page title icon Everything You Need To Know About ClickFunnels Pro Tools

Clickfunnels has easily become one of the most well-known online business software out there. Chances are if you sell anything online, you either have heard of Clickfunnels or currently use it.

Clickfunnels Pro Tool is a marketing business software that gives you control over every aspect of the consumer’s buying journey with an online business. Sales will be increased without costing the owner valuable time. A huge benefit is that no prior coding or website knowledge is needed.

If you are one of the millions of people that sell products online, then using Clickfunnels Pro Tool would greatly benefit you. This article will discuss how Clickfunnels Pro Tools will save you time and a little sanity. Having an online business is hard enough without the added stress of worrying about customers finding their way around your site.

Clickfunnels Pro Tools – Getting To Know The Basics

Clickfunnels was created in 2014 by Russel Brunson. What started as a simple software to better his business has quickly blown up into a million-dollar business. Clickfunnels could easily be your all in one tool to manage the online part of your business while you can put your mind at ease.

When you have a brick-and-mortar store, if you want a return customer: 

  • Customers are greeted when they arrive
  • Customers are helped to find what they are looking for
  • Items are organized
  • Items are typically clearly labeled
  • It is very clear to the shopper where the check out stand is located 
  • The shopping experience is typically pleasant

This is such an everyday encounter that some business owners might look past these simple (yet important) steps when growing their business online. 

Customers still want a nice experience, whether online or instore. With the Clickfunnels Pro Tool, the software will give the consumer the same nice experience while shopping in a cyber environment.

Clickfunnels Pro Tool will not only reduce your stress, but it will save you the precious time you could spend on other aspects of your business.

This is because it is a funnel software used to help generate better earnings and navigate consumers to checkout easily.

When the potential customer is gently guided through your page without delay or frustration, the chance of you getting a sale is substantially higher than if the experience went badly.

This will help increase sales, profit, and the chances of repeat customers. It is a good example of a sales funnel: funneling the customers around your site to make a sale.

You will also be able to add:

  • Surveys
  • Bullet lists 
  • SMS sign up 
  • Videos
  • 2-step order form
  • Pricing table
  • Image list
  • Link builder

This list represents just a few of the over 50-page elements from which you can choose.

You will be able to edit every part of your site from backgrounds to fonts and typography. You can easily shift sections around until you get exactly what you would like. Instead of using a one-size-fits-all approach, they allow you to customize every part of your online business so you can fit your individual business’ needs.

Now that you know what Clickfunnels is let’s look at some of the terms commonly used within the software.

Terminology  – What Words You Should Know

Now that you know the basics, the next step is to help you familiarize yourself with some terms that you may come across in this article or when using Clickfunnels Pro Tools:

Sales Funnels – This is the journey a customer will go through to purchase an item from your site. This is typically the most important aspect of the Clickfunnels Pro Tool, if not any online business page. There are typically three parts to a sales funnel:

  • Marketing Funnel
  • Sales Process
  • Customer Acquisition

Marketing Funnel – Top of the funnel – Making people aware of your product or service by marketing.

Sales Process – Middle of the funnel – Making the sale

Customer Acquisition – This is the bottom of the funnel – You have a customer now.

Landing Page – Really is as simple as it sounds. This is the main page customers will “land” on after clicking on the link, email, ad, or any other online source that links the potential customer to your site.

Squeeze Pages – This is the page that is somewhat like the landing page. Instead of being the initial page, your prospect will land on. The squeeze page is typically a pop-up trying to “squeeze” the email address from your prospective customer, or other information that makes it easier to create a nice email list.

  • Emails are particularly important to businesses as you can send newsletters, coupons, deals, and many different bits of information to encourage in more sales.
  • Clickfunnels offers its own email software, or you can join it with yours.

Order Bump – This is the screen or pop-up screen the customers will see right before checking out.

  • It will show another item they may potentially be interested in purchasing.
  • This helps increase sales without creating a frustrating experience for the customers.

Upsells – This is a concept that you have probably experienced or are familiar with.

  • Business owners use this tactic to get the customer to spend more by purchasing an upgrade, add-on, or better version of the item being purchased.
  • This is a very common practice, whether you are in a brick-and-mortar store or shopping online.

Downsell – When a customer is a little hesitant about a purchase, they may be offered a lower priced item. 

  • A less expensive product is still a sale.
  • You can create a return customer this way. When they know there are options at different price points, they are more likely to come back.

Clickfunnels Pro Tools – What Is Included In The Software?

While Clickfunnels will include all the basics – headline, photo, text, video, and other of the most simple building blocks to create your business page, the Clickfunnels Pro Tool offers quite a bit more.

FeaturePro ToolsBasic
Number of Funnels7020
Number of Pages300100
Number of allowed Visitors100,00020,000
Number of Custom Domains203

Some of the additional upgrades when moving from Basic to Pro Tools are:

  • Access to every funnel creation tool available on Clickfunnels
  • Added email and payment provider gateways such as:
    • Stripe 
    • Recurly 
    • Taxamo
    • Blue Snap
    • Warriorplus 
    • Easy Pay Direct 
    • And many more to choose from
  • Order/Shipping Elements included on your “To Order” page 
  • Customizable Elements – You will be able to edit many aspects of your web page:
    • Editing the sidebar
    • Choosing any background color
    • Changing margins to fit your needs
    • Fonts, page orientation, and much more
  • Affiliate Program – It comes with an added feature for affiliates
    • It will pay a 40% recurring commission payment for each referral made
    • After reaching over 100 active referrals, you start to win prizes
    • There are also two-tier commissions. These are given for referring business owners to the program itself.
  • There are tons of add ons that can be used with the software. These add ons can greatly increase your sales funnel’s effectiveness.
  • Custom HTML – creating a custom HTML is an incredibly good idea. 
  • Membership Pages – Great way to keep customers coming back
  • Pricing Tables 
  • Progress Bar – A bar that informs how close you are to finishing a task
  • SMS Sign Up
  • Webinar Funnel – Helps get people registered to watch your webinar
  • Email Integration – You can easily incorporate your current email into Clickfunnels
  • ClickPops – This is a pop up that can be used anywhere. It allows you to take any page from the Clickfunnels page and add it anywhere
  • ClickOptin – A tool that will help to get a higher number of people registering for your service
    • A link will be created, and when it is clicked on, the customer will easily opt-in.
  • Priority Template Requests 
  • Priority Support – Customer support faster than the standard Clickfunnels 
  • Facebook Comments 
  • Surveys – A great way to see what a customer or potential customer wants to see changed or done differently on the site
  • Countdown Timer – Good for sales or different ways to get the customer’s attention, encouraging them to order quickly to get a deal or special offer
  • FAQ Blocks – As simple as it sounds. A nice place to answer questions that customers typically have. An informed customer will have a less stressful experience.

There are so many different features to Clickfunnels with more being added.

It is easy to see just how much the software has to offer and how well it will benefit your growing business. The options you can create are almost endless.

Pro Tools will allow your business to grow with little effort.

It may seem overwhelming on the surface, but once you get the hang of everything, you will start to see money flowing in.

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What Will It Cost You?

There are a few different price points to choose from:

The free trial, of course. 

$97 per month

  • The $97 will get all the funnel creation tools, only 20 funnels, 100 pages, and 20,000 visitors, as mentioned above.

$297 per month. This is called the Etison Suite Plan – With this, you also get:

  • Unlimited funnels
  • Unlimited pages
  • Unlimited Visitors

These are a great added bonus, but some might not think it makes up for the cost. If the lower plan works well for you, there is no reason to upgrade just yet.

The cost difference between the Basic and the Etison Suite Plan will be paying for webinars and seminars in addition to the added services.

The founder and a small group of business owners put on helpful webinars on a wide variety of topics to help you grow your business substantially.

There are also many “tips” and “tricks” books, paid subscriptions, and many additional ways to learn everything there is to know.

Note: Some options allow you to pay annually at a slightly reduced rate, which will save you a little money in the end.

When Is It Worth It To Use Clickfunnels Pro Tool?

Do you have an online business?

If the answer is yes, then Clickfunnels Pro Tool would be great for you.

Funnels will improve your marketing effectiveness, and thereby increase your sales. It doesn’t matter if your business is:

  • Network marketing 
  • Professional services
  • Business to Business (B2B), 
  • Or if you have an online boutique

Any business that wants to, or currently, sells products/services online, will work well with Clickfunnels.

If your store could use a website, then you could use Clickfunnels’ Pro Tool.

Even if your business already has any email marketing software or a payment system, Clickfunnels can almost always integrate with it.

If you already have your own website, the good news is, Clickfunnels Pro Tool will almost always integrate perfectly within your current website.

You will get help with hosting, website maintenance, building a sales funnel, developers, and security issues.

It is truly a great business tool.

With a little creativity to give your site some content and to create catchy ads, you will be on your way to a fully functioning site.

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Why Clickfunnels Pro Tools Is Not For Every Business

Not every business needs this software, but exactly how do you figure out if it will benefit your individual business?

There are few things to take into consideration before taking the plunge. After all, it can cost $100 – $300 a month. Not an expense to take lightly when you own your own business.

You need to make sure any tool you invest in will save you time and increase your money. Otherwise, what is the point?

It may seem amazing seeing the 1000’s of business owners all over the web, showing off the houses and cars they were able to buy because of Clickfunnels.

While yes, that may be true. It is definitely not a get rich quick type of software. Even Clickfunnels’ creator, Russel Brunson, will tell you that.

Yes, it will help you sell your product, but your income will only be as good as the product you sell.

If you don’t have a good product or service, the sales will show it. No matter how great this software works, it sadly isn’t a miracle worker.

Before going into any business, you should:

  • Have a strong business plan 
  • Offer great product/service
  • Know your market
  • And, was having a great product/service already mentioned?

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For Which Business Models Will it Work-Which Won’t?

While it may seem like every business could do very well using Clickfunnels, it definitely is not for every business.

The main thing to take into consideration when thinking about using Clickfunnels is:

  • How many products/services do you offer?
  • Can your business handle an exceedingly high volume of customers?
  • How many extra customers could your business handle? 50 or 5,000?

If your business has many products to offer and can keep up with a really high demand for sales, Clickfunnels is for you.

A site trying to push webinars out to the public but is struggling to find an audience; this tool would be perfect for you.

Would an extra hundred or even a thousand potential customers cripple your company due to a lack of ability to meet demand quickly? Then Clickfunnels is not for you.

Clickfunnels is for businesses that want to grow and truly maximize their return on investment. Retail stores are one of the main users of Clickfunnels.

Suppose you have inventory and a site, but would love to reach more people and gain more sales. This is your tool.

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How User Friendly Is Clickfunnels Pro Tools?

While there is a definite learning curve when first using Clickfunnels, the average user can get into the flow of things within a week or so. Keep in mind some people may take longer to grasp concepts while others will be ready to go in under an hour.

Thankfully, there is no need to learn to code or to really know much about websites before using the software.

Users say once you get past the learning curve, it is:

  • Very user-friendly, 
  • Cuts down the time typically spent on a site 
  • Increases sales wonderfully

There are over 20 funnel templates that Russel Brunson has identified as successful in his own business. These templates have been proven to provide a high conversion rate and are part of the Pro Tools package.

If you already have a WordPress site, you can easily convert them as Clickfunnels pages to your existing site. There is no need to start over. The process will save you tons of time and less stress when you no longer need to flip back and forth between WordPress and Clickfunnels.

Without any prior funnel knowledge, you will be able to easily:

  • Host webinars
  • Create product launches 
  • Build an email list
  • And much more

Source – Entrepreneurship In A Box – Clickfunnels

Pros And Cons Of Using Clickfunnels Pro Tools

Now, let’s look at the good and bad of using the Clickfunnels Pro Tool.

While it is great software, there are typically some flaws in everything in life. It is up to you if the flaws/cons are acceptable.

Some find it quite easy to start and can have things up and running in under 30 minsThe average person finds the learning curve is a little tricky.
Cost – Ok if your business is doing fairly well, the added cost won’t break the bankCost – Bad if you are just starting out or having a downtime
No coding or website experience neededLower plans have limited funnel creations
Tons of tools at your disposalChat support is restricted
Tons of templates to choose from; there is one for everyoneIt can seem overwhelming with all the hype around it, buying new books, watching 100’s of webinars.
Easy drag and drop editing designNot everyone will benefit from using the software
Full reign to edit everything to your likingIt is sometimes pushed as a get rich scheme, which is not the case
50 plus page elementsSome have found the customer service experience to be horrible
Large selection of integrations and being able to edit every part of the site trulyEditing is awesome but can become a little too close looking to other sites. Everyone chooses the same things.
Simple forms to gather any information you would want from your potential customersThe dashboard will change all the time. You get used to one way and then need to learn where things are again
Source – Company Of Snakes – Clickfunnels Pro Tool

Tips To Getting The Most Out Of Clickfunnels Pro Tools

A few tips and tricks to keep in mind that should help you start out with Clickfunnels. There are also hundreds of sites from various businesses that could give in-depth feedback- 

  • While there are many funnels to choose from, all it takes is one incredible funnel.
    • The average Clickfunnels user gets great results with an average of three funnels
    • Anything over 20 funnels is far too much and is wasted time and effort
    • Create your content and have it ready to plugin
  • Watch every webinar you can and go to every seminar for which you’re available
  • The founder has a few books out as do many other professionals 
  • You can earn even more money if you offer funnel building services
  • Join a Clickfunnels affiliate program
  • Take your time when learning the software.
    • Before diving right in, play around with the software and see what will work best for you.
  • Get a good idea of what you want your funnel to look like before starting the software.

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Is Clickfunnels Better Than The Other Softwares Out There?

Whenever a great product, no matter what it is, takes off, there will always be competitors.

It is human nature that when someone sees something doing well, they feel the need to duplicate it as best as possible to reap the same benefits.

There are a few competitors out there that say they are to be considered alternatives. These are the companies that are at the top of the list with Clickfunnels:

  • HubSpot Marketing Hub – This is probably one that could be considered a competitor. 
    • There are many different free options as well as affordable options
    • It doesn’t seem to generate as many sales as quickly as Clickfunnels.
    • It could be a good alternative for a much smaller business that otherwise would not need to use Clickfunnels.
    • It is mostly free then starts at $50 a month
  • Instapage – This software has far more ways to customize then Clickfunnels.
    • It creates wonderful landing pages
    • Said to have better customer service than others
    • Inexpensive
    • Starts at a whopping $199 a month, which will not work for everyone
  • GetResponse – A simple all in one marketing platform; it may only be a simple software
    • It starts at only $15 a month.
    • Have a wonderful email marketing solution
    • Their far too many features leave the simpler features a little neglected
    • Many more basic features than Clickfunnels
  • Keap – Another decent contender with Clickfunnels
    • It was previously called Infusionsoft
    • Flexible automation features
    • Integration with Keeps and sales tools
    • Cost $199, which is shockingly more than Clickfunnels for what you get
  • Wishpond – Another all in one marketing automation tool
    • You can also build landing pages, social media, contests, and newsletters.
    • They help you with lead generation, segmentation, and nurturing.
    • It integrates with tools you are already using
    • Starts around $75 a month

While these are some wonderful options, it is very easy to see why Clickfunnels surpasses most of them.

When spending a decent amount of money every month on a software that is supposed to help your business, if it isn’t doing the best of the best job, there is no reason not to keep it.

One of these other options may work well for a few businesses out there; however, Clickfunnels is still by far the top of the list for marketing software.

If your business has plenty of room to grow, Clickfunnels will greatly benefit you.

There are hundreds of thousands of businesses that will do well.

Once you get past the somewhat scary learning curve, it will all be downhill from there. Even without any previous experience, you will be able to create a wonderful web page that is sure to generate plenty of income.

Russel may not have had any idea exactly how large of an empire he would build when he created Clickfunnels, but all of the product users and followers can’t be wrong. Not only did he create great software, he has, and still to this day, uses his own software to continue to grow his empire. 

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