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ASOS is one of the largest clothing and shoe retailers in Europe. They have an affiliate program that gives you a commission for every customer you refer to who makes a purchase. This blog post will go over how to get started with the Asos affiliate program, 10 ways to make money through it, and other tips for success!

About ASOS

According to Awin, a leading affiliate network that works with ASOS, ASOS is the largest independent fashion and beauty retailer in the United Kingdom. The ASOS label produces both men’s and women’s clothing in the following categories:

  • Jeans
  • T-shirts
  • Shoes
  • Shirts
  • Jewelry
  • and more!

Continue reading to learn how you can start promoting this brand today.

About The ASOS affiliate program program

In this section, we will discuss the affiliate commission structure and cookie duration for the ASOS affiliate program. The affiliate commission is the amount of money an affiliate may earn when a customer clicks on their affiliate link.

In addition, the affiliate cookie duration is the length of time a cookie is active on a customer’s web browser. When a customer clicks on your affiliate link, a piece of code, called a cookie, is placed on the customer’s web browser.

The customer must make a qualified purchase before the cookie expires for an affiliate to earn a commission.

Note: this program is only available to people within the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Australia.

ASOS affiliate commission structure

The ASOS affiliate program features three different opportunities to earn a commission. As an affiliate for ASOS, you can earn commissions for regular sales, deals/ discounts/ offer sales, and loyalty-based sales.

Regular sales: Affiliates who promote non-discount sales to customers that aren’t in the loyalty program can earn up to a 6% commission for new customers. Also, affiliates can earn up to 3% commission for existing customers and 1% commission for “app” (it is unclear if Awin refers to app installs or app purchases).

Deals/ discounts/ offers: Affiliates that are promoting these types of products can earn up to a 3% commission for new customers, 2% commission for existing customers, and 1% for “app.”

Cashback/ loyalty: Affiliates that earn sales from members of the ASOS loyalty program can earn a 3% commission for new customers, 1% commission for existing customers, and a 2% commission for “app.”

Note: the Awin site refers to “CPA.” CPA stands for coster per action/acquisition. In this instance, the action is a purchase or sale.

Next, let’s take a look at the cookie duration for the ASOS affiliate program.

How does the affiliate program work

According to Awin, the ASOS affiliate program features a 30-day cookie window for its affiliate marketers. As referenced above, affiliates have 30 days after their affiliate link is clicked to earn a sale.

The only caveat is if the customer clicks on another affiliate’s link within the 30-day window. Affiliate commissions always go to the last link click.

How to join the affiliate program

Before becoming an affiliate for ASOS, you must apply and be accepted into the Awin affiliate network. An affiliate network is a company that partners with individual affiliate programs.

Awin will manage the affiliate dashboard, provide the affiliate links, and handle the payments.

Once you are accepted into the Awin affiliate network, you will need to apply for the ASOS affiliate network. When applying, you will need to answer basic marketing, audience size, and traffic sources.

Note: be sure to answer the questions for the affiliate program and network honestly. Both the affiliate network and program will attempt to verify any information you enter.

Attempting to mislead the affiliate program may result in being declined from the program and kicked out of the network.

Benefits of affiliate program

There are many things that I like about the ASOS affiliate program, here are just a few.

Long cookie window

As I’ve mentioned, ASOS offers a 30-day cookie window for affiliates. This cookie window is similar to other affiliate programs in the fashion/retail industry.

Affiliate commission inline with industry

The 6% commission offered by ASOS is similar to other fashion affiliate programs of its size.

Multiple ways to make money

As I mentioned earlier, the ASOS affiliate program provides affiliate three different ways to make money online. Affiliate can earn money with their regular proceed items, outlet stores, and loyalty programs.

Drawbacks of affiliate program

While there is a lot to like about this affiliate program, I found a few drawbacks with this affiliate program. Here are a few drawbacks to this affiliate program.

Only available in select countries

It appears that this affiliate program is only available in the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Australia. While it’s understandable to limit the program to the target market, it limits the opportunities for affiliates to earn commissions.

How to make $100 per day with the affiliate program

If your goal is to make $100 per day with this affiliate program, here is a breakdown of the number of sales you need to make for each program.

Everyday sales

To make $100 per day with everyday sales, you would need to generate the below amount for ASOS:

  • New customer (6%): $1,667 per day
  • Existing customer (3%): $3,333
  • App (1%): $10,000

Deal/discount/offer sales

To earn $100 per day with the deal/discount/offer program, you would need to generate the below amount for ASOS:

  • New customer (3%): $3,333
  • Existing customer (2%): $5,000
  • App (1%): $10,000

Cashback/loyalty sales

Finally, here is the breakdown if you want to earn $100 per day in commissions with the cashback/loyalty commissions:

  • New customer (3%): $3,333
  • Existing customer (1%): $10,000
  • App (2%): $5,000

Alternatives to the affiliate program

Before deciding on the ASOS affiliate program, here are five alternatives that you may want to promote.

  • RewardStyle
  • Hugo Boss
  • TJMaxx
  • Shein
  • Jonas Studios

10 ways to promote the affiliate program

Next, let’s look at 10 ways you can make money with the ASOS affiliate program.

Start a YouTube

One of the best ways to earn commissions as an affiliate is to start a YouTube channel in the fashion niche. There are a few directions affiliates can take their YouTube channel and find success with this affiliate program.

First, they can create YouTube videos about fashion news. Just create content on the latest fashion trends. Another option is to create “try-on haul” type videos. With these videos, affiliates try the clothes on and ask viewers to comment on the haul.

Regardless of the direction, be sure to add affiliate links in the description of the videos. As the channel grows, so to will the commissions.

Start a blog

Another opportunity to earn commissions with the ASOS affiliate program is to start a blog. Like starting a YouTube channel, affiliates have a few directions they can take the blog.

One option is to start a blog on celebrity fashion trends and decisions. In addition, affiliates can create content about upcoming fashion shows.

Regardless of the direction, affiliates can earn commissions by adding affiliate links in every blog post. In addition, affiliates can add banners at the top and sides of the blog. When customers click on the banners, the affiliate cookie with activate.


One easy way to start promoting the ASOS affiliate links is to jump over to Instagram. Affiliates can find success by sharing (approved) pictures of models wearing ASOS clothing.

Next, affiliates can add an affiliate, YouTube, or website link in the bio of the Instagram account. Add in relevant hashtags, and it is possible to start earning commissions.


Another highly visually social media site that would be great for this affiliate program is Pinterest. Like Instagram, affiliates can share approved pictures of ASOS clothing.

Pinterest allows users to add one destination link per pin. Users can link to their YouTube channel, blog post, or directly to a product with an affiliate link.


TikTok is the hottest opportunity for affiliates since the invention of YouTube. TikTok allows users to upload videos that are 60-seconds or less. This provides an opportunity to show multiple outfits (with jumpcuts) to build intrigue into a brand.

Once affiliates meet the follower requirement, they can add a link to their bio. Like Pinterest, the link and be to a YouTube channel, blog post, or directly to a product.

If you upload consistently, you will find success on TikTok.

Facebook groups

Another place to earn commissions, leads, and sales is Facebook groups. Instead of joining other groups, create your own group. You can start a group focused on fashion in 20 minutes.

You can build a group quickly by posting helpful information related to the fashion niche. Since Facebook knows everything about its users, they will recommend users to your group based on their interests.

One easy way to earn commissions with your Facebook group is to pin a post with your affiliate link to the top of your group wall. When members return to your group, they will see the pinned link. Eventually, members will click on your links and buy your products.

Product reviews

The most straightforward way to earn commissions with the ASOS affiliate program is to create product reviews. Product reviews are great because customers are ready to buy. They need reassurance they are making the best decision.

The key to a good product review is to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the product. When you discuss the good and bad, it helps to build trust with the customer.

In addition, you can use the weaknesses as an opportunity to see more products!

Email marketing

One of the best ways to create repeat customers is with email marketing. Using any of the methods mentioned in this post, send customers to a landing page instead of the affiliate offer.

Then, you can send emails when you create new blog posts or YouTube videos when ASOS comes out with a new product line or if you have some new information.

You can create a landing page in minutes using a sales funnel builder like ClickFunnels.

Paid ads

A fast way to generate traffic to your landing page and affiliate offers to run paid ads on YouTube, Facebook, or Pinterest. Just find engaging images, plug in captivating ad copy, and you will start generating leads fast.


Another place you can find customers is the social media site Twitter. Like Instagram and Pinterest, Twitter loves beautiful images and videos. You can use this social media site to generate leads and sales fast.


If you like fashion and want to make some extra money, the ASOS affiliate program may be the perfect solution. With over a million products available for purchase on their site, there are plenty of opportunities to find you can promote!

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