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In this video, I’m going to show you step by step how you can earn a hundred dollars per day with the Home Depot affiliate program. We’re gonna take a look at the affiliate program, how much it pays in the different ways that you can start creating content to make a hundred dollars per day. So make sure you watch this entire video to learn how to get up and running step by step.

Hello, my name’s Sten Godbold with sten god I create content to help you make money online and not just to put money into my own pocket. And if you want to be added to this globe, simply reply or comment down. With your city, state, province, country, and I’ll get you pin. All right, so as I mentioned in this video, we’re gonna take a look at the Home Depot affiliate program.

I’ve got some really cool ideas to help you get up and running with this affiliate program, and you’re actually gonna be surprised by one of the methods that I recommend because it’s not what. Other people are talking about. Let’s go ahead and get right into it. If you don’t know, home Depot is a DIY brick and mortar store that you can go to to basically do anything and everything around the house.

You can build decks and fences. You can see they’ve got Christmas, seasonal, holiday. They’ve got all sorts of stuff. They actually have both, uh, residential and commercial opportunities as well. And so if you are into that space, if you’re into lawn and garden, if you’re into diy, this could potentially. A pretty good opportunity for you.

So, um, now that we have a brief overview of what Home Depot is, let’s talk about the affiliate program. Now. In order to sign up for the Home Depot affiliate program, you need to join the Impact Radius Affiliate Network. Now, an affiliate network is the middle man between the affiliate marketer, so me and you, and the actual, the program Impact Radius is responsible for commission payouts.

They’re responsible for, uh, marketing materials and affiliate links. Can get. So Home Depot actually has two separate affiliate programs. Now what’s really interesting is that Home Depot Canada has an affiliate program where they’ll pay a 2% commission, and the cookie window is three days. Now this is only for Canada.

This will not work for the United States. We’re gonna talk about both Canada and the US opportunity. So, uh, don’t click off to your step. They, we also have the home. Services, they actually pay, uh, up to $30 for appointments. So here’s the cool thing. You don’t even have to get them to buy anything. You just have to get them to schedule an appointment and they’ll pay you up to $30.

And we’re gonna talk about the two opportunities that lie there as well. So, Let’s go ahead and get right into it. One of the easiest ways if we’re talking about the Home Depot, Canada, is to simply just do reviews on these different products. Now DeWalt is a popular tool. Um, it’s used by both commercial and residential DIYers, you know, weekend warriors.

And so you could jump over to YouTube. So I’m just gonna click on this DeWalt Atomic 20 Volt thing here. I’m going to copy this product just like this and we can actually paste this right? YouTube and you’re gonna see that there are tons of people that are either creating content about DeWalt tools or looking for information.

So here we can do unboxing videos. We can do review videos, first impressions. We could actually test this kit, put it through its paces, and see how long it works until the battery dies or until uh, something else happens where you know people like me and you are gonna want to know. So we just paste this in, just like this, and then we can see.

Now, again, this is for Canada. This isn’t, this affiliate program is not going to work for people in the US or outside of Canada. So we can see here 250,000 views from three years ago. Look at this teeny tiny channel. 1000 subscribers, 4,000 views. And so what you’re gonna do is you’re going to give a review, they’re gonna give it unboxing, and then you would just put your affiliate links in the description of the video.

So this is a really simple. To make money if you live in Canada. Another thing that you can do is you can actually say, uh, we could do like best DeWalt DeWalt like this. Look at this best DeWalt impact driver. And so you can actually put together a list of five or six of the best DeWalt impact drivers.

People are going to come here, they’re gonna click on your affiliate links and make money. Now look at this, the second one here, uh, 752 subscribers, 61,000 views. So if. Having trouble getting views. You wanna create content about the best impact driver. You can see there’s lots of opportunity. Let’s channel 8,000 subscribers, 265 views.

This person’s not even showing their face. They’re just using a lot of B-roll. And then if we keep scrolling, you can see there’s a lot of opportunity, 600 views, 952 subscribers about the best DeWalt impact driver. Now, if you wanted to, you could get rid of DeWalt and just create content about the best impact driver for home use.

We click on this and you can see that once again, there is lots of views and lots of subscribers. With people simply asking questions about impact drivers. You could even compare DeWalt impact drivers versus Milwaukee. As you can see here, lots of opportunity. We could also do best impact driver under, under $200, just like this.

Now, I don’t wanna harp on impact drivers because there’s so many more opportunities over here on Home Depot. What I recommend that you do is. A niche. All of these different departments are basically niches, and so if you wanted to focus on lawn and garden, you could actually, there’s tons of YouTube channels that help people grow greener, better grass.

I actually watch a lot of those channels myself because I want greener, better grass. You can do hvac, you can do hardware. There’s so much opportunity here on Home Depot. Now you have to remember. Right now, this affiliate program that we’re talking about is only available in Canada, but another option that you could get into is you could say something like how to build a deck like this.

And if you take a look, you can see there’s lots of people that are showing you how to build a deck. Now the opportunity is you show them how to build a deck, and then you put together a parts list. In the parts list, which is going to be a pdf. You include your affiliate links, and just like that, you make money.

So with a deck, you’re gonna obviously need, you’re gonna need wood, you’re gonna need screws, you’re gonna need braces and tresses and all sorts of stuff. When it comes to building a deck, you put together a PDF with everything that you use and everything from like, um, a, a mi. To measuring tape, wood glue, if that’s what you need as well.

You put together a list of everything that they need, put that in a pdf, and then you can give that away for free. And people are gonna say, Hey, thanks for making this easy for me, and they’re just gonna click on the stuff that they need. Whether it’s deck screws or if it’s like um, lights for their deck, whatever it may be.

And then you can earn a commission. Really it is as easy as that. So we’ve looked at a few different ways to make money with the Canada for the program. Let’s talk a little bit about the home services. Cause I think there’s lots of opportunity. One thing that you could do, Is you could target people that are struggling to put together their, their DIY project.

For example, a few years ago before our kids were born, I watched one of these YouTube videos about how to install, um, how to install wood flooring, the tongue and groove stuff. And so we were putting it in, putting it in, and it just got too much for us. And so what you can do is you can hire people to install, you can hire people to repair different.

Problems that they have. For example, um, we had our front door replace. You can see that’s a thing that they do. You could say something like, um, some people are asking questions like how much to repair or replace the front door, how much to replace the front door? Alright? And so if you see. You can put together information and content to give them an idea of how much to replace the front door.

And you can say, Hey, if you want a free estimate, go ahead and click the link in the description. If they’re in the US they can actually, um, book with, with Home Depot. There’s Home Depots all around the us but you can see that there is lots of opportunity within the space. Again, with the wood flooring, carpet install.

We could say how much to replace the front door, how much to replace, uh, the carpet, um, for people. You could even do something. how to install wood flooring. You could show people step by step how to install the wood flooring, and then you could say, if this seems like it’s too much, go ahead and schedule someone to give you an estimate and they can help you out.

So if we look at this, you could be an affiliate for wood flooring. or plank installation or HVAC repair, lots of opportunity. Home organization, you can target that as well. Lots of opportunity to make a hundred dollars per day. What I recommend that you do is just pick a niche and then create content.

For example, pick bathroom, and then you could actually show people and tell people how to repair. Bathroom. If you wanted to get into bathroom aesthetics, you can do that. But there’s lots of opportunity about bathroom, how to replace the, the shower. You can actually hire someone to do that. But what you can do also is click into this and it.

I’m looking at the kitchen remodel at this point. You can see here lots of opportunity, uh, kitchen design services. You could actually give them kitchen design ideas and then recommend, hey, if you wanna have someone come out and give you a custom. Click the first link in the description. Um, they enter in their zip code, they book an appointment and you can make up to 15 or $30, but lots of opportunity.

Kitchen cabinet install, kitchen makeover. You could give kitchen makeover tips. So if we come back over here, uh, kitchen, and I’m gonna show you TikTok in a second. Kitchen make. Over like this kitchen makeover on a budget ideas, renter friendly, lots of opportunity. Kitchen makeover under, um, under let’s say $10,000.

We’ll just throw out a big number there and then we can give some ideas for kitchen makeover under $10,000. Look at this. 2000 views. Only 1000 subscribers, 448,000 views. Tons and tons of tons of reviews. And you can say, Hey, look, if you want someone to help you, give you a custom plan for your kitchen makeover, click the link in the description, book an appointment, book a free appointment today.

And it’s really as easy as that. And I’m just gonna show you real quick, uh, over on TikTok. TikTok is an opportunity as well. So I’m just gonna copy this like that cuz I spelled makeover wrong, but that’s okay. Uh, if we go to TikTok like this, and you can do this with a blog, you can do this with a Facebook group.

You can even do this with forum sites. This works for literally any platform. So if you don’t wanna be on camera, that’s fine, you can do, and I spelled makeover wrong again. But look at this, um, kitchen makeover. 74,000 views, 56,000. You create content consistently, you can be successful and then say, Hey look, if you want to schedule your own makeover, you want someone to give you a custom, uh, suggestions and ideas for your makeover.

Click the link in my bio if you want it to solely be an affiliate for a Home Depot. I’m just going to say, I’m just gonna spell makeover correctly. Make makeover like this. You look at this kitchen makeover ideas, we can click on this. And then once again, 17 million view. Okay, 2.1 million views, 6 million views.

There are tons of views to be had, and these people, believe it or not, over on TikTok, they’re looking for ideas. They’re looking for suggestions. They want, some of these people do want to make over their kitchen. They’re tired of the way it looks, or they just want to keep up with, with their friends and family.

Their friends and family gotta make over recently. And so they, um, they, they want to get a makeover as well. You can refer them over to Home Depot or Yeah, home Depot and you can make up to $30. Now that you know how to make a hundred dollars per day with a Home Depot affiliate program, click the first link in the description or go to alston god for a free training that shows you how you can earn a full-time income without having a huge haul on social.

Spending a dime on paid ads or even a large mailing list, click the first link in the description or go to alston Watch this video next because YouTube says it’s going to help you build your online business.