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Your domain is your key to your customers’ hearts. It is your brand’s trademark — the more it is unique, the more you are worth being remembered.

In achieving the best domain name, you have to ensure its feasibility and subscription costs. And the first step to do is by finding the right company to go to —

Its services have been proven to be effective in helping millions of businesses to gain valuable reach and profit in the online marketing industry. 

So, if you want to make money while having the best domain ever, this article is your guide in joining GoDaddy Affiliate Program Plus 10 Ways to Make Money.

About GoDaddy

GoDaddy is the world’s largest domain registrar and web hosting company. They are famous for their low prices, quick customer service, and spam-free email accounts.

GoDaddy has made a name for themselves as one of the best companies to register domains with because they offer them at just $2 to $20 per year!

In addition to domain registration, GoDaddy also offers web hosting for as low as $2 per month and various other internet-related services such as SSL Certificates, email marketing tools, e-commerce platforms, and more!

The company believes that affordable domain services should be available to everyone, not just the high-end customers.

In their own words, GoDaddy has grown exponentially over the years by picking up people that weren’t getting what they needed from another provider and outgrowing them with our superior quality service.

They have taken a niche market and filled it in a way no other company had before!

About GoDaddy Affiliate Program

GoDaddy Affiliate Program is one of the best top affiliate programs for bloggers and website owners. It is the most popular affiliate program in India, with over 300,000 affiliates.

This affiliate program has a wide variety of products to offer, such as domains, hosting, email marketing tools, e-commerce platforms, etc.

On average, its users conduct $600 million worth of transactions each year on GoDaddy’s platform.

This makes them a perfect partner for you if you’re looking to promote online businesses or services linked up with their service portfolio, which includes domain registration and web hosting, among others, at just $2 per month.

The program is open to all bloggers and website owners who want to promote their products with a commission of up to 15% on each successful transaction.

Signing up for GoDaddy Affiliate Program Is free and requires no obligations. It’s easy as pie! All you have to do is sign in here, enter your information, including your bank account details or Paypal ID, so they can pay you directly once transactions from this affiliate are generated.

Once signed up, start promoting any product through the link provided by them and earn money based on every sale made using that particular link.

How Does GoDaddy Affiliate Program Work?

GoDaddy’s affiliate program works by paying their affiliates a commission on all qualifying sales or leads they generate to them.

For example, an affiliate can earn commissions for referring customers and hosting packages through email marketing campaigns, social media posts, blogs, and other types of marketing.

To get started in the program, affiliates have to go into their affiliate dashboard and create a recruitment plan for each campaign they want to participate in.

The simplest way is by picking one product or service you would like to promote, set up your personalized referral URL (which will be used when promoting the company), add the products to your shopping cart, and fill out the necessary information.

Once you’ve set up a recruitment plan, GoDaddy will pay you for any leads or sales generated from those referrals!

Commission Structure

GoDaddy offers a sliding scale commission based on the type of referral and how much they spend. This means that an affiliate can earn anywhere from $100 a day.

Moreover, commissions are paid monthly for any active referrals on your account. In other words, you’re not just waiting weeks or months before seeing your hard-earned money!

What’s even more amazing about GoDaddy’s affiliate program is that there are no limits to how many referrals you can have.

Commission Percentage

GoDaddy rewards affiliates a one-time 15% on most items. Additionally, affiliates will receive $25 when a previous customer renews its annual hosting plans and will get $100 for new customers.

Affiliate Cookie Window

The affiliate cookie window expires after 45 days. This means that affiliates can earn commissions from referrals who purchase within 45 days of arriving with your affiliate link.

This makes marketing campaigns even more profitable because affiliates will get paid for customers several weeks after the initial sale.

How to Join the GoDaddy Affiliate Program?

The process of becoming a GoDaddy’s affiliate program is straightforward. The first step to becoming an affiliate is going into your account and clicking on the “affiliate” tab.

From there, you’ll have a few simple steps:

  • Fill out the form with all of your contact information (name, email address, phone number);
  • Create a recruitment plan for each campaign you want to participate in; and
  • Select the products or services you would like to promote and then add them to your shopping cart.

Once those steps are completed, all that’s left is for affiliates to fill out their payment information before they can start referring customers.

The best part about this process is that it only takes a few minutes to get set up!

Benefits of GoDaddy Affiliate Program

GoDaddy has a solid reputation in the domain industry.

The affiliate program is great for both new affiliates as well as seasoned veterans. The best part about it is that they have a sliding scale commission based on the type of referral, meaning an affiliate can earn anywhere from $25 up to 15%.

Additionally, there are no limits to how many referrals you can have. Finally, if your referral exceeds their pricing plan, that commission will be a higher percentage of the sale price!

GoDaddy supports different payment options.

GoDaddy’s affiliate program offers a variety of different payment options. Affiliates who gain commissions get paid through ACH, checks, or PayPal, making it easier for those affiliates to access their funds.

With this wide-range opportunity of providing payment methods, affiliates will find it more convenient to get their commissions timely.

Solid Reputation

GoDaddy’s affiliate program has a solid reputation in the domain industry. They’re very well-known for their high level of security and customer satisfaction, which makes it easier to refer people to them without worrying about any problems with customers — something that makes it worth it to be an affiliate and something you can be proud of!

Drawbacks of GoDaddy Affiliate Program

No Live Chats

One of the drawbacks of GoDaddy’s affiliate program is that there are no live chats. In addition, because it has so many products and services, it is difficult for affiliates to contact customer service for help because they cannot have instant conversations with their customers in real-time.

Restoration Fees

Another drawback of the affiliate program is restoration fees which can be up to $35. This makes it difficult for affiliates because they have to pay this fee every time someone cancels a hosting plan within 14 days after signing up with them.

If you’re an affiliate, you will also get charged when your referral decides to leave GoDaddy.

Slow problem solving

One of the most significant drawbacks to GoDaddy’s affiliate program is that their customer service can be prolonged with solving problems.

Sometimes they take up to a week or more before responding and sending an email, making it difficult for affiliates who provide live support because they have to wait so long for customers who need help.

How to Make $100 a Day with the GoDaddy Affiliate Program?

Hitting $100 a day with this affiliate program is a no-brainer. Thankfully, you can gain $100 when you get new referrals.

Plus, you can hit your quota when four customers renew their subscription at $25 only. Well, it could be tricky if you’re a beginner at this program.

But the good part is, you can find new ways to learn by joining these alternative programs:

Alternative Affiliate Programs

  1. ASANA Affiliate Program (Each sale comes with a 10% commission with a 40-day cookie period)
  2. HubSpot Affiliate Program (Qualified sales can range from $250 – $1,000 per sale, and its cookie period endures after 90 days)
  3. Google Workspace Affiliate Program ($30 commission in all qualifying sales, 30 days cookie period)
  4. Simplilearn Affiliate Program (Commission starts at 10% with an affiliate cookie period expiring after 30 days )

10 Ways to Make Money with GoDaddy Affiliate Program

Provide consultancy services about website development and promote GoDaddy services

Offer consultancy services about website creation, site design process, hosting options for different websites, etc., in addition to promoting GoDaddy products on your blog or social media.

In addition, you can also offer consulting services to small businesses that need a new site, for example.

These customers are often receptive to the idea of using an established company like GoDaddy to build their websites.

You’ll be able to provide valuable support and advice while also marketing GoDaddy products.

Selling GoDaddy’s domain names.

Selling domain name registrations and hosting plans on behalf of GoDaddy can make money while promoting online.

For instance, you may sell a package that includes the customer’s needs, such as website creation or design, web hosting, domain registration, etc., from one location.

You can also promote GoDaddy domain name registrations and web hosting services to your customers in bundles. 

Email Marketing

You can use email marketing as one of your promotional strategies by sending weekly newsletters or email updates on new services available from

GoDaddy. However, you should also ensure that what you are promoting contributes value to customers who would be interested in it before including them in your email list.

Just make sure that when you conduct an email campaign, don’t forget to include your affiliate links on the signature or share your coupon codes with every post.

Merchandise Marketing

You can also sell merchandise that has the GoDaddy logo or is related to their services, like t-shirts and caps with your company name on them.

You can use these products for giveaways at conferences where you are attending to promote your business and increase awareness about them.

Another way to use your merchandise marketing is by giving it away as a prize, for example, in competitions.


You can also make podcast episodes about topics of interest to your audience. For example, you may choose a topic like “Why should you start using GoDaddy hosting?”.

In this way, you may provide professional tips on achieving a unique web domain or even create an episode that reviews the company’s latest service offering.

So, to attract more customers, it’s best to invite and partner with guest speakers from various industries who have worked with GoDaddy.

Email list

You may be able to make money by adding your email list to an affiliate or click-per-ads (CPA) network that offers a product from which you will profit when someone clicks through and buys it on the company’s website.

The commissions are usually paid in cash rather than points like most other affiliate programs. So, for example, by sending weekly newsletters or sharing coupon codes, you can earn $100 a day.

Be a Brand Ambassador

Becoming a brand ambassador of GoDaddy can potentially raise your business revenues and generate leads.

You may create TikTok ads for GoDaddy that are only 15 seconds long, or you might choose the extended length of 30 seconds.

But if you want to promote using Facebook, their campaign ads are one of the promotional strategies you can use to advertise GoDaddy’s new services.

Instagram ads work too in promoting GoDaddy products and services or create banner ads on your website that link back to the company’s site.

Offer Online Courses

You can also create a course that is related to GoDaddy’s services. For instance, you may want to offer different techniques for running an online business and how to host your website using GoDaddy for your marketing strategy.

You could even show people how to set up their website using WordPress or another type of content management system (CMS).


You can make money by participating in forums related to the topic of your business. For example, you may want to promote GoDaddy’s services and products on threads where people ask for advice about web hosting or domain names registration and create content relevant to these discussions.

You may also want to provide helpful feedback on customer threads complaining about a problem they have.


This is an excellent place to promote your business and connect with potential customers, as LinkedIn users are often professionals who may not be interested in marketing or networking but could still benefit from the services that you offer.

You can create a company page on this site by following some of its guidelines for doing so, like including a brief introduction about your company or service.

You can also invite people to connect with you through LinkedIn by sending them a request that they may accept if it interests them.


With whatever products or services you have, your domain is always worth being remembered by your customers.

You have to come up with a unique name to establish different branding among your competitors.

And to make that happen, subscribing to GoDaddy is your way to go, making your website more efficient and attractive to your online customers.

If you want to experience earning passive income while working with a reputable company in the industry, be sure to submit your application and be a GoDaddy affiliate today!

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