page title icon How To Do Affiliate Marketing On Instagram

In the below video, I will show you multiple ways you can start making passive income with affiliate marketing on Instagram. These are the same methods that I am using to get leads and sales.

This video will include how to find hashtags, how to find content and more. I will also include bots that you can use to boost engagement and traffic. This method is both beginner-friendly and for experienced users of Instagram.

Following my suggestions, you can start making $100 per day with affiliate marketing and Instagram.

In this video, you’ll learn:

  • How to find affiliate programs
  • How to create content for free
  • Best desktop application to use for Instagram
  • And more!

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Unedited Transcript

Hello? Hello. I believe we are living and in living color. My name is Alston, and today, I want to show you how you can make a hundred dollars per day or more with Instagram. Before we get going, I just want to introduce myself and my chair. As I mentioned, my name is Austin, God bolt. And I create content to help you start generating passive income with affiliate marketing and just one hour per day.

[00:00:22] So if that is something that you’re interested in, please consider subscribing to the channel, ringing the bell notifications because I create content Monday through Friday and sometimes on the weekend if there is new and breaking information. But today, as I mentioned, I am going to talk exclusively about Instagram and affiliate marketing.

[00:00:41] So, a few more housekeeping items before we get going. Because I have a lot of information that I want to share, I want to let you know that I have a link in the description to a free ebook. This ebook will teach you affiliate marketing 100% for free. It’s a free guide to help you get going. You can go to Austin forward slash-free.

[00:01:02] Dinesh ebook to get that ebook today. As I mentioned, the link is in the description or will be in the description. By the time you see this video. In addition, I’ve started a podcast that I want you to check out. It is on my blog. Alston. Godbolt, feel free to check that out and check in. And I’m also looking for guests.

[00:01:20] If that’s something that you’re interested in as well, I read enough of the plugging. Let’s go ahead and start talking about Instagram. The main thing that I want you to understand and get from this video is that an Instagram account of any size can make money. You don’t need to have thousands or hundreds of thousands of subscribers or followers.

[00:01:40] You just need to take consistent and persistent action. Now, like Instagram, You got another social media platform. It is the sister of Facebook, but Instagram is slightly different and focuses on images and videos. And really, it has a global reach. Billions of people are using it per month, and it can be a good opportunity to start making some money.

[00:02:01] So what you see here on, on your page now is my Instagram account, and I’m actually going to increase the size of this just a little bit. And to be perfectly honest with you, I don’t use Instagram all that much. I basically just use it to cross-posts and repost—content for my other channels. So, for example, if you see here, I have reposts from or cross-posts from Tik.

[00:02:22] I have a thumbnail that I used for my YouTube videos here on Instagram, and this is actually a caption, and I went out and purchased it for $10 on Fiverr. And so this is the depth of mine. Of my Instagram interaction. And I start seeing weeds and sales coming in almost daily. Now, right now, one thing that I want to show you as I send people to my YouTube channel, what I recommend, and this is just one of those things, is to rotate your leg.

[00:02:52] So maybe spend a few days having people go to your YouTube channel, spend a few more days sending people to an affiliate offer, or you can even send them something to something like link tree, which I’ll get into in just a moment. Still, I’m sure you’re wondering how you can get to start making a hundred dollars per day?

[00:03:09] The first thing you need to do is if you’re going to use Instagram on your desktop like I am, and you can see this as the desktop version of Instagram. And if you’re on, if you’re using. Go over to the Chrome web store, and you need to find it’s called desktop for Instagram. As you can see, it’s on my screen here. Just download it.

[00:03:29] It’s a Chrome extension, and you’ll be able to open up basically a desktop version. Instagram. Now, the reason why I like doing this is it makes my life a little bit easier. I’m not big on using Instagram in general. And so what I do is if I’m reposting across a posting, I like to do all of it or as much as possible from my desktop as opposed to using my phone.

[00:03:52]So that’s tip number one. Suppose you’re looking to use it primarily from your desktop, which you can go to a Chrome extension called desktop for Instagram. Now the first thing that you need to do. Are you need to decide how you’re going to use Instagram. Are you going to create a brand new account for affiliate marketing, or will you weave affiliate marketing into what you already have going on?

[00:04:15] And if you’re going to monetize what you already have, is there a common theme? Is there a niche that you can move people into? For example, do you. Create a lot of content about passion or fashion. Excuse me. If you do, you hit a lot of content about fashion if there is something that you create a lot of content about, maybe makeup, clothing, jewelry, basketball, and sports.

[00:04:38] If there’s a lot of consistent content, it’s going to be pretty easy to integrate or weave in affiliate marketing. Now the one drawback to Instagram is they only allow one link. Now, if you’re, if you only have one link, there are a few options. You can use something like a link tree. Or you can send people to an email list, which I recommend collecting, or send people to a landing page to collect their email addresses.

[00:05:01] Now that’s my preferred method. I like sending people to a landing page to collect them and collect their email addresses so you can follow up with them. Most people don’t buy right away. You can keep reminding them of the product or service that you’re recommending. Also, you can record.

[00:05:15] Multiple products. For example, let’s go back to that clothing niche example for, let’s say they are interested in Nike dry-fit shirts. They’re interested in Nike. You might want to recommend Jordan shorts or sweat pants or special shoes, Nike Jordan shoes. If you can move them to one niche, you can start making money pretty easy over and over again.

[00:05:36] But that’s why email marketing is so important, but getting back to it, One of the things that I personally have noticed in, and again, I don’t use Instagram a lot. I just repost that. You can get a lot more engagement. If you use two things, these types of inspirational quotes give you a lot of interaction and engagement.

[00:05:57] And if you do a little bit of video seems to be pushed out a little bit further for Instagram. Because everybody knows that video is much more engaging. I talk about it a lot on Pinterest and some of the other platforms that I discuss on the channel, but everybody generally realizes that.

[00:06:12] Video will keep people on the platform longer. And so if you can come up with some video content, even if it’s not great that it’s going to get pushed out a little bit further, a little bit faster than something that is just your plain old text. Now, the way that Instagram works, I’m sure if you’ve been out before, it works based on hashtags and keywords, just like most social media platforms now.

[00:06:36] In my profile. As I provide a short description, I help internet marketers escape the cubicle with affiliate marketing. Click the link to learn more. And I have sprinkled in a few. A few hashtags can be found throughout Instagram. Now, these hashtags, quite honestly, are probably pretty competitive.

[00:06:53] If I click on the hashtag, I’ll see millions of pieces of content related to these hashtags. One thing that you could do is you can actually niche down a little bit. Instead of doing affiliate marketing, you can do affiliate marketing for beginners or passive income for beginning something on those lines, make money online from home, or make money online from anywhere around the world.

[00:07:11] Now, one of the struggles. People run into affiliate marketing, and Instagram is trying to find relevant hashtags that will get you up and running. Now, I recommend one place, and I’m not an affiliate, but there are tons of these places out there. If you just Google Instagram, hashtag generator, there are all sorts of websites out there.

[00:07:32] That’ll help you. Now, one that has worked for me is called innate And when you click on it, you can actually find hashtags for free based on keywords. So what you would do here, hopefully, you can see this. I’m going to try and increase the screen just a little more so you can see if I type in something like make money online.

[00:07:54] Oops. We’ll say, yeah, we’ll type in, just make money online and click generate hashtags. Now you can. Again, you can do this 100% for free. It gives you about three or four free chances before they want you to monetize it. But if you just do it for free the first couple of times, it is okay. But the great thing with this is it will tell you the different hashtags that you can use based on competition.

[00:08:18] Now, if you’re just getting started, you are brand new. Instagram and hashtags, all that stuff you probably want to try and use rare or even average or moderately use hashtags until you start building a following. Now, I want to remind you that you do not need a huge following to start making money on Instagram.

[00:08:37] You just need to keep going. It’s straightforward to get discouraged after two or three posts and no one’s coming. Or no one’s commenting or following or anything like that, but you have to keep going after maybe two or three weeks. You’re going to stumble across some people who will stomach stumble across your content as I just stumbled across that sentence.

[00:08:56] So if we scroll up here in is one, but there are a ton of them out there, and they’re all going to basically just find different hashtags for you. What I do is I actually have probably three or four different hashtags that I use hashtag sets. I’ll call them. If I open up my notes, And what I’ve done is I’ll use three or four different hashtag sets, as you can see on the screen here, and I’ll rotate them.

[00:09:20] So four. Two posts. I will use this meager competition for two posts. I’ll use some that some hashtags are a little bit more competitive. One of these is actually a mix of high and low. And the reason why I do that is it’s testing. It’s figuring out what works best for you and what’s going to get the most engagement because the more engagement you get, and this is true for any social media platform, the more engagement you get, the further your content will be pushed out.

[00:09:44] It’s going to keep testing and push further and further away. So again, if you’re looking for. Hashtags, just go to just Google, Instagram, hashtag generator. And there are a ton of sites out there where you can find them for free. There are also apps that you can download that will help you out with that.

[00:09:59] So, I’m sure you’re wondering what type of content works now. The type of content that works actually depends a lot on your niche. One thing that works for you. Is if I put up these inspirational quotes, intention without action is useless. That’s an inspirational quote, do not seek praise. Seek criticism.

[00:10:18] That is another inspirational quote that gets people to like again, the greatest enemy to fearless truth on another Instagram profile that I have. I actually just copy and paste. Oh, I’ll go over to Canada in a second, but I just copy and paste. Inspirational business quotes because it’s the second, it’s the second Instagram account that I run, and it’s only for making money online affiliate marketing.

[00:10:44] Now what I do is I just Google you can Google inspirational quotes. We’ll say business quotes. I see business quotes for tough times, and another one below it said 99 business quote ideas or something along those lines. Again, 50 uplifting quotes for difficult times.

[00:11:01] If you are in the make money online niche, and you’re posting these, this will get engagement and interaction. People are going to say, yeah, I agree with that. So another thing that you can do is you can actually jump over to Instagram, and you can already see what’s working. So if I go hashtag make money online, I can see there are over 3.3 million posts.

[00:11:23] So I’m just going to click make money on it. And what you can do is go through and find posters, getting a high amount of engagement, and you can simply just download these images. There are a few ways to do it. You can just right-click if you’re using a desktop, and you can usually save depending on your computer.

[00:11:44]If you are using, if I go over to, where am I. Let’s see if I go over to my Instagram for desktop and I type in make money on mine, I can actually save it directly. So as you can see, hopefully, you’ll be able to see that. The purple on the top left allows you to download and save this image to your desktop.

[00:12:09] So if I just click this right now, it says 20, 25% off the entire purchase, no code needed. I clicked that, and I download it. It’s going to save it to my computer. If I open this up, you can see that it will pop up somewhere over here. As you can see, I downloaded it to my computer. What I can do is maybe I can modify it.

[00:12:28] Maybe I want to add my logo. I could add my logo down here, and then I can re-upload it. And that takes just a few minutes at a time. But again, this all depends on your niche. If you’re, let’s say you’re in the dog niche or you’re in the doggy niche, we’ll do later. You can grab images, make sure they don’t have any copyright or trademark, anything like that.

[00:12:48] You can grab images from Google. You can use a website like Unsplash and then. A quote, add something they funny or engaging say comment. If you think these dogs are in love, or they’ve been married for 35 years, something along those lines is easy for me to say, and people will comment, and they’ll reply.

[00:13:06] And so that’s really all you have to do. You just have to do this a few different times throughout the day, and you can even schedule these out, and I’ll show you a few different websites that you can use to schedule this out. So now we have talked about it. How to find hashtags and the type of content.

[00:13:20] Let’s go ahead and talk a little bit about how you can start making money. Now, one way, as I mentioned, if I jump back over here to my channel, so my profile is you can add a link like this Allston forward slash subscribe. This goes to a landing page. Where, or excuse me, this actually goes to my YouTube channel, but it can go to a landing page where I collect your email address.

[00:13:41] After I collect the email address, I’m going to send you an affiliate offer. Another option is to use a website like a link tree. Now there are a few different websites out there that do this thing. Basically, it is. It sends you to a website that has multiple links on a single page. So this kind of gets around the issue of only having.

[00:14:01] The ability to have one link on Instagram or Tik TOK or some of those other social media sites. So what I’ve done here, as you can see, I’ve created a doggy profile, a dog profile, and I, the first link here, is from a ClickBank offer. So ClickBank is one of the marketplaces I’ll talk about in just a moment, but if people click this link, as you can see over here on the left-hand side, if I slide this over a little.

[00:14:24]What if I slide this over here a little bit? Yeah. It says best doggy training system. If they click that link, it takes them to the affiliate offer I found over on ClickBank. The blow ones are for Amazon. And then the last one is if someone was interested in starting a business, now you can do this again for any niche.

[00:14:41] Hey, how’s it going? Thanks for commenting. Just T, thanks for commenting. How are you today? Anyway, if we continue. You can do something like this. Now it’s great that you can do this because you can send people to multiple offers. But the only drawback to that is again. People are, they may get overwhelmed.

[00:15:00] They’ve seen five or six options here, and they may choose not to click any. They may click this doggy training system, and then they get distracted, and they leave the page. Once they leave the page, they may not be able to find that page again. And then you potentially missed out on a sale because you were going for that fast action.

[00:15:17] Now, remember, most people don’t buy right away. Think about when you buy, think about when you go through buying anything, really, even toilet paper. That’s good to hear that you’re doing well. Even when you buy toilet paper, most often when you first bought toilet paper, you didn’t just run out and buy.

[00:15:34] First one, maybe you asked around you compared Sharman to the store-brand one-ply verses to apply. You had to put at least a little bit of thought into it. And this is the same thing when you’re buying things online. That’s why I personally believe it’s more important to play the long game and send people to your landing page and collect their email than to just try and get them to sell.

[00:15:56] But I wanted to use this as an exam. Just so that you could see that this is an option for you, you can do this with your Instagram account. You basically would just take this link. As you can see, the link is at the top here for the link tree. Click Copy, and then paste it over. If you wanted to, you could put it in a bit link. Bitly bit dot L Y is a link shortener that you can use to shorten your links.

[00:16:18] So you would just copy it, and then you would put it over here in your profile and then add a call to action. Other things that you can do to make you. Your profile is more engaging if to add emojis. Now, one place you can go to find internet-ready, smartphone-ready, and capable emojis is to type in Emojipedia.

[00:16:37] Now, if I wanted to, I’m just going to open up a new tab here, and I’m going to type in, and I have it saved because I use it a lot with my emails. So if I wanted to say my niches, money would say we’ll say money. Oops. We’ll spell money. There we go. Luckily it has done it for me.

[00:16:56]And then as you can see money with wings, money bag, money, mouth face, these are all things that I could just simply copy and paste and put right into my Instagram profile to show people that is, this is what I’m all about. Most people like emojis. Most people maybe engage in and find more comfort in value out of emojis.

[00:17:16] And so this is something that I could do as well. I could actually copy it. I’m going to jump back over, and I could replay Asterix here with emojis. That would probably help me out. All right. We have spent a lot of time talking about free methods. Now at this section, you can get started, and you can start making money with 100% free methods.

[00:17:37] Now, I want to talk a little bit about some paid things that you can do to push yourself forward, to give you a little bit of boost. So when we think about marketing and affiliate marketing, There are two sides of the coin there’s paid, and there’s free pay takes a little bit longer, but it’s going to be more valuable in the long run.

[00:17:52] You have an engagement, people know and trust you a little bit better, and you probably will see a higher lifetime value from a customer. Because again, they know and trust you paid methods are great because you get to skip the line. You get to jump to the front, you get to monetize a little bit faster, but people may not have as much trust in you.

[00:18:13] And so you have to work a little bit hard maybe. For that dollar, but there are pros and cons to both. If you’re looking to quite possibly turn $1 new, $2 paid methods can work. I don’t want to disparage one or the other. I have used free and paid methods, not necessarily for Instagram, but for other marketing, like YouTube and YouTube ads and Facebook and Facebook ads.

[00:18:35] I have used both free and paid methods. So I don’t like to disparage. I actually like both options. So here’s some paid things that you can do to give yourself a little bit of a push, a little bit of a boost. Actually, before that, let’s talk about, let’s talk about the affiliate network. What I read when I talked about a little bit was with affiliate marketing.

[00:18:56] And as hopefully as affiliate marketing is simply recommending other people’s products and services. You could pay the commission if your customer buys that product or service based on your recommendation and your affiliate link. Now, I’m sure you’re wondering where do you find affiliate programs so that you can start making affiliate commissions?

[00:19:12] You can start making money online, right? It’s straightforward to find affiliate programs. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of them out there. And there are really two types of affiliate programs. There are affiliate networks, both affiliate and CPA networks, and they’re standalone affiliate programs.

[00:19:31] For example, Amazon has a standalone affiliate pro program. Amazon has a standalone affiliate program. Basically, what you do is you go to affiliate hyphen, And you can join their affiliate program. There are other programs like this, and I just got to move this over here. There are other programs like this, like ShareASale ClickBank, CJ affiliate, a win, a JV zoo.

[00:19:56] WarriorPlus are affiliate networks where you would go, and you can find different affiliate programs to promote. The great thing with affiliate networks is that you can go to one place and find tons of different products and services to promote over here on my link tree—this first one here, the best doggy training system.

[00:20:13] This is a product that I found over on ClickBank. So if I jumped over to ClickBank, I’d have to sign him. Let’s just see. Here we go to ClickBank, and I want to see if I can look at the marketplace without actually having to log in. It’s going to, so I’m going to go down to browse products. What you would do is if you don’t have an account already, you will go to sign up its 100% for free, and then you would go to the marketplace, and you basically just look for different products to promote.

[00:20:42] As long as they’re relevant within your niche, you can find different products that promote. So here, under product categories, if I just click on home and garden, it should take me to the doggy niche, but there are tons of different options here. As you can see, Ted’s woodworking. Suppose you’ve watched any other.

[00:20:57] ClickBank video on YouTube. People talk about Ted’s woodworking. I’m going to show all subcategories, but the animal and care one is where I found the best doggy training guide. Let’s see if I click on this. Where am I at here? All right. So here are some of the differences. There should be more here, but here are some of the different doggy trends.

[00:21:17] Affiliate programs you can join. And again, this is 100% free. I have a ton of videos on how to promote ClickBank products here, there, and everywhere. So if you have more questions about ClickBank, definitely check out some of those other videos, but this is basically what affiliate marketers do. You go out, affiliate marketing, as you go out and find products and pro products and services related to your niche.

[00:21:40] In this case, it could be dogs. It could be making money on them. It could be an affiliate, marketing, business opportunity. You find relevant products, and you put those links. You send them to a landing page. You get paid a commission when people buy. So again, those are all the freeways. That’s how you monetize it.

[00:21:56] Now, let’s talk about some of the different ways that you can skip the line and start taking advantage of people that already have a ton of traffic and followers. So one of the places that you can go to is influencer cards. Influencer hyphen What you can do is you can buy Instagram shoutouts.

[00:22:14] Now, personally, I have never used this service before, but I’ve seen many people talking about it. So I’ve done a little bit of research. Basically, what you want to do is you would join this website, influencer hyphen And I just need to slide this over again.

[00:22:32] Let’s see if I can increase the size of this a little bit. Hopefully, you can see that. So here I What you’d want to do is you’re basically looking for Instagram accounts that have a large following within yours. The country that’s relevant to you because some of these are Brazil, India, Pakistan, whatever, but you want to make sure that you’re, let’s say, targeting the United States.

[00:22:56] You want to find the ones that are primarily the United States focused. But what you’d want to do is on the left-hand side. You want to sort by your niche. All right. So if we’re talking about makeup, go down to cosmetic and personal care, click on that link and then go down and click apply filter. Then you want to go through and see if this web if this profile is getting a ton of engagement. Are people commenting?

[00:23:24] Are they sharing? Do they like the content? So as you can see here, the top countries are United States, Brazil, Mexico. Again, this one is United States, Brazil, Morocco, and then Brazil, Mexico, United States. So what we’d want to do here as you can. Hopefully, you’re able to. There’s nails art vid has 570,000 followers.

[00:23:45] You can pay $15 to have a shout-out or to get access to their profile. So basically, they’ll put your link in the description, or they’ll have a swipe up feature where they’ll tell people to go to your website or go to your profile or whatever you have set up. And you only have to pay $15.

[00:24:04] So if you find a program that pays you $15 per sale, which is very easy to do, you already make your money back with one sale. So if we click on this, it will tell us a little more about the profile that says a hundred percent success rate. So if you are looking for something to get into, if you’re looking to start making relatively making money relatively quick and $15 isn’t that much money to you, you could potentially.

[00:24:31] Use this profile, but before you do that, what I’d recommend is I’d recommend that you copy this profile, jump back over to Instagram and do some research on your own, do some recon. So we have copied and pasted the profile name into Instagram, and we’re just looking, and we want to see what type of engagement this channel is getting this profile.

[00:24:53] So it’s getting a ton of hearts, but not a lot of comments. I would be a little. Skeptical about a profile. That’s getting a lot of hearts, but not that many comments. So right now, this is a one, a 300 to one ratio. So they’re getting 300. Hearts for one comment. This one is a little bit better.

[00:25:16] This one looks pretty good. So after doing a little bit of research, you might be comfortable with it. If you’re comfortable with this profile, you can jump back over to this website influencer cart, and you can actually create an account, and then you can do business. So this could be a good opportunity for you.

[00:25:33]There are other ways to monetize or make money. One is actually what a website called SIM simply Graham. And again, I’m not an affiliate for any of these profiles. It’s just things that I’ve seen and picked up. As I watched YouTube videos and have done a little bit of research now, simply Graham and websites like this basically will go out and try and.

[00:25:55] Followers and people to comment and like on your channel to help boost and grow your channel. No, again, this is something that I’d want to do a little bit of research on just to make sure that you are 100% comfortable and get a slide this back over again 100% comfortable with the way they operate.

[00:26:11] Now. One thing that I want you to be aware of and be cautious of some of the. Some of these websites, some of these bot traffic is against Instagram’s terms of service in terms of conditions. If you use one of these traffic sources to boost your Instagram account, you can be shuttled banned. You can be banned. You can be kicked off the platform.

[00:26:33] So all the hard work, all the money that you paid to get wherever you are, can be eliminated just like that. So what I recommend is that you do your research. Go check some of these out and make sure that they are legit on this program. I think starts at. $69 a week, but they offer three free three-day training, excuse me.

[00:26:56] And this, again, can help boost your account. If it’s legitimate, there are many of these services out there that will work with you. There are also services on Fiverr. Be very cautious. When using the services, do your research right now. They’re showing you a few testimonials. I would actually jump back over to Instagram and make sure that these people still have 97,000 followers, right?

[00:27:18]W the next one we get, let’s see remember, par, we’re going to jump back over to Instagram, and I’m going to search remember par I think this is it. And this says that maybe this isn’t it. So let’s see the Antigo. So let’s try that one. So the underscore.

[00:27:46] Maybe the Antigo, maybe these aren’t correct, but, so again, I would be a little concerned here because we’re typing in these names, and we do not really see any results here. So maybe I’m just typing it in incorrectly, but you have to do it, go out and do your research because if you don’t, you could potentially sell yourself short.

[00:28:09] Hey, what’s going on? Thanks for coming. Tribe members. What’s up with you. You could do yourself a disservice in the long run. You could essentially break your account. If you decide to go after one of these, another option is this website here. You can do something as simple as schedule Instagram posts, which I highly recommend.

[00:28:29] If you don’t have any time, you can also have them. Do some of your growth strategies for you. But what I recommend is either try the free method first or go and do these Instagram shout-outs because you can verify that the traffic is there, that the engagement is there. Another thing that I recommend, as I mentioned, is our Instagram schedulers.

[00:28:50] If I slide this over again, just Google, Instagram, scheduler, and there’s a number of them out there. looks like it has. Skied social HootSweet. I know HootSweet is pretty incredible. Lonely. These are all different social media schedulers that will help you build your business without you having to be at your business.

[00:29:09] One of the things that we like to do with affiliate marketing and start generating passive income, and it’s not passive income if you constantly have to be at the computer or on your phone, creating content and submitting content after that. Let’s see. This was just to keep me on track. So here are some of the uplifting quotes that I mentioned a little bit earlier.

[00:29:28] You can just copy and paste it. I did not mention how to create your own content, and the great way, the easiest way to create your own content for free is just to go over to Canva. So what you can do is go to It is a 100% free site. You can purchase the premium plan if you want, but you don’t need to go to and here at the top and the search bar, right?

[00:29:49] The middle. It says design anything. And then we’ll say, try Instagram or excuse me, it says, try Pinterest pen. We’re just going to go down to type in Instagram and Instagram posts. Click on that. And as you can see, there are many pre-made posts for you that I like to do. If I jump back and I show you one of my Instagram posts, actually, I won’t do that right now.

[00:30:15]What I like to do is I like just to use something straightforward. So we’re going to go on this one. And if I go back over to my quotes, find it here—50 uplifting quotes. So we can just copy and paste this quote right here. And then you have an Instagram post. So it’s straightforward, straightforward. And then what I recommend that you do because Instagram only accepts JPG files is to save it or download it as a JPG file.

[00:30:45] Do not save it as a PNG because it won’t work, and scrambled let you upload it. Have you ever tried anything with Instagram theme pages recently? I started the basketball niche, and I’ve been trying to drive traffic to my affiliate link. Would that value tips for growing? I haven’t really done theme pages.

[00:31:01] Some people will recommend that you follow and unfollow a bunch of people in your niche. That can have, again, negative impacts. I told the story in here a few months ago, how. Banned, I guess for a week from Instagram, because I unfollowed many people that I didn’t know. I had no idea who these people were, and I didn’t know how I started following them.

[00:31:24] So I started unfollowing a bunch of people, and they got banned for a week. How long have you been doing the Instagram basketball niche? The basketball theme page. And then another question is, what type of content are you uploading? So one thing. One mistake that many people can make is they think that, Hey, if I just upload anything in basketball, it’s going to work.

[00:31:47] When in reality, there are different niches within basketball. Are you uploading MBA stuff? Are you uploading drills? Are you uploading how-to videos or how-to posts? That’s one thing that you, what I would recommend that you focus on if you’re struggling is maybe focusing on. One or two teams focus on maybe focus on the Eastern conference or something like that, niche down so that you’re just spraying it out.

[00:32:12] That could help. If a person sees that they’re focused 100% on the lake or whatever it may, or maybe the focused on college sports, maybe they’re focused on duke that can help you grow a little faster. So if we just type in basketball here, we’ll type in a basketball, and we’ll see what we get.

[00:32:32]Let’s see what we have to compete with. There are almost 29 million posts with basketball. Why is my website going so slowly? Hooper gods have 400 posts, 42,000 followers. So 400 posts. Isn’t a ton. About a month ago, I got around a thousand followers, and they post mainly NBA highlights. Okay. So good.

[00:32:52] You’ve got a niche there. And the next question I would have is, are you sending people directly to an affiliate offer or a landing page? Because your conversion rate what’s sending people directly to affiliate offers is going to be pretty low. So maybe 1%. If that, let’s say maybe 3% go to your, they click on your link and go to your landing or go to your offer under that 3%, maybe 1% or half a percent are going to actually.

[00:33:22] Click and go to buy. So you’re looking at shallow conversions. Suppose you are only sending people directly to a landing page, what you could do. And again, I’m not 100% sure what your process is. So what I’d recommend instead is to send them to a landing page where you’re offering them something in exchange.

[00:33:38] Maybe you have. 10 tips for shooting a better jump shot or 10 things you didn’t know about LeBron James. If you post NBA highlights, you could do 10 things you didn’t know about Kobe. And that’s all information you can go out and find on the web. You can create a quick PDF document or create a video, and people will leave their email adjusts because they want to know those 10 things, regardless of whether they’ve seen or heard those 10 things before people will.

[00:34:07]People will want to sit through and watch it again. Just like perfectly honest with you, the documentary on Michael Jordan, people already knew that stuff, but they sit through four or five weeks of the same highlights in the same stories. So if you create a PDF, it can be like a two-page guide.

[00:34:25] It’ll say, enter your email address now, and you’ll get 10 things you didn’t know about your 10 feet. NBA superstars. People are going to want to do that. All right. My ad is basketball clips. I set up a funnel for the word to shack program if you want to advise on my page. So the question would be then are, is your offer congruent with your affiliate offer?

[00:34:51] Is your offer congruent with your Instagram page? So the question I have. Are people that are looking at NBA highlights. Do they want to know more about MBA stuff, or do they want to know how to jump higher? So that is, that would be what I would try is I would try a different offer. I would try maybe signing up with the NBA store and see if you can get people clicking on to buy the newest jerseys.

[00:35:19] Let’s see. Let me know if this is your account here. So if we scroll down or maybe even sign up with Nike, I think Nike has an affiliate offer with a different company like sheriffs or something like that. So to see if your offers are just not congruent. So, 1066 followers, that’s a pretty good following them out.

[00:35:43] Yeah. I would just be concerned that people that are looking at NBA highlights are interested. And NBA stuff. Now, if these were regular people dunking and doing different tricks and stuff while dunking, that could lead better to your affiliate offer. Let me see, yeah, I’m pretty sure Verdi’s shock is, are like dunk shoes.

[00:36:12] If you ever read an east bay magazine, like 20 years ago, they had those shoes that can, that would guarantee that you jumped higher. So my only concern in thinking about it is, and I’m glad this is your account. My only, and not necessarily concern. My only thought is right now. These are all MBA. Okay.

[00:36:30] You got a couple, high school kids sprinkled in, got a police officer. My only concern is that these people might be interested depending on your niche is they might be only interested in MBA-type stuff. So maybe the newest socks. If they’re, if they have new jerseys out, maybe they want more information.

[00:36:53] NBA-type stuff. When I would try is maybe try a week with a different affiliate offer. And see if that gets you anywhere. Try, I believe, the NBA store. Let me see, are you just? If you just Google the NBA affiliate program, you can see there’s a ton of information. So the MBA story does have an affiliate program, and I believe they are through Sherise.

[00:37:19]Let’s see. Linking to general information. I would do some research here and see if running an offer like this for a week you could say, learn more about the newest NBA apparel buy the newest hat. Maybe you could even try. What’s the hat store hat world. I don’t know if that world I don’t remember.

[00:37:36] I’m old. I don’t remember which w what is the hat store now? It’s going to be stuck in my mind forever. Ha, not that world. Lids it’s called lids. See if Liz has an affiliate program, and CF offering different hats, MBA hats, MBA apparel will get you a little bit further. So if we type in lids affiliates, whoops, lids affiliates program, and that, of course, they didn’t meet that leads affiliate program.

[00:38:09] And does lids runner for the program support home lids. They might have an affiliate program through flex offers. So try that, see if people are interested in that. But if you’re, if your affiliate offer is not working either, you need to adjust your content maybe or try a different offer, but your, to be perfectly honest with you, your account is still pretty new a month.

[00:38:33] Isn’t that right? To start worrying. I can go for weeks at a time without getting any commission, any sales, and then all of a sudden, within three days, you get four or five different commissions and sales in a row. So what I would do seriously is maybe try a few different offers. Let me know if that helps.

[00:38:53] Let me know if that answers your question. Let’s see. Let’s see. Let’s see. We have talked about how to create content, as you can see on his account. If I use it as an example, video marketing is doing wonders for video, and I might get demonetized for that. So that video marketing is doing very well, and it gets a lot of traffic.

[00:39:19] Because video is more engaging. Video will make you want to replay it to see if you miss something. So it can be a very nice boost. So I believe I have covered everything. I’ve talked about how to create your content and find content if you don’t know what to create. So you can use Canva. You can get content from other places you can screenshot.

[00:39:40] You can add a few captions and show you how to find them. Hashtags. We talked about that. How to monetize, you just basically type in your niche and affiliate offers. You can also take advantage of established Instagram accounts with websites like Instacart. There’s a ton of them out there.

[00:39:59]There’s a ton of them out there. Hey, are you sending people to a landing page to collect their email addresses? Because that could be part of the issue, you need to follow up with it. Every day or every other day, studies show it takes between five and 12 touch points before a customer becomes a buyer.

[00:40:16] And if you’re following up with them once every few days, and you started the account a month ago, you probably only have contacted them three or four times. Let’s see. We’ve talked about the Instagram methods to the paid methods. If you guys have any other questions, definitely throw them out there.

[00:40:32]I’d be happy to answer. I appreciate you engaging with me on the chat. If you’re watching the replay, definitely leave a comment in the comment section below because I go through and I try to answer every single question within 24 hours also, if you haven’t already done. So like subscribing to the bell notification.

[00:40:49] Also, if you want to know how I start generating passive income every single day, go to Austin. forward slash start. Also, I have. I have a free ebook for affiliate marketing. If you go to Austin forward slash free hyphen ebook, that’ll get you a 100% free ebook. That is yours and it, because it is in a Google doc.

[00:41:12] As I update it, you will get new and updated information. I’ve watched your videos on how to build a funnel. Hey, I’m glad that you were able to take advantage of some of that stuff. Be sure to like subscribing to Belmont vacation, have any questions, comments, concerns. Definitely either comment below or comment in the chatbox, but I definitely appreciate you guys stopping by and hanging out with me on a Friday night.

[00:41:35] You could be. And quarantine by herself watching TV, or you could be hanging out with me. All right. So you guys have a great night, and I will see you soon.