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Watch the below video to learn how you can start affiliate marketing without an email list.

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In this video, I will show you how you can start affiliate marketing without an email. Let’s get started.

[00:00:10] Well, YouTube is Austin, and welcome to my channel, where I help you find success online. So be sure to like subscribe and ring the bell, learn different tips and tricks, find success, and make money online. In this video, I will help you make money with affiliate marketing without an email list.

[00:00:24] Maybe you can’t afford it. Maybe you think it’s too expensive. Maybe you think you don’t need it. So what, regardless of your opinion or your position on an email list, I’m going to help you. With your problem. All right. So it is absolutely possible to grow your business without an email.

[00:00:39] But it’s going to be a little bit more work upfront. You’re going to have to put in a little more time, energy, and effort to get the same results as someone with an email list. Now, the good news is everyone starts at zero. So no one has a built-in email list of thousands or millions of people.

[00:00:54]Everyone starts at zero, but there are simple steps that you can take for you to find the level of success that you’re looking for. So what you have to realize is you’re going to need to create more content. So now you’re not only will you have to create more blog posts or YouTube. But you’re going to have to do a little bit more legwork.

[00:01:09] You’re going to have to work on your social media. You’re going to have to take advantage of Reddit Quora. We’re going to have to do all of these things to get traffic to your content. So you can start adding people to your email list or adding or sending them directly to your affiliate links.

[00:01:23] So let’s talk. The first thing and is assuming that you already have your niche. What I would recommend is niche down. If you don’t already have a built-in following if you don’t already have a group of people that are following you and liking and subscribing, whatever your method is, niche down just a little bit to find keywords and phrases that aren’t covered as well as some of the higher-level topics.

[00:01:44] For example, if you were looking, if your niche was health or how to lose weight, niche down to how to lose. For single adults, that keyword or key phrase will be much less searched, or there’s going to be much less content created for that keyword or phrase versus how to lose weight.

[00:02:01] So once you’ve niched down just a little bit of post content in multiple places, what I recommend is creating a self-hosted blog. And in that self-hosted blog, you’re going to create content, answering the question, how to lose weight for single adults. You will want to create probably 25 50, maybe even a hundred pieces of content, a hundred blog posts entering that question.

[00:02:23] Obviously, it’s going to be more than just how to lose weight as a single adult. You’ll have to find keywords or phrases that are related to that. For example, it could be how to lose weight as a single adult. And worked full time. So I would recommend creating maybe 20, 50, maybe even pieces, a hundred pieces of content for your niche.

[00:02:41] And then also I would recommend guest blogging. So guest blogging is basically finding blogs in a similar area, under a similar niche, and asking if they are open and willing for you to come in and write content. So oftentimes, guest blogging will require a writing sample. So go in there and send them your best work or send a link to your website and let them know that you want to guest blog to gain exposure, help your foot footprint, and gain traction.

[00:03:09] So guest blog on niches or topics that are relevant to your niche or topic. So that is the first way. The second way is YouTube. Suppose you don’t already have a YouTube. Video marketing and YouTube, in particular, are great ways to grow your business. YouTube is. There are many benefits to creating a YouTube account to help your business or help your affiliate marketing business.

[00:03:30] So create a co-create, create an account and then add content. Now, obviously, you want to stay within your niche. You want again, do keyword research within YouTube, but make sure that you add content again. You want to do 5,000 pieces of content. And you can actually add your affiliate links right into your YouTube description to creating content on YouTube.

[00:03:52] I also recommend that you subscribe to channels that are in your niche. So, for example, if you are in the how to lose weight niche, subscribe to those channels, ring the bell, or select the bell notification so that whenever someone uploads a new video, you can go in there, watch the video, and comment. So, no, this is a great way, and I actually found a lot of success with this.

[00:04:10] This is a great way to go in, and I don’t want to say snipe subscribers, but add additional value because everyone approaches things differently. So you might be able to add value in which the other bigger YouTube video or YouTube channel may not be able to. So what I would do is again, how to lose weight.

[00:04:28] If you’re a single adult, go in and say, Hey, great video. One thing that works for me has a walking buddy me and my buddy walk two and a half miles every single day, every day at 3:00 PM. If you select the, if you ring the bell notification, Comment will appear towards the top. One of the things you want to do is try and keep continuously adding value to your, as the channel uploads content so that you can get recognized by the channel creator as someone who is consistently adding value.

[00:05:00] One thing that you should not do is not add links of any kind in yours. In your comments, it’ll seem scammy, spammy. Most likely, people won’t click on it. And it’ll be a good way to get your comment or your posts filtered out. So again, to reiterate. In addition to creating your own YouTube channel and adding content there find relevant, or I would say channels that run parallel to yours that offer the same content.

[00:05:26] I like commenting on channels that are bigger than mine. Not necessarily smaller, just because you have more opportunities for success. So you continuously do that. You do that maybe twice a week, depending on how often the larger. And it’s content, and then you can start seeing some growth that way.

[00:05:43] So that is number two. Number three is social media. Now I recommend using LinkedIn. Facebook groups, Facebook pages, and Pinterest to help grow your business. Now, these are all social media sites that specialize in different things. One of my favorite things about LinkedIn is people have the perception that LinkedIn is all about finding a job.

[00:06:01] When in reality, LinkedIn is all about growing your business or brand, which makes it a great opportunity for the moment. Now, when you go in and you’re creating content, I recommend that you do not add your affiliate links to every single post-social media in general. They want to keep their users on their platform.

[00:06:19] And when you add affiliate links, or you add links in general, to take them away your posts are going to be suppressed, or they’re going to show up or appear lower than posts or images or video that doesn’t have any of that, those affiliate links so if you are. Suppose you’re taking advantage of one of the social media platforms that I just mentioned, do not add links, especially affiliate links, to every post.

[00:06:46] I would say maybe one out of every four or five and affiliate link, and then actually direct people back to that, that one post that has it so that you can build like a funnel. It’s going to be a social media funnel for you to find success. So again, LinkedIn, Facebook groups, Facebook pages, and.

[00:07:04]With Facebook groups, there are several different niche groups out there. There are actually two types of groups. In my opinion, one group is just a group of people that are spamming their links back and forth. So it’s like a like pong the game upon where they’re just hitting affiliate links back and forth.

[00:07:19] You do not want to be a part of those groups because people aren’t actually looking for information, looking for value. They’re looking to make money. The other groups that are out there. And within your niche are people that are looking for assistance. So maybe again, it’s how to lose weight or how to make money online. Whatever it is, you want to go on there and answer questions and become the subject matter expert.

[00:07:39]As I’ve said many times, the greatest way to grow your business is to be seen as a leader in that industry. Once that happens, people will reach out directly to you. People will tag you in questions that they have. Or they’ll even go to your website or blog or whatever you’ve got going on because they know and trust everything you have to say next is Facebook pages.

[00:07:59] There are additional benefits to having a Facebook page. It can be your landing page for your Facebook business. You can use it to add additional content. You can also use it to promote differently. You can also use it to promote posts and. Running ads. If that’s something that you’re interested in.

[00:08:17] So, social media is another great way to grow your marketing business without a website. Next is Reddit. Now, if you’re not familiar with Reddit, and it calls itself the front page of the internet, it’s basically a place where people from all over the world will post questions, comments, images, videos.

[00:08:34] On any given topic. Now, the thing that makes Reddit special is that there are several subreddits. Subreddits are dedicated to individual niches. You can make money or grow your affiliate marketing business within Reddit if you join relevant subreddits. So, again, just like Facebook groups, join relevant subjoined, irrelevant subreddits, and continue to add value.

[00:08:57] Answer questions become—industry expert. And you want to have that knowledge base. You want to be willing to pass that knowledge base onto your customer or potential customer. So go in there with the mindset that you would help them and not with the mindset that you’re going to make money.

[00:09:12] So that’s one way to find subreddits. Another way is to create subreddits. Now, you want to create subreddits because there is a search bar in Reddit. And the reason why that can help you out is people are searching different topics again, how to lose weight, how to make money, whatever that topic is, whatever your niche is, someone is searching that.

[00:09:30] And when you create your own subreddit, you can get found in that search. And if that happens, they’ll click your link. So they can start purchasing your affiliate products, or they can go to your YouTube videos or blog posts, whatever it is, but create a subreddit. Now, there are some rules when it comes to creating a subreddit.

[00:09:45] So make sure that you follow Reddit’s rules when creating a song. But that’s another great opportunity. In addition, another way that you can grow your affiliate marketing business without an email list is using Quora. Now I love Quora, and the reason why I love core is that it’s a great way to get seen by thousands of people with a little bit.

[00:10:07] Now, Cora is a question and answer site, and much like Reddit, it’s broken down into we’ll call it sub cores, where people ask questions on a given topic, and you can go in and answer those questions. And if you answer enough questions or people find your answer helpful, they can get upvoted. So if you get enough, upvotes your answer to that question can get sent out to thousands of people.

[00:10:30]I’ve had that happen to me. Where I’ll get an email or get a notification that 18,000 people have seen your latest answer. You just got in front of 18,000 people by answering, by providing a four or five-paragraph sentence. The thing with Quora is that you cannot put your affiliate links indirectly.

[00:10:50] If you do that, I’ve done it. If you do that, you will get banned. You’ll get a little nasty gram email, and they’ll say you can’t do it. It’s a violation of our policies to start making money with affiliate marketing, send them to your YouTube videos, or send them to your blog posts. And once you send them, once you get them off the core platform, you can start making money by again, adding the, you can start making money.

[00:11:15] Having them click the links on either your website or a YouTube video. Now again, you must follow the rules of Quora, where else you can get banned, but Cora is a great way to start growing your business. In addition, another thing that people don’t realize with Quora is you can actually upload blog posts or YouTube videos again because the core is a search.

[00:11:36] It can show up your videos or blog can show up in search results. And again, people can click them. So you get access to millions, if not billions of people every day, just by uploading content, answering questions on Quora. So that’s another great way. In addition to Quora, you can find niche forums. So basically, go out and Google.

[00:11:57]Your niche and forums and just like Cora Reddit, and even YouTube, you want to go in and become the subject matter expert, going with the mindset that you’re going to answer questions and be helpful, and eventually, and believe me, this doesn’t take as long as you may think, people will start to ask you questions directly either.

[00:12:14] They’ll send you a personal message, or they’ll tag you and a question or search that they have. You can go in, and you can recommend a product. Hey, I recommend this Sharpie. It’ll help you color within the lines. So these are all great opportunities to grow your business without an email list. Now, once you start making money, I certainly recommend that you start investing in email marketing.

[00:12:37] Email marketing is a sure-fire way to grow and scale your business. In affiliate marketing, a couple of benefits of yellow marketing include. First, you can re-target your customers for multiple products. Second, you can follow up with customers daily, continuing to add value until they purchase a product or service.

[00:12:55] In addition, we know that customers take between five and 12 touchpoints before they become buyers. So all those three things combined make email marketing huge and pivotal, and important to grow. Your email marketing or in growing your affiliate marketing business. If you want to learn everything that I know about affiliate marketing, click the first link in the description.

[00:13:14] In addition to learning everything I know about affiliate marketing, you’ll also get a free guide to email marketing. As I just mentioned, EMR email marketing is pivotal to your success as an affiliate marketer. So make sure you click that first link in the description, get the free guide, and learn everything that I know about.

[00:13:29] Affiliate marketing. Thanks for watching. And I’ll see you the next time.