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Celebrating sports is a never-ending journey. The cycle continues to unite, empower, and promote camaraderie towards the key players and its supportive community. Most solid fans manifest their support by purchasing sports apparel as endorsed by sports icons in various ways. But in your innovation, how do you show to the world your support for your favorite sports icons? 

In the name of sports and support, joining the affiliate program best amplifies your advocacy. Your game will be different — you promote, advertise, connect, and EARN simultaneously. In other words, affiliate programs help you ally with the real world of sports through e-commerce. 

We will feed your excitement by giving you the right expectations about the affiliate program and its benefits. Not just that, Fanatics will provide their framework on how e-commerce works through sports apparel and its ten ways to make money.

About Fanatics

Fanatics is an e-commerce company that offers sports apparel and merchandise. The company has been around since 1995 when it began as part of Quixtar Inc., which later became known as Amway Global in 2000 after experiencing rapid growth in 2000. The business was spun off from their parent company under its name following this success.

There are over 4000 employees at their headquarters located outside Philadelphia in West Grove, Pennsylvania. They manufacture all clothing within 50 miles of their facility and offer affiliates the ability to earn commissions on Fanatics sales.

Additionally, they partner with America’s top-notch sports commissions such as National Football League (NFL), National Basketball Association (NBA), National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), Major League Baseball (MBL), etc.

“Reaching avid fans in a purchasing mindset” is one of the core values that Fanatics Company has principled over time. So as part of reaching out to the community, they create an affiliate program. Let’s talk a look:

About Fanatics Affiliate Program

As the name implies, Fanatics empowers sports fans to change how they perceive and purchase their favorite team apparel and jerseys through e-commerce. For this essence, they made an affiliate program — an avenue to unite causes in the name of sports.

Today, Fanatics partners together with VigLink and Radius® by Impact to bring an affiliate program closer to you. Using your mobile phones or laptops, you can submit your applications and have them approved. 

But, what has Fanatics Affiliate Program stored for you?

We’ll spoil you first — you’ll get a 10% commission for every qualified purchase that your potential customers have journeyed to your affiliate website. Of course, you’ll gain access to over 250,000 products such as signature jackets, jerseys, signed collectibles, memorabilia, and everything that fans get drooling.

How does the Fanatics Affiliate program work?

The process of affiliate programs begins when you submit your application. First, their team will review your affiliate website to ensure its suitability with Fanatics market goals. 

Once the team has approved the application, you will have access to a dashboard with ready-to-use promotional links such as marketing banners, product ads, text links, and coupon codes you can use to promote Fanatics on your website. For every click to the link and a customer makes a qualified purchase, Fanatics will reward you with a commission on the sale.

Radius® by Impact will track all reporting and payment to provide easy access to sales generated and commissions earned.

Moreover, affiliates should be aware that specific terms and conditions are associated with the Fanatics Affiliate Program:

  • Prohibition of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising or Facebook paid ads without the company’s consent.
  • Banning downloadable software such as browser plugins to promote their site.

Commission structure 

To ensure the feasibility of your journey as an affiliate, let’s first study the commission structure. As regards with Fanatics Affiliate Program, they follow the coupon code and linear structure.

The Fanatics Affiliate Program allows its affiliates to link coupon codes on their marketing and advertising materials. For example, they may include it on a blog post, vlog, product review, anything that calls for public engagement. In other words, coupon codes help increase the publicity and reputation of the merchant’s website.

Also, Fanatics rewards affiliates for every successful, qualified purchase that a customer makes. The commission here can be directly proportional to its total profit, subject to the predetermined percentage that an affiliate can close the sale.

Commission percent

The Fanatics Affiliate Program offers a model that pays up to 10% of all sales driven to the site. The amount can increase based on the level of commission an affiliate chooses.

Affiliate cookie window 

The Fanatics Affiliate Program has a cookie window of 30 days. It means that if an affiliate referred customers through their website, they would earn commissions for up to 30 days after their first purchase.

How to join the Fanatics affiliate program 

As mentioned earlier, Fanatics partners together with VigLink and Radius® by Impact to bring an affiliate program closer to you. Now, here are the things to consider:

In VigLink, you are required to set up an account by providing your email address. Check more info here: You don’t need to submit lots of papers, so signing up will be much easier.

In Radius® by Impact, you have to begin your application by accessing the Fanatics website. You’ll see a “Join Now” button below the article. Once you have submitted your info, their team will assess and get back to you immediately when you apply during weekdays and after two days should you apply over the weekends.

Benefits of the affiliate program 

Fanatics Affiliate Program stored three benefits for you as their soon-affiliate. Here are the things you have to take note of:

(1) Work everywhere

— The dream of becoming your boss is near when joining the affiliate program. You can strategize, brainstorm, evolve ideas, implement them, and have them executed most creatively. Yes, you don’t have to get someone’s approval. Work at your pace and be your boss!

(2) Enjoy lots and lots of freebies

— Fanatics provides you access to over 250,000 sports apparel exclusively for affiliates and workers for the company. Hence, the company surprisingly offers discounts and freebies you won’t expect. We won’t spoil you; it’s for you to see!

(3) Set your proper goals

— Setting of right, suitable, personalized goals is the sustaining benefit you’ll experience once you’ve joined the affiliate program. It’s a different perspective than working in a hustling company since you’re working on your own and balancing your pace.

Drawbacks of the affiliate program 

No affiliate program is perfect, does consider this section to understand its downsides and how to strategize when encountered:

(1) Limited referral methods 

— As noted previously, the Fanatics Affiliate Program doesn’t allow affiliates to use a Pay-Per-Click paid advertisement or any downloadable software that might generate outbound traffic. It stands to reason that they fear any legal constraints during the process. Thus, its limited referral methods challenge you to innovate and plan. What do you think?

(2) Inconsistent Results

 — At some point, you’ll experience grief and hopelessness to days without gaining due to untamed competition in the online market. Well, that’s genuinely normal. But if inconsistent results keep repeating, how would you take the challenge? Would you raise your white flag and keep the game failing?

(3) Your branding can potentially damage your reputation

— It’s hard to think how your branding can potentially damage your reputation. Yes. Many affiliates have encountered being sued and faced legal charges due to online scams to get a closed sale. But we believe that you’ll play the game fair and square. Just be vigilant on the risk-takers.

How to make $100 per day with Fanatics Affiliate program 

The benefits and drawbacks are giving you hope of becoming an affiliate partner for Fanatics. But, now, reality can be too harsh when you can’t gain anything. 

That’s why if your plan A is to be a Fanatic Affiliate. Then we got plan B for you: let’s try to check other greener options for you to choose:

Alternatives to The Fanatics affiliate program

(1) Under Armour Affiliate Program 

  • Commission:  5% Per Sale
  • Cookie Window: 30 Days

(2) Leather Head Sports Affiliate Program

  • Commission: 10%
  • Cookie Window: 60 Days

(3) Nike Affiliate Program

  • Commission: 11% Per Sale
  • Cookie Window: 30 Days

(4) Adidas Affiliate Program

  • Commission: 13.05% Per Sale
  • Cookie Window: 30 Days

(5) Puma Affiliate Program

  • Commission: 6% – 8% Per Sale
  • Cookie Window: 14 Days

We believe that you want to know more. Thus, here’s your lifehack:

10 ways to make money with the affiliate program


— Promoting fashion comes from a different perspective. And for YouTube, monetizing your channel is a no-brainer. More often, social media influencers partner with affiliates to market their product through content that helps consumers answer their needs and desires. But, of course, you can do that too, as well.

But, if you find it hard to partner with paid influencers, you can create your vlog by giving a product review or giving insights about the product.


— Advertise your promotional materials through squared photos on Instagram. This way, you can also give followers a chance to win products by simply liking the post and commenting on it. Additionally, you can also post photos of the products you are promoting with a caption that includes your affiliate link— giveaways to win prizes for followers who like and comment on product postings.


— Promote your products through the Tiktok app in this way:

Create a video about what you’re promoting or show authentic and genuine reactions to it. Post that on Tiktok. You can also post sponsored content with an affiliate link embedded in the description of the YouTube video posted as well!

If doing videos, upload them together so people would be more inclined to watch all of them instead of just one or two. Uploading these videos collectively tends to keep their attention span longer than if you uploaded them individually.

Facebook groups

— Facebook groups engage with different discussions daily. Regularly, members would contribute an opinion, insights, feedback, review, and among others. Here, you can take advantage of these aspects. How? You can affiliate your link to your merchant’s website and give them discount coupons to let them feel that they’re valued.

Product reviews

— Product reviews are proven effective in increasing your brand’s awareness and marketability. But, if you’re not a fashion blogger or influencer, the best way to do this is through YouTube. There are plenty of videos created by people who don’t have anything in common with fashion but still talk about it.

Email marketing

Email marketing uses an automated system to send promotional emails. But, if you’re not a blogger or influencer, the best way to do this is through email sign-up forms in your social media profiles. You can use Facebook’s Custom Audiences and Google Analytics’ Universal Analytics for these purposes.


— Blogs can be an avenue for a personal perspective. Hence, you will be able to share your thoughts and influence others. You can also use blogs to promote affiliate programs. But, if you’re not a blogger or influencer, the best way to do this is through your social media profiles.


— Pinterest is one of the best ways to promote affiliate programs because it will help you build a following and gain more exposure. You can use Pin-It buttons for these purposes. Additionally, you can also use Pinterest to create affiliate boards that people will follow and repin. You’ll get a share of the revenue if they purchase your board.


— Twitter is another social media platform that you can use to promote your affiliate program. You can tweet about it and include a link in the description, so people will be able to see what they’re missing out on!

Or create an account with Twitter lists and share different posts from these groups as well. Again, if you are not a blogger or influencer, do this through your social media profiles instead of paid advertising channels like Facebook Ads or Promoted Tweets.

Facebook Live

— Facebook Live is a type of content that has gained momentum in recent years. It lets you create an event on Facebook and share it live with the people who have expressed interest to see what will happen next!

This way, you can promote your affiliate program through these events by providing discounts or freebies exclusively for those following your updates during this time. Additionally, you can also use other forms of paid advertising channels like Sponsored Posts which are shown as ads at the top or bottom right-hand corner of some feeds;


Celebrating sports is a never-ending cycle. Yet, despite the pandemic, our faith in a united sports community becomes stronger with all our communal efforts. Hence, you can show the world your support for your favorite sports icons by purchasing sports apparel or influencing others to purchase through the affiliate marketing program.

Do you want to promote, advertise, connect, and EARN simultaneously? Then, join the Fanatics Affiliate Program now!