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Season 1, Episode 9: Why Make Money Online?

In this episode of The Unemployee Podcast, discuss why I decided to enter the world of Make Money Online niche. I discuss my background leading up to choosing this niche, why I feel like my content is different than others in this space, and more. In addition, I go on a little rant about the … Read more

Season 1, Episode 7: Affiliate Marketing On YouTube?

In this episode, I discuss how to do affiliate marketing on YouTUbe. I spend the first part of the podcast talking about the importance of YouTube in the content world. This I discuss The best way to start affiliate marketing on YouTube. I talk about funnels again! Later I discuss why I struggled with gaining … Read more

Season 1, Episode 6: Affiliate Marketing On TikTok?

In this episode, I dive into my beliefs as to why TikTok is so powerful. I spend some time comparing the differences between YouTube and TikTok and why so many people are having massive results. Also, I spend a few minutes discussing how I structure my videos to get leads and sales. TikTok is on … Read more

Season 1, Episode 5: What is Affiliate Marketing?

In this episode, I explain what affiliate marketing is and how you can do it too. During this episode, I explain traffic sources, how to create content, and more. This is the exact process people are using to make 6 and 7-figures passively. The best part about affiliate marketing is anyone can do it.

Season 1, Episode 4: I’m Back & Name Change

In this episode, I announce that I’m back! I discuss the name change, how I discovered the name, and what it means. I also spend some time outline what customer avatar, and what to expect from future episodes of “The Unemployee Podcast.”

Is ClickFunnels A Pyramid Scheme?

It seems like everywhere you look online, people are talking about or using ClickFunnels. You see people promoting ClickFunnels as an affiliate, using ClickFunnels as a way to collect emails, using ClickFunnels for membership sites, and more. It is fair to ask the question since so many people are using it, it must be a … Read more

How Many Followers Do You Need for Amazon Affiliates?

The rise of social media, blogging, and the influencers that came with it has brought to life many affiliate programs provided by large companies. People with a certain number of followers can get paid to advertise for companies. In return, the affiliates get high traffic positions on the site and monetary compensation for using the … Read more