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In the below video, I discuss affiliate marketing in 2020. I reveal all the details to get started and how to make money. I will cover each part of affiliate marketing and how you can start making money in 2020.

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Hello? Hello? Hello. We are alive. And in living color. Hello, my name is Alston Godbolt. And today I want to talk to you about affiliate marketing in 2018. Is it still viable? Can you still do it, everything that you need to know? Should you still do it? Should you invest your time? Money, and energy into trying to make money with affiliate marketing in 2020.

[00:00:24]So what you see here is my channel. My name is Alston guide bolt, and I create content to help you start generating passive income with affiliate marketing and just one hour per day. So if that’s something that you’re interested in, be sure to like subscribe and ring the bell notification. I upload videos Monday through Friday.

[00:00:41] More, maybe on the weekends, if something exciting happens. So I have jotted down some notes to help us get going with affiliate marketing in 2020. I want you to comment. If you have questions, this is a live chat right now. If you’re watching this tomorrow or later on today, you’re watching the replay.

[00:00:59] But if you have questions, definitely comment below because I will answer every single one and to get started. The question is. Is affiliate marketing. Should you get started with affiliate marketing in 2020? The answer is a very simple and easy. Yes and no. And throughout this video, I’m going to illustrate why you should and possibly why you may run into some challenges.

[00:01:24] Getting started with affiliate marketing in 2020. No, a lot of this really does depend on the niche that you get into. If you try and jump into a very competitive niche that is making a lot of money. So there’s people involved, they’re interested. You’re going to find some challenges, but if you jump into a niche, Maybe it’s under utilized under valued.

[00:01:46]Maybe it’s up and coming, maybe like CBD, something like that. If you jump into a niche like that, where possibly there aren’t a ton of people and it’s not expensive to get going, you could find success. So what I have done is I have jumped over. To I’ve jotted down some notes in Google docs.

[00:02:04] Hopefully you can see that it is rather large. It is large on my screen, so hopefully you’re able to see that if you’re not able to see it make sure that you turn the volume up because I’m going to go through this step-by-step so this is really everything that you need to know to get started with affiliate marketing in 2020.

[00:02:20] So normally I tell people to pick a niche. Now in general, a niche is a idea. It’s a topic. It’s an area that you want to focus on to make things even easier. I recommend that you start with a product or service. Now a product or service should be, or can be a product that has helped you or service that has helped you solve a problem.

[00:02:42] Recently, for example, if you needed web hosting, what I recommend is consider starting an affiliate marketing business, because that’s what you’re doing. You’re starting an online business in web hosting. Now, the reason why. Seems like an interesting idea. Maybe you think it’s a bad idea, but if you just got, if you recently purchased wipe hosting, you hopefully have done a lot of research.

[00:03:05] Do you watch a lot of YouTube videos? You’ve read a lot of blog posts, maybe even listened to a few blog podcast. Skews me about why posting. So you’re in a position where you have a ton of relevant and current knowledge. For example, what I. Primarily on this channel is legendary marketer. Now legendary marketer is an online education course designed to help people start an online business.

[00:03:30] I like to call it a business in a box because it gives you everything that you need to be successful with. Legendary marketer. Now I’m continuing continuously staying up to date. On the trends of things that are going on within online business and affiliate marketing, and they are too. So I personally feel like this is a good place to start, but this is just an example.

[00:03:50] You can apply this to why posting, you could apply to this to, like I said, CBD, if that’s something that you’re interested in, really, anything that has solved your problem recently solved a problem for you recently. I recommend now the only caveat to this is I don’t think that you should necessarily.

[00:04:08] With Amazon or a physical product in general. The reason why I don’t believe physical products are very good is because a place like Amazon and best buy and target. Usually they are very low commission. So you can make money to make a few dollars per day, but you need a lot of traffic in order to start making those commissions.

[00:04:27] And oftentimes those people they don’t return. While it can be a good place to start. I recommend that if you are looking for a way to get set up with affiliate marketing, if you’re looking for the best way to get started, look for a comparable digital product. So a digital product can be an online education course.

[00:04:43] It doesn’t just have to be something like legendary marketer. You could promote. You to me, for example, they have a number of courses. You could promote software as a service or SAS, S a S something like click funnels. They pay reoccurring commissions and they actually pay high ticket commissions as well.

[00:04:59] So those are things that you want to consider, find a product or service that’s a digital product or service that has solved a problem for you in the past. Ideally, you want to find a highlight. Product or service so that you can make money with essentially the same amount of traffic as you would with something like Amazon.

[00:05:18] Now I’ll get into more detail later about step-by-step, how to get started, how to start finding traffic, how to make money. But this is really the pinnacle. This is where you want to get started. Because if you do this incorrectly, you’re going to feel like you’re spinning your wheels. You’re running in place because you’re a, you’re not making as much money as the gurus tell you that you’re going to make or be.

[00:05:40] Getting commissions because it’s super duper saturated. For example, make money online is incredibly saturated. And so it may feel depending on the following that you have already built in, maybe at Facebook or somewhere else, it may feel like you’re running in place because you don’t have that built in foundation.

[00:05:56] And so you can spend some time spinning your wheels, but I recommend trying to find a digital product or service. And if you can’t find a digital product and service go create your own. Is there a basket weaving affiliate program out there? Possibly. And so think about some of those. But that’s step one, pick a product or service.

[00:06:13] It’s also called a niche, start with your own experiences. So find go do some research. What you’ve purchased recently, what you’ve researched recently and start there, because again, you probably have spent time, energy, and effort, maybe even sleepless nights, trying to get this figured out. And in fact, that’s why a lot of people get started.

[00:06:32] Maybe make money online or business opportunities or affiliate marketing, because like myself, there have been sleepless nights where you’ve tried to figure out how to make money online or how to add some income so that you can maintain your current lifestyle. All right. So that’s step one. Okay. Find a product or service to promote.

[00:06:51] The next step is try and figure out what problems that product or service will solve. For example, as I mentioned with legendary marketer, it will help solve people that have maybe started an online business before, but failed people that are in affiliate marketing, but they don’t really know all of the steps required people that need a passive income stream or people that just want to start an online business in general.

[00:07:16] First time. That is what legendary marketer is designed for. And so when I talk about find problems that this product or service solve, this is basically keyword research. You’re going to Google, they’re going to YouTube and you’re typing in. Maybe you start with a very general topic like legendary marketer, or maybe.

[00:07:35]Landing page builder. You start there, you start in Google, you type in landing page builder, and you see what returns. Okay. So people are talking about maybe lead pages, maybe they’re talking about  and Lee and and click funnels. Okay. So that gives you a little bit. Of a place to pivot to, but if you’ve looked for a solution before you probably have an idea of the top four or five or six products or services or product or services that are out there.

[00:08:02] So what you’re trying to do is you’re trying to figure out what questions people are asking, what problems are they trying to solve? With the product that you have identified as a good product to start with in 2020. And so to do this with keyword research, you’re just simply going to Google and you’re typing in, start with the problem that you had.

[00:08:24] You probably typed in how to make more money on mine, or, Landing page builder for my money. You started there and Google is going to recommend other things. So if I jump over to Google real quick and I type in how to make. Money online and you can’t see that very well, but if I slide this over how to make money on mine, as you can see, there are 23 ways to make money online.

[00:08:50] That’s an ad, but if we scroll down, we see that people are also asking how can I make money? How can I make $1,000 fast? How do I make an extra thousand dollars per month? And how can I make $100 per day? These are all problems that people are trying to solve. And that’s basically how you can get started with whatever product or service that you are recommend.

[00:09:14] And you just do this over and over again. Now this is simply called the alphabet soup method. You just go through, you start with a keyword or keyword phrase, how to make money online is my keyword phrase. Hi. Hi, how are you today? I don’t want to pronounce your name cause I was pronounced it wrong.

[00:09:32]But thanks for calming commenting how to make money online. So that is our top level. Keyword phrase, the next step is to try and niche down. So you’re going to simply hit the space bar. And as you can see when I click in the search bar, Google is recommending a few different options already.

[00:09:51] So if I just hit the space bar and I go through each letter of the alphabet, we can quickly see. The questions that people are asking. And these are probably the exact same questions that you had asked. At one point, this is keyword research. This is identifying your customer’s problems, and this is what you need to do.

[00:10:07] If you want to get started with affiliate marketing in 2020, it’s no longer the case where you can put up a simple website and drive traffic. You need to solve someone’s problem in order to make money. And so I jotted down again. Potentially sell digital products, software as a service and high ticket.

[00:10:29] Now high ticket is an interesting buzzword because high ticket can meet a hundred dollars or it can mean a thousand dollars. In reality, anything over a hundred, $150 can be considered high ticket. It’s really up to the discretion of the person that’s talking about. High ticket in the beginning. That’s neither here nor there.

[00:10:50] What a hundred dollars a month change your life? Probably because that’s what $336,500. And if you can make a hundred dollars a day, you could easily scale up or not easily. You can scale up to $500 per day. You just need. Scale as needed. So again, high ticket reoccurring, and here’s some examples of legendary marketer, affiliate marketers, people that want to start an online business, people that need passive income people that have tried starting an online business before, but failed.

[00:11:18] And they don’t know why they failed. So the next step, and this is key here to starting with affiliate marketing in 2020. Don’t be confused by what the gurus and the big names are telling you. The big names are telling you that you can just go and start a YouTube channel. You can just go and start a blog.

[00:11:38] You can just go and start a podcast and you can start making money. I’m here to tell you as a little guy, in order to start making money, I’m here to tell you as a guy that we’re probably at the same level. It, it is. As simple as just going out and creating a YouTube channel those people are operating off of having a YouTube channel for five years, three years.

[00:12:02] If you’re starting off with no traffic, if you’re starting off with no following, I recommend that you create one piece of content per day. Or every other day and repurpose it multiple times. So as you can see here, and this is what I’ve done to start generating passive income over the last year. So what I do is I create a YouTube video and then I repurpose it.

[00:12:25] Maybe I chop a piece up 15 seconds or a minute worth and put it on Tik TOK. I will take my thumbnail and I’ll put it on inside. I will copy. I will copy the link to my YouTube videos and I’ll put it on my Facebook page. I’ll put it in my Facebook group and I’ll put it on my Facebook personal page.

[00:12:42] I’ll also take the raw video and I’ll put it on my Facebook business page. Same thing with Pinterest, I’m taking Tik TOK videos and then uploading them into Pinterest. I’m taking full length YouTube videos, as long as they’re under 30 minutes, I believe. And I’m uploading them into. This is how you can get started and start making money.

[00:13:02] With affiliate marketing in 2020, the big guys are going to tell you, you need to go out and you need to dominate a traffic source. No, what I recommend is you go out and you dominate four or five traffic sources because at the very beginning, you don’t know what’s going to work for me.

[00:13:20] What worked was starting a YouTube channel and then putting my content on Facebook. Pinterest, Twitter. And court, that’s what worked for me for you. You might just need to do a YouTube channel and Tik TOK. You have to be willing to repurpose your content and believe me, it doesn’t take as long as you may think.

[00:13:40]Because most of these is just adding links in with Quora. It’s answering a simple question. You need to be able to and willing to. Repurpose your content. You have to be willing to do a lot of work upfront to reap the rewards later. You can’t just create a YouTube channel and think that people are going to flock to you.

[00:13:58] There are already millions of YouTube channels that are probably talking about something similar. And I don’t want to, I don’t want to discourage you, but. Ask yourself, how are you different than the next person that’s talking about? Affiliate marketing and making money online as a fellow little guy, I’m here to tell you that you can make money on Tik TOK and Instagram and Facebook and Pinterest and Twitter, but you have to be there.

[00:14:21] The other thing too is you need to go where your customers are because you don’t have a following established. You may not have a, an, a following established yet. You need to meet your customers where they are. And your customers are spread out everywhere, your customers or our on Tik TOK. I know for a fact, your customers are and Instagram.

[00:14:40] I know for a fact, and you have to put yourself out there for a long time. I was very hesitant to put my money. My YouTube links and my tic-tac links on my personal Facebook channel or my first personal Facebook page, because I was very hesitant to see what people are were saying. But in the last week I kid you not, I probably had maybe between six and eight.

[00:15:03] Friends say, Hey, I need to hook up with you and figure out how I can start generating passive income. So just by me, putting myself out there and telling people, Hey, this is how you can make money online. I’m having people contact me. They’re walking up to me while I’m out cutting the grass.

[00:15:20] I’m having people contact me on Facebook messenger and they’re. How can I get started with affiliate marketing? You have to go get your customers because your customers are not going to come to you. Initially, once you have, once you built a traffic source, once you build built a pipeline, your customers are going to come to you, but in the beginning, they’re not going to, and believe me, as I say, and I didn’t mean to get off onto a little rant here, but this is the truth of the matter of affiliate marketing in 2020, everything is saturated.

[00:15:50] Someone asked on Quora. Maybe three days ago, why should I even bother get started with affiliate marketing of everyone’s already done it. Everything I responded. Why do anything? Because everything has already been done before. You have to be willing to go out, meet your customers, where they are and serve them, solve their problems, answer their questions.

[00:16:10] And then part of it too, with affiliate marketing. Is in the beginning when you don’t have that pipeline, you are going to have to engage your audience because those people that join you initially, those first 1000 are going to be your fan base. They’re going to be the people that defend you. When someone has something negative to say in the comments, those people are going to be the ones that consume all of your content and they, it.

[00:16:35] First or, first comment look at me or thanks for another amazing video, go back and engage every single person, unless you’re obviously you’re on vacation or something along those lines, but engage every single comment because those people, your first 1000, your first 3000, we’ll say are going to be your base and they’re going to be.

[00:16:56] Push you forward. They’re going to push your content out. They’re going to share your videos. They’re going to be your cheerleaders. They’re going to reach out to you and say, Hey, I haven’t heard from you in a few days. Are you okay? Those are the people that you want to engage. Now, when you get to a hundred thousand subscribers, you don’t have to comment to anybody because your fan base essentially we’ll do it for you.

[00:17:16] But anyway, this is the, in my opinion, this is the core foundation of affiliate marketing in 2020, create one piece of kind. And repurpose it all of these times, I kid you, not every single day, I upload for three or four videos to Tech-Talk. I upload four pieces of content to Instagram, but two of those, three of those are you ticked off videos.

[00:17:43] One’s a YouTube thumbnail and one’s a. Instagram caption that I paid for Facebook. Same with Facebook. I upload one original caption, three Facebook, three Tik TOK, cross posts, Pinterest, same Twitter, same YouTube, same. And all of this again is based off of one YouTube video or one idea. I found somewhere on the internet and you can do this over and over again.

[00:18:13]Now that I have gone on a little mini ramp. Let’s go ahead and talk about the next step. The next step is adding a call to action in every YouTube video that you watch, people are telling you to like subscribe and ring the bell notification, to learn more, to be a part of the community, to join the tribe.

[00:18:31] This is almost a requirement because. People aren’t going to do things unless you tell them to you have them to, you have to direct them to take action. Most people won’t ever take action until you tell them to do it. And these are some of the ways that I do it on Tik TOK. I tell people to click the link in the bio to get started, or comment, start to get started, come and start to start your online business.

[00:18:54] Go to Austin forward slash start to start your online business today. These are all different types of called actions. Click the link in the description to learn more. Yeah. Because again, most people won’t take that action unless you direct them to. And here is the, probably the second most important part of affiliate marketing is you need to collect email addresses and I have here email collecting email addresses is the difference between people playing.

[00:19:21] Making money online and the people that are actually doing it. So people are pretending to make money online. They’re just sending you directly to an affiliate offer people that are actually making money online are collecting email addresses. This is important. This is critically important. And 1, 1, 1 thing that I did, one mistake that I made was I wasn’t collecting email addresses.

[00:19:44] There were two reasons for it. One, I thought that I was a unicorn and I could just magically make people. Cola click on my affiliate offer and buy the product. It doesn’t work that way. And two, I was afraid that people weren’t going to enter in their email address when I sent them to a landing page.

[00:19:59] Now, guess what if people aren’t willing to enter in their email address, they’re probably not going to click on the link and buy the product that you’re recommending. So it’s critically important that you collect emails. Most people don’t buy products and services on the first go around. So studies show, it takes between five and 12 touch points sometimes more to purchase a product.

[00:20:21] Now, this does depend on how much they know and trust you collecting email addresses and sending them emails daily can help with the know like and trust factor. Now there are two types of emails that you can send. One are automated emails called auto response. And others are called broadcast emails, which are one off emails.

[00:20:40] Now, what I will do is as someone gets on my email list, I will follow up with them automatically via the autoresponder. And then I may send another email today or tomorrow telling them to come check out this video via a broadcast. And so if you’re looking to really make money on that, This is the way to go.

[00:21:00] And one thing that I have on here is send to a landing page with, or without a lead magnet. Now, a lead magnet is usually a guide, a blueprint, a PDF of some sort that you give to them in exchange for their email address. Now I have had mixed success with it. That really depends on the product or service that you’re recommending.

[00:21:22] That’s entirely up to you. You can test it. So most webpage builders, most landing page builders have an AB test type of thing where you can send some traffic to an offer without a lead magnet and half with a lead magnet. That’s really up to you. And that’s something that you probably want to consider.

[00:21:41]So when you’re creating a landing page, you probably, you want to make it relatively simple because simple is effective. You don’t want to have a bunch of. Junk to confuse and frightened your customer, the person that finally lands on the landing page. And so the final thing that I have on here is.

[00:22:03] Follow up with emails. Again, this is an autoresponder. Now one thing that Russell Brunson has, one thing that Russell Brunson talks about is something called the soap opera secrets. Now basically with a soap opera sequence, if you’ve ever watched like days of our lives, they’re all my children. I know that will happen.

[00:22:22]My mom used to carry one of these small little TVs that had an antenna. And during the lunch, he used to work for the government during the lunch, she would watch all my children and days of our lives. And every one of those shows had a. What’s known as the soap opera sequence. Basically there was a storyline where Brad would he would make a new discovery and then towards the end he would find out something shocking.

[00:22:47] And you had to tune in tomorrow to figure out what Brad found that was shocking. And for whatever reason, soap operas have. Forever. And that’s what you’re going to do. Basically with the soap opera sequence, you are going to tell a story where you’re opening and closing loops. You’re telling them about maybe how you got started with affiliate marketing, how you started building an online business and some of the problems that you ran into.

[00:23:12] So maybe you maybe, for example, what I say, or what I would say is I started looking into affiliate marketing or making money online when I found out. My wife and I were having twins. And so when I started looking for ways to make money online, I saw all of these options. I jumped on YouTube and I found survey sites.

[00:23:36] And so I started taking surveys, but then I realized almost instantly there was a problem. So I O I closed one loop about finding ways to make money online because my wife was pregnant with twins, but I opened another loop about the solution, which was a survey site. And then I’m going to tell you tomorrow, the problem that I had with survey sets, now this is over an over simplification, but this is basically the type of thing you’re going to do.

[00:24:04] You are going to talk about. You’re going to create a sequence in this manner. Now I do want to let you know that affiliate marketing is working it’s alive and well, people are having success. And one thing that most people don’t realize is affiliate marketing is happening in every single niche.

[00:24:24] If you ever Google just about anything online, and someone directs you to a product. Usually it’s affiliate marketing, unless you go directly to the manufacturer’s website or unless you go to Amazon’s website, for the most part, people are making money with affiliate marketing. This is happening in the travel niche.

[00:24:42] This is happening in the home appliances niche. This is happening everywhere, right in front of your eyes. And you can take advantage of it too. And the other thing. Affiliate marketing in 2020 is you have to change your mindset. People. In my opinion, people think that they can. Just create 20 pieces of content and away they go, they can start caching thousand dollar checks, half a million dollar checks.

[00:25:08] When in reality, you need to create, or you need to have the willingness to create a thousand pieces of content before you find the level of success that you’re looking for. Now, when I say a thousand pieces of content, that’s not necessarily 1000 YouTube videos, that’s not necessarily 1000 Tik TOK videos.

[00:25:27] It’s a combination. All of it. You want to do all of it so that you can start making money with affiliate marketing in 2020, in my opinion now is the greatest time to start creating content. Right now, there are a lot of people at home they’re looking for different solutions and you could be that person to provide them with the solutions that they’re looking for.

[00:25:49] People are still buying. My next door. Neighbor gets a new Amazon delivery. Every single day, people are still buying. People are still making money. People are still spending money. So do not think that. Because what we’re going, what we’ve got going on May 26th, 2020. Because of our situation, people are buying, they may have shifted their focus as to what they perceive to be a need, but people are still buying.

[00:26:15] People are buying every single day. They’re buying high tickets, they’re buying low ticket and they are spending time reinvesting or investing in themselves. So I want to encourage you. And I like to end all of these live videos with it, with something to do to do To get started with it, for the marketing.

[00:26:32] And it’s simply just to spend a little bit of time researching about the problems that you’ve had recently. Now, remember every single thing is a niche. You don’t have to tie it to a product or service. If you’ve had family troubles, that’s a good niche to get into. If you’ve had trouble with your hot water heater, that’s again, a good niche to get into.

[00:26:53] If you want to. Build a deck. If you’ve built a deck, if you spent time, energy, and effort, trying to build a deck, that’s another option to get into everything is a niche. If you want to talk about sighting, asphalt, shingles, housing, do it yourself. All of that stuff is a niche and there are literally hundreds of not places, thousands of places to find it.

[00:27:15] So what you can do, and I’m just going to slide this over here. What you can do to find affiliate products is simply type in your niche and for the program, for example let’s say let’s say DIY affiliate programs, and as you can see, people have already done that research. The first one, 10 affiliate programs for DIY and craft bloggers, DIY affiliate programs, high paying affiliate slide that though.

[00:27:48] Everything is a niche, right? 10 affiliate programs are craft and DIY the best affiliate programs for DIY bloggers. These are all options out there. What else did I say? Did I say let’s say sighting, let’s say the inciting. Whoops. Signing. I say de citing affiliate programs, the direct build affiliate program.

[00:28:07] Join them. Modernize. Affiliate program 43 of the best affiliate programs that pay the highest. So best home improvement, affiliate programs. This is exactly what you’re looking for. If you want it to talk about sighting, you could be an affiliate for Lowe’s or home Depot. I don’t know if Menards has one, but home advisor has an affiliate program.

[00:28:27] If you wanted to hire somebody out, Sears has an affiliate program. These are all different options out there. Also at the very bottom, right? I don’t know if you can see that, but there are affiliate networks that you can join. Affiliate networks have a ton of different affiliate programs and that work with companies both large and small, and you can join it for the it networks.

[00:28:48] And then sometimes you actually have to request to join a program within the network. For example for example, flex offers is, has an affiliate program. ShareASale has an affiliate program. So if I go to share sale and I click on this link, I can find all of the different products or services in order to become, I can become an affiliate for so MLB

[00:29:14] If you like talking baseball, you can be an affiliate for them. Jillian Michaels. These are all different options that you have the real, not sure what that is, but you could be an affiliate for them. Everything is an MBA store. Everything is a niche and you can make money off of everything. Seven day cookie Gymboree.

[00:29:30] If you want to, I believe this is for for kids. If you want it to create an affiliate program for kids, you can do that again, home and garden. Let’s look at pop. Let’s look at popular merchants. If you want it to talk about college sports, you could do that. If we just scroll down here, there are tons of options and everything is an it, you can make money with everything.

[00:29:49] So don’t think that you have to relegate yourself to health, wealth, relationships, and technology, because there’s tons of different things out there. Okay. So I encourage you right now to not watch another video, unless it’s one of mine, I encourage you to go. Find a problem that, that you need solved. So my FICO, if you want it to make money off of the current situation, everyone’s credit is probably in the trash.

[00:30:19]I encourage you to go out and start taking action. The only way you’re going to succeed or fail is if you take some sort of action, if you do absolutely nothing, I guarantee that you’ll fail. If you do absolutely nothing out, I guarantee you that you fail. If you do absolutely nothing. I guarantee you’ll be here a year from now looking for that magic pill.

[00:30:39] And that’s your thing that I wanted to throw out there. Don’t jump from shiny object to shiny object plan, a course of action and stick to that plan until you absolutely run out of everything. Okay. Most people will, for example, and I made this mistake early on was they started a program. They didn’t see results right away.

[00:31:04] And then they started jumping to digital products that could provide shortcuts. Oftentimes those digital products don’t provide shortcuts. How’d it get accepted to share itself? I Kim, thank you, Ken. Sorry. Ken six 10, six asked how to get accepted to share herself. You just apply. Go to affiliate, sign up and may ask that you have a website, create your user and create your password, confirm password, and then go to step two.

[00:31:34] I would apply and see where the chips may fall. So to speak. But it’s critically important that you take some sort of action. You want to fail fast. You want to fail hard, but watching another YouTube video is not going to help you watching another YouTube video is not going to solve your problem, taking action, whether you decide to invest in the course like legendary marketer, which I recommend because they go into great detail.

[00:32:04] They have hours of training that can help you start your online business. What I recommend is that you take action and then you figure out from there what you don’t know. So I have to make a website. I think it depends. If I jump back over, the question is let’s go to affiliate, sign up again. So I’m going to open this and then Cognito mode right now, it just says, create a username, create your password and choose your country.

[00:32:28] It doesn’t ask for anything else. Let’s see the process to set up. And I feel the account as a simple five step process that begins with is a collection of your username and password. In the future, you will be select, you will use these selected words to access your share sale for the account. So I would just go through, I don’t know for sure.

[00:32:45]I went through. A while ago, but I don’t, I, to be perfectly honest with you, I don’t remember. Just go through and get, as far as you can go through yesterday. I showed you how to make a website for free or a landing page for free. If these people are asking for it, just go create a website. You could use it.

[00:33:03] You could use Wix, you could use If you don’t want to pay for a website, I recommend ultimately having a website. And I recommend using Bluehost. If you’re just getting started and setting up a website, or in real reality, you could just buy a domain name. And once you have the domain name for 4 99, that could be your website and you could you could create it TBD.

[00:33:26] Yeah, no problem. Thanks. Sure. Thanks for commenting. But to me, in my opinion, you have to. Take a step and fall before you can figure out exactly what you need to do next. And if you’re going to do this all by yourself, if you’re not going to invest in a course, like legendary marketer, you have to go out, create a YouTube video, figure out if that YouTube video is good or bad and then make continuous improvements from there.

[00:33:53] You’re not going to be perfect right away. And that’s okay. You are learning or evolving. You’re developing a new skill. I said to this guy in a Facebook group that I’m in, he said I created a few YouTube videos and I’m not finding any success. I think I should quit. I asked them how many YouTube videos have you created over what period of time I’ve created maybe 12 YouTube videos over six months.

[00:34:15] I said, so that’s exactly like picking up a baseball bat, going out to a little league park, taking one swing. For the week, putting the bat down and leaving, coming back a week later, taking one more swing and then leaving in order to get better at anything, you have to do something. Your first few blog posts probably aren’t going to be very good and that’s okay.

[00:34:41] You have to learn. These skills, these are skills. These aren’t just, it’s not like going to the movies and you’re being given content. You are learning a skill, a transferable skill I might add that can be applied to other assets or aspects of your life. So make sure that you comment below, like subscribe, ring the bell.

[00:35:01] I almost said, ring the doorbell, ring the bell notification. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns also, I want you to check out the link in the description, Austin forward slash start. It’s how I start generating passive income every single day. And also it’s how it gave me the encouragement to start creating content for YouTube.

[00:35:21]Definitely check that out. Feel free to comment below, and I appreciate you guys spending the last almost 45 minutes with me. You guys have a great night.