased was actually division two. Before that, I was playing a little bit of ex-com to myself. And I was a big fan of the man in the franchise since getting a little bit older. So I have had to hang up my controller in pick-up pacifiers and bottles, but the good news is I’m here to help you get started with gaming affiliate.

[00:01:19] You can promote video games and video game consoles, to be perfectly honest with you. However, if you’re new to affiliate marketing, you probably won’t receive or earn a high commission on these two products. One, because they’re prevalent. Video games themselves are relatively cheap, ranging between 59 until it’s a hundred bucks, depending on the level or type of game you purchased.

[00:01:43] So, there are many other products that you could actually promote to earn some passive income. Those products include video game accessories. So like headphones, headsets, microphones. Couches special chairs. You can actually promote TVs as well. If you’re a gamer, you know that there is a different type of TV that you’re looking for versus something that your grandma or Greg mammo would be looking into.

[00:02:10]You can also promote projectors. You can promote soundbars and sound systems. That’s an option for you. In addition, you can promote lighting special led lighting to set the mood. These are all different options that you have as well. Also, if you’re a gamer, you know that you can also promote computers in addition to video games and video game consoles.

[00:02:30] You can promote completed systems that are already put together, or you can actually promote individual parts. And I’m going to show you how to do this in, in, towards the end of this video. But just know that you do have a ton of options. In addition to video games and video game components, you can also do desks computer accessories.

[00:02:48] So, like computer monitors, there are special 4k monitors or curved monitors that you could use. You can promote most mice or keyboards. You could actually also promote web hosting as well. So there are several different things that you can promote if you’re looking to promote to the affiliate marketing gaming niche.

[00:03:04]The next question you should ask yourself is when to promote. So, in general, there are probably three good times to promote. The first time I would say it’s a good time to promote is around a new release. So if there is a AAA title, let’s say call of duty is coming out. Pretty soon, you can start promoting it and around call of duty.

[00:03:23] There’s going to be a lot of marketing buzz out there. There will be many people searching for it—images and clips in gameplay for call of duty. So right now would be a good time to promote other products and services. So you might want to promote the new maybe the new controller, the call of duty controller.

[00:03:39] That’s out there. You may want to promote a new monitor so that you can get the highest resolution for your new video game. You may even want to start promoting or thinking about promotion. The special call of duty is a console that always comes out every year with the new release. So that’s another great time to promote or to put out a bunch of content that would be around the large convention.

[00:04:04] So we’re in June,  just wrapped up, I believe last week, that would be before leading up to would be a great time to promote products and services in the gaming niche because there’s a lot of hype that’s already running. And other conventions, it’s a good way to piggyback off of that. To get a lot of exposure.

[00:04:24] Again, similar to new releases, people are going to be searching and craving content to help you to help them, to get them excited about something that’s coming out in something new. So those are two good places. So those are two good ways or good two good times to promote around new product launches, like AAA titles around large conventions. Another good time to promote is actually while you’re playing video games. So you might want to launch a Twitch stream, or if you’re able to do a Facebook or YouTube live, you could actually have someone sitting older. You could actually have a camera sitting over your shoulder while you play it.

[00:05:00]You can talk a little bit about the game, some of the strengths, the weaknesses. This is a great opportunity for you to promote a product. At the same time, doing what you love, which is gaming. You can talk about the chair you’re sitting in and how it’s much more comfortable than the other chair you had in the past.

[00:05:16] How the monitor that you’re using provides a much higher resolution. These are all great examples of ways to promote products organically while playing video games and being an affiliate marketer for the gaming industry. So now that we have talked about, we listed three places we talked to when we met.

[00:05:35] During convention time during or before major product launches. And we also talked about playing live another great time too. So now let’s talk a little bit about where to promote. There are several places that you can actually promote products and services for your affiliate marketing business.

[00:05:53] The best place is YouTube. YouTube has a huge gaming niche. Or playing a video game, or if you’re doing a review about a video game or chairs, you can actually put your affiliate links right in the description. As I have, there are a few affiliate links in there that recommend products and services that you’re interested in.

[00:06:13] For example, if you purchased a new headset, I had a turtle beach headset that I really liked. I could actually put the link from Amazon in there. And if someone purchases that same headset. You would get a commission. And so basically, the way that it works is you can actually create a YouTube video talking about the video game industry as a wholesome of the issues that you’re possibly running into.

[00:06:35] And you could say when I’m meeting with my group or with my clan, I use the turtle beach, blah, blah, blah headset. Oh, by the way, I’m an affiliate for them. There is an affiliate link in the description. You can point to that. People will go out and check out that. Headset. If they like it, if it’s a good price for them, they can buy it.

[00:06:52] You can receive a portion of the commission. So YouTube is a great place. I believe the gaming industry is the largest niche in YouTube. So you’ll possibly be in good company, but it’s also an opportunity to make decent money. The next place that you can actually promote your gaming products, affiliate products, is on your own website.

[00:07:12] So if you have your own website, regardless of if it’s free or paid, you can actually use it. As a way to promote a product or service, similar to YouTube videos, you can actually write or record a review. You can talk about a video game that you’re interested in. You could say, Hey, I’m using this new double chair.

[00:07:32] It’s so comfortable. Why don’t you check it out? Here’s a link. People check out the chair. They buy again. You could receive a little bit of commission for the next grade. The next great place to promote your affiliate links for the gaming industry is social networks. So if you are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, you can actually promote products and services again through social media to earn some commission.

[00:07:59]You have to be careful of the different rules that are out there because. Social networks are not as friendly to affiliate marketers as other ones, but social media networks are another great opportunity. Again, similar to YouTube on the website, you can spend a few minutes talking about how you just purchased the new gears of war 83.

[00:08:19]And you’ve had a great experience so far. Here’s a link to purchase it yourself or join my group. Here’s the link to purchase gears of war if you don’t already have it. So that’s another great way. Another awesome way that you can potentially promote your product is through forums. And one thing that I have failed to mention is you can actually use it.

[00:08:39] All of these different platforms or mediums are in conjunction with one another. So, for example, you could use Twitter to point back to your YouTube videos. You could use Instagram to point to Facebook. So there are several different ways for you to get your PR your affiliate links out there, but you use them all in conjunction to find greater success, but going back to forums, you can use forums.

[00:09:02] Like I would say, Quora is a question-answer type form. You can use it. But again, each forum has special rules that will not allow you to post your affiliate links. So definitely check that out, as it has different options or opportunities to provide helpful content and then ask people to click your link to purchase your book.

[00:09:26] Or service at your marketing. So I just want to remind you of the question. Are you a gamer that’s looking to get into affiliate marketing? Where are you, an affiliate marketer? That’s looking into gaming. So leave a comment in the description below. And also, while I have you, if this video has helped you out so far, make sure that you like and subscribe, and ring the bell.

[00:09:47] So let’s continue. Why should you consider getting into affiliate marketing in the gaming niche? The number one reason is you love video games. You love talking about them. You love playing them. You love getting together with your group or your clan to play video games. So it’s a great way to earn some money while you sleep.

[00:10:07] And do something that you love, and you can actually make a ton of videos about walkthroughs and different bosses that you have to fight against. There are just so many different ways to take advantage of the gaming industry and make some money on the side. You would be looking into getting into the gaming niche for affiliate marketing if you are an affiliate marketer and you see the potential of the gaming niche, as I mentioned a little bit.

[00:10:34] YouTube is, has a huge gaming niche. It’s I believe it’s the largest one on YouTube. And so, if you can find a way to break into the gaming niche successfully, you can make a pretty good amount of money. Passively people all over the world are buying and playing video games. And so your target audience is a little bit larger.

[00:10:55] So, two great reasons as to why you should consider affiliate marketing in the gaming industry. So let’s talk about how and make sure that you stay with me until the end so that I can get you. A gift that I mentioned. So let’s talk about how to do it. Now. This is a step-by-step process on how you can get started with affiliate marketing in the gaming niche.

[00:11:19] The first thing you need to do is pick a sub-niche. So we know that you are interested in gaming. The next step is you need to determine. You are going to promote actual video games? Are you going to promote computers? Are you going to promote the desk? Accessory figures out exactly what you’re going to promote because that’ll lead.

[00:11:36] To the affiliate networks that are out there. Now, affiliate networks are places where you can get your affiliate links to promote to potential customers. So first things first, figure out what you’re going to the figure out the sub-niche that you’re going to get into. Next, find affiliate programs.

[00:11:55] And so basically, what you’re going to want to do is find affiliate programs based on your sub-niche. Now the largest affiliate network out there is Amazon associates. It is an extension of. And so basically, what you would need to do is go to Amazon associates, Amazon hyphen program. So you would need to go to affiliate hyphen

[00:12:20] If you don’t already have an Amazon associates account, just click, join for free. Join for free. It takes about 10 minutes, answers the questions, and then they’ll give you a username and password. Once you’ve done that, you simply log in. All right. So now that I am logged in, this is what the Amazon associates look like.

[00:12:42] And basically from here, you just need to find a product or service that you’re willing to promote. So we’re going to promote video games. I am going to say, goes to recon and then hit enter. Once we hit enter. It will find ghost recon. I believe it goes to reckon comes out in a few months. So basically, what we’re going to do is we’re going to get this link, and we’re going to start promoting it before it comes out.

[00:13:10] So people can place orders like advance orders, reserve their copy, and then. Once they’ve done that, once they, the copy, once it goes through and the order is shipped, you get paid a commission. So now that we know that we’re going to promote ghost recon, I will click this drop-down next to click the link or get linked.

[00:13:32] And I actually wanted to get the shortened URL. So that way, nobody messes with it. So now you have a couple of different options depending on the affiliate network that you choose. The nice thing about Amazon is that they all already shorten the URL for you. So if you go to another affiliate network and don’t shorten the URL, I recommend shortening it just so that people aren’t messing with your links.

[00:13:56] Wow. Th just so that people aren’t messing with your links and people don’t get suspicious when they see the long string of letters, numbers, and various parts to a web page. So what we’re going to do is if you don’t have a shortened link, I recommend using Bitly. If you type Bitly into Google, it’ll take you to a link shortener you enter in the full link, which would be if I close.

[00:14:22] Which would be, so this is the full length. You would copy this, but don’t do this for Amazon. You would copy this and place it into Bitly. Bitly will automatically shorten it. And then you would take that link, and you’d place it too, into wherever you are planning on marketing. But what we’re going to do is we’re going to change this to the shortened link.

[00:14:40] I’m going to highlight this right-click and copy. And then basically, we just put this wherever we’re planning on marketing. So if we’re using YouTube videos, I would create a YouTube video upload it. And then in the description, I would say, click this link to buy ghost three con or check out the current price of ghost recap.

[00:15:04] When you do that, people will click the link. It’ll take them to Amazon. They choose to purchase it. Then you get the commission. Also, the cool thing with Amazon is that they click this link, but they don’t purchase ghost recon. They purchase something else. If they purchase something else within 24 hours of them clicking your link, you can actually receive a commission.

[00:15:24] On those items. So the reason why people like to use Amazon is that it has the largest number of products. For sale online. So it’s not unreasonable or not unheard of for someone to click Tom Clancy’s ghost recon but wind up buying a desk or buying a nail Polish or gum or whatever. Whatever they buy, as long as it’s within your 24-hour cookie window, you can receive a bit of commission.

[00:15:54] How cool is that? We’ve got the link. We’ve decided to place it on YouTube, and then we just make helpful content. What I would recommend is to make a series of content. Don’t just make one video and expect people to come running. What I would do is I would make five or six videos about this topic.

[00:16:12] For example, it goes three con. And if we go over to Google and I’m just going to pull this up and bring it over, if we go over to YouTube and then. Or in you too. And if I type in ghost recon, as you can see, there are several different options out there. Now I don’t remember what the current grocery con is called, but again, so let’s say we wanted to market grocery con breakpoint.

[00:16:38] As you can see here, several people are already discussing goes recon breakpoint. So that could be a good opportunity to jump on board. If we wanted to take it a step further and make a series on it, we could just do what’s called alphabet soup. YouTube also makes several suggestions on different videos.

[00:16:55] We could. So you can actually go through and make a video on all of these, or you can do what’s called alphabet soup. So with alphabet soup, you just type in the letters of the alphabet at the end. Of your keyword? I like to start at the top of the keyboards, so I just type in Q. If I see something, I like it.

[00:17:12] I make a video. If I, and I just continue until I have a list of maybe 10 videos to make so that I can actually make these videos, and whatever we do is actually probably release these videos over several days. So if you’re making 10 videos, release them in 10 days so that you can see how they, how it progressed.

[00:17:33] Now, one potential issue that you’re going to run into is because you’re in the gaming niche and games are released. Every Friday, big games are released probably, fall we’ll say quarterly, you’re going to wind up having to create a lot of content. Because the game has changed so much, the same thing goes with you. So if you decide to do computers and computer components and even TVs, for that matter, you’re going to have to create new content constantly.

[00:18:01] You’re going to have to chase that wave, so to speak, to make sure that you stay relevant and you continue to make passive income. So again, comment below answering the question that I’ve asked a little bit. The question was, are you a gamer looking at looking to get into affiliate marketing, or are you an affiliate marketer looking to get into gaming?

[00:18:20] Make sure you leave a comment below. I will respond to that comment. Guaranteed. Also, make sure that you like subscribe and ring the bell to keep receiving helpful content from me. All right. Before we wrap up, I want to let you know the gift that I will provide. Check, click the link in the description.

[00:18:38] It will say free gaming. PDF. And basically, what that’s going to do is to provide you a list of different affiliate networks that you can take advantage of to help you make more money in the gaming industry. So it’ll be a free PDF. So you just need to go in, click the link, leave your email address, and I will send you I’ll email you that free PDF.

[00:19:05] It’s actually going to save you a lot of time. There’s a short note about it. Type of industry that you can actually get into. All right. So before I let you go and make sure that you like subscribe, hit the bell notification, check out some of the links that I have in the description. I have a link to get started or help you grow your affiliate marketing business.

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