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When building your affiliate marketing business, you may have run into Facebook groups and have wondered how to join them. Finding a group that can help you develop your skills and learn from others in the same boat as you is a huge asset for your business. Facebook groups can have a significant impact on your success, so can finding the right resources.

There are plenty of high-quality groups that are free and open to anyone. Sometimes being an affiliate marketer can be a lonely journey, so finding a group to engage with can be a great way to build relationships and your business. But before you join a Facebook group, you will need to find them.

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How to Find Facebook Affiliate Groups

There are a few ways to find groups to join. Remember that once you join and start engaging with other members, you could access even more groups through those connections. Being selective of which groups you join can help you find the right one as well.

But here are a few tips to get you started finding a Facebook Affiliate group:

  • You can find groups by reading other affiliate marketer’s blogs and websites. 
  • Searching on Facebook can help you find groups using the search function.
  • Finding online forums, like Reddit, and searching for groups there.
  • Word of mouth

There are lots of other ways to find groups, so get creative. Honestly, you never know when you are going to find a good group to join.

Another good way to find a community is by finding individuals in your industry that you admire and see if they have a community behind their brand. Many marketers, especially those who teach their skills, will have a Facebook group to help build a community. Some you may have to pay to gain access to.

Why You Should You Join Facebook Affiliate Groups

There are lots of reasons to join a Facebook group. While it is possible to create a successful business on your own, a lot can be said for connecting with others in the same industry as you.

Joining a Facebook Affiliate group can:

  • Help you build connections with others.
  • Guide you on your path by hearing other people’s stories.
  • Answer questions you have about your business that only another marketer would know.
  • Find recommendations for tools, programs, or software that could benefit you.
  • Help you leverage your connections in the group to build your brand.
  • Develop connections of people to work with (copywriters, digital marketers, etc.)

With some groups being public and free to join, you can gain access to all these resources without any loss. While it is beneficial to engage in the group, even this is not mandatory. You can easily just read through other people’s posts and learn a whole lot.

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One of the main reasons to engage with a group is to have a community to fall back on. If you are taking the next step with your business and are scared, who will you ask for advice? This is where the real power of the group comes into play. You can reap the experience of others just by asking your question in the group.

How do You Know Which Ones are the Best?

While the benefits might sound alluring, you should be wary not to join just any group. To be frank, there are many sub-par to low-quality affiliate groups out there that only act as a billboard for services. This is something you want to avoid.

Finding a good group means finding an active community where affiliate marketers can learn from each other and chat. This doesn’t mean you now have a soapbox to promote your business. There are different types of groups out there, and some do allow self-promotion, but be on the lookout for these qualities in a group.

  • Strict No-Spam Policy – This will make sure your feed isn’t inundated with offers and no substance.
  • Lots of Engagement – If there are daily discussions and quality conversations, it’s a good sign you found a quality group. 
  • Lots of Rules – While this may seem counterintuitive, the more rules a group has, the better curated the discussions will be. 

Another sign to look out for is the number of members the group has. This one might seem like a no-brainer, but because there are so many groups out there, finding ones with more members can be a great way to find the best one. Keep in mind that some communities are still in the building process, and you can always find quality information in low populated groups. 

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How to Join a Closed Group

There are lots of Facebook groups you might discover on your journey. But when you first start discovering groups, you may see that some of the best ones are closed. If you have never seen a closed group before keep in mind that:

  • Closed doesn’t mean you can’t join them; sometimes, it just means the group is careful of who gets to join. 
  • Some closed groups may require an invite, and some may require you to verify that you will positively contribute to the group.
  • You may have to answer a quick questionnaire to join a group. Sometimes they are quick and easy, and sometimes they might require a little more effort.

Most groups you run into will be closed but open to anyone to join. This just helps the people running the group vet would-be members and gather information about you, like your email or the reason you are joining.

Some factors will depend on the group you are joining and who is running it. As we talked about before, some groups are run by affiliate marketers trying to sell their programs to other marketers. This might mean you have to either opt-in to their subscriber list or even purchase their program.

Why Joining a Paid Facebook Group is Beneficial

While it is true that you can reap a lot of benefits from free groups, paid groups can be an even more valuable resource. Think about what it takes to build a community. For one, it doesn’t happen overnight, and it takes daily maintenance. If you want an example of a bad group, they are a dime a dozen. Quality groups, though, are not.

This is why some marketers will shell out the extra money to make sure they join a good group that will help them level up their business.

Here are a few reasons why a paid group might be worth it for you:

  • The people in the group have paid to be there, so their commitment and seriousness towards the group will be apparent. 
  • You can gain access to not only higher-level connections but also higher-level tools and tips. 
  • The conversations will be curated even more so than a free group, and this is where the work of running a group comes into play.

Don’t think that a paid group is a waste of money. If you are willing to do your research and find the right group and then make a commitment to engage weekly, if not daily, then you can find some invaluable resources for your business. 

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Wrapping Up

Joining a Facebook Affiliate group can be a great way to meet other marketers and grow your business. There are several types of groups, and some are certainly better than others. Knowing what traits to look for in a good group can help you search through the thousands of groups available. Once you find the right group, engagement is the key to success.

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