page title icon How Do I Manage Affiliate Links?

An affiliate link here and there is pretty easy to manage. Adding a few more to one website might extend your workday but it is still nothing you can’t handle. The tough part comes when you have multiple websites and a ton of links on each one.

This leaves you racing from site to site as you try and manage them all. Well, if you’ve gotten in the habit of running all over the web, we’re here to help you rest.

There are many great methods out there to manage affiliate links, such as:

  • PHP jump script
  • Tracking codes
  • Double redirects
  • Social media

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Managing your affiliate links is easy. There are tons of tools out there that can help you organize all your links in one place. Without having to worry about taking care of your links, you can “Become an Unemployee,” as superstar Alston Godbolt puts it.

Plus, you can focus on driving traffic your way to increasing your clicks. We’ll show you what tools to use and guide you toward the best practices for managing your affiliate links. 

Affiliate Networks 

An affiliate network is a ‘one and done’ option for affiliate links. Each affiliate network oversees several affiliate companies and links. Instead of going for one affiliate website and adding links to your content, you can choose an entire network.

These networks were created with the idea of bridging the gaps between publishers of content and affiliate websites with links.

There are several great affiliate networks to choose from. A few of our top recommendations are ShareaSale and Commission Junction. Each of these sites houses several affiliate websites under one roof, giving affiliate marketers options.

You won’t have to scatter around and check so many links when using an affiliate network. Instead, you’ll have options within an entire network that will help you keep organized and better manage your links.  

PHP Jump Script 

We know that not all of you out there are tech-savvy. That is ok! If you have jumped into affiliate marketing, you likely have enough know-how to add a PHP jump script. 

This is a bit of code that serves to ease the actions of managing affiliate links across multiple websites. For example, say you have an affiliate that has made changes to their product or to their URL. This is a great case where a PHP script can save the day.

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All you’ll need to do to change all links across all websites is change the URL in your PHP script. Instead of going from page to page and manually changing each link hoping you don’t miss one, change the URL in PHP. This is simple to do and usually found in the dashboard of your publishing platform.

It’s easier to manage a ton of links when you group everything together- another expert tip from Alston Godbolt himself. 

Add Tracking Codes 

Tracking can help you manage your affiliate links. It takes the doubt out of finding them and managing the amount of traffic they drive. That is why it is best to add tracking codes as often as possible. Most affiliate networks provide the option to customize your tracking code and add them to your affiliate link.

Using this option, you can see clicker activity, using it to help you place your affiliate links more appropriately.

When you’re in affiliate marketing clicks matter. It is the way that you make money. It can get difficult to manage your earnings if you have many of them spread across many sites.

That is why a tracking code is recommended. They help you keep track of activity and help you verify your income based on each link. If the affiliate network doesn’t give you an option, you can try a third-party tracking site. Try these top-rated tracking sites: or LinkTrust

Double Redirects 

If you’re an affiliate marketing fanatic and have linked products all over the place, this option could come in handy. A double redirect will take clickers to an alternate website.

Instead of having to track codes or change your PHP script, you can use a double redirect. This is especially useful if you’re having trouble keeping up with all of the affiliate links you have spread out across the web.

One thing to keep in mind with this option is your connection speed. This alternate website is a redirect in between your site and that of the affiliate. Your server needs to be quick to redirect to your landing page before the clicker can go back. 

If you have a quick server and tons of links to manage, this is one of the most useful methods for managing the bulk of your affiliate links.  

Pro Tips to Affiliate Links 

Now that you know how to manage your links, you’ll start to free up your time. Keeping things organized is crucial for affiliate marketing. Another important factor is considering the way in which you add your links.

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No one likes to click a long and drawn-out link. They especially will stray away from entire URLs. Below, we have lined out pro tips that get clicks for affiliate links. 

Clean up Your Links

As we said, no one likes to click a paragraph. When creating your link, use keywords. Also, never leave the entire URL. You want to make sure the links fit the context. Plus, you want them to be aesthetically pleasing.

When your visitors choose to click a link, it is usually for one of two reasons. One is that they are interested in the product you’re promoting. And two, the word choice looks interesting. 

Link Them to Banners

The oldest trick in the book is adding links within words. It is effective but, it is also recommended to think outside of the box. Go for getting crafty and adding affiliate links to banners. These banners can rest off to the side of your page or pop up for an instant surprise.

Do be careful, however, you don’t want to appear too salesy. You run the risk of scaring potential clickers away if you’re too forward. Test things out, and see how they work. 

Social Media

Never underestimate the power of social media. Anytime you post a photo, video, or meme, add your links. This allows you to be creative while adding links that can earn you cash.

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You can also add them in YouTube video descriptions or a banner within the video. If you’re a content creator, don’t pass up the free advertising that comes from top social networks like Facebook and Twitter.


Affiliate marketing sounds easy. It seems like you just add a bunch of links all over the place and collect cash. While part of that is true, without managing links, you could get overwhelmed.

By taking time to organize your links, you can manage your sites better. Plus, you’ll have a better idea of the tactics that work and the amount of money coming your way. To manage links, remember to: 

  • Check out affiliate networks
  • Look into PHP jump script
  • Add tracking codes to links
  • Use the power of double redirect 

There are a ton of tools out there that can help you better manage your links. If you’re using a publishing site like WordPress, you have a ton of affiliate marketing tools and plugins at your disposal.

Take a look at Pretty Links and AdSanity, watching how they help you add a few zeros to your next monthly income statement. Practice better management of your links, and watch your clicks increase and your dough grow.

If you’re ready to get started, click here for a free ebook to start an online business.

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