page title icon Do You Need a Website to Become an Amazon Affiliate?

Do you want to make money off your content? Amazon’s Affiliate Program is one of the best ways to do so, helping millions of content creators and website owners make money from their website traffic. However, those without a website might be curious about one thing. Do you need a website to become an Amazon Affiliate? 

No, websites are not necessary to become an Amazon Affiliate. The Amazon Affiliate program is entirely internet-based, and money is calculated based on the amount of traffic your products receive. Still, there are many more ways to receive traffic and promote products than just a website.

I know what question you’re thinking: how do you become an Amazon Affiliate without a website? Don’t worry. We have the answers below! This article will discuss the many ways to become an Amazon Affiliate without having a website!

Do You Need a Website to Become an Amazon Affiliate?

The Amazon Affiliate Program is, according to Amazon, “one of the largest affiliate programs in the world.” The program helps website owners, content creators, publishers, and bloggers monetize their traffic, using link building tools to direct their audience to their product recommendations. 

When customers click on an Affiliate’s link and make direct purchases, Affiliates can make referral fees.

As mentioned above, there are a few more ways one seeking to become an Affiliate for Amazon can become an Affiliate. 

What matters the most is making sure the medium of which you are providing content does not become a promotional tool for Amazon products solely so you can make your quick buck. Promoting a product must come off as genuine, not robotic. Gaining audience trust is crucial.

How Can You Become an Amazon Affiliate without a Website

Becoming an Amazon Affiliate is a great way to boost income if your business is online. Websites can be expensive, and if you’re running the business on your own, websites can also be time-consuming. There are other ways to become an Amazon Affiliate without a website, so let’s dive right into how you can get it done. 

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are some of the most widely used ways to market and promote products these days. Seeing your favorite celebrity or influencer, promoting a product on their Instagram or Twitter posts have a way of making consumers consume more.

I’d even argue they have a greater outreach than the advertisements you see on TV, mainly because Amazon is only a bookmark or app away when you are on social media sites. 

Social media accounts are a perfect way to become an Amazon Affiliate. Like celebrities or influencers, you must be able to make sure your social media account or organization has a niche that creates a devoted following.

You need to make enough of an impact on the audience and gain enough of their trust so they can click on those Amazon Affiliate links. Having a genuine connection to your audience away from the prospect of money is likely to make you more money than promoting the product to get money. 


eBooks are great ways to promote products from Amazon. Usually, eBooks are promoted through forums and social media accounts, and Amazon links can be posted on those eBooks, thus generating clicks and perhaps even purchases if you promote the product well enough. 

Like with social media accounts, if you want to promote a product on your eBook, you must have other content that will bring readers to your eBook. Try and help your reader out by giving them advice or talk about your niches.

Just like with social media accounts, eBook Affiliate promotion requires a degree of connection with your reader. You can’t just post a bunch of links in your eBook and tell readers that you are getting paid if they click on those links (which you are legally required to do as part of the Amazon Affiliate Program). 


YouTube is another way you can become an Amazon Affiliate. YouTube these days is an endless stream of content-filled videos that happen to have ads and links in the description that promote products related to the content. Many YouTube viewers click on those links, especially if they are promoted in the video.

You do not need to be a popular YouTube content creator to become an Amazon Affiliate. All you need to do is, like the other ways of becoming an Amazon Affiliate, provide meaningful and useful content that helps the viewer out to gain their trust, and disclose the fact that you are promoting affiliate links to your viewers on the video or in the description section.

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps are another way to become an Amazon Affiliate. As we all know, apps are a great way to get people to spend an extra buck, with many microtransactions and ads that might cause a consumer to buy a product. 

But like YouTube and other ways to create content, Mobile Apps are not exempt from needing to provide meaningful content to the user. Mobile Apps are tricky, and the content creator needs to sign an amendment from Amazon themselves before you can use Affiliate links to promote their products.

Click here to look at the agreement.

Can You Still Make Money as an Amazon Affiliate without a Website?

The goal of being an Amazon Affiliate is to make more money. Without a website, this can be tricky, but not impossible. There are a lot of factors to take into consideration when using the Amazon Affiliate program as part of your income. If you’re interested in making money as an Amazon Affiliate, ask yourself these questions.

What Sets You Apart from Other Amazon Affiliates?

It seems as though influencers are everywhere these days. And, for everyone you see online, there are plenty more that are putting in equal time and not seeing the profits. 

To make money, you have to have a specific niche that sets you apart from others. Take some time to think about what your specialty is and how it makes you different than the rest. 

Show Your Expertise

Whatever niche you decide to go with, stick to it. Start creating content using SEO keywords that are related to your specialty. Use your social media pages, or other free platforms, to publish your content. 

Because you’ve already chosen your niche, you’ll have some followers waiting for your thoughts and opinions. However, using the proper keywords will help bring in more interest from others within your niche, and outside, as well. 

No matter what size your brand, being Amazon Affiliate, will automatically give you a little street cred. Even if your following is small and few people know your brand, plenty of people know Amazon. Having your name attached to such a big company is kind of like a status symbol. 

Be Patient

It might take some time for your links to gain popularity and for-profits to start building. But don’t get discouraged! Especially with your first few postings. It can take time for some of the SEO content to reach enough popularity that it’s getting enough views. 

There are lots of different moving parts that factor into people’s purchases, and your affiliate links are all contingent on these. So, it can take time to make money. 

Final Thoughts

You can be an Amazon Affiliate without having your website. It takes consistency, plus some serious time and effort, but you can still make money as long as you’re dedicated to doing the work.