page title icon How To Promote Clickbank Products On Facebook For Free 2021

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In this article you will learn an easy and sneaky way to promote Clickbank products on Facebook. Using this method, you don’t have to spam your links, you can add value and you can help solve people’s problems. This article will show you step by step everything that you need to do to start making passive income with Clickbank and Facebook. 

Finding a Product

Now the first thing that you need to do is find a product. Clickbank is where you can go as an affiliate to find different products to promote. If you don’t have an account, go ahead and sign up, it’s 100% free, and it’ll take about 10 or 15 minutes.

Once you sign up, you’re going to head over to the marketplace. The marketplace is where you can find a ton of different products to promote. Inside the marketplace, on the left-hand side in white and red are the different niches or categories.

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Scroll down to the health and fitness niche and press the triangle. Underneath the triangle, you’re going to find sub-niches or subcategories. Click on diets and weight loss.

From here, choose sort by gravity. The reason why you want to sort by gravity is so that you can find the highest converting products that will help you make passive income faster. Now, scroll down to the custom keto diet, open up the sales page, and open up the affiliate page.

Now, the reason why you want to open up the sales page is so that you can see what your customer will see and get an idea of the different ways to promote the product

In addition, if you go over to the affiliate page, you might have to sign in or sign up, but it will give you a wealth of information. For example, it has videos that you can download and different social media links that you could potentially use. Click and download the keywords.

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You will need to use these keywords going forward to create content to start making passive income. Open it up, once it’s downloaded. Now, that you have your affiliate program that you are going to promote, it’s time to think about content.

How are you going to promote this product? There are actually two ways. One is going to be the easy way. The easy way is going to cost you $5 or $10. The other one is going to be the more difficult way to create content, but it’s going to be 100% free. 

Search for Content

Alright, so open the Excel spreadsheet that you downloaded. Take the keywords and keyword phrases, copy them, and then go back into Google and paste them there. This is going to help you find different keywords and ideas to create content.

What you should be looking for are different tips and tricks that you can share with people to gain credibility and authority. When people see that you are providing value or solving problems and not just spamming their links, people are going to naturally want to find out more about you. You can use that to build an online business with Facebook and Clickbank.

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So, if you just take one of those keywords and enter it in and you will see the content people have created. In the free method, you’re going to take different tips and tricks. For example, you could do five keto diet tips and tricks. Put that into a graphic and image over on Canva and start making passive income because you are going to get traffic leads and sales. 

Creating Images on Canva

Canva is 100% free, but it’s a great resource that you can go to create images. Canva has both free and paid images. So, you want to make sure that you are picking free if you’re trying to do this 100% for free.

Now, remember you can actually use this one article to create multiple images. For example, if you scroll up it says stock your fridge. You can actually create a separate image for five items to stock your fridge with.

If you’re trying to stay on keto, you can download this and again. This is the free method to start getting traffic leads and sales with Facebook and Clickbank for free. You can download this and save it to your computer. 

Sourcing Images from Fiverr

Another and a much faster way is to go over to a website like Fiverr and type in weight loss infographics. At the very top, you will see someone having pre-made health and fitness infographics that you can download. You can purchase these and download those to your computer.

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Once you download them to your computer, you can pay a little to have your website URL listed on each one of your infographics or have a branded image. So, when you put this information together on different Facebook groups, people are going to see that you’re adding value. They’re going to navigate to your website. At the very least, they’re going to click on your link and check out your logo. 

Join Groups on Facebook

The next step is simply to jump over to Facebook and join different groups. Groups are a great opportunity to get in front of a targeted audience because you know exactly what they’re interested in, and you know how to solve their problem.

You need to look for public groups and groups that have pretty good engagement. Try and join at least 10 or 15 of these groups. Check the types of posts that are being posted.

Add the groups to an Excel spreadsheet or a Google Sheet. You simply add images to these groups. The reason why you want to use images and even video is that Facebook will promote images and videos much more than just text.

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If you can do that, you can start getting traffic leads and sales. Now what will happen is when you start adding value and you post relevant information, people are going to naturally click on your name to learn a little bit more about you, and this is where the magic happens.

When people click on your name, they are going to be taken to your personal profile. In your personal profile, you should make it so that it is basically a sales funnel.

You should have a high-converting cover photo or a cover photo stating what you do. For example, if we’re in the custom keto diet, you could say I help people lose weight with the custom keto diet or I help people lose weight with keto.

When they look at this and they click on it. You can actually put your link in your sales area. So what happens is, people, see it, and they click on the button.

Then, if they click on your icon or your image, there’s another place that you can actually put a link to your funnel sales on your sales page. You can put yet another link to your sales page.

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There are a number of different places that you can put your link to your landing. It’s recommended to send people to a landing page or a bridge page. 

The Landing Page

Now let’s go ahead and talk about the funnel or the landing page. You can get access to this funnel by clicking on the shareable link. It funnels completely for you. It looks exactly like the sales page.

The only difference is the button for the sales pages a little bit wider, and the color goes from blue to green. If they click this link, the video will start. If they click on the button, they will be taken to the quiz.

This is 100% yours. Just click the shareable link to get this funnel for free. If you don’t have ClickFunnels, you can have a two-week free trial to get started. What you will need to do so that you can get credit for sales as you need to click on the Edit Page button and you need to change this button.

So while that’s loading, you’re going to click on Set action. You will need to change this little bit of code right where it says Godbolt 52. You need to change it to your Clickbank ID.

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If you don’t change it to your Clickbank ID, you will not get credit for the sale. You can find your Clickbank ID on the homepage. Once you log into That’s the only thing you need to do. Click Save. This will be 100% yours to keep, download and make changes to if you’d like. 

Engaging Cover Photo

The final step is to make sure that you have a cover photo that gets people to click. You can do this 100% for free over on Canva. Just type in the cover photo. If you want a blueprint, go to blueprint at Go to this website and it’ll show you step by step how you can get access to a blueprint to actually create everything. Where to place your links, and how to create an image step by step.