page title icon ClickFunnels Vs. Leadpages: A Comparison

There are many different types of software that can help your business grow and create wonderful landing pages for your business site. Two great contenders are ClickFunnels and Leadpages. Both are widely popular across online businesses but is one better than the other?

ClickFunnels and Leadpages are both marketing software that many businesses use. One of the most important differences is ClickFunnels is an all in one sales funnel software, whereas Leadpages only creates landing pages for your website.

When creating a business webpage, you really want to make the most of it. So, you shop around for the perfect marketing software to help your sales to grow. You don’t want or need to waste your time. Let’s look at two very well-known marketing software and compare their effectiveness.

What Is The Difference Between ClickFunnels And Leadpages?

As mentioned above, the main difference between the two programs is Leadpages is simply a software that creates landing pages. Whereas ClickFunnels not only creates great landing pages but also has tons of added features that allow you to customize your entire website fully.

Leadpages does have some customization tools, but ClickFunnels wins with the ability to customize just about every part of your site.

Instead of a simple landing page that Leadpages allows you to create, ClickFunnels lets you produce many landing pages that will lead the customer on a path to a sale – a sales funnel.

Leadpages has wonderful designs for their landing pages, but looks are not as important as how well the product works. ClickFunnels’ design is a bit more simple, but it works wonderfully.

What Do ClickFunnels and Leadpages Have In Common

Even though they are technically different programs, they have quite a bit in common. They both:

  • Use a simple drag and drop method to design pages
  • Use pop up features to get the customers’ attention
  • Have features that can be used on other pages, not just pages created with Clickfunnels or Leadpages
  • Offer many free templates 
  • Have progress bars and countdown timers
  • Will connect effortlessly with your email or current website
  • Have click to subscribe features

ClickFunnels – What Stands Out The Most?

With it being one of the most popular all-in-one marketing software, there is plenty that stands out.

  • You can fully customize every aspect of your website
  • It helps you create a sales funnel
  • The large community of people who use ClickFunnels and have blogs, YouTube channels, webinars, and books all to help you get the most out of it
  • It has templates that help to increase your email lists quickly
  • With a few simple clicks, you can create upsells, down sells, email marketing, and a great sales funnel to increase sales and your email list
  • It’s a really great tool! Hands down

One thing that stands out, but not so much for being a good thing, is the learning curve.

It can be somewhat difficult to get the hang of ClickFunnels. When you have trouble grasping a particularly important tool for your business, it can cause unneeded stress and wasted time.

That being said, once people get the hang of the software, it will quickly help your business grow. Many free YouTube channels offer guidance and share tips of the trade.

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Leadpages – What Stands Out The Most?

Leadpages may not be the one-stop/all-in-one marketing software, but they do have quite a few features they offer that really stick out.

  • Their lowest-priced plan gives unlimited traffic, leads, and pages to create.
    • They don’t want you to pay more just because your business starts to grow
  • Opt-in texting
    • With a simple “text —– to this number,” customers can easily opt-in to get updates on products.
  • You can create a trigger link in just three simple steps, which allows you to get a large email list quickly. The three steps are:
    • Create an email
    • Make a confirmation page/a thank you that will pop up after they opt-in
    • Copy the link and paste it into outgoing emails 
  • Over 200 high converting templates
  • The program will give you tips as you move along, which creates a less stressful experience
  • Their pop up creator
    • You can choose between pop-ups that are triggered by a click, time delay, or exit intent.
    • They are quickly added to any page with only a few clicks
  • It has two different landing page editors, which many marketing software doesn’t.
    • It provides a beginner landing page and one for those far more advanced.
    • This perfect for those that have absolutely no coding experience
    • As your skills grow, you can simply switch over to the more advanced side of Leadpages.
  • Really nice looking landing pages. Sometimes the looks are better than the conversion rate though

Source – Money Journal – Leadpages

What Features Do The Business Owners Like Best?

Leadpages – The fancier designs of Leadpages landing pages and lower monthly prices tend to lure business owners into trying it. Users also love how simple the software is to use. With absolutely no experience needed and no learning curve, it is very user friendly.

ClickFunnels – Users love how many different options ClickFunnels has to offer. They also love how easy it creates a sales funnel by creating simple landing pages and driving the customer to the checkout.

Price Comparison – ClickFunnels VS Leadpages

Like many marketing software, there are typically different levels that can fit each user’s budget and needs.

As the plans increase in price, so do the added features.

Leadpages shares the pricing information for each tier and the features you will get with each level.

ClickFunnels is oddly secretive about it, and the only way to find all the pricing is to sign up.

Thankfully both have a 14-day risk-free trial, and ClickFunnels even offers a 30-day money-back guarantee while Leadpages does not.

If you choose to pay annually for either marketing tool, you will save money each month.

Monthly PriceClickFunnelsLeadpages
Base Level$97 per month$37 per month
Mid Level$197 per month$79 per month
Top Level$297 per month———————-
Annual Base———————-$25 per month
Anual Mid———————-$48 per month
Annual Top———————-$199 per month

Source – Leadpages – Pricing – This page lists the pricing in great detail. You can find the price range and exactly what to expect with each plan. Highly informative!

Broken Down Comparison – Pros And Cons

Now let us take a  look at the good and bad of both software programs to let you decide which is a better fit for your business.

You will see that, for the most part, the good does outweigh the bad.

Tons of customizations optionsSomewhat long learning curveMakes great quality landing pagesAutosave often fails, which could be horrible
14-day risk free trial and 30-day money back guaranteeLearning curve holds some users backGreat customer serviceNot many customization options
Sales. Funnels. Effortlessly creates sales funnelsCustomer serviceUnlimited leads, publishing and trafficNo money-back guarantee
Far more options for all companiesSome technical knowledge requiredVery user-friendly – Two levels for beginner and expertThe software has been known to glitch

Deciding Between the Two Programs

Leadpages will allow you to create beautifully designed landing pages but may not lead to as much traffic as you may like.

ClickFunnels pages may look a little less “fancy,” but they have been repeatedly proven to generate more customers than other marketing software.

The bottom line is that there is not much comparison since ClickFunnels lets the user do far more than Leadpages.

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