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Tips For Picking a Niche For Affiliate Marketing

Starting a business can be tricky when you’re unsure which market segment to venture into, and the pressure of knowing that the niche you pick can make or break your business doesn’t help. You could create a list of all your passions and still be left struggling to find out what you were meant to … Read more

Are Affiliate Links Allowed in Facebook Messenger?

The amount spent on affiliate marketing is well into the billions and is thought to reach up to $8.2 billion in the next couple of years. Affiliate programs are easy to partner with and can make up a significant amount of passive income, but what are the limitations? Are they allowed in Facebook Messenger, for … Read more

Is Facebook Good for Affiliate Marketing?

Spending on affiliate marketing is predicted to reach close to $6.8 billion by the end of 2020. With over 80% of companies utilizing affiliate marketing, it makes sense to look into it as a means of creating income, but is Facebook the right way to go? Facebook is good for affiliate marketing. Not only does … Read more

How Do I Convert Affiliate Links?

To make decent money through affiliate marketing, it is imperative that you drive your conversion rate as high as possible to maximize your work. While some may think it is easy to make money from home through affiliate marketing, it takes work, a good strategy, and persistence to build a solid enough income in order … Read more

What is the Average Affiliate Commission?

More and more Americans are looking into ways to make money from home. One way to accomplish this is through affiliate marketing, in which companies pay you a commission for referring sales to their site. While many people have tried affiliate marketing, the question remains just how profitable it can be. The average affiliate commission … Read more

How Much Traffic Do You Need for Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliated marketing depends heavily on the traffic and action visitors take when they visit your website. You will often hear success stories of thousands and sometimes hundreds of dollars being earned through affiliate marketing. While the earning potential is certainly possible, some factors determine how much traffic gets to your website to make affiliate marketing … Read more

Do You Need Social Media for Affiliate Marketing?

About 3.6 billion people are using social media sites today. As an affiliate marketer, what wouldn’t you do to reach a little less than half the world’s population? But do you really need social media for affiliate marketing? Yes, you will need social media for affiliate marketing. It’s not just the staggering number of users … Read more

How Many Followers Do You Need for Amazon Affiliates?

The rise of social media, blogging, and the influencers that came with it has brought to life many affiliate programs provided by large companies. People with a certain number of followers can get paid to advertise for companies. In return, the affiliates get high traffic positions on the site and monetary compensation for using the … Read more

Can You Put Affiliate Links In Emails?

If you have a good following on social media, your blog, or whatever media you use to connect, you likely also have an email list. Through this list, people who like your site sign up for a daily or weekly newsletter to keep up with you. You can include an “affiliate link” to send them … Read more

Does Mailchimp Allow Affiliate Links?

If you have done any exploration in the realm of “working from home” or “being your own” boss, then it is highly likely that you have considered doing affiliate marketing. While there are different kinds of affiliate marketing, one of the most common is to embed a link to a popular product into your text, … Read more

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