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In the above video, I show you nine different ways that you can promote your Amazon affiliate links without a website. According to a Hubspot article, you do need a website, blog, app, or youtube channel. So take that into consideration before applying for amazon associates.

There are so many different ways that you can make passive income with amazon associates which is the affiliate program for amazon. 

Today I’m going to show you nine of the best ways that you can start generating passive income and make money for free relatively fast. In addition, I’m going to show you a few examples of people that are doing this exact thing.


The first, and maybe the easiest way to promote your affiliate links on YouTube. YouTube is a great opportunity because people are typing in different questions into youtube and Google and they’re looking at videos for an answer. So one of the easiest ways to get started with youtube is simply to type in the product or service that you want to promote and then review.

Let’s say we wanted to promote or talk about the Fire Stick. We would just type in “Amazon Fire Stick Review” and as you can see there are hundreds if not thousands of people that are doing this exact thing.

The top result has over 250,000 views from just five months ago. You can do this too as a complete beginner too! There are some different tips and tricks that you can take advantage of this opportunity.

For example, if you add in the year “2021” that’s going to change the results just a little bit. As you can see the top result here is only 3.82 subscribers and it has 649 views.

Another trick that you can do is you can type in “Firestick TV versus” and then with the autocomplete feature. It’s going to bring up a bunch of videos for you to create or a bunch of keyword ideas for you to create and again.

If we just click on one of these let’s say “Chromecast” you can see people are creating this type of content and then they’re adding their Amazon affiliate link in the description.

Again if we change that to “2021” you can see the top results are going to change just a little bit but YouTube is a very good opportunity, you just want to make sure that you’re taking advantage of keyboard research.


Another great place is surprisingly TikTok. Now I know that I talk about TikTok a lot but it is an amazing opportunity to get in front of people and potentially sell a product or service.

If you take a look at my screen here this site it’s called “Top Online Finds.” They have affiliate links that go to Amazon. What you would do is simply create content with different products that you find over on Amazon.

Then, you put your link in the description, people click on the link and buy the product. For example, I’ve clicked on the link that is attached to their account and it takes them to take me to an Amazon storefront.

Once you get enough followers and traffic over to Amazon you can create this type of storefront, but even if you don’t have this level of traffic that they have you can add your affiliate link right to TikTok or you can send them to a web page like a Google Sites page which is 100% free.

Once on your website, they can pick and choose the product that they’re interested in buying. So don’t sleep on TikTok as it is a great way to get in front of targeted traffic.

For example, you could create an entire channel on “10 best gifts for dad.” “10 best gifts for mom for mother’s day,” or 10 best gifts for graduates. You could create an entire TikTok channel based on the “10” best and refer them over to Amazon and start making passive income. 

The cool thing with TikTok is there’s a ton of ways to get traffic, you can hold your phone up to your face and create videos, you can point your phone at your computer screen and record different things, or you can find different videos on websites like Pexels and put them on TikTok.

You can also create TikTok videos on a site called Canva. You can create up to 60-second videos and you can start generating passive income as well.


Speaking of Canva, another great way to get traffic for free to your Amazon affiliate links is using Pinterest. With Pinterest and Canva combined you can create almost unlimited video pins to put on your different boards and start getting traffic right now Inside on the Canva search bar you can type in “Pinterest” and you can start creating Pinterest video pins.

I recommend that you use video pins because right now they are overpowered, they’re getting a ton of traffic, and they have staying power, and Pinterest is really pushing video pins.

What you can do is take Pinterest templates for free animate them, and get a ton more traffic than just regular static pins. So if I click on animate here I can have a ton of different options and I can even change the time so I certainly recommend that you get used to seeing video pins and start creating video pins of your own over on Pinterest.

Another interesting feature of Pinterest is it doesn’t have all of the restrictions of Youtube and even a TikTok when it comes to uploading videos and music.

Don’t sleep on Pinterest, just upload five to ten pins per day and you’ll start getting leads and sales relatively quickly on Amazon.


Another great place to get leads and sales for your Amazon links is over on Instagram. With Instagram, you can upload videos and images. One thing that you can do is you can simply take screenshots or pictures of the different products that you are looking to promote on Amazon.

The challenge in using Instagram is they only allow one external link that’s the benefit of creating a website or even a YouTube channel where it’s dedicated to creating content that talks more in-depth about these different products.

So again what I would do here is I would simply have a Google Sites website at which is free. You could also use Linktree which is free and then include actual links to the products. So every time you upload a new product change the link or add an image to your free website.


But Instagram can still be a very good opportunity to make money with your Amazon affiliate links. Another great place and, potentially undercover, place to promote your Amazon affiliate links is with LinkedIn. People believe that LinkedIn is designed to find a job but in reality it’s designed to grow your brand.

With LinkedIn you can add a photo, a video or you can write a post. What you would do, or what I recommend that you could do for LinkedIn is simply write a review post comparing two products.

Maybe the Amazon Fire Stick or the PlayStation 5. Whatever it is people are coming to these sites because they need solutions and usersare asking about the latest products.

If you create a video or post you can potentially get in front of millions of people that are interested in that topic. One pro tip that I tested a few months ago, was uploading my TikTok videos into LinkedIn and getting tons of traffic. That might be something that you would want to look at as well is cross-promoting the same piece of content, across multiple platforms so that you’re not spending all day and all night simply creating content but LinkedIn is an incredible opportunity to start driving traffic and getting sales over on amazon.


Another great opportunity is with a little website called Twitter. Now as you know people are going to Twitter because they have questions and they want the latest news and information. Twitter is also a very good place to promote your Amazon affiliate links.

If we think about things that are trending we can use that to our advantage to start potentially making passive income with Amazon. One of the things that have been trending over the last few weeks and months is the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox One X.

I’m a bit of a gaming nerd and I would follow people on Twitter that were actually sending out information when these new gaming consoles were available.

Of course, what they included were their Amazon affiliate links to Xbox and PlayStation. If someone were lucky enough to click on those links and buy the product they would get paid a commission. So don’t sleep on Twitter especially if you have a product or service that is trending or very popular.


Another great place, and one of my favorite websites on the internet to get free leads and sales, is actually with a website called Quora. Quora is a question-and-answer site where people from around the world are answering and asking very basic questions.

For example, we could type in “fire stick” here and if we click search we can see people are asking questions about the fire stick. You can actually use Quora for blog content as well.

But I usually use it mostly to answer questions. If we go down to questions you can see people are asking questions: “how does the Fire TV Stick compare to the Chromecast?” That’s a perfect question to answer to get in front of a very targeted group of people.

What you should do is log in and provide a very detailed answer. The only drawback to Quora is that you can’t add affiliate links directly to answers.

What you should do is send them to some sort of bridge page like Google Sites or a YouTube channel or even a TikTok  post and start giving leads and sales.

Quora is a very good opportunity because people from around the world are asking very basic and similar questions. Another reason why Quora is a good opportunity is that Quora’s answers can actually rank on Google.

What that means to you is if you answer a question that becomes very popular and trendy over the upcoming weeks and months it is possible that your answer if it’s the top result can be seen by hundreds of thousands of people.

In addition, if your answer is popular enough Quora will send your answer out to their mailing list. I recommend that you answer four or five questions per day and stick to answering questions sending people to a bridge page or a youtube channel and then sending people on to whatever it is that you’re promoting.

Online Courses

Another great place to share your amazon affiliate links for free are on course sharing sites like Udemy. You can use Udemy or Skillshare where you create a course and then within your course you can embed different affiliate links.

For example, I created a course on ClickFunnels. Included in this course are affiliate links to different products. What you can do is embed your affiliate links for different products that you’re going to use within the course, or maybe you’re creating a course around a certain product you can then embed that product. When people click the link and buy the product you get paid a commission.

Another great place to share your Amazon affiliate links is actually within Facebook. Now within Facebook, there’s a number of places you can do it. I recommend that you use Facebook groups and make that Facebook group more general where it focuses on maybe on tech or on a different niche, instead of trying to focus just on the amazon fire stick. 

Facebook Groups

Facebook really pushes their group dynamic because they know that groups will keep people on the platform longer and so if you embed your links and don’t just spam them out if you include a few links maybe there’s a new product, a new tech product you embed it to the top of your group people will click on that link. Buy the product and you get paid a commission.

Now that you know nine different ways to promote your Amazon affiliate links without a website click here if you want to know my number one recommended way to start an online business fast.