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Most business owners know that having an online presence is critical in today’s world and the first place to start with this is through a company website. But not everyone has the time or energy to learn all the skills necessary to produce a stunning site, which leads to many asking: can you build a website without coding?

The best way to build a quality website without coding is to use building tools such as:

  • Online site builders, like Squarespace or Wix
  • Using a pre-made template, like those on
  • “Block builders,” like Pivot or OnePager

Today, we will discuss some of the options those without coding experience can use to create a website that they are proud of. If you don’t have the skills to code your own site or the money to hire someone else to do it, then we’ll discuss several great options to build your own site with no coding experience required.

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Best No-Coding Resources for Your Website Development

There are countless options online for building a website with little to no coding knowledge. In fact, there are many website building websites that allow you to create your site from the bottom up with little coding at all. You can also hire professionals to do the website building for you, which can be pricey but requires practically no work on your part.

What coding do you need to make a good website? Turns out, very little to none, if you use the tools on our list!

We’ll discuss a few of your best options below.

Use an Online Site Builder

The first, and best, option for those looking to build a website without coding at all is simply to use a complete site building tool. Sites like these handle all of the background coding for you so you don’t have to touch it at all. In the beginning, these sites were fairly limited, but nowadays you can easily use these sites to produce a high-quality, fully featured site.

Some of the best complete site building tools include:

  • Squarespace—especially for portfolios and eCommerce stores
  • WordPress—has more of a professional focus, but can be modified to fit nearly anything
  • Wix—the most beginner friendly of these three, but also the most limited (in the free version)

Most site builders will have a free version that offers limited features and abilities. If you only need a simple site, that will do fine, but if you really want a stunning site then expect to pay for a premium service.

While these can get the job done for most people, they don’t offer the highest level of customization for those looking for a truly original site. Their premade themes can be tweaked, but there’s still a sense of “sameness” between all sites which use their themes.

Below, we’ll delve into more options that allow you more customization with little to no coding experience required (although they still need more technical work than an all-in-one site builder).

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CloudPress: Build Custom WordPress Sites Without Coding

For those who want a custom designed WordPress site but don’t want to mess with any of the coding required for such a thing, CloudPress steps in.

CloudPress is a great choice if you are looking to create a blog because there are over 80 templates available and you can customize them to fit your needs. Even if you know nothing about coding, you can create a unique site with this tool.

WordPress is a very powerful website tool, and the ability to take advantage of that without coding using CloudPress makes it worthy of checking out.

Carrd Makes Simple, One Page Sites Easy

Carrd is a great source for creating a very simple, easy to use, one-page website that is ready to go without any coding. The service allows you to build and host a website on practically anything.

While Carrd can’t make the most detailed websites, it is perfect for those who just need a very elegant, single page site that is super easy to build and host.

Carrd won’t suit everyone’s needs, but for those who need it, it’s a fantastic tool!

OnePager: Another Single Page Site Builder Focused On SEO

OnePager boasts itself as an easy way for business owners to quickly create an adaptive, SEO focused website. Much like the name implies, you can build a single page site with this tool quickly and easily.

For business owners who need a simple, robust site, OnePager is a go-to tool to save you effort and frustration. They claim that only having a single page is a help rather than hindrance for businesses, since customers are much more likely to scroll through a single page rather than visit multiple pages.

For 12/month, it’s a steal. Check it out here.

HTML to WordPress: Easily Convert Your Old Site

If you have a HTML based site that you are hoping to update, this is a great choice for doing so with little coding experience in WordPress.

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This website will help you automate the process by simply uploading your website into the tool and letting it convert. You can take your outdated HTML site and make it a fully functioning WordPress themed site.

Again, while this won’t work for everyone, it’s an extremely useful niche tool for those who have an old HTML site they wanted to update but aren’t familiar with any of the new coding languages or integrations.

Block-Based Website Building Tools

This is where we’ll begin talking about so called “block based” building tools. They are basically what they sound like—tools that allow you to easily build a website from smaller, individual “blocks.” Some of the all-in-one site builders use block-based building too, but in a constrained environment and only in certain ways.

On the other hand, the block-based tools we’ll discuss below provide more freedom when building—at the cost of (usually) being a bit more technical. Most of them require no coding, but they’ll still require a bit more “spit and polish,” so to speak, than the options listed above.

Tilda Publishing Provides Free, Easy Block-Building Tools

This is a great website building option that allows you to choose from over 550 pre-designed blocks that you can use on your own website. The pages created work well on a variety of devices and require no real coding knowledge.

This is great for anyone who wants to make a creative website that is unique but functional. They describe it as “like a game: simple, fun, and easy.” Tilda is the least technical block builder on this list, and nearly everyone can learn how to use it effectively.

Pivot Is More Niche, But Still Powerful

Another block-based tool that allows you to drag and drop content blocks onto your site. Pivot features a HTML5 template which you can style using over 70 blocks that are customizable. 

With Pivot, you will be able to create a web page in no time and it can have nearly any features you want. If you want more functionality out of Pivot, then you’ll need to be willing to get your hands dirty a little bit, getting inside your site to do a bit of code tweaking. However, it’s still much simpler than coding from the ground up, so it deserves a mention here.

You can browse their example pages on their site, here.

Making Website Design Easy with No Coding

While knowing some basic coding can be highly beneficial when building your site, the available tools and resources online make it simple to create a quality website with no coding knowledge.

Once you have a good host and basic template in place, you simply customize the site as you see fit. By using the many tools mentioned above, you can have a completely custom site with little work and no coding necessary!

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