page title icon ClickFunnels for Real Estate: How To Use ClickFunnels For Your Real Estate Business

If you’re an on the rise real estate agent looking to make a name for yourself in your local area, you should be using ClickFunnels. Instead of just a regular website, ClickFunnels will help give your clients an online experience that’s easy for them and help your sales skyrocket.

ClickFunnels is a perfect way for real estate agents to sell more houses through effective digital marketing. On ClickFunnels, realtors can promote themselves, show off houses, and host events to build even more rapport with buyers and sellers.

Now that you know you can grow your business let’s close this deal and figure out the best ways ClickFunnels will do the job for you.

Turn Leads into Sales

You might be asking yourself, why shouldn’t realtors just use a website to promote their business? That’s where the simplistic magic of ClickFunnels comes into play.

Basically, the sales funnels ClickFunnels uses turns leads into sales.

When you click on a normal real estate agent’s page, you may find all the curb appeal. That first page catches your eye, but soon you realize it’s hard to navigate and use. If a website is hard to figure out, a client isn’t going to stick around.

Clients who are serious about buying or selling their house want information upfront. Not only do they want to make some deals, you do too.

Your ClickFunnels is designed to:

  • Grab prospective clients’ attention 
  • Make them interested in working with you
  • Inspire them to take action

This is done as a funnel.

When your client sees that your ClickFunnels is easy to you and gets a sense of the person and realtor you are, they’re going to be inspired to hire you as their agent to buy or sell their home.

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The Sales Funnel

As stated before, websites can be tricky to navigate. Instead of leading a person to the goal of buying or selling a house, they hit a stopping point.

Clients aren’t able to figure out:

  • Where you work
  • The you have houses on the market 
  • How to contact you

This will not only frustrate people, but it’s going to make them not work with you in the future. Yes, that first interaction with you and your online presence is crucial to your long-term relationship with clients.

Sales funnels with ClickFunnels take this confusion away and literally funnels people into wanting to work with you. It makes getting the information they need easy to navigate while getting you their information you’ll need.

Let’s break down how these sales funnels work.

The Mechanics of the Sales Funnel

At the top of the funnel is where all the traffic, or people who want to come to your site, get hooked. This could either be: a new listing, an event, or a relevant article.

No matter what, something is pulling people to look at your ClickFunnels, debating if they want to work with you.

To get high-quality clients, you’ll have to have high-quality content to get them through the door.

After the first hook, some will want to continue looking for:

  • Houses you have listed 
  • Services, like rental properties 
  • Your qualifications

This builds interest in you and your business, which is crucial for individuals wanting to take the next step in working with you.

The Final Steps of the Sales Funnel

No matter what part of the first steps of the funnel hooks them and makes them more interested, some of them will desire to be your client. They understand what services you’re providing and are forming a trust with you. At this stage, clients definitely are thinking about purchasing or selling and are making critical decisions about working with you.

The last step of the funnel is to make them want to take action. At this stage, they know if they want to sell their house. Sometimes they just need the push to make the jump into the home selling and buying process. You’ll offer your services again and get your client’s information to continue working with them.

How Do I Create a Sales Funnel?

ClickFunnels makes creating a real estate sales funnel easy to do. Just as they’re easy to navigate for clients, you’ll be able to create the perfect sales funnel for your business.

Depending on your niche, you can tailor your ClickFunnels to showcase:

  • What you are selling
  • Contact information 
  • Rentals you manage

Throughout designing and perfecting what you want to sell, this is the time you’ll also be able to get the most important information: how to contact your client.

Collecting Information to Make the Sale

Throughout your sales funnel, you will be able to make a pop up to collect contact information. This will give you a future client’s:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Intent

You’ll see if this person is truly ready to take the next steps by just having this snapshot.

It’ll also give you more leads, and you’ll be able to contact them personally, too.

ClickFunnels are Customized for to Work for You

The best part about using ClickFunnels to make your real estate sales funnel is that it provides you a step-by-step guide on how to build it and make it the best to capture your target audience. From there, the opportunities to reach selling potential are endless.

Working with ClickFunnels allows you to customize what you want to say to your clients without using a tech team to figure out how to build a website. It’s like already having a tech team inside of your computer without having the extra costs. You’re not only getting a beautiful navigation page but the benefits of having a page that works for you.

Now that we understand the basics of how the sales funnels work in ClickFunnels let’s see how we can tailor what type of real estate we want our sales funnels to use.


The biggest part of your business as a real estate agent is getting leads. If there aren’t any houses to sell or people that want to buy, there’s no business. We all want to make money and provide the best information for our clients.

Again, the biggest draw to your ClickFunnels is going to be an advertisement. You can use the following to help get people to your sales funnel:

  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook Advertisements
  • Twitter

These advertisements need to be eye-catching so that you can make the sale.

There’s a ton of different ways to advertise to different types of people. Knowing the type of people you want to reach out too is key.

Grabbing Your Client’s Attention

Pictures are always a great way to grab buyers’ and sellers’ attention. For a buyer, this is the first interaction they’ll have with their potential home. On the other hand, sellers will be able to see you selling amazing homes and will know you can do the same for them.

Even though using high-quality pictures is the best way to draw viewers in, you still need more. Using your words to sell houses and your services will help get the information across too. For the text, let them know that working with you is the best choice, and you’ll be able to find them a home or sell theirs quickly and efficiently.

Not only does that set the tempo in how working with you is easy, but it’ll also get them to click the link that takes them to your ClickFunnels that will work even better for you.

Creating a Niche

Once you get customers to the sales funnel, draw attention to the houses you’re selling and jumpstart the sales funnel by tailoring the niche of the property you’re selling, This is where your advertising is so important. If you work in a rural area, you shouldn’t have pictures of cityscapes or beachfront homes. The look you create should be relevant to your buyer or seller.

If it isn’t relevant to the client, they’re going to stop navigating on your page. Make sure to present yourself and the properties you have available accurately. Being credible is so important when creating a working relationship.

Future clients will:

  • See what you stand for
  • The offers on houses you have listed
  • Give you the information you need from them

ClickFunnels are going to work for you and help get the hard part done without you having to do extra work. Everyone needs that extra support, and ClickFunnels will help give it to you.

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Rental Properties

Just as you get clients to want to buy or sell houses, ClickFunnels can also help you manage your rental property business.

Sometimes, people aren’t ready to buy a house. Rental properties may be their best option, and if you manage rental properties, you’re going to want these clients’ business. You’re going to want to show off rental properties the same way you would houses for sale.

The one difference about rental properties is it’s a different niche. As a realtor, you know these clients have different needs and wants when they’re looking for rentals. Showcase the positives of renting and have advertisements with pictures of these properties.

Again, when you get them to your sales funnel, the ClickFunnel you set up will automatically lead them to:

  • See the properties you have for them 
  • The information they need
  • Collect their contact information

ClickFunnels for Rental Properties

Using ClickFunnels for rental properties will get you leads and allow you time to check out clients’ needs before calling them. Since you have the opportunity to set up your ClickFunnels the way you need it, you can try to get information that will best serve your client in helping you get the best rental for their price range and homing needs.

These clients will also be able to only navigate through rentals when they go to this sales funnel. That way, the information is clearly presented to them, and they don’t get confused about what they can rent and what’s for sale.

Since ClickFunnels directs them to the properties you want to rent, it’s an easy process for future renters to follow.

Creating an Informed Client on ClickFunnels

When you’re working with different types of clients, they need to be well-informed on all levels. A great way to provide that is to create articles on your ClickFunnels.

Not only is this a great way to grab someone’s attention to your ClickFunnels, but it also provides useful information. Although having a steady stream of articles can seem like a big task, they will help buyers and sellers understand the process more.

Some great articles you can potentially write could be about:

  • First-time home buying
  • The steps in selling a home 
  • What to expect out of living in a rental property

You could also record videos introducing yourself to your clients too.

Informative Articles

There are many different ways to write attention-grabbing articles too. You can write:

  • A top ten list
  • Stories about past clients
  • Home improvement posts

As long as the article is about real estate and how best to help those who visit your site, you can be as creative as you need.

Just giving more information about what you stand for as a realtor and the real estate process will make them feel more confident in moving forward.

Plus, if someone is looking for a great article and is thinking about buying, selling, or renting, the sales funnel they need is right there.

The trick to ClickFunnels is getting clients interested and wanting to explore more about you and the associated real estate. Once you get them there, ClickFunnels will work for you in getting leads and sales.

Real Estate Events with ClickFunnels

In today’s world, a lot more people are meeting face-to-face through virtual means. This fact isn’t any different for the real estate world either. Now that you know the basics of ClickFunnels, you can utilize them in making virtual events for your clients.

You may be wondering what type of events I’m talking about, especially with real estate. You can prerecord many different things to make meeting your clients easier and helping them decide what house or rental property works best for them. By already filming open houses and rental properties, you can be sure you’re only getting serious leads.

You have to do some upfront work before making it easier on yourself, but it is well worth it.

Using Videos to Showcase Listings

As you get new listings, you can video while you’re walking through a home or rental. During this video, you can talk about the different rooms and showcase all of its positive features. There may have to be some slight editing, but this will save you a lot of time taking multiple clients through places.

When you advertise a home or rental property, you can use these virtual showings as a way to get clients to your ClickFunnels. They will be interested in seeing what the house looks like and making an informed decision before making a physical appointment at the location. Not only is this saving them time, but it’s also saving you time too!

Following the funnel stages, your prospective client will be able to find out more information about the listing and what steps to take next. Conversely, your ClickFunnels will work for you by getting their information and letting you know they’re serious clients.

ClickFunnels Help You Save Time

Again, by using ClickFunnels, you’ll be able to save time by doing all the hard work upfront, then the program will work for you. Not only will you get a pool of contact information, but you’ll also be getting serious leads—all by using events on ClickFunnels.

Another great event you can create is one for first time home buyers. Since there may be a lot of questions and weariness when buying a home for the first time, making a video answering commonly asked questions would be helpful.

Yes, articles are great for these first-time homebuyers, but actually hearing from their future realtor will bring them comfort. An event or video like this will also help break the ice. The questions they have will be answered, and they’ll realize if they’re serious about taking the next steps.

Plus, remember that ClickFunnels is always working for you. Not only will clients get the information they need, but the funnel process will also get their contact information.

ClickFunnels events will get you serious and dependable new leads.

If you’d like to know more about how to make an event on ClickFunnels, click here.

ClickFunnels are for Real Estate

No matter where you are in your real estate career, using ClickFunnels will help propel you into new leads and sales. This easy to use program will help you convert people who are just looking at real estate into serious clients.

Close this deal and look into integrating ClickFunnels into your business today.

If you’re interested in more information about how to use ClickFunnels effectively, check out more articles here.


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