page title icon Everything You Need To Know About Using ClickFunnels On Wix

The best way to generate digital leads and sales for your Wix business website is through the sales funnel concept. But it can be overwhelming to set up and get going on your own. That’s why using ClickFunnels to help you set up a sales funnel is a good idea.

Using ClickFunnels to help you generate digital sales on your Wix business website is easy. Using this powerful software, you can set up your sales funnel without relying on a tech team. Your next steps are,

Setting up a ClickFunnels account and integrating it with your Wix business website is easy to do and will help you generate a higher number of sales. Here is everything you need to know about using ClickFunnels on Wix websites.

Using ClickFunnels on Wix

Using ClickFunnels on Wix is a smart idea. Especially if you aren’t tech savvy. ClickFunnels helps you develop a personalized sales funnel in order to generate visitors to your Wix business website. Then convert your visitors to leads and, ultimately, to customers.

It’s a simple process to connect your ClickFunnels pages with your Wix website. All you have to do is:

  • Set up a Wix website
  • Open up a ClickFunnels account
  • Add ClickFunnels to your Wix website
  • You can add it to a landing page 

Or you can integrate it to your website by adding it to your home page. 

Does ClickFunnels Integrate With Wix

ClickFunnels does integrate with Wix, as it will with any web hosting site. You can create a beautiful, customized landing page in ClickFunnels and host it on Wix or vice versa.

You can do this by:

  • Adding your Wix domain to ClickFunnels to combine both your website and your sales funnel. 
  • Add your ClickFunnels webpage HTML to a Wix landing page for a specific promotion or sales goal. 
  • You can also track your conversions on ClickFunnels
  • And use their email autoresponders

Getting Ready to Blend ClickFunnels and Wix

To start the process of blending ClickFunnels and Wix, you need to get ready by setting up accounts on both websites. But there are some decisions you should make and have them set in place before you start creating a website and sales funnel.

Knowing Your End Marketing Goals

Before you start diving into creating your Wix website and ClickFunnels account, you need to know what your end marketing goals will be. There are some general concepts and decisions you should have in place beforehand.

Decisions such as:

  • What is your end goal? What is the product or business you need to market? 
  • Choose a name for your business. Try to pick one that reflects your business the best. Try thinking of three to five words that describe your business and go from there. 
  • You need to build your brand, which includes a logo. Ask yourself: what do you want your brand to reflect? What does your logo look like? If you have any problems with coming up with this, Wix offers these services.
  • Then you’ll need to choose a professional domain name if you haven’t acquired one already. In order for you to publish your website, you’ll need a unique name. Do your best to match it to your business name. You’ll also need to purchase the right to use it. 
  • Make sure to get a professional email that matches your business and domain name. You can customize emails to each employee by using their name.

Set Up a Wix Website

Setting up a Wix website is very easy. Once you have an idea of what you want your brand to look like and end goals in mind, Wix will do the rest by helping you build your website and hosting it for free. What you need to do is:

  • Create a new account on Wix and set it up.
  • Then decide if you want to create your customizable template or have a website made for you.  
  • If you are in a time crunch or aren’t confident in your abilities, then Wix offers you the option of having their AI create a customized website for you after answering a few questions. Then giving you the option to customize it later.  
  • If you feel comfortable using Wix’s website editor to create your own website from scratch, then think about what you want it to look like. You do this by scrolling down the left side of your Wix dashboard and choosing a template to start with.
  • You can even go the extra mile and add your Javascript for custom elements. 
  • There are hundreds of design features to choose from to jazz up your site, to include everything from fonts for your text to vector art for your background. 
  • Drag and drop elements to customize the website and use design effects to grab your audience’s attention. 
  • Make sure to make your website mobile-friendly by paying attention to your layout and design. Look at your website on a mobile device to see if it needs to be tweaked. 
  • Your website should be easy to navigate. If you need advice, Wix offers the option to hire professional freelance web designers. 
  • You can add a booking system if you are a restaurant or an online store for your product.
  • If you plan on offering high-quality blog content to draw customers, consider adding a blog feature to your website. 
  • To take it a step further, you can add tools to help you manage your growing business, such as ways to connect with customers and create a cohesive look to your brand.

Publish Your Wix Website

Once you are satisfied with the layout and design of your website, then it’s time to make it go live. You can share your site with the world, so it’s visible online by:

  • Publish it and make it go live
  • Begin driving traffic to your website using advanced e-commerce tools, such as a personalized SEO plan and sales funnels.
  • Use an analytics monitoring app like Google to help you monitor your site, which will help you tweak your marketing strategies and watch your business flourish.

Set up a ClickFunnels Account

Once you’ve set up a Wix website, you need to set up a ClickFunnels Account. Because you already know what your brand is and have a logo developed, it will make it easier to set up web pages in your ClickFunnels account.

What you need to do is:

  • Create a ClickFunnels account and fill out all the settings.   
  • Once you’re set up with an account, go to the dashboard and choose to add a new funnel.  
  • From there, you can either choose to use the classic funnel builder or the funnel cookbook. 
  • If you choose the classic funnel builder, you’ll need to pick your goal and choose a type of funnel. 
  • Then you’ll be offered web page templates suggestions from there.
  • Choose your template and build your funnel.
  • If you choose the funnel cookbook, then you’ll be offered the choice of what kind of industry and then the type of funnel.
  • From there, choose your goal and then select a template from the suggestions offered.  
  • Once you have your funnel built, you can customize your web page by adding or moving elements around so that the layout is exactly how you want it.

Add Your Funnel to Your Wix Account

Now that you have your Wix website created and you’ve created your ClickFunnels account and chosen your sales funnel, you need to add your funnel to the Wix website.

There are two ways to use ClickFunnels on your Wix website.

You can either choose to set up your ClickFunnels webpage as your Wix homepage to integrate it with your whole website, or you can create a separate landing page for a specific marketing event or shopping website.

If you are going to set up the ClickFunnels webpage as your Wix homepage, then you will need to find your Domain Name Server or DNS address.

If you didn’t purchase a domain name and you’re using the free version of Wix, then you won’t have a domain name.

If you purchased your domain name through another website other than Wix, you could find it there. Places like,

To replace your Wix homepage with your ClickFunnels account, you will have to:

  • Navigate through your domain’s website and find where your DNS records are. It could also be called an Advanced zone editor. 
  • You should be able to click to edit that record. 
  • Replace the domain name with your ClickFunnels generated target website name
  • Save the changes
  • To check and see if it worked, type in your ClickFunnels website name in another window and see if it comes up

You can also add your DNS to your ClickFunnels account. You do this by,

  • Choosing Domain from your ClickFunnels setting
  • Choose the existing domain option
  • Enter your DNS address, then choose the “add domain” button
  • Go back through your settings to make sure it was added.

You can create a ClickFunnels webpage and have it linked to both your main website and a separate website as a landing page, like a shopping website or blog.

To do this you need to,

  • Go to your domain Registrar website and find your DNS records.
  • Where it gives you the option to add a record, choose that
  • You’ll need to create a name for your CNAME record, but the first word should say something like “go” or “Points to” or “target.”
  • If you aren’t sure, check with your domain Registrar to be sure of the wording
  • Add the record name
  • Wait five to ten minutes and check to see if it was added.

Using an Alternative Method to Link ClickFunnels on Wix

There is an alternative method to link ClickFunnels to Wix through Zapier. Zapier is a tool that connects two or more apps and automates repetitive tasks without having to create a new code or depend on a web developer to design it.

This is a quick and easy method that ClickFunnels recommends to add in apps and other integrations that you’ve been unable to add in any other way.

The first thing you need to do is,

  • Go to your ClickFunnels dashboard
  • Choose the funnel you want to add to Wix
  • Choose the settings tab for that funnel
  • Scroll down until you find the Zapier section
  • You are looking for the “Wix Automation” selection. Wix Automations lets you automate different actions that visitors might take when they visit your website. 
  • If you don’t see it under the Zapier section, then choose the option that lets you see more ClickFunnels powered integrations.  
  • Choose Wix Automations
  • Click on the Zap choice
  • Go through the rest of the prompts

The Benefit of Using ClickFunnels on Wix

The benefit of using ClickFunnels with Wix is that they work together very well. Because Wix is an excellent tool to build websites, and ClickFunnels is fantastic at creating high-yield sales funnels.

However, each web service also offers a variety of features that can do the same thing.

For example, Wix offers the ability to build a serviceable sales funnel, in addition to hosting your website. But it’s basic and not geared toward generating high volumes of sales leads. And while you can build a powerful sales funnel in ClickFunnels, you can also create a serviceable website. 

So it’s better to integrate Wix and ClickFunnels because they are both fantastic at what they do. And when used together, create an unbeatable combination to yield the best sales results for your business website.

ClickFunnels Versus Wix

When it comes to choosing where you host your web hosting site versus how you create your sales funnel, there are some significant differences between ClickFunnels versus Wix.

Clickfunnels Creates Sales Funnels

ClickFunnels was specifically designed for entrepreneurs looking to gain leads and guide the sales customer toward buying their product. They do this by

  • Helping you choose a funnel template for your product or business goal
  • Add or subtract features to tailor your sales funnel for your specific needs
  • Lets you customize your web page with your logos and brand
  • Offers other features to enhance your customer’s experience and create follow through.

ClickFunnels has two pricing options. Their first plan costs $97 a month, and that includes some limited options and limitless leads Their second plan costs $297 a month, and all options are  unlimited.

Wix Helps You Create Professional Websites

Wix is a user-friendly web platform that has over 800 templates for anyone and everyone. It’s where you can build a professional looking website for free.

It’s easy-to-use setup lets you drag and drop whatever features you need to customize your website or choose a designer template. It also has built-ins that give you the ability to add in third party apps and enhance your web presence.

Although you can create a website on Wix for free, you can consider some of their reasonable monthly pricing plans if you are looking for more support from Wix and want to expand your business,

Wix has two combinations of pricing plans geared toward

  • Those individuals looking to simply utilize Wix for hosting a professional-looking website, have four pricing options broken down into a per month cost, ranging from $14 to $39.
  • Those businesses looking to increase their web presence and want to tap into Wix’s powerful e-commerce plans, four options start at $27 a month and go up. 
  • You can also tailor your business and ecommerce options and your pricing, depending on your needs.

Both Wix and ClickFunnels come highly rated and are good at what they do. The best thing for you to do is decide what your business goals are and how you plan to use them together.

How to Maximize Sales Using ClickFunnels on Wix

When you are using ClickFunnels powerful sales funnel features on Wix, it’s important that you know how to maximize your sales

ClickFunnelss lets you choose the best funnel that fits your marketing needs and customize it to match your business branding. They also provide other plugins and features that help maximize your profitability.

When you are building your sales funnel in ClickFunnels, there are some things you should be aware of.

First of all, is that the point of a sales funnel is to take visitors to your website and convert them into loyal customers who will return time after time to buy your products.

To do this, you need to “funnel” them through the stages of the buying process, which can be broken down into smaller steps or stages.

Sales Funnel Stage One is Awareness

The first stage in a sales funnel is awareness. You want your potential customer to be aware of your product or service. Do you know how your potential customers will find you on social media?

Ask yourself how you catch their attention through brand marketing. Or provide high quality content on your website.

Sales Funnel Stage Two is Interest

The second stage in a sales funnel is interest. Now that your potential customer knows about your product, how can you catch their interest enough to click on your website or read the ad.

  • Think about what your customer’s goals or problems are. 
  • Give them enough information to become engaged.
  • Capture their attention enough to go to the next step

Sales Funnel Stage Three is Desire

The third step in a sales funnel is desire.Once you’ve piqued your potential customer’s interest, how do you continue that inertia.

  • This is the stage where you have convinced them that they have a problem that needs to be solved
  • In order to solve the problem, they need to purchase your product or service. 
  • This is where your brand can shine and draw them in.

Sales Funnel Stage Four is Action

The last stage in a sales funnel is action.This means that your customer needs to take the next step to solidify the decision to commit or not commit to purchase of the product or service.

  • This could be contacting you or your team to book an appointment for that service
  • Add the desired product to their shopping cart 
  • Make sure you remind them why there is value in continuing the purchase and the negatives to not using your service or product.

Engaging your Customers Through the Value Ladder

One of the key differences that sets ClickFunnels apart is that they strive to actively engage your potential customer through every step of the buying process. In the lower tiers, you’re offering your potential customers free or low cost items. This helps you weed out anyone not interested in going further through the funnel. They have six steps to carefully consider.

The Pre-Stage Step in the Value Ladder

The pre-stage step in the value ladder is very important because this is where you know exactly what you plan to offer through each stage. Look over the entire plan and decide what your end goals will be. Know what you’re going to offer.

The Traffic Step in the Value Ladder

The traffic step in the value ladder is the stage where you’re going to be driving traffic to your site through ads and content. Think about what kind of information your customer is interested in and meet them where they are.

The Bait Step in the Value Ladder

The bait step in the value ladder is where you offer your potential customer a lead magnet, which is something offered for free or a very low cost. A low risk offer that hooks them in and gets them to engage further. It could be free content or a product sample. Anything that keeps them moving.

The Front-End Offer Step in the Value Ladder

The front-end offer step in the value ladder is where you provide a low risk offer that solves a surface level problem for the customer with low investment on their end. While it still provides value, you can send them to a landing page.

This is the point where you also

  • Follow up with emails
  • Send them to a landing page or squeeze page where you can immediately inform the customer of the value of your product or service through words or videos. 
  • Keep your message short and easy to understand.

You can use videos of personal stories or recommendations from other customers. This is where you can give some backstory to your business and let them see your brand. It must end with a Call to Action (CTA)

The Middle Offer Step in the Value Ladder

The middle offer step in the value ladder is a more valuable and intense stage where you can help your customer solve a deeper issue or problem. It also gets them ready for your highest price point or product.

This is where you can decided to upsell, where you show the benefit of increasing their purchase by adding value to it. Or you can down sell them, by offering lower monthly payments or limited discounts.

 Continue to give them a hook or offer to continue to the next stage.

The Back-End Offer Step in the Value Ladder

The back-end offer step in the value ladder is the final and most vital stage of the buying process. Because this is where you’ve convinced the buyer to purchase your highest priced product and your goal is to convert them to become lifetime customers.

You keep customers by continuing to provide high quality customer support and providing ongoing value to their investment.

Through every stage, make sure to emphasize the need to get their email information because this is how you follow up and maintain the contact with the customer.

Using ClickFunnels Autoresponders on Wix

Another powerful feature that ClickFunnels has to offer is their list of integrated email autoresponders that you can access as a member.

This lets you capture leads on whatever page your potential customer lands on and send their information to an email list in your autoresponder.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this feature, you’ll need to add it to your ClickFunnels webpage. To do this, you

  • Go to your page editor and find settings.
  • Choose the Integrations tab
  • Select the autoresponder website you want to use
  • Select the choice -Add to list
  • Then choose the list you want to add your future contacts to.
  • Save the updates on your page.

Integrating Third-Party Email Autoresponders into ClickFunnels

You can also have any potential customers who click on your ClickFunnels webpage sent to a third party email autoresponder. Such as

This is especially useful if you already have an account set up with them. To set this up in ClickFunnels, you need to

  • Go to your third-party autoresponder website and log into your account
  • On the dashboard or homepage, choose account or settings
  • Find your autoresponder API and copy the link.
  • Jump over to your ClickFunnels Account and choose Integrations
  • Select “add new integration
  • Search for your email autoresponder and select it
  • Enter a nickname and login email information for your account
  • Paste your API link

To link your third part autoresponder to a funnel webpage you’ve set up, you need to 

  • Go to your page editor and find settings.
  • Choose the Integrations tab
  • Select the autoresponder website you want to use
  • Select the choice -Add to list
  • Then choose the list you want to add your future contacts to.
  • Save the updates on your page.

Using ClickFunnels Web Pages on Wix

Both ClickFunnels and Wix are easy to use and integrate with one another. And by taking advantage of ClickFunnels powerful sales techniques and integrating it with your Wix website, you will be able to maximize your digital sales and have a winning combination.

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