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In this video, I’m going to be answering the 11 most common questions that I receive every single day. I get asked these questions on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, really everywhere. And so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna take a few minutes to answer these questions. Also, quick question for you. If you are interested in a discord server.

Where you can access me directly and ask questions and get feedback from other people and share client wins comment. Yes. Down below. Cause that’s something that I might be willing to put together if there is enough interest. Anyway, my name’s Alten God, both welcome aboard. Let’s go ahead and ask and answer these questions.

Question number one. How do I get paid? Uh, this is a pretty frequent question that I get over on TikTok, but you can get paid in a number of ways. One, you can receive a direct deposit to your checking account. Or your, you know, maybe your savings account, uh, you can also get paid through PayPal, pay it, everything all depends on the affiliate program that you’re working with.

Some will actually send you a paper check, uh, but it’s, but it’s more common to actually get paid out with PayPal or, uh, direct deposit. So that is number one. Number two. How do I promote my affiliate links? Now I’ve created a bunch of different videos on the best way to promote your affiliate links, but ultimately.

What you need to do is you need to go out and create content, whether it’s free or paid, and you need to send people to a landing page. Yes. I believe firmly and strongly in email marketing. And so I’m always gonna tell you to capture the lead. Now, the reason why I say that is simply that you can email these people forever.

Most people don’t buy right away. It takes between five and 12 touch points before someone becomes a buyer from you and you can market multiple products, helping you make more money. So what you’re gonna do to answer the initial question is you are going to create content based on what people wanna know.

And then you’re going to send them to a landing page. You are going to promote your affiliate links in your emails, and people were gonna click your link and make a buy. And you’re going to make money. Number three. How do I find affiliate programs? There are a number of ways to find affiliate programs.

One way is to type in the product that you want to promote. For example, uh, blue Yeti, uh, X microphone, and then type affiliate program. Afterwards, you can also go to your favorite company’s website. For example, go to Amazon, scroll all the way down to the bottom and look for words like affiliate or partner.

And you can do that. You can also find different affiliate programs by joining different affiliate network. There are networks like share sale impact commission, junction, even click bank or different affiliate networks. You can go over there and just type in your keywords or keyword phrase, and you can find a bunch of them.

The final way is to actually type in your niche. So if you are in the weight loss niche, you can type in weight loss affiliate program, and you can see that there are websites and bloggers that had put together a comprehensive. List of the 10 or 15 best affiliate programs for your niche. Number four, what is the best affiliate program?

This is the hardest question that I get simply because there’s no right answer. The answer really is. It depends. It depends on the product that you’re promoting. It depends on what you’re interested in. It depends on, you know, the. Type of content that you’re creating, where you’re creating the content you can do reoccurring, you can do low ticket, you can do high ticket.

All of it works. So there’s no best affiliate program. There’s no number one affiliate program. Um, I promoted everything from these security cameras to web hosting, stand mixers, sound, bars, microwaves, and even stand mixers. And so all of this works, it just really depends on what you want to create continent.

Now, my pound for pound, my most profitable blog is actually in sound bars. That blog only has 10 blog posts. Cuz I hated creating content in sound bars. It was incredibly boring. I haven’t written on it in like maybe two years and it still gets traffic and brings me commissions almost every single day, but I just simply hated creating content in that space.

So it really all depends on you. Uh, number five, I’ve been getting clicks, but no conversions. Why now again, a lot of this kind of depends. The type of content you’re creating the best guess that I can give most people is you are creating content for the people that don’t care about the product and the solution.

For example, if I am, uh, creating content about this, this blue Yeti X, um, microphone, and I’m promoting it in a Facebook group about. Uh, basket weaving. Very few people are going to actually buy the product. What you need to do is you need to go to places where people actually are interested in the product and solution.

One of the biggest mistakes that you are making most likely is that you’re creating content on a free ad form. Those free ad forms are incredibly general. Um, they don’t really have a niche. A lot of people are creating the same products. Um, most likely you haven’t generated enough interest to actually make a purchase.

The other thing too, is it it’s sheer volume. If you are not doing email marketing, you’re missing out on about 90% of your potential buyers. So let’s say you are, you’re not doing email market. okay. And you’re missing out 90% of your potential buyers. Not 90% of the people are gonna click on your link, buy in.

Traditionally, in theory, between one and 5%, people will, people will click on your affiliate link and buy. And so if you do the math on that, and you’ve got 50 clicks, most likely you’re not gonna earn a commission. If you’re not doing, uh, email marketing, you are going to need thousands of clicks before you can.

A buyer. And that’s why email marketing is so important. You are increasing your chances, increasing your odds of someone clicking and buying and really email marketing. There’s no excuse not to do it. You can start it for free with get response or AWeber. And so, you know, you’re just kind of setting yourself up for failure by not doing email marketing.

What’s the best niche for affiliate marketing. This is just like that question. Number four. Um, literally any niche. If people are buying and selling stuff online, it can work. You just need to go out and figure out what you want to create continent. Okay. Health, wealth, relationships, technology. Those are quote unquote, the big four, but in reality, you know, people are buying fishing, Lu lures.

Every single day, people are buying, buying different GPS for their fishing boats. Every single day. You can go over to Google trends and look at the trending topics. And most of those topic. Had nothing to do with health, wealth, relationships or technology. They’re in little random things. In fact, you know, you could start a successful business, catering to dogs, you know, Halloween costumes for dogs.

You could even create a successful business. Talking about, uh, blinds blinds are really expensive. I knew I had to get blinds for the entire house. And so that’s something you could create content in and be successful. Um, when we bought, when we bought blind, It was like two, $3,000 for all of the blinds that we purchased.

And. If you are interested in creating content there, if you see the opportunity, do it and you can see money. The best question that I get by far is does this actually work? People will come to my YouTube channel and they’ll comment. Does this actually work? This has worked for me for, as I mentioned, security cameras, sound bars, stand mixers.

In reality, this question does this actually. Work is more of a smoke screen. And it’s you trying to convince yourself not to do it? All of this stuff works. There are literally, I would say like a hundred people telling you how to do affiliate marketing step by step, the exact same ways. In fact, and you’re still asking, does this work, it’s a smoke screen that you’re using to convince yourself not to try affiliate marketing, and also depends on how much output you put and it’s gonna go into the next question, but.

Sometimes, oftentimes people will, will create one piece of content, take a step back and admire that piece of content and wonder why affiliate marketing’s not work, not working. You need to put in consistent effort over a period of time before you can see success. And that period of time isn’t one week or two weeks.

It’s a decent amount of time. Uh, how long will it take me to earn dot, dot, dot? I have no idea. Okay. Um, anybody that tells you that you can earn it in 30 minutes, they, they don’t really know because I don’t know your work ethic. I don’t know how much time you’re gonna put into this. I don’t know where you’re creating content.

I don’t even know if your content’s any good. So for me to tell you that you’ll start seeing a return on your investment in exactly three days. It’s a little bit of a stretch. Okay. Can you do. Yes. Have I done it? Yes. But does it mean that you’ll do it? Absolutely not. Um, if this is coming off kind of snarky and, and kind of, kind of like tough love, it really is because for the most part, most of the people that watch my videos don’t take any action.

And then they say that affiliate marketing doesn’t work back to the original question. How long do, will it take me to earn a dollar. You can earn a dollar in 24 hours. If you, um, put in the time, energy and effort, some people never earn a dollar because they’re not consistent. They are just making bad content.

Um, and it it’s okay to make bad content in the beginning, but if you continue to make bad content over a long period of time, you’re gonna get bad results. Where should I create content? This is another question that I get a lot. And remember there are 4 billion people on the internet. Okay. And not all of those people are hanging out on YouTube or TikTok or Instagram.

These people are hanging out all over the place. You can go anywhere, create content and see a return on your investment. You can create content and form sites. There are still form sites out there. Facebook groups read it. Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, you name it. If there are people hanging out there, you can create content.

And you can make money with affiliate marketing. Now, the type of content that you make may change a little bit, but any one of these platforms work, I don’t have money to invest in a paid keyword research tool. Can I use a free one? Yes, you can use into the public. You can do. What’s called alphabet soup method.

Go up to Google type in your keywords and see what pops up. You can also look at people, also ask and suggested in Google as well. Those all work. Now the purpose of using paid tools is to shortcut your time. Um, I said this in a live stream yesterday. Can you walk from Milwaukee to Chicago? Yes. But it’s gonna take you a lot of time to do it.

Can you use free keyword research tools? Yes, but oftentimes it’s gonna take you a lot of time, a lot longer time to find the end result. I use a paid keyword research tool to be efficient with my time. Um, let’s see. And number 11, how much luck is required to be successful in affiliate marketing?

Absolutely. Zero luck is required. If you do what I’m telling you to do, if you go out and create content, uh, based on what people want to know. And you continuously put out that content and you get better over time. You get just 1% better every day or every other day you will be success. Uh, you will be successful again, a lot of people will try this for one week or two weeks.

They get lowered in by the videos that they see on TikTok and Instagram and YouTube saying that you can make 50 K per month, easy and fast when 99% of the people. That’s not gonna happen to you. Most people will have a slow build, a slow success over, you know, a few weeks and months. If they’re consistent and persistent.

If you continuously work towards your goal, you can achieve your goal. However, um, coming out and thinking you’re gonna make 10 K in the next. Two months, and you’ve never made a sale. Online is unrealistic. And it’s unfair to you now that you know, the 11 most frequently asked questions, click the first link in the description for a free training that shows you how to earn a full-time income without having a huge following on social media.

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