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To make decent money through affiliate marketing, it is imperative that you drive your conversion rate as high as possible to maximize your work. While some may think it is easy to make money from home through affiliate marketing, it takes work, a good strategy, and persistence to build a solid enough income in order to support yourself.

To convert affiliate links, you need to convince your viewers that they need to follow your link and that the information or product is worth both their time and money. To do so, you should have a clean presentation, avoid spamming and drive as much traffic to your pages as possible.

If you follow these steps, your conversion rate will improve and lead to better profits, a more streamlined funnel, and attract more sponsors to drive up your revenue. Below are guides on how to improve your conversion rate, how to build trust and a following, finding the best method of affiliate marketing, and how to use reliable information and software to create a connection and journey for your prospects.

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How Do I Create Traffic?

One of the most important parts about affiliate marketing is creating traffic. The more views and clicks you create, the higher your conversion numbers, and then your profit. However, it is not as simple as just creating a website or blog and plugging in links. Finding out exactly how much traffic you need to turn a profit is integral to the success of any affiliate marketing campaign. Following these steps will help you build traffic and ultimately generate more conversions.

Promoting Links Through Paid Marketing

One of the simplest and quickest ways to improve your website traffic is through paid web and social advertising. While this requires a monetary investment, it can also create thousands of views quickly and vastly improve your networking reach. Furthermore, paid internet advertising has become so sophisticated that it is easy to narrow down your funnel and only have your ad shown to legitimate prospects. Setting these parameters is important because it increases your efficiency and hopefully improves your conversion rate.

Promoting Links Through Blogs, Social Posts and YouTube

If you prefer to avoid paid marketing, blogs, social media posts and YouTube are all great methods of creating traffic and thus increase conversions on your affiliate links. In all of these videos, you can explain the importance of your product or information to your prospects and lead them step by step through conversion. By using these methods, you can not only increase views but also create a following that will increase future traffic and conversion rates.

Required Traffic to Make a Profit

Finally, it is important to understand the analytics behind how much traffic you need to turn a profit to run an efficient affiliate marketing campaign. To build and understand your traffic requirements, you need to find qualifying traffic who would be interested in your product or information and set benchmarks based on the cost of the product. The higher the price, the less traffic you need but the harder it is to convert your prospects.

Free 5 step guide to start affiliate marketing fast

Improving Your Conversion Rate

Conversions drive your profit in affiliate marketing, so it is considered one of the most important factors in a successful strategy. It is also important to understand that it is impossible to have a perfect conversion rate, and even rates as low as one to five percent are good if your traffic is high enough.

Build Trust with Your Prospects

One of the first steps to improving your conversion rate is building trust with your audience. You can do this through regular:

  • Blogs
  • Videos
  • Social media posts

Use these to explain your affiliate links while citing reputable sources. Building a foundation with reliable links, accurate product descriptions and sources is key to increasing your conversion rates and profits. These resources may also increase traffic as prospects share your content, increasing your following.

Make Sure Your Links and Information is Reliable

Another way to improve your conversion rate is to utilize tools and information provided by reliable affiliate partners such as Amazon. Amazon advises affiliates to make sure that all links are properly mapped and to only post high-quality content. They also stress the importance of making sure you include your tracking ID so that you receive credit for your conversions. Also take advantage of review pages, as a well-written review is often highly viewed.

Solve Your Prospects Problems

It is also important to promote products that fit your audience’s needs and solves a problem for them. Explain why your audience shouldn’t just want your product but need it. People are more likely to buy something they deem necessary than just a helpful accessory. Take this into account when finding prospects as well: for example, don’t promote a dog toy to a prospect who doesn’t own a dog.

Keep Your Pages and Links Up to Date

Finally, make sure you maintain and update your website and links. If a product is no longer available, remove that link and instead find another product that those customers may find attractive. In addition, add content to inform these users why their product is no longer available, if it will be back in stock and other alternatives.

How Do I Make Money Without Spamming?

One of the biggest mistakes people make when affiliate marketing is just spamming their content without adding value or creating urgency. If you are posting your links on Facebook or other social media platforms without providing information or a presentation, then there’s no reason for people to click on your links or visit your page.

Free 5 step guide to start affiliate marketing fast

Instead of spraying and praying, inspire someone to know, like and trust you. One of the best ways to do this is to create a simple graphic that gives people the information to solve a problem, thus creating a reason for them to follow your links and driving up your conversion rates.

Are Clickfunnels or Websites Better at Converting Affiliate Links?

One common alternative to traditional website traffic in affiliate marketing are ClickFunnels. ClickFunnels is software which allows you to create a prospect funnel and embed it in something other than a traditional web page.

Funnels are designed to maximize prospects and increase conversion rates by leading them step by step. When using ClickFunnels, it is important to have a proper strategy to maximize your conversion rate, so make sure to understand who your customer is, where you get your customers and what prompts your customers to buy your product.

  • Advantages of ClickFunnels: The advantages of a funnel are that they improve lead generation, create a set journey for your prospects to follow, are easy to design, and are easy to replicate. Once you have set up a funnel for one product and found success, it is easy to set up another successful tunnel using the same strategy.
  • Disadvantages of ClickFunnels: The disadvantages of funnels are that they have no domain name for recognition, allow you to post, and give only limited content. And they assume that all your prospects are the same. If you are looking to create unique content for your different leads, then the funnel system is not for you.


In conclusion, to convert your affiliate links it is important to build trust and traffic, know your audience and solve a problem for your prospects. If you follow the steps provided above, you will increase your conversion rates and therefore improve your profits through affiliate marketing

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