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Hobby lobby is a renowned art and crafts supply company offering a wide range of creative handicrafts. The company was founded in 1972 and had its headquarters located in Oklahoma City, USA.

It is well established in the USA (with nine offices and numerous shops throughout the entire region) but has spread its wings to the global realm. Today, this great company has offices in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Yuwi in China.

Hobby Lobby has a vast collection of crafted products (over 80,000) on fabric, home décor, arts, picture frames, hobbies, and seasonal products. You can get their products from their physical stores or online outlets.

Are you an art and craft publisher or blogger looking to make a passive income from your blog or website? The Hobby Lobby affiliate program is an excellent earning channel to try out.

Before you strike a deal with Hobby Lobby via their affiliate program, please read this guide as it contains all the details about it. From how you join, the products to promote, how much they pay, and generally how it works, nothing is left out on this guide, so follow through.

What is Hobby Lobby Affiliate Program?

The Hobby Lobby affiliate program was created through Hobby Lobby to promote or market their products and their brand in general. It is suitable for digital content creators and marketers in the arts and crafts niche.

The hobby lobby affiliate program is managed by Commission Junction, a top affiliate network with a great team that knows all the particulars of affiliate marketing. Joining the affiliate marketing can be done through CJ or another affiliate network called FlexOffers. Now that we have mentioned joining, how exactly do you get started with Hobby Lobby Affiliate Program? Let’s find out.

How to Join The Hobby Lobby Affiliate Program

The first step is to pick the supporting affiliate network of your choice. In this guide, let’s stick with the programs as mentioned earlier; Commission Junction and FlexOffers. Always understand the pros and cons of each program to make the soundest decision. Note that you can still sign-up via both networks to hit a balance on the features they offer.

The good thing about these two programs is that the sign-up process is very straightforward. You are only required to provide basic information such as your name, email address, the name of your blog/website, and other relevant details such as the amount of traffic you get currently.

In addition, you will be asked to include your preferred payment method where your commissions will be sent. The registration process is completed after you confirm your email address.

How Does Hobby Lobby Affiliate Program work?

After registering for the affiliate program, you will get an account where your affiliate links to specific products will be posted. From there, you will view how your affiliate links are performing concerning the sales they are generating. In addition, you can also agree to receive notifications via email on the commissions you are making and when it’s time to withdraw your money.

After you get your affiliate links, the responsibility to make them relevant to the affiliate program depends on how well you will advertise them. The entire process of achieving this always comes down to how educative, relevant, and entertaining the content with your affiliate links is.

Once people have clicked your links and successfully bought a Hobby Lobby product, you will earn commissions and receive a notification through email. The people you refer to the company must not always purchase the effects immediately. With an affiliate program such as CJ affiliate, there will be a three-day cookie on referred sales. This means that you will still earn commission as long as your referrals return to purchase the products within three days.

The commission & payment process

The commissions you earn with the Hobby Lobby affiliate program depend on two major factors: The initial sign-up agreement and the effort you put in educating your audience about the products you are assigned.

Under the initial agreement, you will earn up to 4% if you choose to sign up with Commission Junction or 3.2% if you go with FlexOffers. Due to its high commission rate, CJ affiliate is the go-for-platform for many marketers, but it depends on the features each program offers in general and what you prefer.

The commission is paid on all clicks that lead to sales on the Hobby Lobby program, meaning that the effort you put into optimizing your content to meet your audience’s needs also determines the amount you will earn. Therefore, if you are serious and want to make good money with affiliate marketing, you need to expand your blog or website by adding a dedicated category to post/publish your affiliate marketing content.

If you follow the steps up to this point, you will start marketing Hobby Lobby products via their affiliate program. This next section explores the best products to market with the program and makes good money.

10 ways you can make money with the hobby lobby affiliate program

Here are the most rewarding product categories to market with the Hobby Lobby affiliate program:

1. Holiday décor

Hobby Lobby offers a vast range of festive decorations, and no matter the holiday, there’s everything you will need to brighten things up. Since people will be looking for craft items, gift wraps, and paper products during holidays, you can make good money if you prepare well to market them. Set and publish the posts about these products even three months before the significant dates, and you will be in for decent commissions as many people reading the content will buy via your affiliate links.

2. Pillows

Pillows are the simplest décor pieces that can make a great statement when added to any living or rest area. Pillows for all uses with numerous Hobby Lobby designs that you can promote through their excellent affiliate program. Also, don’t forget to pick a few pillow covers as people like to purchase these two items together.

3. Doormats

Just like pillows, doormats add warmth effortlessly to the doorstep area. The pieces sold in Hobby Lobby are not the common ones you will get at every other home accessories store but unique and elegant ones. People will be willing to buy these doormats; you only need to provide a channel for them to do this.

4. Bead and jewelry

These accessories are dear to many people in the US and even globally, and Hobby Lobby has plenty of options to choose from in this category. Other than the great variation, their beads and jewelry are unique, and people love them for this. Couple up your promotional posts with lovely images of these accessories, and your affiliate links may end up fetching good sales.

5. Wood signs

If you don’t know Hobby Lobby for anything else, the high chances are that this is the product category you relate them with. There are many wood signs with incredible messages and floral designs that every home or business owner would like to add as the centerpiece in their establishment. Similarly, you need to invest in high-quality pictures of these items in your affiliate marketing efforts.

6. Vinyl blanks

Vinyl blanks impress people of all ages due to their highly customizable nature. People constantly search for items they can test their creativity on, and if you perfectly market vinyl blanks, you can attract a good number of them to purchase from Hobby Lobby.

7. Paint

So many stores sell paint, but what you get at Hobby Lobby is unmatched variation in brands, colors, and shades. People will enjoy the products in this category to add fun to their home improvement projects. Pick a number of these products and make good content with ideas of how home improvement enthusiasts can use them.

8. Antique Light fixtures

Although modern building designs dominate the current market, people still prefer to add antique fittings and fixtures to strike a more balanced look. If you can create good content around these products, there is a high chance of attracting people planning to build and do renovation projects.

9. Faux succulents

So many people love to add green plants to their homes but still want low maintenance and affordability. Nothing serves this purpose better than faux/replica succulents. Marketing this line of products (which they have in plenty) will attract some excellent commissions.

10. Kids’ crafts

While doing affiliate marketing, you must tap into every group of potential customers to increase your income streams. Now that many youngsters love kid arts, you can pick a few of the limitless products offered in the Hobby Lobby affiliate program and promote them via your digital assets.

This said we could wrap up this guide by discussing briefly, hobby lobby affiliate program pros and cons.


An excellent way to earn money from your digital assets

With Hobby Lobby Affiliate Program, you are assured of a constant income stream from your digital assets. As long as your referrals continue shopping for crafted products from Hobby Lobby, you will earn commissions. Since the products to promote are limitless for this company, the amount you make will depend on your work in creating informational posts with your referral links therein.

Attracts new audiences to your blog/website

Promoting the products sold at Hobby Lobby, an already known brand, will increase the number of people that visit your blog or website. If you provide interesting and educative content, add your affiliate links strategically in the content, your audience will increase significantly. Even the laziest digital content consumers will still visit your digital for the links that direct them to specific Hobby Lobby products.

Outstanding customer support

The kind of customer support you get from a given affiliate program might be all that matters to strike a deal with it. This is because good customer support means that all the questions, requests, and insights you have regarding the program will be responded to gladly and in an accelerated manner. The back office team in CJ affiliate, the primary network that manages the Hobby Lobby Affiliate Program, is highly professional and experienced in dealing with every concern from affiliate marketers.


It lacks a landing page

The affiliate itself does not have a landing page and relies on affiliate networks as hosts. This, however, does not affect the marketing experience you’ll have on the program, only that you will join and operate off the Hobby Lobby official website. Even better, the hosts (Commission Junction and Flexoffers) are the best in this arena, meaning that nothing should bar you from earning a decent amount with Hobby Lobby Affiliate Program.

Low commission rate

As seen above, the commission rate is 3.2-4% on this affiliate program which may be lower than other programs. However, this is compensated by better brand recognition, which translates to greater acceptance of its products. This means that you will always have people buying via your affiliate links as long as you provide relevant content or information that add value.


If you are an art lover, don’t just run your blog or website to show your creativity in content creation, but tap into the opportunities these digital assets come with to earn some money. As seen above, joining Hobby Lobby Affiliate Program and marketing their products to earn commission is one of the most viable ways to achieve this. Luckily for you, we have provided a list of the best ways to make money with this affiliate program, and so you will not waste time searching for the same.

At least with Hobby Lobby as the parent company, you will also not have a hard time promoting the products and generating sales as they are already a renowned brand. Even better, you don’t have to be the best salesperson or online marketer to earn from Hobby Lobby Affiliate Program. You only need to have a supportive audience that will constantly click your affiliate links or invite others to buy via your links. So accelerate your journey towards financial freedom by joining Hobby Lobby Affiliate Program today!

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