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Affiliate marketing through blogging and social media is a great way to make a passive income online. But, if you want to maximize your earnings, you’ll want to combine platforms and programs; integrating your ClickFunnels site with a social media account like Instagram is a good place to start.

Users can integrate ClickFunnels with Instagram by sharing a sales funnel link to followers on their Instagram account, either via posts or stories, in the bio, or a paid ad. Ultimately, the goal is to use Instagram as a means of distributing your link to the most and warmest leads as possible.

As you can see, it is very easy to use ClickFunnels with Instagram to boost your online income. In the remainder of this article, we’ll cover why Instagram is a used platform among ClickFunnels’ users, how to link your ClickFunnels with Instagram, and tips for maximizing your conversions with this winning combination.

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Why Use Instagram with ClickFunnels?

Instagram is just one of many social media platforms. As stated, the goal of integrating ClickFunnels and Instagram is to promote your funnel link using Instagram. But why should you choose Instagram when there are so many other platforms available?

The following chart compares Instagram with other social media platforms to help you decide if integrating your ClickFunnels with Instagram is the best marketing combination:

UsersOver 1 Billion145 million active dailyAlmost 2.5 Billion
Male/Female Users48%/52%66%/34%56%/44%
Average User AgeTeenagersMiddle-agedMiddle-aged
Average Engagement Rate per Post3%.5%3.6%
Business Profiles and Advertisements200 million users visit at least one business page per dayVarying costs for ads; number and cost of ads are easily controllable11 is the average amount of ads clicked per user per month
Shopping FunctionYesNoYes, and 15% of users use it
Most Popular ContentImagesVideosVideos
Average Time Spent on the Platform27 minutes/day3 minutes38 minutes/day
(Source: Hootsuite)

See the engagement per post rate? That is the percentage of people who might follow your ClickFunnels link. It may seem small, but with thousands of followers, you will be getting dozens of new clicks.

Of course, the platform you choose to integrate with ClickFunnels will ultimately depend on your product and customer base.

Preparing to Integrate ClickFunnels with Instagram

Of course, before you integrate your ClickFunnels with Instagram, you’ll need to make sure you have accounts with both platforms.


ClickFunnels aside, Instagram is a great, free social media platform you can use to promote your online business or service. All you need is a name and an email or phone number to create a new account.

If you’re new to Instagram, here are a few tips to keep in mind as you make your account:

  • As a business, you have the option of simply making a regular account under your business name or starting a business profile on Instagram. The business profile is free to create and offers more insights and statistics for your review. 
  • Facebook owns Instagram; therefore, it is possible to link your Facebook to an Instagram account. Although Facebook has a sales platform on which you can sell products, integrating ClickFunnels with Instagram can increase your conversion rates.


ClickFunnels is a software that allows businesses and entrepreneurs to build and manage sales funnels and landing pages to attract leads (potential clients or customers) and convert them.

Unlike Instagram, ClickFunnels requires a subscription to use; the basic plan is $97 per month, while the platinum plan is $297 per month. ClickFunnels also offers a Two Comma Club plan for $2,500 per month for larger businesses and highly successful entrepreneurs.

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How to Integrate ClickFunnels with Instagram

Once you have your Instagram and ClickFunnels accounts ready, it’s time to integrate them so you can start increasing your online income!

Create the Funnel

This can be a webinar funnel, a sales funnel, or a data collection funnel. With ClickFunnels, it’s easy to create funnels in no time—no website building experience is even necessary. ClickFunnels has hundreds of templates to choose from, which can cater to your specific advertising or sales needs.

When creating your funnel, follow these steps:

  1. Choose Your Call to Action. What are you trying to get your customers to do? Do you want their email address? Are you selling a product? Is there a service you offer?
  2. Choose Your Funnel. This is when you can choose a template or create a page from scratch. Examples of funnels you can make include:
    1. Lead Generation Funnel
    2. Shopping Cart and Checkout Funnel
    3. Sales Info Funnel
    4. Launch Funnel
    5. Live Meeting Funnel
  3. Add Content to Your Funnel. Drag and drop, and edit the appropriate text, images, and videos in your funnel. Some funnels are only two webpages long, while others are a series of 6 or more pages. With ClickFunnels, it is easy to add additional pages such as add-on pages, opt-in pages, exit popups, and more. These all can help with generating leads and revenue.

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Add the Funnel to Your Instagram

There are four ways you can add your new ClickFunnels to Instagram:

Link in an Instagram Post’s Caption

For temporary funnels, side funnels, or otherwise promotional-only funnels, just create a content post as you normally would on Instagram and include your unique ClickFunnels link in the caption. Make sure that the post is intriguing and relevant to the content in your sales funnel.

TIP: Your post is the first step of your funnel! Because the post is what gets people to start down the conversion path, make sure you focus on clearly presenting relevant content to attract the best leads to your sales funnel landing page.

Link in Your Instagram Bio

For integral or especially relevant funnels, you can add them to your bio by updating your “website” information in your Instagram profile. All you have to do is click on your profile, and then select “edit profile.” There will be an option to enter a website URL.

TIP:  You can copy and paste your unique link into the bio box itself, but it will not be a clickable link that takes the customer to your landing page. Also, remember character count is limited to 150 in bios, so if you need to, use a link shortener to ensure your unique ClickFunnels link is under the character limit.

Link in an Instagram Story

Instagram stories are a relatively new feature for Instagram. Stories allow followers to view certain content only for a short period. In your story, be sure to share some relevant or intriguing content, and then link your ClickFunnels landing page in the post. This is done by clicking the “insert link” button (Source: Lumen 5).

TIP: Just like a post, this is the first step of your sales funnel, so make it attractive! Additionally, stories usually involve videos, which is a great way to engage your audience.

Link in a Paid Ad

Instagram ads are specifically targeted to people who will be receptive to your product or service. Instagram shares the same advertising system with Facebook and shows ads to relevant profiles using hashtags, demographics, location, keywords, and previous activity.

Instagram ads are a great way not only to promote your sales funnel but also to gain followers. All of this ultimately leads to the goal of making sales.

NOTE: Instagram accounts are free, but ads will cost you. Instagram offers pay-per-click ads, and they range from $.20 to $2.00. The average click is between $.70 and $1.00.

Alternative Method of Integrating ClickFunnels with Instagram

Linking to your ClickFunnels on Instagram is the easiest way to attract potential customers to your products, but it is not necessarily “integration”—it is just using Instagram to promote your online sales funnel landing page.

There are ways to truly integrate ClickFunnels and Instagram through third party programs. These programs allow certain triggers in either the Instagram app or a sales funnel to start an action on the opposite platform.

Zapier for ClickFunnels and Instagram Integration

Zapier is one such reputable software provider. It integrates the ClickFunnels and Instagram through a series of triggers and actions—meaning that activity in one account will automatically cause activity in the other without you having to do anything.

However, the only action on Instagram that can be connected with ClickFunnels is when “New Media [is] Posted in My Account.” In other words, if new media (a photo or video) is posted on your Instagram account, you can choose a resulting action in your ClickFunnels account. For example, the Instagram activities can change the content in your links and email lists in ClickFunnels.

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As you can see, this integration, even with the convenient software Zapier offers, is still pretty limited for the free basic plan. However, if you opt for one of the premium plans—which costs roughly $20 and $60 per month for each tier—you can use Zapier to integrate other social media accounts with your ClickFunnels.

Benefits of Integrating ClickFunnels with Your Instagram Account

So now that you know that you can use Instagram and ClickFunnels together, you might be asking yourself why you should in the first place.

Using Instagram to promote ClickFunnels links is a great way to harness warm leads and generate sales passively.Because your followers already see your content in their feeds, sharing a link is an easy, free way to increase your chances of converting leads. However, this isn’t where the benefits stop:

Instagram Markets and Generates Leads

Lead generation is done by attracting potential customers to your product or service and getting their data.

Instagram users don’t give you any data when they follow you (or your business), but they do expose themselves to your marketing. All your followers are like an email list to you now! They are people who are interested in you, like your content, and want to see more.

In a way, your followers might be better than an email list because they are people who willingly followed you and want to see your content; this makes Instagram ripe for adding ClickFunnels links!

However, this doesn’t mean you should forego an email list; with emails, you can convey more information than a short, visual Instagram post or story. This is why you should still integrate your ClickFunnels with your Instagram account; you can take advantage of your social media leads while still capturing organic leads from your funnel’s pages.

ClickFunnels Makes Sales

So, Instagram can attract people to your product or service, but how can you “squeeze” them for data? How can you teach them more about your products? And how do you convert them from lead to customer?

ClickFunnels offers businesses a way to make those sales or collect that information easily, and it is very easy to expose those funnels to your many Instagram followers.

Because your Instagram followers are already a warm lead, take that into account when building your ClickFunnels. Use templates and wording that plays on their needs and location, rather than marketing for a group that may not already have an interest in you.

How to Boost ClickFunnels Sales with Instagram

As you probably figured out by now, Instagram can help boost sales by providing low-cost (and most times no-cost) marketing for your funnel.

Think of it this way: you’re using Instagram as a marketer and ClickFunnels as a salesperson. So, if you want to increase clicks and conversions with your ClickFunnels’ links, you’ll need to increase your followers and engagement rate on Instagram.

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The following tips are ways you can increase the success of your ClickFunnels by increasing your following and engagement on Instagram:

  • Use High-Quality Photos: As with any marketing campaign, high quality is the best choice. By promoting quality material, your potential customers will feel that you have quality material to offer.
  • Post Often: At least once a day—this keeps your account in your followers’ feed and maximizes view and post engagement. Furthermore, it helps build relationships with customers and potential customers when they interact with your business daily. 
  • Post Consistently: This means that you post evenly and similarly. Even if you choose not to post daily, you can choose to post in a pre-determined schedule. It is not as effective to post five times in a row and then remain silent on your social media accounts for a month. It’s better not to leave your fans guessing as to when and what you will post.
  • Use Stories: Stories comprise about 1/3 of the use of Instagram; this means that only posting in your feed will cause you to miss out on major marketing opportunities!
  • Choose Wise and Popular Hashtags: Long sentences in hashtags are rarely okay, and usually, the most popular or trending hashtags are 1 to 2 words. In general: Do not use more than two hashtags per post!
  • Focus on Your Clientele: By narrowing down your audience, you increase the chances of post engagement, likes, and ultimately clicks on your links; this prevents you from casting a wide net on the cold, general Instagram population.
  • Use the Analytics and Stats Provided by Instagram: Only likes, followers, and comments are available for personal accounts, but more information is available for business profiles. This data shows post engagement, performance, and users’ time spent on each post. You can use this to judge what type of post or story generates more clicks on your links.
  • Reply to Questions: This boosts goodwill and creates a favorable image of yourself.

Using a ClickFunnels Autoresponder with Instagram Leads

Autoresponders are email services that allow you (as a business person or entrepreneur) to categorize your email list and more effectively use email campaigns.

There are three main functions autoresponders are used for:

  1. Organizing Leads (prior clients, current subscribers, new emails, etc.)
  2. Adding New Emails (through squeeze pages and outside links)
  3. Sending Mass Email Campaigns (to your whole email list, or specific lists)

ClickFunnels does offer an autoresponder feature. They call it “Follow Up Funnels.” This feature is only available in the Platinum Package (and will presumably be available in the Two Comma Club package).

If you only have the $97 plan and/or would like more options, features, and control, there are many third-party autoresponders and email marketing services available, such as:

Specifically, when integrating a data-collection funnel with Instagram, you want to be able to know which emails were collected from your current followers; this can help you when sending email campaigns because your followers are already warm leads who are interested in your product or service.

In Summary

Integrating ClickFunnels with Instagram is easy, and it can prove to be very lucrative by growing your leads and potential customer base. You can combine the two systems by creating an Instagram content post with the ClickFunnels link, sharing a story, updating your bio with the URL, or paying for ads. Furthermore, you can integrate them with other third-party apps.

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