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ChatGPT 3 vs. ChatGPT 4 What’s The Difference

Transcription In this video, we are going to compare chat G p T three to chat G P T four to see if it’s really the big improvement that everyone claims that we’re gonna ask it some questions. We’re gonna put it through its paces and we’re gonna do a side-by-side comparison to see if … Read more

6 Untapped Side Hustles For 2023 $1,000:Day | Reaction

Transcription Today, I’m gonna give you six of the most underrated side hustles for 2023. These have, all right, so here we go. We’ve got underrated and untapped side hustles for 2023. Let’s see how underrated and untapped they are. My name’s Als Godbold, and I like to help you actually make money online and … Read more

$500 & Recurring! | Best Recurring Affiliate Programs of 2023

Transcription Earlier this year, I made a video about the best side hustles for 2023, and included in that video, I asked a question, would you be interested in learning more about different reoccurring affiliate programs? Now, I had a lot of people comment and say, yes, they’d be interested. So what I’m gonna do … Read more