page title icon Can I Post Clickbank Links on Facebook?

Facebook is a great social network for many affiliate marketers. Since Clickbank is one of the best affiliate marketing platforms, Facebook allows its promotion on the platform. But can you post Clickbank affiliate links directly on the platform?

While posting Clickbank links on Facebook posts or ads was possible in the past, it’s no longer allowed. Facebook hasn’t explicitly stated their Clickbank link ban in their advertisement guidelines; however, based on many failed marketers trying to post Clickbank links, it’s clear they don’t allow it.

This change came as a shock to many marketers in 2016 who relied on Facebook for most of their income-generating efforts. Read through this article to learn more about why you can’t post Clickbank links on Facebook and what you can do instead.

Can I Post Clickbank Links on Facebook?

Four years ago, posting Clickbank links on Facebook posts and ads was normal. But suddenly, in 2016, this practice was cut short by an error report whenever someone would try to post a Clickbank link, and this ban has never ended.

Some marketers try to trick Facebook by cloaking their links, but unfortunately, that doesn’t work. The social platform can recognize these cloaked links, ban them, and brand them unsafe or abusive. Furthermore, if you continue trying to trick Facebook into not recognizing a Clickbank link, they might close your account for a while or permanently.

Although Facebook has not yet mentioned this ban on their policies, you can deduce their reasons from their advertising guidelines. The platform strives to protect its relationship with users by avoiding very sales advertisements like “lose weight overnight with this 5-minute course” and limit the number of promotional links for a great user experience.

How to Promote Clickbank Products on Facebook

Posting Clickbank links directly on Facebook isn’t the only way you can get more customers. But, unfortunately, it also isn’t the best way since many people are exposed to advertisements every day and would most likely skip a prompt to buy something out of the blue.

Fortunately, there are two main ways you can still promote your Clickbank affiliate links without violating Facebook policies:

  • Direct potential customers to your website with affiliate links.
  • Create content on Facebook that sends potential customers to a landing page.

How to Direct Potential Customers to Your Website with Affiliate Links

In this tech-savvy era, most people are spending an increasing amount of time online. With all the information they are exposed to online each day, potential customers need to see more than your sales pitch. They desire value more than anything.

Therefore, building a business online mostly involves creating a website and posting valuable content before pitching people to buy your product. This trend ye even in eCommerce sites that strive to attract customers with quality content to back up the product offers.

Once you have an established website with valuable content, you can direct your potential customers to your website with affiliate links. This is a strategy you can follow if you’re a Clickbank affiliate marketer on Facebook.

You have to show your prospects why they should buy anything from you and that you care enough to provide free value to them before converting them to customers. And you can do that by creating helpful, engaging content on your website with affiliate links in posts or on landing pages.

You can then create Facebook ads and posts with links to the targeted pages on your website to get them to buy your products and services. This way, you can promote your Clickbank affiliate links without violating Facebook guidelines and gain an audience, too.

Here are steps you can take to promote Clickbank links on Facebook through your website:

This way of earning with Clickbank through Facebook does take a while. However, it is a good one for long-term affiliate strategies and overall authority building online. But if you want to start earning money quickly from Clickbank (and without a website), there is another option for you.

How to Use Content to Send Potential Customers to a Landing Page

While this strategy also involves providing value before getting customers, you can do it for free and set up your business in minutes. 

For this method, you must create a landing page and post it on your profile or Facebook page. You can then insert links to your landing page in your posts or ads.  Facebook allows the promotion of landing pages, so you’ll be fine if you perform your Clickbank marketing in that manner.

You can use this video guide to create landing pages that are Facebook compliant:

It all starts with value, though. You can provide value in one video or a series of content using videos, images, and text. This way, you keep your potential customers engaged and retain existing ones you may want to sell to in the future.

The following are rich content types on Facebook you can use to promote Clickbank products with:

  • Image galleries
  • Videos
  • Facebook ads

Image Galleries

Images are more visually appealing than text. This visual appeal is important, especially on social media, where attention spans are at their lowest. The only thing better than a single image is a group of images all telling a story.

A photo gallery is good for explaining your Clickbank offer because:

  • It’s visually appealing.
  • It seamlessly shows what your offer is all about.
  • It can create a short story without seeming pushy.
  • It displays well on any screen size or device.
  • The viewer only needs touch gestures to navigate the content.

However, avoid using images with outrageous promises since this can seem spam and get banned by Facebook. Instead, approach your content strategy with the 80/20 percent content marketing rule, where 80% of your content should educate and entertain your audience, and only 20% should be promotional.

In the description section of promotional images, you can expound more about the product and include a link to a landing page containing the Clickbank offer.


With videos on Facebook, you can start making money fast with Clickbank. But, first, you need to create engaging videos that provide some value that will lead to your pitch on the affiliate offer. 

You can post videos on Facebook for Clickbank marketing in two ways:

  • Creating Youtube videos and sharing them on Facebook: This is a way to build authority on two platforms while using both to promote Clickbank affiliate links.
  • Posting videos directly to Facebook.

You can create one video that’s informative and entertaining that also promotes your Clickbank offer, or you can create a series of videos that gradually engage your audience until you promote your affiliate offer. Your videos can be informative, entertaining, promotional, or all three. You can also post testimonial videos. 

If it applies to your particular proposition, you can also provide a bonus with the purchase or promise more bonuses in the future by signing your customers to an email list or asking them to contact you. This way, it’ll be easy for your prospects to click on your landing page so they can find the Clickbank affiliate link you wanted to post on Facebook.

Sean Bagheri, an experienced Clickbank affiliate marketer, earning thousands of dollars with the business, recommends using video as the fastest way to promote Clickbank products on Facebook.

You can check out his video below:

Facebook Ads

When you want to grow your affiliate income fast, organic leads aren’t enough. Instead, you might have to invest in Facebook ads to push your marketing campaign. However, even here, you can’t post your Clickbank affiliate links directly, and if you try to do so, you’ll be banned from the program.

However, with Facebook ads, you can:

  • Gain a lot of traffic to your posts, which contain affiliate links.
  • Lead your audience to the most impactful Facebook content, which leads them to the landing page.
  • Talk about your offer on the advertisement and direct your audience to the landing page.

Depending on the nature of your Clickbank marketing campaign, you can tailor your Facebook ads to achieve the most effective result, even without directly linking to Clickbank links.

However, the goal of your Facebook ads should be to appeal to your target audience. Therefore, you should narrow down your potential customer and deliver your content in a way that speaks to them the most.


Whether you’re posting on your profile, business page, group, or Facebook ads, you’re not allowed to insert Clickbank affiliate links. However, you can use images, videos, and Facebook ads with powerful text to drive your target customers to external posts or landing pages with affiliate links. Just create value and pitch most effectively to your target audience.