page title icon Dick’s Sporting Goods Affiliate Program Plus 10 Ways To Make Money

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Dick’s Sporting Goods? If you said sporting goods, then you are right. This company’s main focus is to sell products related to sports and other outdoor activities. They have an affiliate program that might be perfect for your blog! Read on as we discuss how this program works and 10 ways that it can help generate revenue for your business.

About Dick’s Sporting Goods

As you know, Dick’s Sporting Goods is a leading supplier of sports and outdoor products. They have many different items for sale, like clothing, footwear, gear, equipment, and more. This company is based out of Pennsylvania in the US but has grown to be an international retailer with its presence in 16 countries worldwide, including Canada. Dick’s Sporting Goods also operates some stores under Field & Stream, which deals primarily with outdoors-related merchandise.

Now that you know more about Dick’s Sporting Goods let’s take a quick look at the affiliate program and how it can help you make some money.

About Dick’s Sporting Goods affiliate program

As you know, affiliate marketing is recommending a company’s products or services. When a customer clicks your affiliate link, you can earn a commission. Before you start promoting any products, you must be aware of the commission structure, how much you can earn, and the affiliate cookie window.

The affiliate cookie is a piece of code attached to a customer when they click your affiliate link. Company’s often add expiration dates to these tiny pieces of code. The length of time your code is alive is called the affiliate cookie window.

Next, we will take a quick look at the commission structure and cookie window for the Dick’s Sporting Goods affiliate program. One other thing I should mention, this affiliate program is only available to US affiliates only.

Commission structure

According to multiple websites, Dick’s Sporting Goods will pay their affiliates up to a 5% commission. The commission amount you will earn depends on the product that you’re promoting.

In general, this commission structure is on par with most retail affiliate programs. Commissions are usually lower because retail stores carry more overhead. Because they have to pay to keep the lights on, they offer less money to affiliates.

Affiliate cookie window

In addition to the 5% commission, affiliates have 14 days to convert a lead into a sale. As I mentioned earlier, the cookie window is the length of time the cookie window is active on a customer’s web browser.

If a customer doesn’t buy a product within 14 days, the affiliate cookie will expire.

Now that we understand the affiliate program, let’s take a look at signing up for the Dick’s Sporting Goods affiliate program.

How to join the affiliate program

The Dick’s Sporting Goods affiliate program is managed by Impact Radius, a well-known affiliate network. Before applying to the Dick’s Sporting Goods Affiliate program, you must apply to join Impact Radius.

After you are accepted into Impact Radius, you must search for Dick’s Sporting Goods and apply to become an affiliate. They will ask you basic questions about your marketing plan and your experience. Answer the questions and wait for a response.

Note: be honest when you’re filling out affiliate applications. Both Impact and Dick’s Sporting Goods will verify the information you enter. If you attempt to deceive the affiliate network or program, you risk being rejected from the affiliate program and kicked out of the network.

Next, let’s take a look at the benefits of the Dick’s Sporting Goods affiliate program.

Benefits of the affiliate program

Here are some of the things that I really like about Dick’s Sporting Goods and their affiliate program.

Tons of products to promote

Dick’s offers 1,000s of products in almost every sporting niche. This can be a good opportunity if you want to create an authority site in the sports niche.

Long affiliate cookie window

The 14-day cookie window is longer than many retail affiliate programs. Most retail affiliate programs have cookie windows if 7 days or less. Amazon, for example, only offers a 24-hour cookie window.

14 days is plenty of time to generate leads and sales (if done correctly).

Affiliate commissions on par

Another benefit is the commission percentage is on par or better than other affiliate programs. As I mentioned, retail stores don’t have a lot of wiggle room for paying affiliates.

Best buy, for example, pays less than a 1% commission to its affiliates.

Industry leader

Another benefit of the Dick’s Sporting Goods Affiliate program is that it is #1 in the sporting goods industry. Dick’s has a strong brand, and customers can be confident when purchasing products from their website.

Drawbacks of the affiliate program

Now that we’ve discussed what I like, here are a few things that I don’t like about Dick’s Sporting Goods affiliate program.

Only available in the US

This affiliate program is only available in the United States. In addition, they will only ship products to customers within the United States. This severely limits your customer base and the amount of money you can make.

“Up to” scares me

When affiliate programs throw in “up to,” it usually means all good products are much lower. For example, a product that would be easy to sell, like a Steph Curry jersey, make be .5% if you even get a commission for it.

While the commission percentage is already slim, it makes it even more difficult to make real passive income.

Affiliate network

Working with an affiliate network is more of a personal gripe than anything else as it adds a layer of complexity. Before I can even be accepted (or rejected) from the affiliate program, I have to apply to the affiliate network.

Usually, the guidelines for joining an affiliate network arent as clear as they are when joining individual affiliate programs. Again, this is a personal gripe than it is a swipe at Dick’s Sporting Goods or Impact Radius

5 alternatives to the affiliate program

Before applying to the Dick’s Sporting Goods affiliate program, check out these alternatives.

  • Nike
  • Under Armour
  • Adidas
  • Bass Pro Shops
  • Amazon (because they sell everything)

These affiliate programs may serve you better, depending on the product or niche you’re in.

10 ways to make money with the Dick’s Sporting Goods affiliate program

Now that we’ve looked at the benefits and drawbacks of the Dick’s Sporting Goods Affiliate program let’s look at the best ways to promote their products.

Start a YouTube channel.

The best way to promote any product is by starting a YouTube channel. There are several ways to generate leads and sales with Dick’s, including:

Product Reviews. This is where you create simple videos talking about the strengths and weaknesses of a single product. The best way to do product reviews to put the name of the product in the title of your video and add “review” at the end.

Team news. Creat videos where you pick a team and provide relevant updates. You can create content on trades, off-season expectations, and rumors. Ensure you have one YouTube channel for each team unless you create a channel for an entire city.

How-to videos. How-to videos are a great way to generate leads and sales. The content is evergreen, and you are helping someone achieve a goal. For example, you could make a video where you show seventh grades how to speed dribble. Be sure to stay within your niche when creating this YouTube channel.

List videos. List videos are “five best X for Y” and can work very well when promoting products. This works well because customers already have a general idea of what they need. You’re just helping them along the way.

Comparision videos. Comparision videos are “X vs. Y” and work really well. They work because the customer has already decided and just needs to be nudged in the right direction.

The key with YouTube (and all search engines) is to create content based on what people want to know, not what you want to tell them. Spend some time doing keyword research, and you’ll be on the road to success.

Start a blog

Starting a blog is another good opportunity to earn passive income with this affiliate program. I recommend that you pick a niche, then niche down. Instead of creating content about “tennis,” create content for a subsection of tennis players. For example, start a blog about senior tennis players.

There will be much less competition when you write about Seniors playing tennis than just writing about tennis.

Post videos on Instagram

Like YouTube, Instagram can be a good opportunity to post content and start generating leads and sales. You can create instructional videos on IGTV or quick tips on Instagram Reels.

Whichever you decide, make sure you stay consistent with the uploads.

Create videos on TikTok

I really like TikTok for lead generation. I like TikTok because there are so many ways to market. You can provide tips on how to shoot a jump shot, provide facts about your favorite sports team, or stare into the camera (not really).

Because the TikTok algorithm is so new, and there isn’t much content on the platform, you can build a following fast. Add your affiliate link to your bio and start promoting.

Create a Subreddit

Another opportunity to generate leads and sales is to create a Subreddit around your favorite sport or team. Reddit is basically like one large forum broken into 100,000 mini forums.

Create content around your favorite sport, and Reddit users will come near and far to argue about the sport.

Start a podcast

Start a podcast about your favorite sport or sports team. With enough consistency, you can build a following just by talking about sports. A great way to find content ideas is to listen/ watch your favorite radio station. The personalities have spent a lot of time and energy thinking about arguing for four hours. Use their effort as inspiration.

Timely posts on Twitter

One way to get fast traffic, leads, and sales are to hop on Twitter. Simply jump on to the Trending section and see what everyone else is talking about. Usually, a professional sports team is trending in the evenings. Use this as an opportunity to generate commissions for Dick’s Sporting Goods.

The key here is NOT to spam your links. Join the conversation, and provide valuable input. I like to follow the 80/20 rule: 80% value and 20% selling. This means that you should include an affiliate link in 2 out of every 10 posts you make about the trending topic.

Email marketing

In my opinion, the best way to make money as an affiliate is through email marketing. Instead of sending your customer directly to the affiliate offer, please send them to a landing page where you collect their email address.

You can entice your customer with a “lead magnet.” A lead magnet is something you offer your customer in exchange for their email address. The lead magnet can be a checklist, ebook, or video training, as long as your customer finds value in it.

Now that you have the customers email address, you can send them emails reminding of the product they’re interested in. In addition, you can send them emails when you upload new content or special offer.

Start a Facebook group.

Another great opportunity to start a Facebook group around your sport or team. Create a group and consistently upload content. It can be content you create or content you find across the internet.

Eventually, Facebook will recommend your group to users that have shown similar interest. Be sure to follow the 80/20 rule: 80% value and 20% selling.

Another opportunity is to pin your affiliate link to the top of your Facebook group wall. When users come to check out the group, they see a link to a product that you recommend.


The Dick’s Sporting Goods affiliate program is a great way to make passive income. You don’t have to be an athlete or fitness fanatic to take advantage of this opportunity. Just sign up for Dick’s affiliate program and start earning commission on your sales!