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Watch the below as I audit the Determined Veteran YouTube Channel. Watch as I show him and you how to increase his revenue by 10x

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Do you want to see how we can increase the income or revenue for the YouTuber-determined veterans? 10 times stay tuned as I walk you through the steps that I would take. If I was the YouTube channel owner of the determined,

[00:00:20] well, YouTube, it’s Austin. I hope you’re doing well because I’m better than I’ve ever been a classic. Welcome to my channel, where I help you make more money online. Be sure to like subscribe and ring the bell to learn tips and tricks on learning more money and earning more money. All right. So here I am on the YouTube channel for the determined veteran.

[00:00:39] He is obviously a veteran. Thank you for your service. He reached out to me, and he’s a subscriber. After seeing a few YouTube videos that I had done for other YouTubers on how I could potentially increase his revenue, he reached out to me after seeing a few YouTube videos that I had done for other YouTubers. So let’s take a quick look right now. I’m looking at the social blade, and it says that he makes anywhere between $11.

[00:00:56] And $183 annually from his channel. Now, what I like to do when I do these channel audits is to take a look at a few different things. I don’t criticize or critique the actual content. I’m just looking at maybe the comments section. I’m looking at the description. I’m just looking at different ways where he could have monitored.

[00:01:15] And make a little bit more money passively. The cool thing about all the steps that I take or the things that I’m looking for. You just set them up once or twice, and they are there forever. And so he could take maybe a day, two days at most, make a few small changes and potentially increases earnings or is right.

[00:01:33] By 10 times of what he’s making now. And I’m sure you’re wondering how he can do this? I would recommend two things, but first, let’s take a look at some numbers. All right. So let’s make a few assumptions going into this. We will assume that he’s going to convert 5% of his subscribers and 5% of.

[00:01:51]Highest viewed channel into buyers. The reason why I do this is because of affiliate marketing, the conversions are really, they really depend on the person, the content that they’re creating, and actually the cost of the products that you’re recommending. So 5%, a nice low safety. Obviously, if a person that’s better at creating content or creating more content can potentially increase that conversion to 10% or 15 or whatever.

[00:02:16] So I like to assume that 5% it’s nice, low, and safe. So we’re going to use 5% for conversion. The website that we’re going to talk about claims that the minimum purchases range between $500 and a thousand. And so with affiliate marketing, basically what lead determined veteran is going to do. And what you could even do is you are going to find products and services that are related to your YouTube channel.

[00:02:41] You are going to recommend those products and services. And if someone buys those products and services based on your affiliate link, you can receive a commission. So the great thing is he can just set this up once or twice. As people start filtering through his becoming a subscriber or start watching those videos, they can click the links in the description, purchase the product or service, and then he gets paid a commission.

[00:03:01] So there’s actually a couple of different ways that he could go about this. I’m just going to highlight maybe two of them. Maybe three, depending on how long this video goes. But what I would actually recommend is a website that, that believes that each purchase price ranges between $500 and a thousand dollars.

[00:03:18] And so they actually do a commission payout of 10% of the purchase. So if we assume. That his viewers or customers only buy the lowest amount, which is $500. And they, and he gets a 10% commission. So he’s going to make about $50 per person. So $50 times 15 comes out to $750. So he could potentially already make $750 just by the 300 subscribers he has by recommending this way.

[00:03:47]If we assume that if we take his highest viewed video, which is 746 views, and we take 5% of that, it is 37 views. Again, if we assume that he makes $500, he gets a 10% commission of that, which is $50. We can multiply 37 times 50, giving him $1,850 for his highest viewed video.

[00:04:11] So I’m sure you’re wondering at this point, what he could do, what step could he take to start earning 10 times the amount of what he’s making now? What I would actually recommend for him and why I’m going to do this as is based solely on his most recent, I would say 10 or so.

[00:04:27]YouTube videos. I would recommend he use a site like vivid racing. Now there are several different sites like this out there. I like vivid racing because it pays a 10% commission. And as I mentioned earlier, each purchase is between 500 and a thousand dollars. So what he could do, and if you’re not familiar with vivid racing, is.

[00:04:46] A, I’m going to call it an upgrade store where you can buy parts to upgrade your car. Most of the YouTube videos on the determined veteran’s site here are about cars. So what I would actually do, if I were the determined veteran, would start creating videos about the new Corvette.

[00:05:01]I know myself. I’ve watched a ton of videos in the last couple. The new CA Corvette is actually the first mid-engine Corvette. It looks beautiful. He has a couple of videos on here. What I would do is I would start creating content so that when that Corvette’s released probably, in early 20 2020, people are going to be looking for of.

[00:05:20]They’re going to click your link. So you could say click here to purchase a new colder intake or click here to purchase new tires or rims or whatever. So they click that link, they purchase, and he gets a commission. So absolute, the first thing that I would do is I would start building or adding affiliate links based on some of the things that he’s already done again, though, the video that he earned 746 views.

[00:05:42] It’s about—a cold air intake. Now, if he just put the affiliate link in the cold for that cold air intake, people click that link, and they buy the product. He gets a commission. If that video is a negative video about the cold air intake, he can actually say, buy this one instead. Or he would say, in the video, click the link to buy this better cold air intake or buy this cold air intake.

[00:06:06] Because it works 10 times better. So those are different ways that he could go about his business or make his YouTube channel into a business to start earning some money passively. And again, the cool thing about the new. And the new Corvette and even the Camaro that he has is people are all around the world that are buying these cars.

[00:06:25] And so it’s going to be a hot, hotly searched topic. And so he can actually start making money passively, and his subscriber base could grow. And as his subscriber base grows, they’re going to be watching his new videos, his old videos, and he can start increasing. His passive earning because he needs to do what I would do if I were him is to get these affiliate links.

[00:06:50] I would put them right in his upload defaults. So every time he uploads a new video, his affiliate links are already embedded, and he doesn’t have to go through and recreate the wheel. So that’s what he could do in the short term to start earning passively. Now, obviously, he won’t make the $1,800 today or even tomorrow. It will probably be a slow trickle because it’s only converting at 5%.

[00:07:10] You would assume that one out of every few videos, he would start earning a commission, but eventually, as he creates more videos, he adds more content. He gets more subscribers. He’s going to start making more money and finding success with that. He looks. He’s looking for what I would also recommend. If I were looking to make this into a long-term business, I would actually look into start email marketing as well.

[00:07:32] The good thing about email marketing is that I’ve said it several times on this channel. If you’re new to the channel, check out some of my other videos where I go into email marketing more in-depth, but email marketing actually converts at twice the rate. This is because of affiliate marketing and the other types of marketing they’re out there.

[00:07:45] The reason why email marketing converts at a higher rate is that you actually can have multiple touchpoints, as we know. If you’ve done any marketing research or you’ve taken a marketing class, that it takes between five and 12 touch points before a customer knows, likes, and trusts you enough to buy a product.

[00:08:03] And so if you get their email address, you can follow up with them daily or every other day, whatever schedule that you create. And you can speed up that touchpoint so that you don’t have to create videos every day. So he sets up email marketing. He could go from 1,850. Two $3,700 and more, because again, I’m going to assume that he’s going to keep creating more content, what he could also do too.

[00:08:28] And I didn’t see any videos on here. He could actually put a list of products that he’s used. For example, I’m sure he keeps his car pretty clean. I would either look on Amazon or look directly on the manufacturer’s website to see if they have an affiliate pro. As I mentioned in one of my other videos, I used to use Adam’s polishes to clean my car every week, or maybe even multiple times on the weekends when I had my committee.

[00:08:53] But I don’t have the Camaro anymore, so I don’t really do that. Adam’s house. She doesn’t have an affiliate program, but Amazon does, and you can actually buy Adam’s products through Amazon. So that might be a way what I would do if possibly a determined veteran, maybe does a couple of product reviews.

[00:09:09] The cleaning supplies that he uses, if he uses fancy ones if he just created a little bit more content around different parts of the car, maybe if you did a two-part or three-part series on his Rams or his tires or whatever, and add affiliate links in there, he could potentially start making good money right away.

[00:09:27] Now, the great thing when the affiliate marketing is you’re not locked into one or two affiliate programs if he found. Five different affiliate programs to meet his needs. He can embed all of those in his comments section, and people buy them. He gets the commission. So that’s an interesting idea.

[00:09:44]Another idea that he could do is he could actually there’s a website called flex The flex offers several different affiliate programs that you can search through. You can search by car or tires or whatever, and you can sign up individually based on your needs. So that’s another option that he has as well.

[00:10:02] The first thing I would do is find a website like vivid racing and become a part of their affiliate program. And then, as I said, there’s roto fab colder intake. So if it’s meeting his needs, if he likes the product, he could find that cold air intake and embed it in here—affiliate links.

[00:10:19] Now, the only thing with this website is that it limits him to Camaro’s and Chevy. If he were looking to maybe expand it to Shelby or Ford in general, He would have to do a little bit more work. Still, if he’s looking to limit it, to keep it small, to just Chevy in general, he doesn’t have to do a whole lot of work because I believe vivid racing can, you can sort by, by making if this is making sense so far, I want you to comment right now.

[00:10:44] It makes sense if you would like a free on your channel. Would you mind clicking the first link in the description that all you? The only thing you need to do is enter your name, your YouTube channel, and your email address. And I’ll follow up with you in about 24 hours. If you’re looking for something more specialized and personalized, I can also work with you on that as well.

[00:11:03] But Also while I’m thinking about it. There are a few other links in the description that I want you to check out to help grow your business online. The second link in the description is to a course called project 24. That course will help you with content creation, whether you are a blogger or a YouTube.

[00:11:19] Or if you are not sure which one, choose a project 24 that will help you replace your full-time income with passive income within 24 months. So check out that second link in the description. The third link in the description is actually a free PDF to get you started with email marketing, as I’ve mentioned a few different times email marketing.

[00:11:36] Yeah. Probably the most important aspect of affiliate marketing that people don’t talk about, or at least talk about enough. If you want to grow your business by two times or three times what you’re currently making, I recommend that you start looking into the email. And so click that link in the description to get that free guide with email marketing to take your email marketing and affiliate marketing game to the next level.

[00:11:55] The last link in the description that I’ll discuss today is about ClickFunnels. ClickFunnels is actually the email marketing system that I use. The reason why I like click funnels is two reasons. First, you can do everything on ClickFunnels. You can create landing pages. You can add a lead magnet. Second, you can do an autoresponder, build your email list all within click funnels.

[00:12:14] The second reason why I like it is you can actually build out everything without needing to know any programming or HTML or coding. And you basically drag and drop. You have a vision in your mind, what you want to do. If you want to change a color, you go from you pointing click there’s.

[00:12:28] There’s basically a very minimal. Techno technological understanding is needed. So it’s actually very user-friendly straightforward. They actually have a pretty good support system as well. I was online with them for a few hours cause I had a few bugs I need to work out, and they got it done relatively quickly without any issue.

[00:12:45] So check out those links. The first one is to get a chat channel audit. The second one is to project 24, and the third one is. The free email, if you haven’t already done. So make sure that you like, subscribe, and leave a comment below. Thanks for watching. And we’ll see you in the next video.