page title icon How to Build Your Business Website with Python

As you build your business, you’ll find that a good website is essential. But there are many avenues when it comes to web design and development. One of these routes involves using the programming language Python to create your business website.

Python is an extremely versatile programming language and one of the most popular. Among its many capabilities is website creation. With knowledge of Python alone, you can build the entirety of your business website.

There are countless options when it comes to building a website for your business. In this article, we will look at what it means to use Python to do so.

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Python as a Tool for Web Development

It is entirely possible to use Python exclusively to create your business website. But before you accomplish this, you need a basic understanding of web development. When it comes to web development, there are three general terms you should know:

  1. Front-End – The interface that allows users to interact with your site
  2. Back-End – Communication between your site and the server allowing for site functionality
  3. Full-Stack – A combination of front-end and back-end

As a versatile language, Python is useful in both front-end and back-end development. However, it is far more common for developers to use Python on the back end. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use it for front-end development as well.

While there are languages better for the front end, Python is suitable for full-stack development.

This adaptability makes Python a great all-around language for web development. Let’s look at other reasons why Python is such an advantageous language.

Python is Popular

The popularity of programming languages changes every year. Despite this volatility, Python is one of the few languages that consistently ranks highly. Over the past few years, it has remained among the top five most popular languages. This year it ranks number one.

These rankings apply to languages in general. That means that Python is not simply a great tool for web development. It is also useful for many other applications.

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The popularity of Python should give you confidence that it is a valuable language. But it also opens the door for more support opportunities. With so many people using Python, you’ll find opportunities for collaboration while you develop your website.

There’s a Great Community of Python Aficionados

Sharing ideas in any field is helpful. But in web development, it is almost a necessity. Often it takes a second pair of eyes to notice the bug that is causing your program to fail. Take advantage of the fact that so many people are experts in Python.

There are many communities and forums on the web where people discuss programming. Some of these are specific to the Python language.

If you struggle to complete your website, make use of other’s knowledge. Because of its popularity, this is far easier to do with Python than other languages.

Python Comes with Many Resources

You’ll find that there are many Python-related resources online. This is a direct result of the usefulness and popularity of the language.

There are also a lot of Python libraries. In these libraries, you will find tools and pre-written code. Using these can make the development of your website far easier.

Python is Easy to Learn

Because it is similar to English, Python is relatively easy to use. This adds to its popularity. It also reduces the time it takes for new users to reach a level of proficiency.

Other languages have complicated syntax. Upon the first introduction, a beginner is likely to be overwhelmed. The prospect of deciphering countless lines of complex code is daunting. Gaining the ability to write those lines yourself seems impossible.

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This is not the case for Python. While this language has unique syntax, it is not overly convoluted. This simplicity is why Python is often the first language that people learn when they begin programming.

A Practical Guide to Building a Business Website

Now it is time to approach the task of building a website. To do this, we will take you through a brief but comprehensive guide. As we mentioned before, it is possible to use Python to build all parts of your website. But this is usually not the most practical method.

Instead, we will describe a web development process that incorporates other common tools. Each one is well-suited to complete a specific role in web development. Read on to see where Python fits into this process.

Controlling the Appearance of Your Website

Begin with the appearance of your website. To do this, you will need to know two of the most commonly used languages on the internet.

  • HyperText Markup Language (HTML)
  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

HTML is not technically a programming language. Instead, it is classified as a “markup language.” HTML is responsible for the most basic structural elements of your website.

CSS is responsible for the aesthetics of your site. This includes many characteristics, including color and font sizes.

Understanding the Role of JavaScript

Nearly every website on the internet uses some amount of HTML and CSS. These tools only establish your website’s appearance. Making your site interactive requires an additional language.

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JavaScript rounds out the trifecta of common web development languages. This third language is a true programming language. That means it is more in-depth and has more capabilities. In web development, JavaScript is what lets you create the following:

Clearly, a website is more than an image to view. It is an interactive tool that allows people to learn and complete tasks. JavaScript is what allows for this interaction. When people use Python to create websites, they often use JavaScript as well.

Incorporating Python

The three languages mentioned above are the most effective tools for front-end development. Now it is time to begin incorporating Python.

As noted above, Python is best for back-end web development. Back-end development is more technical and far less glamorous than front-end development. But without it, your website simply won’t be useful.

Back-end development connects your site to a server. This facilitates the transfer of information. As users interact with your site, data is sent and received on the back end. Without this data transfer, your site may look great, but there will be no functional reason for people to visit it.

While back-end development is hard to learn, Python is a great starting point. This language is simple but also works with other tools to make your web development that much easier.

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Using Python Frameworks

One of the best ways to use the Python language is in conjunction with frameworks. Think of a framework as a structure that makes it easier to build a website. The framework serves as an outline and takes care of some smaller details. As the programmer, you will insert code into the framework.

Each framework comes with certain conventions you need to follow to make it work. Learning these conventions can take time. But in the long run, these frameworks will simplify your web development process. This is because the framework does a lot of the work for you. This will eventually save you time and effort. Here are some of the most popular Python frameworks for you to explore.

  • Django
  • Falcon
  • Flask
  • Hug
  • TurboGears

As you explore these options, you’ll learn the benefits of each. Selecting the best framework for your project can go a long way towards efficiently completing your website.


Python is an effective tool when it comes to building a website. This language is easy to learn and has many useful applications. That’s why it is consistently one of the most popular languages in the world. For the best process, combine Python with other common web development tools to build your business website. 

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