page title icon How Much Traffic Do You Need for Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliated marketing depends heavily on the traffic and action visitors take when they visit your website. You will often hear success stories of thousands and sometimes hundreds of dollars being earned through affiliate marketing. While the earning potential is certainly possible, some factors determine how much traffic gets to your website to make affiliate marketing profitable.

The amount of traffic needed for affiliate marketing depends on the incentives for each click or action taken by the visitor, and the marketer’s target earnings. For a target earnings of $5000 per month on a low commissioned item, consider having traffic of more than 80,000 views per month. For higher commissioned items with a value of at least $25, consider having at least 80,000 views per month.

Factoring in the amount of traffic needed for your target earnings is an integral part of your strategy. Keep reading for exactly what you need to know about how much traffic you need for affiliate marketing.

Required Traffic for Affiliate Marketing

Traffic to your website is essential to get on board with new affiliate partners, and of course, to create revenue.

Before getting into the factors that drive traffic to your website for profitability, there are two things to think about:

  1. The volume of traffic you’ll need to acquire partners and earn income from affiliate marketing.
  2. The required traffic for affiliate marketing varies from each marketer.

Each marketer has to set a goal for how much he/she would like to earn from affiliate marketing. The amount of traffic needed to reach that goal will need to be calculated based on the price set for each link and the probability of each visitor clicking the link or making a purchase.

Consider researching and using a benchmark when deciding on the traffic you need for your website.


If you have a high price point for your website’s actions, you may not need as much traffic as a person with a lower value per click to reach the same earning point. To mitigate the concern of meeting a new traffic goal, try setting a benchmark for your website traffic.

You can set this benchmark in two ways. You can determine the return for a click or action and set your traffic goal based on the amount of money you would like to make within a specific time.

You can also look at similar marketed items and check your competitors to see their reporting. A little research may be necessary to determine if twenty visits are standard for a specific item or area of interest. This research aims to ensure that your efforts are directed to the right tasks or strategies.

While benchmarking is essential, please also consider that traffic is important for signing on with new affiliate partners. Although you may not have successful sales with some of your traffic, the traffic is still essential to open new advertising and to earn opportunities.

Qualifying Traffic

Another deciding factor in determining the traffic needed for your website will come from the organization’s requirements for which you are trying to be an affiliate partner. Some affiliate partners like to see the amount of traffic going to your website to determine if you will be approved to market their products or services.

The required traffic for each affiliate partner will vary based on the business. Some partners require at least 10,000 site visits. While 10,000 site visits may seem small on the big World Wide Web, it can be difficult to get these visits if you have not captured and retained internet users’ attention.

There are many affiliate partnership programs available for research. When looking for an affiliate partner program, you would need to research your affiliate partner to ensure that you meet the minimum visit requirement to be approved for their affiliate program.

Seeing that traffic is essential for both sales and new product and service offerings, it is necessary to know some key ways to ensure that you drive and retain your website’s traffic.

Need More Traffic? Here’s What to Do

While the amount of traffic you need for affiliate marketing is dependent on your specific earnings goal and the potential to be approved as an affiliate, the fact is that traffic is an essential requirement for affiliate marketing success. Here are some ways to drive traffic to your site to increase the chances of earning revenue based on your advertised links.

Be an Expert

Be an expert in the field you are advertising. It may be tempting to provide content on a variety of topics. While versatility is admirable, there needs to be good content on one topic to ensure that the subject is well covered and has depth.

To stand out as an expert, first, you have to narrow your focus. By creating a niche and speaking on the niche regularly, you will soon be the go-to person for researching for that particular topic.

Build Trust

While you may be an expert in your field, you will develop a good following if you appear honest and sincere in your offerings. Ensure that you can stand by the content you publish. Once that trust is present, your viewers will return to you for additional information and guidance. Not only will they return, but they may also bring some new visitors to your site.

Word of mouth is still alive and well. Although neighbors still share experiences at the fence, your viewers now have the opportunity to spread your brand-wide and far over social media channels. Make a great impression and maintain honesty, as you may have your viewers being your leading champions and advertisers.

Be Consistent

Advertise or post content on a schedule. If someone has a particular interest and feeds that audience useful information at some point, the reader will always try to come back for more. While it is good that the reader will want to see more details, if they come back to your site and there is no updated information, you could lose that visitor.

Keep your audience interested by producing content at the same time, daily, weekly, or monthly. Soon your audience will know your schedule and return to your site to view your content. You would be amazed at how many viewers look forward to scheduled content and information.


When you have visitors coming to your site, please encourage them to subscribe to your site for upcoming information and events. By subscribing, you will acquire a mailing list that will be beneficial for advertising so that you can drive future traffic to your website.

You can also provide new offers through your mailing lists and provide calls to action so that as you add new content and products, you will have reminders for return visits.

Search Engine Optimization

The dreaded but necessary search engine optimization discussion. Search engine optimization is essential for having your content picked up by searches on the internet.

Although there are some rules to search engine optimization that make the process seem complicated, there are specific tools that you can use to ensure that you are meeting the search engine requirements.

If you are blogging, there are built-in SEO plugins on most websites that can help you ensure that your content meets SEO standards.

Final Thoughts

Affiliate marketing is a passive income that can produce revenue for months and even years. Although affiliate marketing can be lucrative, it requires research, strategy, hard work, and dedication.

Traffic is essential to affiliate marketing, and it opens the door for additional partnerships, and it also improves the earning possibilities.

The traffic needed for affiliate marketing is dependent on the marketer’s desired income. The marketer will need to determine the traffic required to reach the expected revenue and factor in the price per click or action and the percentage of visitors that may potentially take action.

Once you determine the traffic needed to drive your revenue as an affiliate marketer, you can use strategies such as niche content, consistency, building trust, and using search engine optimized content.