page title icon How To Promote Affiliate Links On Linkedin 2021

In this video, I show you step-by-step how you can make $100 per day promoting your affiliate links on LinkedIn. Most people have the misconception that LinkedIn is for finding a job but LinkedIn is about growing your brand and growing your business. So if your business or brand is affiliate marketing make sure you watch this entire video as I show you how to get started step by step.

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How To Promote Affiliate Links On Linkedin 2021

According to similar web LinkedIn sees 1.2 billion users per month so it’s an incredible opportunity to start generating leads and sales with this social media network

There is a right and wrong way to do affiliate marketing, and in this video, I going to show you the right way so if we jump over to LinkedIn. One of the easiest ways to get leads and sales is to take advantage of the ability to upload photos, videos, and blog posts into LinkedIn.

So let’s take a look at each one, so let’s say I wanted to promote a product in the make-money-online niche. The first thing that I would do is would jump over to Fiverr and I would type in Instagram infographics. Now the cool thing about this is that these people these gigs have put together hundreds of different infographics done for you.

You can purchase a Fiverr infographic gig for as little as five dollars and then upload them into LinkedIn. Here’s an example of an infographic that I purchased over on Fiverr as you can see the different types of entrepreneurs it has some basic information. 

It has my color scheme, my website, and then my logo, this makes for a nice easy infographic that you can use in multiple places including instagram. So what I would do is I would jump over to instagram click on photo and then you can find the relevant photo. The next step is to simply click on done you want to add in a little bit of context. 

You could “say which one are you?” Adding a question mark can get people to answer and increase engagement. Also, recommend including hashtags that are relevant to your niche. LinkedIn operates much like some of the other social media platforms out there where hashtags are really going to drive who gets to see your content. I recommend that you upload videos then images then articles or text because videos are going to get the most traction and the most reached. 

In general, you should post videos first, then images followed y text. Social media platforms realize that this order, videos then images and text, increase engagement and keep people on the platform. Thus, they are more likely to push your content to a wider audience.

Another trick is to tag leaders in your industry. For example, if you’re talking about Telsa, you could tag Elon Musk (the owner of Telsa). Tagging Musk allows you to target his audience and build connections.

The best type of videos is videos that are vertical and formats like TikTok, Youtube shorts, or Instagram Reels. If you have had these vertically-formatted videos saved, upload them to LinkedIn for free and easy traffic.

This past summer, I was able to use this exact method to generate traffic, leads, and sales on LinkedIn. I just simply repurposed content from instagram reels and TikTok, then uploaded the videos into LinkedIn. You are limited to 10 minute videos when you upload to LinkedIn. During the upload process, you will have the ability to add text, hashtags, and a URL. LinkedIn will recommend a few hashtags for you to include in your video upload.

You may think like this isn’t going to work because you are uploading the same images on multiple places but you have to realize that most people will pick one or two social media sites and they’re going to be there a bulk of their time.

Another opportunity is simply writing blog articles inside of Linkedin. I recommend that you pick tranding topics link the Playstation 5, or Xbox Series X when you decide to create content.

When I searched LinkedIn for Playstation 5. I found a number of users writing and giving reviews about the PlayStation 5. The top result had has 262 views there’s also a video attached with 21 comments. Inside of blog posts, you can add in affiliate links to Amazon, Target, or Walmart

I also searched Bluehost and found that users were either writing reviews, providing links to external blog posts, or just adding their affiliate links. After doing a little research, I found that content over on LinkedIn has an average shelf life of about 24 hours. Whereas Instagram posts have a shelf life of hours and Youtube videos have a shelf life of at least 20 days. So you want to make sure that you are creating content at least every 24 hours. I would recommend probably once every 8 to 16 hours so that you are staying in front of your relevant parties.

Where to Find an Affiliate Program?

Because LinkedIn has so many users, with different wants and needs, just about any affiliate program can work. If I had to narrow it down, Bluehost could be a great option because just about everyone on LinkedIn is a professional. Most professionals can benefit from having an online portfolio and resume to show people quickly.

As I mentioned earlier, you can pay someone on Fiverr to create infographics that get high engagement, which will lead to sales and commissions.