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When it comes to competitive marketing, click funnels are one of the most popular and effective techniques. They’re also one of the most criticized and untrusted techniques available to the modern business. So where is the line between click funnel and a wasteful scam?

ClickFunnels, also called sales funnels, are a safe marketing technique that relies on gaining, and then keeping, a customer’s interest and trust in a particular product or service. ClickFunnels, as a company, is safe—but mixed in reviews for their customer service and pricing.

To understand how to use a click funnel, it’s important to know where they came from and how they work.

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A Brief History of ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels is actually the name of a company founded in 2014 by Russell Brunson, an entrepreneur who aimed to make the sales funnel technique accessible to all business owners and marketers. Their business successfully uses this technique to encourage other businesses to buy their organizational products, which in turn allow these businesses to sell their products more effectively.

They offer a range of services including website creation and editing, education on sales funnels and marketing techniques, and a suite of other business tools that allow their customers to manage their online marketing businesses profitably.

ClickFunnels Success Stories

ClickFunnels does seem to work for some. Josh Rhodes of Groovy Marketing, a top affiliate for ClickFunnels, explains in his review of the company on his YouTube channel that he has been able to build a seven-figure business from their setup.

He praises the company’s website building capabilities, new user bonuses, and ability to grow with their customers, and claims that they are a driving reason behind his business’s success.

Screw the Nine-to-Five backs up Rhodes’ claims about the company’s design and features. They also praise ClickFunnels’ effectiveness and competitive tracking and integration features. They assure first-time customers that ClickFunnels is secure and safe to use, and that the “all-in-one” marketing features they offer can lead to higher sales when paired with an excellent product and service.

Backlash Against ClickFunnels

However, the company has faced a lot of backlash recently from previous customers and reviewers. Miles Beckler, a digital marketer, claims on his YouTube channel that the customer service department was unreliable and unresponsive.

He explains that he found that several of his paying customers were being locked out of their accounts for no reason, and he could not get an answer from ClickFunnels regarding their reinstitution. He also discovered that there were multiple people accessing his content for free, and ClickFunnels was doing nothing to stop this.

After several rounds of uncooperativeness on the part of ClickFunnels, Beckler opted to move his business to WordPress, which he discovered offered the same functionality with better support for him and his team.

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On the other side of their review, Screw the Nine-to-Five seems to agree with Beckler on the customer service front, explaining that while the support team seems to be knowledgeable, there is no option for 24/7 support.

They also mention that the learning curve for the technology is steep for those with little experience in technology and web development, and that the pricing is more expensive than their competitors, without the option to opt out of tools you will not use.

Do ClickFunnels really work?

The short answer is yes. Click funnels are based in buyer psychology, and they function on a four-step process designed to, as the name implies, funnel your customers toward a specific sales goal.

The Four Step Funneling Process

After the initial hook, which can be done organically with high-ranking blogposts, social media buzz, and similar marketing, or through paid ad placement in high-traffic areas, your potential customers will be entering the funnel, meaning that every action from this point forward is designed to have them ultimately engage with your business by buying your product or service.

  1. Awareness. The importance of this first stage is introducing customers to the product or service. This means that the goal is to point to the specific problem your product or service aims to eliminate.
  2. Interest. Once you’ve identified your product or service’s use, it’s time to sell your customers on why they need this particular version of it. How you position yourself at this stage determines the level of authority you have on the subject and the trust you’re likely to gain from your customers, which heavily influences whether or not they’re willing to engage with you and your company.
  3. Decision. You’ve introduced the how and the why, so now you need to seal the deal, so to speak. In this stage, you’re ramping up the advertising presence with targeted ads and encouragement to sign up for mailing lists. This is where you provide proofs of your product’s authenticity through scientific research, customer reviews, and testimonials, or backing from trusted reviewers and media outlets.
  4. Action. The final step of the funnel is in the actual purchase. This is where you’re putting the big “Buy Now” button, and calling your potential customers to become actual customers. If you’ve been successful with the previous three steps, this one is an automatic success.

These steps are designed to garner engagement and grow your product’s audience to increase the likelihood of conversion. The more opportunities a potential customer has to opt into a product, the more likely they are to do so.

How to Safely Use a ClickFunnels

It’s important to be realistic and authentic throughout the advertising process. To put it bluntly, your audience is not stupid, and will not appreciate being treated as if they are. People are good at spotting thinly coated marketing and insincere stories designed to sell when they’re based on nothing. To get other people to believe in your product, you need to believe in it yourself and prove that.

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You’ll also need to assess the software that you’re using to create your sales funnel. Depending on your personal budget, you’ll want to look into not only ClickFunnels, but its competitors as well. You might consider looking into:

  • LeadPages, which offers the same easy-to-use templates and analytics for a third of ClickFunnels’ cost
  • Thrive Themes, which is again significantly cheaper but offers overall fewer features than ClickFunnels.

You want to ensure that you’re working with a company that you trust for a price that fits your business.

Do Prep Work

Before building your funnel, make sure that the product or service you are selling has been thoroughly vetted for safety and reliability. Remember that the responsibility for your clients’ safety and satisfaction lies squarely on you, the business owner.

Collect as many unbiased reviews as possible, ensure that you have an open line of communication with your customers, and respond to feedback quickly and effectively, both in talking to your customers and tweaking your product to improve it and align it more with what your clients are looking for. A sales funnel can only ever be as successful as the product it promotes.

Once you’re satisfied with your product, you’ll build your website following the four-step funneling process. Design ads to draw in customer attention with an interesting and exciting copy.

Once you have their interest, make sure that clicking the ad leads to an effective landing page, with basic information about the product or service and the opportunity to buy and connect via an email list.

Moving Forward with a ClickFunnels

Once you have those pieces in place, continue to upsell your project with insightful copy, customer stories, and trusted reviews.

Finally, deliver a valuable product with an appealing call to upgrade service or buy more product! If done correctly, a sales funnel can be an effective marketing tactic and an excellent way to grow your business without breaking the bank on advertising.

Click funnels are a safe and proven way to increase your online income fast!

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