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In this video, I’m going to reveal 18 different ways that you can make a hundred dollars per day with $0 to start. And don’t worry. I’m not gonna tell you to go take online surveys or get paid to watch ads. These are real online businesses that you could start and make a hundred dollars per day relatively quickly.

Hello my name’s Austin. God vote with Austin. Let’s go ahead and get right into it. As I mentioned, I’m gonna show you 18 different ways. I’ve got something for everybody. These different methods are gonna help you make money relatively quickly, depending on how much action you decide to take up front.

Let’s go ahead and talk about the first one. The first one is relatively new. It’s called user generated content or UGC, and that’s basically where you were going to create content. For other brands. Now there’s two ways actually to find different brands to work with. You can see ’em over here on fiber and people are charging anywhere between 25 and $200 to, uh, actually basically just create short form video ads.

So think to YouTube shorts, uh, Instagram reel, you’re gonna create those ads based on the different specifications that the company is looking for. You can also go up to Google and you can search at UGC marketplace and you can see that there are multiple places you can go to. To partner with brands and that they will pay you.

Now, this is really quick. You could start seeing people. Connecting with you. In a matter of days, you will need to spend some time putting together a marketing kit. You can do that for free over on camera, but this is a great way and a really fast way to start seeing a return on your investment, which is going to be a hundred dollars per day.

Some people will say, well, I don’t wanna be on camera. That’s something you’re gonna have to be willing to sacrifice if you wanna. A hundred dollars per day. So that is number one. Now, number two is actually creating content over on TMY. Now, as you heard me say, hopefully you noticed, I said content and not necessarily courses.

The cool thing with TMY is while you can create courses in a variety of topics, people are also looking for practice test and quizzes. For example, if I click on AWS certification, there will be some practice tests and quizzes that you could actually create yourself and you can make money. So if I type in AWS practice test like this.

We’re gonna click on this first one. And you’re gonna see that there are thousands of people enrolling in these different practice exams. This top one, for example, 25,000 reviews. If we click and look, it probably has, uh, over 135,000 students. Now, the cool thing with this is you can create these six practice exams.

Each one only has 65 questions. Now, when I took this and I know from experience, a lot of the questions that are in here are, um, in all of the. Practice tests. A lot of the questions that are in here can also be found on Amazon web services, practice exams for free. You can go out and find different questions that people are asking.

Rephrase them. Do a little bit of research, read the white papers, and you can actually create this. Now you can make money. With selling these practice exams, or if you want to create a course, you can do that. Now, this doesn’t cost you anything. You can use your laptop that you have, you can use your smartphone and then you have a successful course.

You wanna obviously, um, the, the best way to, to get this out to as many people as possible is to market it and you can market it for free using YouTube or, or using, uh, TikTok or some of the other platforms that are out there. But you can see here that at $9 and 99 cents 130. Thousand students is a pretty good chunk of change.

If we just did the math here, uh, we’ll do 1 35 0 0 0 multiplied by $9 99 cents. You are looking at. Over 1 million now, unfortunately you will have to split the revenue probably in half. So instead of looking at 1.3 million, you’re probably looking at more, more like 6 50, 600 $50,000, which is still a pretty good.

Amount of money. And the cool thing is, is these practice exam exams change all the time. You don’t just have to focus on Amazon. You can do, um, the security plus certifications. You can do all sorts of different certifications and create practice exams. That way. Number three is simply with affiliate marketing.

Now affiliate marketing is recommending or selling other people’s products and services with affiliate marketing. You are going to figure out the problems that your customers have, and you are going to provide solutions. For example. One of the biggest problems people have is they wanna learn how to build, how to create a website, just like this.

And what you can do is you can create content, showing people step by step, how to build a website. And if people click on your affiliate link and they make a purchase, you earn a commission. For example, if we partnered with blue host and we con we referred blue host as the best web hosting provider, we can get paid $65.

Whenever someone clicks on our affiliate link and makes a purchase. Now, there are literal. Thousands of affiliate programs that you can partner with and you don’t just have to rely on Amazon or blue host. You can type in something like, uh, weights, loss, affiliate programs like this, and then you can find different affiliate programs based simply on weight loss.

And you’re gonna find the best ones for your target audience. You’re gonna create content and you can get in front of ’em. No, you can create content on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn. Reddit, um, Twitter, anywhere and everywhere, because there are millions of people at all of these different locations and they all have a problem that they need solved.

But affiliate marketing is incredibly powerful and you don’t have to pay a dime. As long as you have a smartphone, you have an internet connection, which obviously you do your. You’re watching this video. You can make money after affiliate marketing. Another great way to make a hundred dollars per day is simply creating and selling digital products.

You can create digital products for free using a website like Canva or Google docs or Google sheets, Excel, whatever it may be. And then you can either sell them yourself through, uh, your platform like TikTok, YouTube, all of the social media platforms. Or you can come over to a website like Etsy, Etsy like this, and then.

You can sell them through Etsy. For example, if we type in digital planner, digital planner, digital planner, like this, you’re gonna see that lots of people are purchasing these digital planners. Now what I recommend that you do, if you don’t know how to create digital products, watch a bunch of YouTube videos.

There are tons of free content out there that will show you. How to build these step by step, but you can see, you can turn around and sell them for anywhere between, uh, $9 I saw was the lowest and 13 or $14. This one up here actually goes for $31. So you would just need four sales per day to make that money.

But you can see that you can create digital products and anything. Now, if you’re gonna use Etsy, you can type in digital and then just go through each letter of the alphabet digital queue, digital quotes. So you could potentially create digital quotes. You could create a QR code. When there are free websites that will help you out with that, just go through each letter of the alphabet digital wedding planner.

That could be a good one to, to start with. And you are going to create these and you can sell ’em. Now you can also sell them directly using your other social media platforms. You don’t have to use Etsy. If you don’t want to. After creating and selling digital products, you could get paid to create simple five page WordPress websites and make $3,000.

Per client and it’s actually really easy and there’s a few ways to do it. One, you can manually look at the different companies that are in your area. For example, let’s go plumbers. Plumbers near me like this. And we can take a look at this section here and look for anyone that doesn’t have a website.

Look at this Dunham plumbing. It showed up in the third result and it doesn’t have a website. So we could reach out to this business and say, Hey, you’re losing money because you don’t have a website. Look at if we keep scrolling, Chris, the plumber doesn’t have a website. If we keep going this one right here, doesn’t have a website.

And then we can manually reach out to them via phone and say, I can build you a great looking. For just $3,000. And if you explain to them the benefit of having a website, you want more, you want a website so you can get more customers. So people know how to follow up with you. You explain the benefit of having that and you can make money.

Now, once you contracts with somebody, the first thing that you wanna do is you want to get half upfront. You, you do ideally wanna have something in writing that you they’re gonna give you $3,000 and you’re gonna give them a five page WordPress website. Make sure that you get at least half upfront. Once you get half upfront, head on over to a website called theme, forest dot.

like this, and you are going to find WordPress themes, WordPress templates based on your target audience. So I can type in plumber like this click search. And you’re gonna see that they’re already done for you, themes that you can just buy, download an import into your customers. A web hosting platform.

Another opportunity with this building WordPress website is you could actually be an affiliate for blue host. And when they click on your affiliate link and purchase blue host, cuz they’re gonna need it. You can earn a commission. And so what you’re gonna do, as I mentioned is you’re gonna find one that works out.

You’re gonna download it to your computer and then upload it into the WordPress website. They’re gonna give you all of the images. They’re gonna tell you what they want on the website. And then you can make money. Now, ideally, you can do this in about three hours per, per client. Once you get good at it in the very beginning, it’s gonna take you a lot of time because you don’t, you may not have a background in WordPress development, but the cool thing with WordPress is you for the most part, don’t need to worry about.

Coding. And if you want to get cute and, and set your game up just a little bit, you can become a coder and learn HTML and CSS, but you don’t have to do that. After building a WordPress website, you could start a YouTube channel. Yes. Starting a YouTube channel is extremely profitable and, uh, really relatively easy to get going.

You just need an internet connection. You can use your smartphone, you can use your, your webcam. You wanna make sure that you have decent audio. If you don’t have, or can’t afford to purchase a microphone, use the microphone that came with your smartphone. Usually those microphones are pretty good. Now what you’re gonna wanna do is you’re gonna wanna pick a niche.

A niche is just an area where you’re going to create content and you are going to focus solely on creating content and that niche. Now, if we look at this. All of these channels are different niches, all sorts of different niches and opportunities out there. Pick a niche that you feel comfortable creating content in don’t chase the money because you’ll, you’ll never catch it.

Find a niche that you feel comfortable creating content. And learn about that niche. You can create content and technology, um, in backpack, survival, all of it works. You just wanna make sure that you do the research. Now you can make money in a variety of ways with your YouTube channel. You can make money with the YouTube partner program.

Once you have 1000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours, you can make money selling your own digital products or physical products. You can make money, uh, with brand deals and sponsorships and with affiliate marketing, there are a bunch of ways that you can make. With your YouTube channel and you don’t have to have these huge numbers.

You don’t have to be a mega super channel in order to achieve a hundred dollars per day. You just need to upload consistently within your niche and you will be able to make, um, pretty good money, a hundred dollars per day, or more simply with your YouTube channel after. Starting a YouTube channel. We’re gonna head back over to fiber and you’re going to be a freelance writer.

So if I go back over to fiber like this, we’re gonna type in copyright it. We can type in, um, blogger. We can type in anything to do with writing. And you’re gonna see that there are tons of people looking for these services and they actually pay pretty good. So if I just type in copywriter, you can also be a ghost writer.

If you wanted to, these people are making anywhere between. Um, the lowest here is $35 starting and up to a hundred dollars simply writing, engaging copy. The reason why you can command so much for a copywriter is because you, the, the business owner is going to make money based off of the words that you type and.

The best way to get gigs over on fiber is simply to go up to buyer requests and answer the, the request the, an, the, the buyer requests are far less competitive than just creating services over on fiber. So, as you can see here, there are over 7,000 services on fiber. However, if you go over to the buyer request and you fulfill those requests, a you’re gonna be able to get a bunch of ratings, positive reviews and ratings, and you’ll be able to.

Have far less competition. So head on over to five Upwork or people per hour and be a copywriter, be a blogger, be a ghost writer for an ebook. And you can start finding success after that. We have consulting. Now, consulting is just really giving your advice on a certain topic. If you have skills, knowledge, and, and, and a capability to do something, maybe you’ve done accounting in the past.

Maybe you’ve launched a successful small business. You can actually be a consultant for other. Business owners, you get paid to provide your advice and you can get paid on an hourly retainer. Um, you can get paid on a monthly retainer just in case someone has a question, but the great thing with this is you don’t need to spend any money.

You can reach out to different business owners. Um, if you are, if you’ve been successful in the business world, people are going to reach out to you and you simply will give them advice based on your experience. Now, the reason why this works is oftentimes when we’re in our business, we can’t see what works best for our business.

hiring a consultant, a third party to come and take a look from an outsider’s perspective can illuminate and shine some light on the knowledge gaps or the problems that the business owner is going through. So you can be a consultant. And the other cool thing is you can do this from anywhere in the world.

You could be living in Wisconsin and be a consultant for somebody in Bangladesh, for example, but being a consultant could be a great way to make a hundred dollars per day without spending any. after being a consultant, we have paid memberships. Now paid memberships are basically where a group of people will pay you for more access.

Think about Patreon. There are paid discord servers. There are even paid Facebook groups where they are paying more money to have more information, knowledge, experience, almost like a consultant, but it’s gonna be in a group setting. So if we take a patron, for example, you could create a patron. Where you do a pat patron game night, and that could be based off your YouTube channel.

Uh, that could be based off of the following that you grow on other social media platforms, but you could simply monetize your following. Now, the only drawback to creating a Patreon or a discord is people are going to expect more from you. More communication, more videos, because they are paying a higher service.

Also YouTube has a membership program as well, always forget about them, but yes, they have a partner. Uh, they have a membership program as. Or you could potentially make money, but paid memberships are really cool because it’s reoccurring. People are going to pay forever until they, uh, officially ask to stop.

And it’s a great way to make a hundred dollars without spending anything after paid memberships, you could start a podcast. So if you wanna start a podcast for free, you just basically need to speak into your phone and then upload it to a website like Now with a podcast, you can make money in a variety of ways.

You can make money. Paid ads that are placed. You can make money with affiliate marketing, selling your own digital or physical products. There are a bunch of ways that you can make money and it’s simply just creating content. Now, if we take a look here, I have made 5 cents off of my podcast. In the very beginning, it’s going to start slow eventually, if you’re consistent and you build a following and an.

You that 5 cents will convert into much more money. Now, the cool thing is, is you can actually drive traffic to your podcast using other social media platforms and using YouTube. Now with your podcast, I recommend for the most success you focus on a industry or a niche. You don’t want to talk about basket weaving one day, and then talk about the, uh, 1992 Celtics the next day.

That’s not going to. Congruent for the target audience. There’s going to be a very small group of people that are interested in both basket weaving and the 92 Celtics. So make sure that you focus on one or the other, and then you can build your following and send people now with, um, anchor by Spotify.

They’ll actually send your podcast out to, I believe like eight different networks like apple. Uh, Spotify and, and everyone else out there. And so you can actually grow without having to post in all of these different places. After starting a podcast, you could be a social media manager. Basically what that means is you are going to work with maybe a solo entrepreneur or a brand to help.

Grow their presence and actually help them make more money on social media. In the very beginning, you’re probably going to manually upload all of their posts and the requests. You’re also gonna be responsible for coming up with a game plan to help them grow and get in front of their target audience.

Um, as a social media manager, you’re gonna be responsible to, uh, engage with the target audience to post on different social media platforms to find the. Uh, words to say to the target audience to help them grow. But, uh, a social media manager won’t cost you anything out of pocket, uh, to find jobs, I’d reach out to different solo entrepreneurs and people that are looking to grow their business on social media.

Tell ’em that you’ll work for, you know, $200 to start. And then as you show them results and you get proof of concept, you can actually charge a little bit more, but social media manager can be a great way to make money without having to spend any after social media manager, you can actually be a tutor.

We can go over to a website like like this, and this is a website. We’ll pay you to tutor people. As you can see here, this website will actually offer tutoring services and a variety of, of industries. And the cool thing with some of these tutoring services is you don’t have to be an expert.

You don’t have to have a degree. Now you wanna make sure that you are going over the policies and rules in order to qualify as a tutor, but you can see that this is a cool opportunity. If we look here, you can see that they are offering. More than just tutoring now, before it was only tutoring, they also offer classes.

They offer help with, uh, different topics, even writing and citations, but you can use a website like Chegg to be a tutor. Um, also another popular tutoring outlet is teaching ESL. So English has a second language. You can teach people from different countries. How to speak American English with slang and jargon and all of that good stuff.

But being a tutor can be really profitable and you don’t even have to leave your home, which is pretty cool. After tutoring services, you can sell your photographs. So we could go over to shutter stock like this shutter stock, and you can post your photos now. The way that you’re gonna get paid is in royalties.

So what happens is a large company, let’s say like Getty images or USA today, they’re gonna come to this website and they’re looking for a certain type of image. Maybe they’re gonna type in Chicago. Um, Chicago, Bean or something like that, based on a story that they’re writing or, you know, maybe B roll for a video and you are going to upload your pictures here.

Now, if you live in a major city, that’s actually pretty cool. It’s not gonna be too difficult, but people are looking for all sorts of stuff. Winter scenes, uh, fall colors, leaves, Halloween, uh, doggy treats, all sorts of stuff people are looking for. And when someone comes to this website and they purchase, you are going to split the profit.

With shutter stock. No, this is a pretty good way to generate semi passive income because you’re gonna upload these and you could receive payment for months, weeks, and even years to come. But there are tons of these websites like shutter stock. There’s a complete list out there that you could take advantage of and upload your content to.

And make money after sell photos, you could sell your old stuff. Now I think this is pretty common. The only drawback to selling your old stuff is you will eventually run out of old stuff, but you can use a website like eBay to sell your old stuff. Now I’ve sold everything from video games to clothing.

Um, I’ve sold little trinkets that were, we just had lying around the house to do this. What you wanna do is just walk around your house, take inventory of stuff that has been sitting in the same spot for three to six months. Then you can pick it up, pack it up and sell it. And you can actually, uh, not spend any money out of pocket.

You’ll get money from eBay or from the seller or from the buyer I should say. And then you can actually get the packing slip and all of that good stuff. What you’d wanna do is use the UPC. To, uh, figure out how much the product is going for, and then price your products accordingly. And then you can make money, but using eBay, uh, there’s other websites out there.

There’s other apps out there as well. But eBay, I think is the old standard that a lot of people are comfortable and familiar with. After selling old stuff, you can be a transcriptionist. Yes. You could go to a website like and you are simply going to. What you see and what you hear, people are looking to convert YouTube videos into blog posts, maybe tos in, into some other form of media and you can make money doing this.

Now you’ll have to be a pretty strong typer, but there are other website. Like rev that will, um, that, that you can use. You can also use a website like fiber to find different transcription jobs, and you’ll actually make more money. If you can convert successfully audio and video into a blog post. There there’s one type of transcription where you just convert audio and video into written text without formatting.

But the more, the, the better way, the way that you can make more money is actually converting audio and video into actual blog. With headings and subheadings, you can command a little bit more than with that as you can see here, um, there are lots of opportunities. There’s over 750 hap 750,000 happy users.

And you can actually create content here as well. After transcription. We have translation. Now this is another popular one you can see even here, uh, translation will pay up to $12 per minute. You can use a, get a website like rev. You can use fiber. If we go back over to fiber like this, and you can see that people are paying good money to have your words translated from one language to another.

Another thing that you can do is you could actually provide translation on YouTube. Now, if we look at this, we’re gonna go over to YouTube real quick. Whoops, we’ll go to YouTube real quick and we’ll type in something like how to say hi in. Those videos get lots of views and you can make money in a few different ways.

You can make money with affiliate marketing, the YouTube partner program, selling your own physical or dig digital products. We’re just gonna type in how to say hi in Korean. Let’s do Spanish, just like this. How to say hi in Spanish top result here. 61,000 views from three years ago, only a one minute and 56 second video.

And you can see, there are lots of people that are creating this type of content. And if you monetize it the right way, you can make a decent amount of money. And that is simply being a translator. Another way that you can make money is being a voiceover actor or actress. Now, there are a few ways that you can go with us.

You can use a website like like this, and you can. Uh, be a voiceover actor, an actress for books, and there are two ways that you can make money here. You can get paid a lump sum, or you can get paid in royalties. Another way that you can make money is with YouTube cash. Cow channels. Now YouTube cash cow channels have gone have become very popular recently.

And with YouTube cash cow channels, that’s when a channel owner hire someone to do the script, writing the voiceover acting. The video editing and the uploading, and you could actually be the voice over actor and actress for a, a YouTube automation channel. And to do that, you probably want to go over to a website like five or Upwork or people per hour, and then list your gig as being a voice over actress.

Now you can actually do this for multiple people. Another thing that you can do is you could be a voiceover actor, actress, if you know, a different language. For example, in the, in the previous example with translating, you could actually read words, translate words, and make a decent amount of money, or excuse me.

After voice actor, actors, we have graphic designer, graphic designer. You’re just gonna. Create beautiful images and there’s a number of ways to do it. One of the ways to do it. And this happens to me basically every day, every single day, someone reaches out to me and says, I love your videos. I want you, I want to be able to be your thumbnail editor or I want to, um, I want to be your YouTube video editor and you can do this too.

Um, a better way to do. It’s to use fiber Upwork people per hour, something like that. Um, that’s going to be a better way to do it, but you can be a graphic designer. You can actually build and create different digital planners over on, on Canva for free. And you can actually sell that yourself. And you can make a lot of money now that you know, the 18 different ways that you can make a hundred dollars per day without spending any money to start click the first link in the description for my free training, that shows you step by step.

How to earn a full time income with affiliate marketing without spending a dime on paid ads, a large following on social media or a large mailing list. Click the first link in the description or go to Sten Watch these videos next for more tips and tricks to make money online. Also check on my website.

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