page title icon How To Find A Niche For Affiliate Marketing

In the below video, I will show you all of the ways you can find profitable niches for affiliate marketing. You can use this video as a guide to help you start making money with affiliate marketing. Find a niche is the first and most important part of affiliate marketing.

In this video, you’ll learn:

  • The “big 4” most popular niches
  • How to niche down
  • Different methods to find a niche
  • And more!

Unedited Transcript

Hello? Hello? Hello. I believe we are alive and in living color. My name is Alston Godbolt and. Today, we will talk a little bit about how to choose a niche for it, for the marketing, how to find a niche where affiliate marketing. Is that exactly what we’re going to talk about? But before we get started, I just want to introduce myself, who I am, and what I do.

[00:00:23]As I mentioned, my name is Alston Godbold, and I create content to help you set, generating passive income in just one hour per day with affiliate marketing. If that is something that you’re interested in, I want you to connect. I like subscribing and ringing the bell notification because I upload videos Monday through Friday, trying to find different tips and tricks to help you make some money.

[00:00:44] Now, let’s go ahead and get right into it. There’s a lot of information that we want to cover. There’s a lot of stuff that I want to talk about. But before I talk about the niches and how to find a profitable niche, I have a few housekeeping items that I want to discuss with you. So I’m going to scroll that down.

[00:01:01] As you can see on the screen, I have a new free affiliate marketing ebook. Just go to Austin. Forward slash-free hyphen ebook. That is Allston forward slash free hyphen ebook. Basically, you’ll enter your email address. You’ll get the, you’ll get the ebook email to you, and you’ll have access to it forever.

[00:01:24] And also, it is a Google doc. So anytime we make any changes or any updates, you’ll have access to that as well. Also, I want to let everyone know that I am launching a pod. In fact, shortly after this video is done, I’m going to record my first video or my first podcast, I should say. Now, the reason why I’m doing it is I want to be a little bit more.

[00:01:45] Personable or have a little bit more open reveal, show me just a little bit more. Now I feel personally with my YouTube channel. I’m pretty guarded. I’m pretty closed off. It is just the facts. I very rarely talk about myself and my family. And I think that in that pod, then, this podcast.

[00:02:03] Provide me with an outlet to talk about my family and being an entrepreneur and doing some of those things. So if you’re interested in that, I’m going to leave a link in my description as well. I’m also going to leave a link over on my website to get to the podcast. So if you have podcasts ideas, if you want to join the podcast, that’s also something that I would be interested in working with you as well.

[00:02:23] All right. So without further ado, enough of the front-end advertisements, let’s go ahead and get started—a niche for affiliate marketing. Now I want to let you know, and if you’re new to my channel, I just want to, I just want to give you a heads up and just take a step back and give you a 100 or 1000 foot overview of what affiliate marketing is.

[00:02:41] If you’re not a fit if you’re not. Affiliate marketing is simply recommending someone else’s problem to a customer to solve a problem, to solve a need, or a perceived need. For example, most people want to lose weight. They want to make more money. They want to have a strong relationship. And as an affiliate marketer, you will recommend products and services to help those people meet those needs, meet those problems.

[00:03:03] And so that’s basically what it is now. I have a ton of other videos on the channel explaining its affiliate marketing. And so I don’t want to spend, I don’t want to get as bogged down into that conversation just yet when we can talk about finding niches. So step number one, everything is a niche.

[00:03:19] And I think most people get frustrated or concerned because they feel they have to limit themselves to health, wealth, relationships, and technology. But when, in reality, if it can be bought and sold online or even offline, it is a niche, and you can make money. So now, in this video, I’m going to show you different ways to find niches.

[00:03:38] But if you have a need or want to create content in basket weaving, or if you’re from the Michael Scott paper company and want to create content about how paper is made, there is someone. On the other side, that’s asking questions, and you can recommend different products and services.

[00:03:56] For example, when to use card stock, that could be something where you promote a, let’s say, office max. If they have an affiliate program, you could promote office max as the card stock. Of your choice card, the best card stock to make a greeting card could be something that you could create down the line.

[00:04:14] So that’s step one. Everything is a niche. You can make an excellent income in just about anything. Now you’ll probably have to dominate a niche if it’s minimal, but anything and everything can be a niche. So let’s go ahead and get into what essentially is number two. Are you willing? No, I framed it like this because we have twins, as you may or may not know.

[00:04:35] They’re both obviously four years old. And when our kids were first born, we’d take them places that they were an anomaly. So we would have people coming. If we went to target, we would have people coming from 500 feet away to look at the twins because no one had ever seen twins before. So if you have a weird thing that happens in your life, that can potentially make money.

[00:05:00] Now think about it. If you have twins or know someone who has twins, you have to buy at least two of everything. You might have to buy two or four of everything. And if you can find. Different tips and tricks for twin families. You can monetize that. You could create a YouTube channel by creating a blog, post, create podcast tips and tricks for twin families.

[00:05:19] So if you know of a website, if you know of a place where they can get by one stroller, get one for free. There is a lot of content about the best stroller for twins, the best running stroller for twins. You could make a perfect living, just talking about weird things like twins. I’m sure triplets are even crazier, even more of an anomaly, but that’s one aspect.

[00:05:40] Are you weird? Do you have any weird things that happen in your life? That’s pretty normal to you. In reality, it’s weird to everyone else, and you can make money from that. So that’s number two. Are you. Next and more traditional is Google trends. Google trends is a website that will tell you what’s trending.

[00:05:57] The great thing is all of this data comes from Google, and we know that Google is the largest search engine in the world, followed by YouTube. So you have a ton of information where people tell you what’s important and what’s trending. And to figure out what’s trending, you can do it one of two ways.

[00:06:12] If you have an idea already, you can type that idea into the. The search bar here, and it’ll tell you if it’s trending or not. So this is one way, as you can see, it starts to go up. One thing that you’ll notice with ping pong is that it goes up every four years. Now that usually coincides with the Olympics.

[00:06:31] And it’s probably not going to go up this year because there aren’t going to be any Olympics, at least for the time being. So ping pong can be one. If you’re not familiar, you can always go if you don’t have any ideas. That’s true. You can always look at trending searches. Trending searches are going to tell you what’s popular very recently.

[00:06:49] So like today, within the last few days, you can also do that. So Google trends can help you as well. Another thing that you can do with Google trends and not many people talk about is looking at the year-end search. So this will tell you what’s important for 2009, then you can also cross-reference that and see if it’s still relevant.

[00:07:05] Are people still talking about the area 51 rate? Probably. Are people talking about some of these other things possibly? So you could still monetize this, but this gives you a base of operations so that you can see. Building your business. Some of these aren’t going to be relevant because they’re very in-the-moment trending topics, but some of these can actually continue to be important topics that people are still talking about.

[00:07:32] So Google trends is a perfect opportunity, actually. In fact, there’s another thing in Google trends that I want to show you some, if I go back to the homepage of Google trends, one of the things it’s talking about. The current crisis that’s going around the world. What you can do is you can actually niche down essentially within this pandemic, and within the pandemic, it’s telling you about what’s important.

[00:07:57] Hopefully, you’ll be able to see that what’s. Disney reservations are, is a trending topic. But, again, that’s up over a concise period of time, and it also will give you what’s trending in different countries. So this is another opportunity to find what’s trending. It tells you what people are talking about on a global stage, and then you can figure out how it applies to a very local stage.

[00:08:16] If you scroll down, you can see, people are asking questions. Is it safe to fly? You can create content. Is it safe to go to the beach? You can create content on that. You can make a perfect living. And in fact, there are YouTube channels that are absolutely crushing. It they’re gaining 10,000 subscribers per day.

[00:08:33] Just talking about the economic stimulus, talking about what Congress is talking about, even though in the United States, we know that Congress doesn’t really take any action. Very often. They’re talking about what other people are talking about and making money and getting subscribers. So that is one way.

[00:08:50] Yeah. Google trends after Google trends. Let us take a look. Look around one interesting thing. I took me we went on a bike ride Wednesday morning, and one thing that I noticed were signs in almost every yard. Now, these signs were congratulating kids on graduating high school, congratulating middle school, congratulating elementary school.

[00:09:14] Hopefully, you guys can see that congratulate congratulating them on graduating elementary school. And that is a huge opportunity. If you think about it, just think about it. If you could find an affiliate program for Sino Rama and it’s straightforward to find, you could do like signage type and signage affiliate program.

[00:09:34] And you can find if, let’s say, sign aroma has an affiliate program or something comparable that is available nationwide. The great thing, Magna signs there are some speedy signs. The great thing is. Restaurants are needing new signage. There, carry out only their phone number elementary schools, high schools, everyone needs signage now, and this isn’t an opportunity.

[00:09:56] This is an opportunity to make money. So if you keep your eyes open now if you had to come up with some content about the 10 best sign companies, You come up with a YouTube channel or, a Pinterest account or whatever, with the 10 best-signed companies to get your signs returned to you fast, you could have made a lot of money because people are going to be searching that information signage, and if you want to check, if it’s trending, you could jump over to Google Trends and see what people are asking.

[00:10:21] So if we typed in maybe signage, let’s see, come on. There we go. So if we type in signage, Signage, we can see, as you can see here to prove my concept here, it is shot straight up because again, with graduations, with drive by birthday parties, it is skyrocketing, and it probably will only be relevant and important over maybe the next.

[00:10:51] Month or two, it will probably jump straight down or fall off a cliff after that. But as you can see from 2004 to present, it has a steady decline, but if you look at it over the past, Let’s say 12 months, it has shot straight up because every restaurant needs to tell people that they’re open and they’re available for carry-outs and deliveries.

[00:11:11]When I drive down the main street here in Kenosha, I could see olive garden has that sign Cheddar’s has that sign. So several restaurants have that sign, letting people know that they’re still open. Starbucks had that sign that they’re still open, but they’re only available for carrying out or delivery.

[00:11:27] So that is another way. Just keep your eyes open, and the market will tell you what it needs. You have to be fast to act on it, but keep your eyes open after signage. Let’s take a look at recent purchases now that this is incredibly large here. Let’s see. Let’s see if we can. I may have to shrink this just a little bit.

[00:11:52] Come on. All right. So the next thing that you can do is you can take a look at recent purchases. Now, if you have purchased anything from Amazon, if you purchased anything from any store, really, they keep a record of it. And what you can do is just jump right over to Amazon and go to your orders and look at your recent yeah.

[00:12:10] I can also take a look at things that you’ve recently viewed. Now you have most likely have purchased whatever it is to fulfill a need or perceived need. For example, right here on the front page, I had to purchase. Inner tubes because the inner tubes on the bike carrier to carry my smallest child in blew, they explode, they don’t work.

[00:12:32] So I had to go and do a little bit of research and figure out the best one for our needs and boom. It returned a result, and you can do this to look over recent purchases and just think whatever question you’ve asked or whatever thing you’ve looked upon Amazon. There are millions, if not billions of people, who have done the same thing.

[00:12:50] So take a look at recent purchases, figure out what needs are fulfilled, and simply create content. Usually, what we do is. When we need help, when we need something resolved, we jump over to Google, and we just type in the first thing that we can think of. Let’s say let’s use the inner tubes, for example.

[00:13:08] So we go into Google, and we type in inner tubes, and then you might ask a question what size inner tube for the spike. And as you get closer to a buying decision, you refine it. Question more and more. So again, you start at the very top inner tube. That’s a very generic word, a very generic search term. And then you start asking yourself questions.

[00:13:29]What size inner tube do I need for, whatever type of bike I have, and then you might type in a best inner tube or best whatever size inner tube you need for. Biking. And then you might go to I think the these were, I don’t remember the type of inner tube. This was, but then you’re going to type in the inner tube type and then review.

[00:13:47] So this is are this is the Bob revolution inner tube. At one point, I probably typed in Bob revolution. Inner tube review because I want to make sure that I’m buying a quality product, and you can basically do this with any type of product. You just need to work backward. You have a product you want to promote or a series of products you want to promote.

[00:14:09] You need to figure out the questions people are asking, and then you just need to create that. So when you work backward, you start finding success. All right. So after looking at recent purchases, let’s go ahead and look at hobbies. What are some things that you absolutely like to do when I was growing up and recently?

[00:14:28] My favorite thing to do was to play monopoly. And we would play monopoly, me and my wife, my dad, and my mom. We would play monopoly until I was. So we’ve, we would play four-hour games of monopoly, and that was a hobby of mine. I am playing board games playing video games. You can turn your hobby into cash.

[00:14:48] You have an intimate knowledge of your hobby. Maybe you know, about video games, maybe, about different types of board games at different types of monopoly games that are out there. And you can make money from that because other people have the same hobbies. So people might be looking for the best hobby.

[00:15:05] Two four father and sons, the best high before twin four-year-olds, the best hobby for a four-year-old girl, people are asking these questions a million, if not billion times over, and you can get in front of those people, you can solve their problems and you can make money. So hobbies is another good one.

[00:15:21] And that is number six after hobby is, and I put wishlist items, basically what I mean for this. Items that you wish you wanted items that you may spend time looking at? If you are interested in the new Camaro, it’s a mid and Camaro, or excuse me, if you’re interested in the new Corvette, it’s a mid-engine Corvette.

[00:15:43] You have probably done some time. Researching it, you probably looked at a few YouTube videos, but there’s money in that as well. People that are buying the new Corvette might be looking to upgrade a spoiler. They might be looking to upgrade their wheels and their tires. They might be wanting to get flashy gear, shifter, whatever.

[00:16:00] There are people on the other side of it. Where they have products that they want to get in front of those other people’s hands, the customer’s hands, and you can be that middleman. You can be that person in the front that can provide the 10 best or the 10 must-have accessories for your new 20, 20 Corvette.

[00:16:17] And when people come to your website, maybe if you come to your YouTube channel, you recommend those products and services, and you get paid a commission. So if there are luxury items that you wish you had, you can make content about it, even though you don’t have it, that people, the things that are on our wishlists.

[00:16:32] Ultimately usually know so much more about it than anything else because we’ve spent so much time researching it. For example, when I had a Camaro, I researched, I looked at different cleaning supplies. I looked at different videos on how to wash your car so that you don’t get scratches. I used to spend a ton of money just buying stuff for myself.

[00:16:53] Car, I’d clean it. I bought a power washer pressure washer just from my car. I bought a special kit. For my car, just so that I could wash my car better than ever before. But again, if you have a wishlist, if there is an item on your wishlist, you can take that you can. That’s an awesome niche for you because you have very intimate knowledge about it.

[00:17:16] All right. So after that, you can take a look at your YouTube and Google search history. So if I jump over to my YouTube channel, I can just go over. The left here, and I need to slide this over probably so you can see that. So I go over to the left, and I can click on my history. It’s going to have a bunch of stuff about podcasting.

[00:17:35] It’s going to have my videos. And it’s going to have essentially for podcasting, how to become better at podcasting. And you can take that because I have done some research about podcasting. So I can turn around and start creating content as a newbie in podcasting 10 things. I wish I knew before I started pod.

[00:17:54] The best microphone for podcasting because that could be different than a YouTube microphone. You can turn all of this around. You can recommend the search, the best products, and services, and you can make money. Do you need a special web hosting provider for podcasting 10 best web hosting providers for podcasts?

[00:18:11] So you can go on and on and spend these multiple different ways. All based off. Search history. The great thing about the internet and YouTube is that you don’t have to be an expert in anything. You just basically need to be one step ahead of the next person. You have to be willing to turn around and teach or entertain or do a combination of both.

[00:18:32] And that person will find value in your video or find value in your content, and they will buy the product or service that you’re recommending. You can do the same thing, obviously with Google, but Google and YouTube are essentially the same, at least in my mind. All right. So after. Search history. You can also take a look at things that you already know.

[00:18:49] So what do you have intimate knowledge of? What are some of the experiences that you have had? What are some of the stories you can tell and then relate them to a product or service where you can get paid a commission, and again, you can fall back? Being a parent of twins being a single parent.

[00:19:05] There are just several different options that you can take advantage of when you think about things you’ve done. There are a ton of different opportunities out there. All right. So after what you already know, what I recommend next is spying on people on social media. What are the trending topics?

[00:19:24] On social media. What are people talking care about? If there is a product or service, if there’s a problem that people are talking about repeatedly on social media, you can turn that problem into money by creating a YouTube channel or a podcast or a blog post and then recommending different solutions for that problem.

[00:19:43]Again, jump on Facebook. If you have a job on Twitter or Instagram, figure out what problems people have creating content and then actually send them. The content that you’ve created and said, Hey, I’ve helped solve your problem. So jump on any social media if you want to know another good one is right now, everyone’s talking about tiptop, and everyone wants to know how they can make money from Tik TOK.

[00:20:05] What you could do is you could create a tick-tock channel and credit YouTube channel. You can tell people how you started monetizing Tik TOK and then recommend a. That can do the same thing. So there are just several different opportunities out there. If you spy on what other people are talking about, what other people are passionate about.

[00:20:23] And again, these are the different ways to find a niche for affiliate marketing. And then the next one that we want to cover is what are they talking about on your favorite podcast? Again, this can be huge because I listened probably to probably two or three podcasts right now. And some reoccurring themes come up, and there are some opportunities to make some money.

[00:20:48] And so what you want to do is obviously create content. Whether, again, it’s your own podcast, YouTube channel, what have you, and you can start making money. There are several different ways that you can start making money with affiliate marketing. I don’t want you to spend a ton of time worrying about the perfect niche because there are no perfect ones.

[00:21:05] I’m here to tell you that if you’re looking for a niche that is not saturated, that you can roll into and start making a thousand dollars per day with a little bit of effort, that’s not going to happen. Probably. I’m here to tell you that if you put in the consistent and persistent effort every day, you can make money in any niche.

[00:21:27] And that’s the takeaway that I want you to gather from this live stream, is that you can make money in any niche. But, still, you have to be willing to put in the consistent and persistent action you put in an hour, a day, every single day, even on the weekends, you can see some results. It’s when you put in five pieces of content, you step back, and you reflect on how well you’ve done for yourself, and you wonder why you’re not making a thousand dollars per day.

[00:21:54] That’s when you start to fail at affiliate marketing, and then you realize, and then you tell people that it’s a scam and that it doesn’t work. So if you guys have any questions, definitely throw them out. Hopefully, this has helped you out. Usually, at the end of my, of, at the end of my live streams, I’d like to add a call to action.

[00:22:11] And what I recommend that you guys do. Is look at some of these things that I mentioned. Look at your awareness. What makes you different? What makes you unique? Look at Google trends. Look around your house, look around your apartment. Wherever you are, look around and then see what people are doing.

[00:22:27] See what people are talking about. Look at your recent purchases. Some people are getting Amazon deliveries every single day. And so I know people are buying it. Look at those recent purchases, look at your hobbies, your, you are stuck in the house. What are you doing in the house? And how can you monetize that?

[00:22:45] If you’re dancing, you probably can make money recommending the clothes that you’re wearing. If you’re wearing a special type of t-shirt, you can make money doing that. If you are singing, you could recommend it. A special microphone. This microphone will make you sound like Mariah Carey. There are so many different ways to make money that you just have to open your eyes and look and then take consistent and persistent action.

[00:23:09] So for the next hour, go ahead, find a niche and then start figuring out different ways that you can make money with that niche. Have you guys had a question? Definitely throw them out there anyway. I appreciate you. Even if you are watching the review, feel free. Post some comments down below. I go through and try to answer every single one within 24 hours.

[00:23:28] Once again, my name is Austin. Thanks for watching. And you guys have a great night.